Thoughts about "Power" - What we think it is, and the illusion behind.

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Thoughts about "Power" - What we think it is, and the illusion behind.

In our time, if one mentions people with "power", we think of big company bosses, head of states, millionaires (billionaires). With the word "power" we associate a lot of money and that through it, we can do with the other fellow man what we want to do. With it we associate the kings of the old like Alexander, the Pharaohs and others. With it, we also associate security, a big mansion with servants or butlers, and material pleasures of all sort, like food and drinking in abundance. In other words we associate wealth and safety to this word. We think that especially it will protect us from everything we do and don't do. Furthermore that it speaks us free from our actions, our responsibilities and we think that it puts us above the Creational law of cause and effect. You can see that materialism is linked very closely to this kind of power. Also out of this illusion people developed a need for having this power and through it, being superior to other fellow humans in order to feel protected and safe.

However, this "power" has never protected people from their own discontent, disharmony and restlessness. In addition it never prevented sicknesses, nor from death of cherished family members, nor from their own death. Furthermore it doesn't protect oneself if nature goes wild. For example if earthquakes or tornadoes occur also big mansions will be damaged. It doesn't make a person invincible in the material sense. Furthermore it has never made a family run better than other ones and it never provided real friends. It is rather the contrary. For example humans are fighting for money inside their own families, like you can see it even in normal families when they fight for the inheritance. Also the so called friends stay only with you as long as you are profitable to them. For example as long as you invite them regularly to expensive bars, restaurants and events, they will be your friends, but behold if you stop that behaviour. If you are in trouble one day and you are threatened to lose your social status they will disappear faster than they came into your life.

"Power" always asks for more "power" because there are always other powerful people around oneself, and because of that one has to become more powerful to satisfy the criteria already mentioned above. "Power" asks for more "power" without end and it attracts people with similar goals and similar thinking. People who are attached to power are in a state of mind of a drugged person, which inhibits free thinking and the senses in order to create real peace and harmony inside oneself. Like it is however with everything material, it will vanish with time, because it is like that. Creation creates the new out of the old in an endless and always repeating spiral. This also applies to humans, so they get older and maybe one day they become sick or they die with a high age. All material things lose their importance if one is in front of the door to the other world. The only things that matter at that moment are the small and nice things and experiences one had in life, like the smile of a child when it is happy, or the kiss of the beloved wife, or simply the knowledge that one has been loved (real love) by others. For when you think of this, you already get a first glimpse of what the "power" as we understand it is worth and is in reality - correct, an illusion. All the wealth and the so called power of this world is worthless, if you want to have a normal and evolutionary life inside yourself, because it doesn't give you any advantage in reality. To evolve you need bad and good days, as well as bad and good experiences, which is normally happening in everyone's life. Like Billy said, one has to go through hell to understand heaven, and the majority of these so called powerful people never really experienced hell because they come from a kind of new aristocracy.

To describe what real power is or might be in my opinion I will tell you an old metaphor: In the house of an old samurai there suddenly appeared a big, strong and tenacious rat (big like a small dog). He couldn't chase the rat so he decided to ask the cats from the neighbourhood to kill the rat. First there was a fast, intelligent black cat who tried to get rid of the rat. Unfortunately the rat was stronger and chased the cat. Second there came a large tiger cat with huge muscles and big teeth, but also with a certain intelligence. Unfortunately again the rat was stronger and chased the cat. So the samurai had to think of another cat. Therefore he asked an old cat from the neighbour town to help him. The cat looked simple, a little fat and not fast at all. It presented herself to the rat and introduced herself in a relaxed manner. The rat astonished at this non aggressive attitude, let down it's defence posture. The cat could then win over the rat without problem. In the same evening all the other cat's asked it: "How did you do that?" - The old cat answered: "Techniques are useless. If you act in a natural, detached way, you will have no enemies in this world. But don't overestimate me, before there was a cat in my neighbourhood, which I could not even be able to hold a candle to."

From this it should be clear that real power or might is a state of mind.

Real power means being without fear, to be in harmony with oneself and the environment. It means respect, reverence for the fellow man and love, because in my opinion these attributes are closely connected to fearlessness. Only if one knows that one is a part of it all, one starts to understand that one has nothing to fear when the Creational recommandments are fulfilled and when one acts accordingly to the law of cause and effect. When we learned this, we don't need this so called power like we understand it, to protect ourselves from other fellow men, from nature and from other outward appearances.

Here is the point of divergence: We have to let loose from the "power" like we understand it to gain "real power".




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Note: This text was written independently and reflects only the authors view which is not necessarily the truth. The author still has a lot to learn ;)