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From Future Of Mankind

Hawaiian 22:40, 3 October 2009 (UTC) Truely spoken by BEAM at least from a prospective of a spiritual level beyond the confine of the creation of the DERN universe, being formed 46.5 billion years ago. It "normally" takes a human to reach the half physical/spiritual stage between 60-80 million years of evolution, then after that another 60-80 billion years to reach the first purely spiritual stage of the Arahat level, thus one can through deduction conclude that knowledge from the Arahat level is coming from another older universe and "interconnecting" both "old" and "new" dimensions, although the "new" (DERN universe) is still evolving, thus Creational laws relavent from this older source may need some "adjustments" to the newer evolving one. Please read the Discussion section of Special Bulletin 38 to "connect" this concept further.

It is not to say that Billy's interpretation is invalid, certainly not the case, but is it not a part of Creation to be "creative", and not "cut in stone" to fit all occassions? After all, it is a fact that even the High Council is being taught by BEAM, because of his re-incarnated Nokodemjon spirit is much older, thus the knowledge is being imparted between two different sources of two entirely different evironments, one that required intervention that still may need more of it, depending who decides to do so in the interest of free will and honor of sacrifice?

Mediation with a clear mind is honorable in an honorable environment which enables the Conscious to develop accordingly within the confines of oneself. But then the individual is also faced with the delimna of being "connected" to a chaotic, degenerated environment via family, friends, associates and especially those in power who govern with lust, greed and extermination, what does this person do, concentrate on his/her development and let the world burn?

These are the answers that those in power to affect positively need to ponder or are the answers already being addressed by the physical intervention of Nokodemjon and the critical role the various current Earth humans have "inherited", being the inter-connection when the 1st prophet Henok peoples split 12 billion years ago into two distinct fashions, one that the Creator Overlords belong to and another where ancestors of the current Plejarens come from, with the ancestors of the DNA manipulated warriors, now residing on Earth.....then to the complete the circle between these factions, the 7th and final prophet, Billy Edward Albert Meier (BEAM).

Thus, clear meditation should also include a "provision" to address such a complicated inter-connection between all factors in this equation, the cause and effect relationship including "equational potential factors", since Earth humans were (continued) to be denied the natural 350-450 life cycle, a natural environmental factor of Creation for humans to experience and gain knowledge a fact which I hope was considered when anyone speaks of "spiritual development"? If not, then truely some "adjustment" is required to correct this un-natural un-Creational aspects that is detrimental to us.

Brenda said ...

Thank you, Billy.

--Brenda 07:56, 3 May 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

True Consciousness or "Awareness" for a better term, are "realized" when one completely detaches all restrictions, including the "I" or ego so that he or she "becomes" a state of "nothingness", a fine matter realm that connects and balances all attributes of that particular individual at cellular level including the intricate inter-dimensional connections to the Ur origins as well.

Such "Awareness" can also be experienced through the waking state via telepathy for those evolved at a higher level, but does occasionally occur for lower evolved ones when honorable acts are done. (intentionally left blank for those to ponder) There can be an mutually beneficial interaction between both parties, if they are connected through the Cause and Effect criteria, accordingly to Creational laws.

It is this "Awareness" that bridges the fine and material realms of existence, unaffected by Time or Space.

--Hawaiian 18:52, 9 June 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

I find myself in the same situation regarding the I or EGO theory. When I started thinking of the whole of Earth humanity rather than obsessing with how far I got as an individual, it seems that my viewpoints and ideas have been universally tuned to a wider bandwidth of knowledge. I don't know if I want to see the current crop of majority people living longer than the current length. I think once we think as a whole BEING then we may be afforded the natural evolution of 350-450 years. There are still way too many I and me people for that too happen. I think we should start by showing that as a whole that we are responsible and lower our population so everyone "the WHOLE team" can feel like part of the team.

--Mark 21:35, 9 June 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


I would agree that "allowing" the degenerates to undergo a 350-450 year life cycle only prolongs the agony they impose on others seeking harmony and balance. But you have already answered your questions by acknowledging the "I" or EGO in regards to applying your prospective views on the other degenerates, who need to recognize that insight for themselves. Like the evil Giza intelligences, deprived of evolving technology and obsessed with greed/lust of power, their life cycle was decreased to 94 years.

Many of my posts have "empty spaces" to be filled in by one's own insights according to their "attributes" and the reasons I rarely these days get involved in discussions with others.

Many questions are already "answered" by strictly observing and analyzing BEAM's notes without your "I" prospective similar to a scientist's "double-blind" approach, not to influence the experiment, but to get the truth matter without contaminating it.

The "influence" part is another matter which encompasses a different set of circumstances that has already been laid down since the intervention of Nokodemjon and the "answers" are to be found in the same manner as described previously, depending on which factor one resides on or in this most complex equation.

I will not go into detail, since once in the past, such "suggestions" were mysteriously removed without a trace, for those that are empowered at this level under the Creational Laws, have the insight and free will to decide otherwise.

--Hawaiian 22:51, 9 June 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian 18:54, 11 June 2010 (UTC)test

Mark said ...

I would like to try and meditate one day. I feel though without any type of meditation that many different energies some good and bad prevail around me thus I don't want to hae the roller coaster from hell in my mind confusing my current calm level of thinking. I notice people still have material goals around me but I sense that they know that there is something greater out there within there reach if they so desire it. :)

--Mark 20:31, 11 June 2010 (BST)