Open Contact

From Future Of Mankind


From Contact Report 3


Why do you people not appear en masse and show yourselves to the broad public?

And why don't you get in touch with the various governments?


20. Without exception, all governments on Earth consist of human beings who are greedy for power and gain.

21. Under a smoke screen of peace and friendship, they would only want to seize our beamships in order to completely tyrannize Earth with them.

22. Additionally, they would attempt to conquer the cosmos because they know no bounds.

23. They are not even capable for once to create peace and friendship among the countries of Earth, let alone among the people within their own country.

24. How then would they be capable of handling such powerful devices as our beamships and the many technical fittings onboard!

25. There is no interest in showing ourselves publicly to the broad masses.

26. Their consciousness is still short, small and limited through religious enslavement.

27. In their limited reasoning, Earth-humans would venerate us as gods just as they did in former times; on the other hand, many people among them—criminal and power-hungry people—would gain possession of our beamships.

28. But let us also not forget all those—and there are countless millions—who would fall prey to complete hysteria and impairment of their consciousness.

29. For these reasons, it is best to cultivate contacts with only a few select Earth-humans for the time being, and through them, to slowly impart the knowledge of our existence and tasks, and prepare them for the things to come.

30. We are neither guardians nor overseers of terrestrial humankind; we feel obligated to them only because our ancient forefathers were their forefathers prior to their escape from Earth due to self-induced catastrophes by a few power-hungry people, before escaping to the Pleiades—exactly as you have deduced and calculated in the last few decades according to your knowledge.