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Was Nostradamus in contact with extraterrestrials?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Was the man known as Nostradamus ever in contact with any type of ET intelligence? Is the spirit form of Nostramdamus alive in another personality today?

Thank you
Scott B.

ANSWER: Billy doesn't know.[1]

Nostradamus and the Contact reports

Note: Dont bother reading this if you have no interest in Nostradamus or BEAM for that matter, because it would just be a waste of your time. The learning curve is too steep for those that have not studied texts from both of these two Authors.

This page has not been updated since 2009, its now Mon 24th Feb 2014, so its safe to assume this is a deep enough recess of the internet to deliver some notable observations (well done for finding it), having first read the Contact Reports and then, only then, reading the Nostradamus collection of texts (a very rare situation, but a necessary pre-requisite)(Which in and of itself suggests Nostradamus was extraordinarily smart, even by futurological standards).

The following is written by Daniel Leech and I alone take responsibility for it (I'm trying to say that no responsibility is taken for the way you read this, references are provided and its recommended that you read them, questions, criticisms etc come to me and no one else). This is not a place for boastful claims like many of the books written about Nostradamus in the last two decades, nor a place to role out all the answers, because frankly speaking, the answers are simply not there to 'role out' in this way.

So after this exceptional note to the reader, it leaves me only to say that BEAM like no other before him has laid out information in such clarity, that can be used, if understood in the correct way, to gain incites and to understand Nostradamus. But I must emphasise the notion of usage of 'correct' here, because I am all too aware that we are looking at a situation where only a very tiny percentage (although bigger than in the past) of Earthly humanity in the present time has the necessary sensitive perceptive abilities to comprehend and concentrate on various matters themselves (and were spread out all over the world), combined with an understanding of science, the natural laws and how natural forces (in the solar system/galaxy) effects the human (a healthy education with adventures into independent study, as an adult). To act upon, engage these matters through their own abilities of perception and it (again) must be said that only a small number of humans have the necessary orientation to make sense, to align the various components of truth within their imagination-landscape (generated comprehension orientation) to those things in reality (extraordinary things with the brain, in other words)(though don't read too heavily into that, we all interpret data differently). Thus a rough conclusion, a necessary sampling of reality, healthy social, family relationships etc (grounded) and a studious attitude, combined with sensitive perceptive abilities, and a healthy creative imagination (to positively theorise) (like I said, a rare combination of requisites. Which should theoretically lead one to these texts through their own determination [theoretically]).

This following information is designed for you (especially if you have perceived your way to the wisdom in BEAM (on world), Plejaran (off world), Nostradamus (past), impending age of wisdom (future). (And you orientated yourself this way without being instructed to do so)


Michel de Nostredame (depending on the source, 14 or 21 December 1503 – 2 July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was French. He had French 16th (the Gregorian calendar introduced a lapse of 10 days in October 1582) century Linguistic typology, cultural appropriation, Iconography, Artistic style.

At the time there was a tremendous emphasis on God, religion, and the concepts we today regard as somewhat historical (dated) and by BEAM's standards, wrong. That is why when we read the Nostradamus collection we have to strip away the dogma designed to conceal the texts true identity, the material incorporated to make the texts acceptable to the 16th century kings (that could have got Nostradamus in trouble)

As you read the quatrains the word 'God' has to be replaced, for the texts to make sense. There are 3 forms it could refer to, you'll have to judge this for yourself because I cannot go through all of the quatrains with you.

  • The Giza Intelligences, either he refers to their efforts in preparing the future (calling themselves God), or perhaps refers to them in the 3rd person, in the sense that they 'possibly' was using Nostradamus as the narrative (inciting incident) catalyst. Nostradamus, knew that they would be exiled (by a great people, the Plejaren), he knew this because events in the 20th century indicated an impending war and catastrophe, yet the events that genuinely proceeded were not of the natural course, so an obvious conclusion was discovered that (a steep learning curve)
  • The Arahat Athersata, also called the first (spirit) level (or plane) where dwell the pure spirit forms. It takes a spirit 60 to 80 billion years to evolve into this pure spirit form. Its possible that he refers to this on some occasions, while an awareness of how to define these different things must surely be noted, because he was evidently aware that the word 'God' lead absolutely no where, when Earth people used the term.
  • The Plejaren and Askets people, an absolutely necessary understanding. Because its clear that Nostradamus leads us up to this period of time (of today 1850-2029), and subsequently appreciates that vital information is handed over to the Earth people through BEAM (though not referred to by name of course: [LXXVI]"He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds, more than any other man will have fame and renown"), where his style of quatrain changes (during this time), and he then realises that people of this time will (also) be looking ahead into Earth's future with the 'right' understanding of how to read the progression of events, he realises the planet becomes globalised and people are using something like the internet to communicate, which changes a few things ofcourse.

The Polar Axis Shift, of the past, and of the future (two separate areas of appreciation). He was aware that during the times of Atlantis the humans that lived in the temperate climate zone was in what is todays middle east, so they are are two very similar groups those people in the middle east and those of europe, despite evolutionary periods of time obviously producing different results according to classical theories. He knew that there would be two very similar religions (for this reason), but that one would become problematic (for this reason), and people would continually shift (move) between these areas (they naturally gravitated towards, for evolutionary reasons) during this time.

He knew of the future shifts (of the geomagnetic diapoles) (again a different area of appreciation), (a loaded quatrain)

Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.

You may ask how I managed to get future shifts in the equatorial climate band from this quatrain (by using the contact reports). The garden of the world (is north america)(during this time, for economic reasons, while nostradamus also calls it the barbarian empire [empire is a big word] to include parts of europe into that assessment too in another quatrain)(America was not settled at the time of writing incidentally) the new city (is new york), the hollow mountains (is the key to what I am explaining, its the mountain range where area 51 is located roughly, they have been hollowing mountains for many decades testing nuclear weapons after the test treaty atmospheric ban pushed the tests underground, the tests have caused an extraordinary wobble in the planets orbit around the sun. The result of such an orbit is firstly terrifying weather changes, floods etc [because of the figure of the earth, not perfectly spherical, which he knew about] he knew about both of those things, but also a mini-ice age is caused, he knew that because of what happened in the past when The destroyer past earth causing havoc, and inducing an ice age (full ice age). Basically an ice age is a natural process where a planet stabilises its orbit around a star. The earth humans do not understand about Dark (black) material yet (and its relationship to gravity), so they do not really appreciate what a delicate balance it all is. So following on, we have plunged into the tub (ocean) poisoned by sulfur. This quatrain is still to occur as of (feb 2014) though looking back on it you will know what is meant by it. Its all about the west coast of north america, california etc, which you can find prophesied by the Plejaren and a physical visit to the future in a Beamship, where a mega quake causes a tsunami and volcanic activity (possibly) which is where sulfur comes into the equation.

Another reason he knew of the past habitation of North America is because 'Attila's empire' is used. In perhaps a similar encryption of that of the word 'Hister' (in relation to 'Hitler' and WWII) Attila, likely refers to 'Atlant' or perhaps 'Arus'. In that the realm was in the 'far north' (at that time) before the Polar Axis Shift in the region of todays Florida, and before the Gulf of mexico (sea) was taken over by the ocean (as seen through oceanographic sonar imaging). Perhaps he took this understanding for a long since destroyed book that originated in ancient Greece (Lesser atlantis), which is perhaps where he got the word 'Xerxes'. Though it has to be said, there are many 'Xerxes' through out historical accounts, notably in relation to Persia, which is from the middle-eastern countries and Egypt of course. Which probably is to mean the same might of the old 'Xerxes' in relation to the new 'Xerxes'.

Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila's empire and the new Xerxes will descend with great and countless numbers, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration, chasing out the abomination of the Christian Church, and whose reign will be for a time and to the end of time.

Which probably refers to the most recent habitation of North America, in the context of what he is writing about. 'the abomination of the Christian Church' is something like the association the old school had to reality, whereby the new North America, was founded upon the principles of reality (science, logic, reason) (something like this).

Malona and the asteroid belt, which would have had an influence on the earth naturally, but there is no planet there anymore (something nostradamus also knew about, and has taken into consideration with his astrological observations)

Through fire from the sky the city almost burned: The Urn threatens Deucalion again: Sardinia vexed by the Punic foist, After Libra will leave her Phaethon.

Phaethon, is Greek, while Phaeton was reworked at sometime, and is now incorporated into explanations about Malona. See Malona.

Mahometan, Mahomet, could mean Mohammed, thus meaning the teachings delivered by this particular human, in the similar fashion as that of Jmmanuel, to a particular batch of humans and so forth, the precession of events (to keep the thing ambiguous for personal protection)


Using the Horary chart. The Horary chart quatrains contain astrological clues from which the horoscope (horary chart), on which these quatrains are founded, can be calculated.[2]

Quatrain Category Composing date Fulfilment date
02-15 comet 1531/33 appr. 2080-2245
02-43 comet 1531/33 appr. 2080-2245
02-62 comet 1531/33 appr. 2080-2245
06-06 comet 1531/33 appr. 2080-2245
06-02 year 10-04-1532 appr. 2132
03-56 horary chart 21-08-1532 24-03-2162
08-48 horary chart 26-12-1532 02-10-2189
06-02 year 11-11-1533 2258
04-86 horary chart 12-07-1534 29-07-2308
06-04 horary chart 03-01-1536 04-10-2422
03-96 horary chart 13-02-1536 11-06-2431
05-14 horary chart 20-05-1536 29-12-2451
06-24 horary chart 11-08-1539 13-09-2701
02-10 millennium 06-12-1539 2727 - 2827
03-92 millennium unknown shortly before 2827
03-97 millennium unknown shortly before 2827
start 8th millennium 27-03-1541 25-04-2827
01-48 millennium appr. 1644 2827
10-74 millennium unknown 2827
01-63 millennium unknown 2827 - 3797
01-52 horary chart 31-01-1542 26-12-2892
04-33 horary chart 04-11-1542 30-08-2951
01-51 horary chart 08-02-1544 29-06-3049
01-16 horary chart 18-09-1544 16-07-3096
06-54 year 19-07-1545 3162
08-71 year 19-07-1545 3162
10-91 year 28-07-1545 beginning 3164
04-84 horary chart 29-07-1545 08-01-3164
08-02 horary chart 05-08-1545 11-09-3164
04-67 horary chart 08-02-1546 12-02-3204
01-49 year 01-10-1546 3255
02-48 horary chart 08-10-1546 30-06-3256
03-77 year 14-02-1547 01-10-3282
10-67 horary chart 09-05-1549 06-05-3455
10-72 year 16-08-1550 01-10-3554
05-91 horary chart 06-06-1551 30-11-3615
end time span quatrains / Satan released 11-10-1553 09-11-3797
end 8th millennium / end of the world 27-02-1554 25-04-3827

There is no 'End' Or 'Start' of the world. This likely eludes to the time when many Earth humans will have left earth and colonised another world. Allowing for for the incredibly negative individual (evolution geared towards the negative, high level of evolution in the negative form, which does not work well for the prospects of earth humanity) to be released 'to allow to be incarnated once more' into a body.





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