Wings of Thought Dancing for All to See

by Irene Hickman / March 8, 2013

Take Caution, to the thorns of the mighty words,
for they penetrate deeper than the longest swords.
Examine thy self to the nth degree, thy minutest wings of thought,
metamorphoses for all to see.
Thy thoughts enter, as the babbling brook overflowing after a heavy storm;
Wondering from where it came, no sooner, echo unworthy sounds sharp to the ears.
Worse, if that was not enough, the whole body dances to the tunes of one’s mind.
How unpleasant the sight, to watch the dance of rage, hatred or fallaciousness;
To stop the dance is to seek control and control we must.
Can you see winged thoughts dancing through life?
See into the mirror, the dance, is it dark, is it light?