To the Statesmen in Power and to Mankind of Earth:

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This is especially pointed to George W. Bush/USA, Ariel Sharon/Israel, Saddam Husain/Iraq, Yasser Arafat/Palestine and Osama bin Laden and their followers and supporters, yet also to all others who are misled, wrong, mistaken, guilty and irresponsible statesmen in power and terrorists as well as their howling followers who encourage and support war and terror or are engaged themselves in some way or other.

In approximately the last 1000 years on earth, there were only just 250 years of peace. During all other times bloody wars, revolutions and acts of terror of all kinds have gone down in a dishonorable way in historic records. In all these times, dozens of warlike actions were recorded each year worldwide in various countries, with hundreds of millions of human lives lost in total, and indescribable suffering brought upon mankind of earth as well as immense destruction worldwide. Within the 20th century, two world wars raged in the time of 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945. The pinnacle of insanity was reached by the Americans in the Second World War with the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th 1945, with the result of approx. 250 000 human beings losing their lives and survivors experiencing problems of health later in time. Three days later, on the 9th of August, the Americans destroyed Nagasaki/Japan in like manner with a further attack through atomic bombing, whereby officially, approx. 70 000 human beings were killed. In addition, in Germany, the Americans operated in the same criminal manner and in contempt of human life, when they leveled the city of Dresden, at that time a huge military hospital, with monstrous bombing attacks. This action happened under the name of "Operation Thunder Clap" on Feb. 13th /14th 1945. In the year 1939, the residents of Dresden counted 630 000, and with these three inhuman and irresponsible British-American bombing attacks, innumerable victims were claimed, because in addition to the residents at that time, approx. 500 000 refugees from Silesia were present as well as many forced laborers and soldiers. The first official number of human beings killed in these bombings was 25 000, however, this was not in keeping with the truth. Therefore later the number of the murdered was corrected to 250 000, but later again reduced to 35 000. This minimizing as usual was done also in the case with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because in truth there were very many more killed. One has only to consider the amount of bombs the British and Americans dropped onto Dresden, namely 772 British bomber formations dropped 1,477.7 tons of mines and explosive bombs in two attacks in one night, besides 1,181.8 tons of incendiary bombs. These caused immense fire storms and rolling walls of fire, and nothing was able to escape them, as well as nothing could escape the fire storms and rolling walls of fire, caused by 643.1 tons of American incendiary bombs. During the daily air raids of the following six days, Americans released an additional 3,767.1 tons of explosive bombs whereby the bomber formations each consisted of 311 Liberator Bombers, so-called "Flying Fortresses". The area of total destruction amounted to 12 square kilometers, while a further area of 15 square kilometers suffered heavy to most severe destruction.

The above listed atrocities of the Americans only correspond to a small fraction of the enormous machinations of crimes towards mankind, for already long before the 20th century, when America was settled by many sectarian and criminal elements from Europe, and America integrated herself into the world as a new state, many atrocities of the Americans against human beings were recorded. One does not have to look very far, but only recollect the almost extinction of the American Indians or the enormous crimes of slavery, when slave traders criminally kidnapped black human beings in Africa and enslaved them in America whereby many thousands were already tortured, tormented and murdered in Africa, or on boats used for transportation of slaves while survivors had to endure a life of the worst enslavement in America if they were not "tarred and feathered" by racists such as the "Ku-Klux-Klan". Not to mention the fact that in the time of slavery, America operated farms for the breeding of slaves where female slaves were brutally raped and impregnated in vast numbers by chosen studs. This was done to produce descendants of slaves as this was a cheaper way than kidnapping them in Africa, and cheaper than the difficult transport to America whereby thousands of slaves were tortured and killed or died at sea miserably through illnesses, epidemics, thirst and hunger. But one also has to take note of all the innumerable secret underhand practices and murders of the American Secret Service that has spread and continues to spread terror all over the world, silencing all those by murder who are courageous enough to disseminate the truth and bring the true common practices of America out into the open. This is a country, that sets herself up to be the World Police and interferes in the affairs of other countries and establishes herself in them, although it is none of her business to be there and as a rule she is unwanted. In this way of operating, the American greed for world control is clearly and distinctly seen, and pursuing this aim of world control, she unscrupulously walks over millions of dead, and sheds the blood of human beings as well as creating unceasing suffering and misery, pain, hardship and destruction and continues to do so. And all this manner of operating continues in endless perpetuation, therefore no end is in sight.

The US-actor Ronald Reagan, later the 40th president of the USA was an evil warmonger. During the Second World War, the 33rd president of the USA, Harry S. Truman ordered the atomic bombing attack on Japan. In the war of Vietnam, for reasons of secret American operations called "US Special War", atrocious war crimes were committed by the American military, that alone by thinking of them, the normal human being was gripped by a surge of naked terror. One has only to remember the massacre of My Lai. As the 41st president of the USA, George H.W. Bush senior, started the first Bush-Gulf War in 1991, and now the second Bush-Gulf War should follow, this time set off by his irresponsible and obviously megalomaniac and infernally stupid son, George W. Bush who in arrogance and self-glorification sets himself up as an omnipotent being, and surpasses by far his progenitor with his war-craving actions. And this irresponsible and young jackanapes contemplating the lives of human beings, even threatens to spark a nuclear scenario in Iraq and consequently this will again cost the lives of hundreds of thousands or even millions of human beings, and this only approx. 3500 kilometers from Europe, which could certainly be affected in an evil way by such insanity. And what is this all about - on one hand only to get at the oil of Iraq, and on the other hand, to spread the might of American political, economical and military power as well as religious forms. In this connection however, the obvious aspect has to be considered - Islam has to be fought, because it is allegedly not compatible with the sectarianism of Christendom. Thus everything leads towards a religious Bush-War although Islam i.e. the Muslims have not given any reason for America to lead such a war, considering that no account is taken of the minority of the insane terrorists who in their fanaticism are not in command of their mind and reason. And the whole of mankind cowardly looks on at all these machinations of atrocities to mankind and does not undertake anything to break the insanity and greed for power of those who bring about death, suffering, hardship, pain, ruin and destruction to the world and its human beings. Various states, especially the countries of the EU, join the war cry of Bush with the others. Responsibility and reason concerning the refusal of war is also not to be expected of the UN and the Security Council because they as well howl with the Bush-wolf. Therefore, there will be only very few responsible and reasonable of few states who fight against the machinations of war by the warmongers. But their voices will be drowned by the frightful and cowardly irresponsible, who start the war cry or only vote for it. This unreasonable and irresponsible howling of the statesmen in power and their followers and others agreeing, rests on naked fear and cowardice and is pointing towards Iraq with Saddam Husain representing a threat and danger to the world, while in truth America with her would-be-cowboy Bush junior, really embody the effective danger and threat to the world. The most dangerous terrorism of all comes from America and her president who considers himself a God and master of all things.

Should in fact a clash of weapons occur in Iraq, prodded by the howling for war by Bush, then this can become a reality and the fulfilment of the Henok Prophecies, although the old prophecy says that due to this consequence, the Third World War could in fact break out in the year 2006, whereby it should be said that it depends if this date is taken from the modern calendar of today or according to the time since the birth of Jmmanuel, which then would correspond to the year 2003. Another prophecy speaks of an all-encompassing war in the year 2011. But at the present, the year 2006 has to be considered, because the last decades that have gone by with all the happenings in military and political machinations point towards this time. There were already certain happenings, which were named definitely as early precursors of the Third World Fire - while the present machinations of the irresponsible US president George W. Bush, indicate that this will be the start of the End of Days prophesied since olden times. And this will be a war as mercilessly as never before was led, with nuclear weapons as also with weapons of a biological and such related to radiation and of a chemical kind. The prophecies of old say that such a war will eradicate about two thirds of mankind and create enormous destruction to such an extent that life can barely exist. But the same prophecies also say, that in such a war as never before, the whole world and mankind will be involved, therefore no state and no nation will be spared. Europe as America will be destroyed to a high degree and human beings will die gruesome deaths in vast numbers and only a minority will survive. So it is written in the prophecies, which are being ignored and ridiculed or made fun of and disregarded. And has the time come and the Third World War rages over the earth, then this happens solely through the irresponsible insanity of some statesmen in power as well as their followers - to whom each life of a human being is equally worth nothing as well as nature and the existence of the planet. Moreover many former statesmen in power as well as their followers and supporters who not any longer hold their positions are to be mentioned, they have contributed and helped to bring about the present condition of the completely demolished state of the world, in the way of military, political and economical development. Today the irresponsible statesmen, wanton for power as mainly US president Bush and his followers and supporters, howling along and also the Israeli Ariel Sharon, the Palestinian Yasser Arafat and the Iraqi dictator Saddam Husain, as well as the frightened and cowardly irresponsible statesmen in power of the European states who believe to have to be in league with America to be spared the experience of war. Yet, should the great fire of the Third World War break out, caused by the guilt of America and Israel as well as Iraq and Palestine and all of the terrorists, the howling will be stuck in the throats of all those who howled for war before.

All the characters holding the positions of power in states and howl with the great evil wolf called America should not be left in their powerful positions as they neither work for the welfare of their nations, nor work towards a true peace, but in limitless fright and cowardice, indulge in their megalomania, greed for power, their hatred and vengeance. Indeed, these characters have to be removed by the people in due time to prevent even more harm, disaster, ruin, corruption and destruction to the earth and mankind. Yet, there is still time to prevent further disaster and further insanity of warlike and terrorist behavior, if mankind finally defends itself against such irresponsible statesmen and warmongers and drive them out of their powerful positions before they can trigger the final catastrophe. Mankind has yet a last chance to prevent their own as also the world's destruction and the worst happenings since the existence of mankind and let the old prophecies not come true. If everything is directed into the right channels and human beings let reason decide, then the old prophecies cannot be fulfilled. If the broad masses of mankind do not apply this reason, and they do not bring the mighty and powerful to their senses and they are not removed to let reasonable and conscientious strong leaders take over the governing of states, then annihilation is certain.

The root of all evil is America, because of her excesses in regard to her self-appointment to be the World Police, and in respect to her machinations of ambitions in world control which leads to hatred and terror around the world, indeed, especially against America herself as well as to her allies. The more America interferes in foreign affairs and installs herself in foreign states, the greater the hatred becomes towards all and everything that is American... thus, the worldwide terrorism of Osama bin Laden and that of his network, al-Qaeda was born. And this hatred of the terrorists and its connected campaigns of revenge will increase, indeed, completely in relation to the hateful and revengeful actions of America. And this terrorism, which is in balance with the terrorism of America, will likewise contribute largely to the Third World War because everything is hopelessly entangled. Therefore, Osama bin Laden and his followers have to be removed, yet not through American terrorism of a military kind, but through reason. The foundation of reason does not rest on a tremendous rearming of war machinery of America - while she prohibits other states to do the same and forces these states into war by accusing them of being an all-embracing omnivorous World War Power, should they not tow the line America determines. With all possible means to rearm like the devil and to oppress and enslave others to bomb, to annihilate and to destroy everything is in fact the whole wisdom of America, as this has been proved repeatedly since the existence of this state. In that country, no ear is given to the peace-loving minority. How could it be otherwise in a country where wrong comes before right, where the death penalty exists and many innocent people are executed and nobody seems to care, and justice seems to be asleep.

The fact is, as long as America interferes in the affairs of foreign states, sets herself up in them and continues to play the World Police and wants to devour and swipe the whole world and its peoples - as long as this is so, there will be hatred and terror as well as retaliatory measures and measures of revenge against America and her followers and supporters. Calmness, freedom, and peace can become a path to reality only then when America withdraws from the world and disappears out of all countries where she has set herself up in a military, political, religious and economical manner. She has likewise to surrender her grand airs of world control as also the madness to think she has to be the World Police. Thus America has to develop herself in such a way that she does not any more tolerate warmongering elements in the government of her state and within her people, as this also has to happen in Israel, Iraq and in the state of Palestine. Also, Sharon, Arafat, and Saddam Husain as George W. Bush must be removed from their positions of power in their states as all of the other statesmen in power who are responsible for injustice, treason, terror, capital punishment, suicide commandos, political murder, secret service murder etc., and they who abuse their power. Only a mankind united can guarantee a procedure for the removal of the wrong, criminal, irresponsible, power-hungry, inconscientious, warmongering, cowardly, hateful, revengeful, and self-glorifying statesmen in power and their followers etc. from their positions and guarantee the prevention of the ever threatening Third World War with the potential of death, destruction, misery and terror as never before seen since the existence of the earth and its human beings. Therefore, human beings of earth, throw those statesmen out of their positions who are irresponsible, criminal, who commit treason and are without dignity and honor, and replace them with human beings who take over the leadership of state in a responsible manner and work for the well-being and true peace and the preservation of the planet earth. Indeed, such human beings are rarely to be found, yet with good will, reason, understanding and patience they can be found; and they have to be found and put in charge of the positions in state leadership because they alone guarantee the effective well-being and the continued existence of mankind on earth and its world. Only such human beings will be able to create true freedom, true peace, and actual unity among the whole population of earth. Yet, the powers that will lead the state have to be in effect modest, selfless, honest to be in such a position of power, and have to respect the life of each human being and of any other form of life and respect nature and the existence of the planet. Quetzal spoke in this manner already in a conversation on December 31st, 1988 whereby the following was said:

Quetzal: Officially, you should publish them (the Henok Prophecies) after January 1st, 2003. It will then be the moment in time when you shall make an appeal to the rulers of the earth, warning them that the Third World War threatens if worldwide political peaceful ways are not chosen and adopted immediately. At the same time you shall also indicate that the great threat comes especially from America, Israel, Iraq and Palestine, whereby especially America will be the greatest evil that wants to settle in all states worldwide in a military and economical manner, and these are the reasons among others that especially in the Islamic world, great and mighty organizations of terror develop which prepare for death, horror, ruin and destruction all around the world, but especially aim at America, whereby also many other countries will be affected. Yet, also Israel and Palestine as well as Iraq will be involved in this bad game although most of the guilt for this evil will be found in the warmongering and war-leading ringleaders George W. Bush, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Husain, and Ariel Sharon as I explained already at earlier times. Will there not be a turn for the better in the beginning of the millennium, the prophecy according to Henok will come true that the Third World War in the year 2006 will take place and two thirds of mankind will lose their lives. And all this, because immense deadly weapons will be used, such as biological and chemical, as well as nuclear and such related to radiation. With that, a catastrophe will befall the earth and mankind as never before was and never will be again. Yet mankind can still win if reason and common sense is the highest objective, and all the irresponsible powerful in states and their followers and supporters are relieved of their positions and are replaced with responsible human beings, who use their leading positions solely for the well-being of mankind and therefore also for true peace and for the actual freedom. The irresponsible and criminal elements, who are powerful and self-glorifying, as well as their followers who cry for war and terror, have to be removed immediately by the people and indeed, in the near future when, as I already mentioned earlier, the irresponsible and powerful of America, Israel, Palestine, and Iraq, despising human lives, are involved in their deadly and destructive insanity. Naturally, many statesmen in power would have to be named who irresponsibly abuse their power, but the true ringleaders of all evil are the powerful and their followers in the states of America, Israel, Palestine, and Iraq.

Billy: As I see it, the prospects for the future are grim, yet I will begin my work in January 2003. Some clear-minded human beings will certainly be there and will listen to my advice, but the dull bulk of human beings and the irresponsible mighty in this world will not belong to them. Thus I do think therefore, all words of admonition and explaining, enlightening and informing will be useless, because who listens to one single human being anyway. Thus, I will continue to be the lonesome caller in the desert, as I have always been, who only a few will take notice of and follow his advice. Nonetheless, it is necessary to raise the voice and shout into the world all that what has to be shouted with might. But those who deem themselves cleverer than the rest, as usual, will call out in their idiocy and ignorance, that such expounding and utterances as well as explanations would always be made only then when evil is threatening, apart from that nothing will be heard; a stupid explanation without rhyme or reason, because in truth it repeatedly has been and is being spoken of, in fact, since olden times.

This is the end of the excerpt of the conversation to which the following has to be said:

Human beings of the earth, it is time to take on reason, turn towards the true life and live according to the laws and recommendations of Creation in a natural manner and in a humanely dignified manner get rid of those irresponsible and criminal statesmen in power doing wrong, who with greed of power in self-glorification and hatred and revenge etc. drive mankind into hardship, misery, horror and many deaths and thereby also destroy the achievements of human beings and the whole world. Human beings of earth, unite in common sense and reason to understand and love, no matter to which religion, race, and people you belong. In a dignified human way, make certain that those criminals and terrorist statesmen in power and terrorists disappear, who work against the well being of nations and the whole of mankind. Remove them from their powerful positions they hold as despots, dictators and terrorists, and deport them to live in exile for life, that never again they can bring about harm and evil, no more death, ruin and disaster to human beings and the world. Replace the irresponsible with human beings who deserve to be called a human being and who are dignified and honorable to take on the leadership for the peoples on earth and the whole of mankind and to work towards the well-being and true freedom and real peace of the people and mankind without greed for power, self-glorification and greed for profit as well as not to decline to the level of hatred, craving for revenge and blood, retaliation, warmongering, lust for murder and terrorism. And time is urgent, otherwise the insanity of the old prophecies will be fulfilled that speak of the worst and most horrible happenings and degenerations of all times that ever have come true since earth and human beings have appeared.

Semjase Silver Star Center,

January 30th 2003, 11:54 am


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