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From Future Of Mankind
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How I would best describe all the mind-games that these two independent groups of currently interactive (with us, not each other) clever ETs seem to be playing with us Earthlings, in three words.

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Thoughts about mental illness and money, when "searching" for indisputable scientific evidence of extraterrestrial life.

A modest polemic by Sgt. Dyson Alfred Devine, U.S.A.F. (Ret.), Mobile ATC RADAR Repairman, Disclosure Project Witness, former "world's best" Official Disclosure Project Representative (sacked for not believing that Billy is a fraud), Non-member Official English Language FIGU Translator, and enthusiastic, independent, aware/outraged, global-citizen and grateful student and public supporter of Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier, the Teacher of the rapidly-dawning Golden Age of Knowledge.

Auch ohne einen Hanchenscrei dämmert der tag. OM 32:2059

Meaning, more or less: "The dawn breaks even without the rooster's crow."

I obviously have an unusual mind.

"No kidding", I hear you mock childishly.

Well, I can't deny it and it's not my fault. I look funny too. Compared to Jabba the Hut? J-rod? That's not my choice either, and it's no fun being made fun of when you're different. We grown-ups should all know better by NOW.

So when The Little Green Men finally arrive in the flesh should we reflexively try kill them because they're so little and green - and probably little green male chauvinist pigs too? I smell the foul stench of vile Earth racism.

We MUST do better. We simply have no choice other than a just and peaceful future on Earth. Universal love means just that. Seeing past our irrelevant superficial differences, and into our innermost. We all share an identical holographic fragment of Creation, which, as spirit, enlivens ALL of us, regardless of our home planet. And let's get it right, before the ET Greens, or Greys or Blacks or Blues land, because they'd already have to be pretty tolerant of our bad behaviour to come here in the first place, and we logically have an obligation to treat them as very reserved and honoured guests from whom we have a lot to learn - not as evil aliens. That's just children's spooks, when not the nightmares produced for us by our own "9/11" demo-derby operators. We native Earth humanoids now have, visiting very briefly with Billy Meier, literally unimaginably powerful and wise/loving extended human family who have returned one-last-time to help Billy re-deliver the re-newed teaching of the truth, which not only sets us free but simultaneously empowers us. What the hell good is powerless freedom? Only as a funny oxymoron. Freedom without power is like a car without an engine. That bit about empowerment was removed from the Bible by the scribes and the Pharisees before we regular workers were allowed to read it, once we were allowed to learn how to read. See? Progress.

We're all one big universal manifold but unitary family. And we all must learn to love ourselves (a big ask at times, I know) and the person next to us (ditto) translated customarily as "your neighbour".

As in, "love thy neighbour". German says, "love thy next one" and that means in space, not time. The one standing, sitting, lying-on-the-ground-dying, next to you on our crowded dying planet. But it also applies to our extended family on other nicer planets where the people have already evolved to become REAL humans. This is a status yet to be earned by us Earthlings. Tragically.

An ET test that must we pass to join the adults and finally put the insanely obsolete Dark Age of Belief behind us, is, as I see it: (1. Generally accept the truth - that we are not the only life in the universe, and there is virtuous intelligent life out there, (even though it's rare here on Planet Suicide). 2. Cease and desist with our childish identification with race, politics, religion, nationalism, egoism, materialism, and any and every other ism. Come, at long last, together, in peace and love, as a planet of like-minded peace-lovers, for the first time ever possible, in truth, in knowledge, as one people representing one world and wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. We don't all want to die. I hope. We know that the extraterrestrials have been trying to tap on our little prison window for a long time to let us know that they ARE here now, who they are and what they want for us. Acknowledge that they're here already, then they'll land in the Rose Garden, and not before. Obviously. They're not stupid. That could explain Billy surviving 22 serious assassination attempts, I reckon. The military-industrial complex's order of darkness and death, will NOT want any quiet peaceful revolution of truth going viral. Their historical specialty is fomenting the violent and destabilising armed revolution where today totally famous celebrity multi-media personalities like UK stand-up comic and ethics-commentator/public-reality instructor, Russell Brand, are given mainstream media platforms to audaciously crow for citizens to rise up to criminally destroy property. Who pays for that? The rich? But the truth is now much, much too late to continue to ignore. Pandora's box is right off its hinges.

Speaking of off its hinges, and totally famous celebrity multi-media personalities, Stephen Hawking seems to have somehow missed the fact that his "swamp gas"-style-ET-as-Conquistadores analogy, is perched precariously on an extrapolated graphic curve of violence and consciousness-evolution seemingly wrongly assumed to be linear, when it clearly isn't.

[Sorry, Professor. Nothing personal. I was also a big fan of your now-superseded theories to do with cosmology, which is one scientific discipline about which the ETs, for some strange reason, love to give Billy a lot of very big and very interesting numbers. Billy is also a maths genius. Get in touch with him please. Why not? I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. And you could spend your money in such a way that your name would resonate in the love and gratitude of many many grateful generations to come, or you could be despised. You choose.]

If you just carefully read the following and try to be logical you'll be able to prove to yourself, that Hawking's idea is nonsense, through your own innate deductive logic, if you want to. Simple logic. That's the ET's main advantage over us. They're logical. If a religious person asked me "What is their 'God'"?", I'd say, "They are devotees of the One Truth, which they call 'Creation', and they live it and they revere it in ways none of us here and now can fathom". Truth is still a newish and very uncool idea on Earth, that will seem quite alien to most. And most of us are either just going to have to get used to it, or perish, because, as I understand it, just putting one's faith in things which aren't actually true is really a form of terminal self-harm, and our planet is dying. This whole "ET-initiated contact" thing is all about the quiet revolution of truth which is a mighty elemental force powerless against stupidity. Since I emigrated in 1972, the world has lost fully HALF of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, it having won a listing in the Australian Heritage Commission’s record books, as part of our unique National Estate - along with Kakadu National Park, sacred Uluru (formerly known as "Ayers Rock"), the Sydney Opera House and of course the famously scandalous Pine Brush National Estate in northern New South Wales - by formally declaring that all of these jewels in our continent's beautiful crown deserve zealous ongoing safeguarding as survivors of Australia's unique vanishing natural heritage. What happens when the whole reef is gone? Who cares?

OK. Onto Hawking v. reality

Pig-ignorant, 16th Century, heavily-armoured, religiously-insane European cavalry and infantry, with cannon, harquebus (primitive muskets, chiefly psyops), three-foot-long Toledo-steel swords, lances, (long, wooden spears with sharp steel points), cross-bows, etc., wielded by victims of the maniacal delusion that they had a jealous and vengeful God of wrath on their side in every battle and were His chosen distributors of His standard business practice.


Pig-ignorant, early-Bronze-Age, grotesquely-disproportionately technologically-overpowered, bewildered, religiously-insane, materially-primitive, superstitious, homeland-defenders with wooden clubs, sometimes having sharp pointy things embedded into them which could not pierce steel armour. The Conquistadores, in Hawking's analogy, = the two formal existing ET missions in contact (of which we should be aware), being, 1.) "crop circle" artists - the maternally patient, beautiful souls who have now distinguished themselves as the undisputed, greatest, most gifted, innovative, humorous and humanely concerned graphic artists and "Euclidian++" geometers this lonely quarantined planet has ever seen, and, utterly independent of each other, 2.) the united, like-minded, independent worlds which constitute the Plejaren Federation, and, 3.) all those other harmless, scientific-researcher types of ETs who've been fairly unobtrusively zipping about here for centuries doing basic research, and insist on being left alone to get on with it in peace.

THIS is the Conquistadores?

And the defenceless natives = us: the planet that just made those huge steel and concrete skyscrapers (VERY!) selectively turn to fine dust and blow away to slowly kill even more innocents, and spread yet more hate. That's Earth in 2015 (well, 2001) and that public demo would have resulted in technical improvements by now, doncha think? What with all those huge, deep embarrassing HOLES (where the missing volume's mass had vanished), in the other numbered WTC buildings which even the people who concentrate on #7 don't want to look at? My point is, all we have to do is, in effect, swivel the devil’s weapon around and turn the invading killer aliens, extinction grade rogue asteroids, etc., into DUST, or - better yet - de-weaponise this ET technology (back engineered from Roswell, etc. and KEPT from us), stop destroying our home planet with it and without its benefit. De-militarise/civilianise it NOW to solve our employment, environment, energy and population problems. Almost all of them, in actual fact. Fairly Quickly. We have to replace, with these Black Shelf technologies, everything that currently runs off of traditional finite energy sources. Imagine a city without a third of its area devoted to wheeled vehicles? Let us dream together. Imagine if all that concrete and bitumen was replaced with forests, watercourses and beautiful community gardens, because everybody had their own free-energy flying saucer. Sorry. You simply cannot get antigravity (or "9/11") without free energy from the vacuum.

But I digress. Back to Professor Hawking, who seems to have a history of assisted self-harm, as if the poor man didn't have enough strife already. How very, very unfortunate it is for the Professor and every one of his 9-billion-something fellow sleepy crew-members of runaway driverless spaceship Earth. Obviously it's gravely erroneous to try to realistically compare the mind-set of blood-thirsty, 16th Century horsemen-in-armour, to that of the highly (eons beyond reckoning) spiritually/ethically and technologically-advanced formalised intergalactic federations of united independent worlds, etc., of human (or non-human) extraterrestrial intelligences who outgrew war millennia ago - and still be pretending that it's a logical path to the truth. Unless he's not as dumb as he sounds, which I hope is the case. But it's a pretty good way of being a psychological terrorist too, in the short term. Get the "most respected scientist in the world" to parrot this oligarchic vomit, and, due to our collective, sleep-starved, zombified, gutted self-respect, almost everybody - but every day far fewer - just glugs it on down. Mmmm. Grape Kool-aid! It makes no sense to me at any other level. And we're assured that we're not going to be eaten by scary monsters from outer space any time soon as long as the Plejaren keep their eye on us. We're family. And Hollywood nightmare machine scary space monsters are not actually real, we are informed by our impeccable sources.

OK, really dot connecting.

From all I can gather, and I've been at it since 2002, the Plejaren and Billy share as much truth with us as we can collectively cope with.

(And the "crop circle" artists do it too, rarely with words, but with fabulously huge and complex pictures and symbols with deeply encoded abstruse never-before-seen mathematics and many other material clues. Take a deep breath. Do a Google Image Search for most complex crop circles.)

And then, before they reveal more to us, Billy and the Plejaren make often thickly-veiled allusions to Earth's dangerously-powerful and hidden truth. They are VERY, VERY wise, and know Earth-human psychology a lot better than we do. They will make an outline in widely spaced dots of data, and it's up to us to correctly connect the dots to reveal the picture, so it can be seen and logically tested by all of us for its likelihood of being true in personally useful ways. We do that with everything. That's the price we pay for life. We test an IDEA – for instance: a disturbing number of "alien abduction" victims reported seeing uniformed US Air Force personnel incongruously mixed in with horrible little scary bug-eyed, slave-like humanoids. Of course because of the antigravity vehicle, etc., Occam's Razor would have them be ETs, not what they really are in truth, which is WAY crazier sounding. And that's the problem, IMO. The true truth is waaay too "out there" for anyone who is even close to normal and most of the people way above normal are SO old and tired and dehumanised and safe (feeling), comfortable and ossified and self-centered and narrow-minded, that they really don't want to save the planet because that's not going to help THEM cope with the here and now. And the younger people aren't so stupid as to ruin their dwindling chance of employment by getting an on-line presence as someone who wears a tin-foil hat and believes in space aliens. Who cares if everybody's dead? That whole idiotic official ridicule/assassination campaign seems like such a nutty bit of outmoded 20th Century fear-mongering these days, but, well, I told you I was abnormal - more so than Professor Hawking and his big-bucks buddies, I guess, in so far as my ideas about ET contact are concerned.

Which seems to be why, whenever and wherever I try to tell people, on the Internet, about the ET dots I've connected and the picture that's become undeniable, there are quickly other people, sometimes from the most unexpected places, who seem to love trying their best to kick these connections as far out of place as possible, if not further, while they invariably simultaneously plant counterfeit dots all over the place in a deliberate or subconsciously motivated desire to thwart the cognition of the picture, thus the spread of truth. This is among the most serious of natural crimes, the only justified reason for anger, and eventually results in terrible personal consequences for the perpetrator. It's the law. And I think it's now finally time to just connect the dots, bypass the presstitutes, do your own research and think like an advanced extraterrestrial, where they act like the happiest and best-adjusted gentlewomanly and gentlemanly humans you could imagine, with enormous refinement, which would - let's face it - in comparison, make our Royal Family look like savages. That's not a good example, but you get my drift.

So, having finally come to some degree of personal satisfaction about the truth, I've now connected so many dots that the finer details have emerged. So I might try writing more loosely topic-related articles like this one in order to attempt to paint word-pictures of the craziest demonstrably true bits which others seem very reluctant to accept, let alone convey to the public, regardless of their reasons.

Thank you, if you've read this far. Please share. Information is free. Billy says that every human being has a deep yearning and a natural right to share the truth. It's in that spirit that I write.



Tasmania, July, 2015.