COVID19 Safety Measures

From Future Of Mankind

Guidelines and explanations that should be shared with your family, friends, acquaintances and anyone you think should know how to protect themselves from COVID-19

In the 760th Contact Report regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, Ptaah has released multiple articles for which he has removed any copyrights, and is requesting everyone to spread these as widely as possible.

Ptaah: “The activation should then take place with the notice for the readership that all the necessary safety precautions are not only seriously followed, but everything that I have to explain and what is published on the website, should be copied by the readership and redistributed as often as possible on their own initiative. Consequently, no copyright is raised for this purpose but the freedom of copying and unlimited publication must be provided.”

PDF documents have been created of these articles, to put them in an accessible format that is sharable with anyone and everyone. Currently these are in the German language and also translated into English courtesy of Vivienne Legg.

It would be good if these could get translated into other languages also. These do not need to have the accompanying original German, and could be published in the same PDF format as provided here. The intent is to help everyone we can, to avoid the consequences of the Coronavirus.

It's recommended to download these, print, study and apply them for personal protection. But please send them to people you know also. You could do so via e-mail by attaching the PDF docs that you download from here. Also printing them and sending them in a letter to others can be a great way to let your family, friends and acquaintances know how to protect themselves.


File:Important things which are absolutely essential.pdf

File:For the personal protection from contagion, infection and disease.pdf

File:Required knowledge with regard to respiratory protection masks.pdf


File:Wichtigkeiten die unumgänglich sind.pdf

File:Zum persönlichen Schutz vor Ansteckung, Infektionen und Erkrankungen sollen folgende Massnahmen beachtet und strikt eingehalten werden.pdf

File:Was hinsichtlich von Atemschutzmasken zum erforderlichen Wissen gehört und erklärt sein soll.pdf