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This page contains translations that are official and unofficial. You should check the source for each part.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Contact Report 230 Part 1


  • Contact Reports Volume: 6
  • Page number(s): 4-5
  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial
  • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised
  • Date of original translation: September 2008
  • Contact person: Quetzal


This week's translation conveys Quetzal's solution to the ancient riddle of how the Easter Island statues were moved and corrects the misunderstanding from the 69th contact that ET technology was used. It would be reasonable to assume that the first obligation of a translator would be to avoid vagueness and ambiguity in his or her translation. But this is not the case if the original text to be translated is – for some reason - itself deliberately vague and ambiguous, because it is the first obligation of a translator to be true to the source text, and reproduce it as faithfully as possible, which can include all the original vagueness and ambiguity if it's there for a good reason. I think this applies to Quetzal's below explanation about the Easter Island statues, so I avoided the temptation to second-guess the Jschwjsch, who I think knows what he's doing, and reduce his imprecise sentence structure. As is, I've got a pretty good idea - from carefully evaluating the original German – what these sledges must have looked like and how they worked, but it also necessitated a basic understanding of the specific mechanical strengths and weaknesses of palm tree trunks and how different shapes can spread and bear weight. It might be interesting to see various readers' sketched proposals of these sledges based on Quetzal's descriptions. Please note that the below conversation is missing lines 86 & 87, etc. because - as is often the case - Billy asked multipart questions which, in this instance, also dealt with the assassination of Hans-Ulrlch Lenztinger by the East German secret police. I omitted references to this topic, and also one about apples, for the sake of simplicity.


Dyson (gaiaguys)

But this is just a small excerpt of the entire contact. It is an authorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 230 Part 1 Translation

English German
Billy Billy
On Friday, December 10th, 1976, Semjase explained all kinds of things to me about Easter Island and its inhabitants, as well as about the stone head colossi. Am Freitag, den 10. Dezember 1976 hat mir Semjase allerhand über die Osterinsel und deren Bewohner sowie über die Steinkopfkolosse erklärt.
Thereby she also spoke of machines which stemmed from extraterrestrials. Dabei sprach sie auch von Maschinen, die von Ausserirdischen stammten.
The colossal heads were produced, transported and erected with those. Damit wurden die Kopfkolosse hergestellt, transportiert und aufgerichtet.
Unfortunately, she did not describe these machines in more detail, but for us it would be important to know what kind of machines they were. Leider hat sie diese Maschinen nicht näher beschrieben, was aber für uns wichtig wäre zu wissen, welcher Art die Maschinen waren.
She also spoke of cranes and other sorts of apparatuses which the extraterrestrials put at the disposal of the islanders. Sie sprach auch von Kranen und sonstigen Geräten, die die Ausserirdischen den Insulanern zur Verfügung stellten.
Somehow I find that it was irresponsible of the extraterrestrials to place their technology into the hands of such underdeveloped Earth humans. Irgendwie finde ich, dass es von den Ausserirdischen unverantwortlich war, ihre Technik derart unterentwickelten Erdenmenschen in die Hände zu geben.
If I think about your directives, which prohibit you from interfering in the affairs of humans greatly inferior to yourselves, and also from making yourselves visible in real form or taking up contact with such, then I do not understand the behaviour of those extraterrestrials who got involved with the islanders. Wenn ich an eure Direktiven denke, die euch untersagen, euch in Angelegenheiten euch weit untersetzter Menschheiten einzumischen, euch solchen auch nur in realer Form sichtbar zu machen oder mit solchen Kontakt aufzunehmen, dann verstehe ich das Handeln jener Ausserirdischen nicht, die sich mit den Insulanern einliessen.
Quetzal Quetzal
72. It is also incomprehensible to us that they openly got involved with Earth humans who were still so primitive, so we can only presume that they must have been refugees who had traveled a great distance, who settled with the islanders in order to have a refuge where they were unsuspected by those who were pursuing them. 72. Dieses Sich-Einlassen in offener Form mit derart noch primitiven Erdenmenschen ist auch uns unverständlich, so wir nur die Vermutung stellen können, dass die Weithergereisten Flüchtlinge gewesen sein müssen, die sich bei den Insulanern festsetzten, um bei ihnen einen Zufluchtsort zu haben, der dort von Verfolgern nicht vermutet wurde.
73. This presumption is also based on the foreigners to the islanders, as you call them, not making their actual high technology available, because the machines reported by Semjase were primitive constructions made of palm tree wood. 73. Diese Vermutung basiert auch darauf, dass die Fremden den Insulanern, wie du sie nennst, nicht ihre eigentliche hohe Technik zur Verfügung stellten, denn die Maschinen, von denen Semjase berichtete, waren primitive Konstruktionen aus Palmholz.
74. In those days Easter Island was thickly covered with forests of palm trees, which were massively timbered off to the point of extinction. 74. Zur damaligen Zeit war die Osterinsel dicht mit Palmen bewaldet, die massenweise bis zur Ausrottung abgeholzt wurden.
75. The palm-wood was used for the construction of the primitive machines about which Semjase reported to you. 75. Das Palmholz wurde für die Konstruktion primitiver Maschinen verwendet, von denen dir Semjase berichtete.
76. So the heads, which were hewn, respectively, chiseled, out of the volcanic rock, were heaved onto, and transported with, these machines which were prepared from palm-wood. 76. So wurden für den Transport die aus Lavagestein herausgehauenen resp. herausgemeisselten Köpfe auf aus Palmholz gefertigte Maschinen gehievt und mit diesen transportiert.
77. When the colossal heads, created by stonecutters, were ready, then round tree trunks - which, with lianas, and so forth, were made into a tree trunk sledge - were shoved under the figures. 77. Waren die durch Steinmetze geschaffenen Kopfkolosse soweit fertig, dann wurden unter die Figuren runde Baumstämme geschoben, die mit Lianen usw. zu einem Stammschleifschlitten gefertigt wurden.
78. These triangularly-prepared tree-trunk sledges were not, however, set on the ground, rather on further palm trunks, which were likewise triangular and were arranged in a long row up to the destination. 78. Diese dreieckig angefertigten Stammschleifschlitten lagerten jedoch nicht auf dem Boden, sondern auf weiteren Palmholzstämmen, die ebenfalls dreieckig und in einer langen Reihe bis zum Zielort angeordnet waren.
79. In this way the colossal heads could be transported over great distances as if on tracks. 79. So konnten die Kopfkolosse wie auf Schienen über weite Strecken transportiert werden.
80. And thereby the figures of heads, weighing many tonnes, could slide properly on the decorticated palm wood trunks, which were smeared with things containing fat as well as also continuously being wetted with water. 80. Und damit die viele Tonnen wiegenden Kopffiguren auf den entrindeten Palmholzstämmen richtig gleiten konnten, wurden sie sowohl mit fetthaltigen Dingen beschmiert wie auch fortlaufend mit Wasser benetzt.
81. The tree-trunk sledges' motivating power was a great number of humans, who, in fits and starts, shoved these sledges with wooden poles, while others pulled the whole thing forward with long ropes made from lianas, and so forth. 81. Die Bewegungskraft der Stammschleifschlitten waren eine grosse Anzahl Menschen, die diese Schleifschlitten mit Holzstangen ruckweise schoben, während andere an langen Seilen aus Lianen usw. das Ganze vorwärts zogen.
82. In order to then erect the heavy objects on the prefabricated platforms, volcanic rock was used to build ramps onto which the giant heads were shoved, whereupon, then the tree-trunk sledge, with the stone colossus laid on it, was lifted up centimetre by centimetre with human power and was progressively supported underneath with volcanic rocks. 82. Um die schweren Gebilde dann auf vorgefertigte Plattformen zu stellen, wurden aus Lavagestein Rampen gebaut, auf die die Kopfgiganten geschoben wurden, wonach dann der Stammschleifschlitten mit dem darauf gelagerten Steinkoloss durch Menschenkraft Zentimeter um Zentimeter angehoben und fortlaufend wieder mit Lavasteinen untermauert wurde.
83. Additionally, initially small, and then ever bigger palm-wood poles were shoved under the sledges from behind and thereby everything was also kept from being able to fall back. 83. Zusätzlich wurden von hinten erst kleine und dann immer grössere Palmholzstangen unter den Schleifschlitten geschoben und damit zusätzlich alles davor bewahrt, dass es zurückfallen konnte.
84. Further, fastened to the topmost part of the stone head, were more ropes, which extended forward and were lain on by humans, whereby, collectively, a crane process resulted. 84. Weiter wurden am obersten Teil des Steinkopfes weitere Seile befestigt, die nach vorn reichten und von Menschen gelogen wurden, wodurch gesamthaft ein Kranverfahren entstand.
85. These were the machines about which Semjase reported. 85. Das waren die Maschinen, von denen Semjase berichtete.
Billy Billy
... regarding Easter Island, we misunderstood everything about that, because we assumed that the extraterrestrials had put their own machines at the disposal of the islanders. ... Und hinsichtlich der Osterinsel, da haben wir alles missverstanden, denn wir waren der Annahme, dass die Ausserirdischen ihre eigenen Maschinen den Insulanern zur Verfügung gestellt hätten.
So, naturally everything looks different ... So sieht alles natürlich anders aus. ...
Quetzal Quetzal
88. The foreigners actually only revealed instructions and understandings in regard to how the still very primitive Earth humans could develop a special technology as a result of building - from the simplest means - their own devices and primitive machines for their use. 88. Die Fremden gaben tatsächlich nur Anweisungen und Kenntnisse preis hinsichtlich dessen, wie die noch sehr primitiven Erdenmenschen aus einfachsten Mitteln eigene Geräte und primitive Maschinen zu ihrem Gebrauch bauen eine spezielle Technik entwickeln konnten.


Contact Report 230 Part 2


  • Contact Reports Volume: 6
  • Page number(s): 5
  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial
  • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised
  • Date of original translation: September 2008
  • Contact person: Quetzal


Quetzal and Billy discuss the Loch Ness monster!

Contact Report 230 Part 2 Translation

Page 5
English German
Billy Billy
We spoke once about the Ness Sea, therefore Loch Ness in Scotland, in connection with so-called Nessie, whereby it is supposed to deal with a saurian, for which, however, up until now, no proof of existence could be brought forth. Wir sprachen einmal über den See Ness, also Loch Ness in Schottland, im Zusammenhang mit dem sogenannten Nessi, wobei es sich um einen Saurier handeln soll, wofür jedoch bis heute kein Existenz-Beweis erbracht werden konnte.
But you have said that such an animal does actually exist in Loch Ness and that all that, therefore, it is not about a fairy tale. Von dir wurde aber gesagt, dass ein solches Getier im Loch Ness tatsächlich existiere und dass es sich dabei also nicht um eine Mär handle.
I would like to see the beast. Das Viech möchte ich sehen.
Can you take me to it sometime? Kannst du mich mal hinbringen?
Quetzal Quetzal
109. Actually, two parent animals and a young do exist. 109. Tatsächlich existieren zwei Elterntiere und ein Jungtier.
110. It thereby deals with an aquatic predatory saurian, therefore about Plesiosaurus which have sustained themselves for many generations. 110. Es handelt sich dabei um im Wasser lebende Raubsaurier, also um Plesiosaurus, die sich über viele Generationen erhalten haben.
111. However, proving their existence will be very difficult, because the animals themselves only seldom make their way into the higher waters, or even to the waters' surface in such a way that they can be sighted. 111. Deren Existenz zu beweisen jedoch sehr schwer sein wird, weil sich die Tiere nur selten in höhere Gewässer begeben oder gar an die Wasser oberfläche in der Weise, dass sie gesichtet werden können.
112. We have observed these distant saurian descendents for many years and have, during the course of our research, also found petrified fossils of their distant predecessors, which we left where we found them where they will perhaps be found some day by terrestrial palaeontologists or other Earth humans. 112. Wir beobachten diese fernen Sauriernachfahren seit vielen Jahren und haben im Verlauf unserer Forschungen auch versteinerte Fossile deren fernster Vorfahren gefunden, die wir jedoch an den FundsteIlen beliessen, wo sie vielleicht dereinst von irdischen Paläontologen oder sonstigen Erdenmenschen gefunden werden.
113. Naturally I will take you there so you can see the animals, however you must not make that public for the next 12 years. 113. Natürlich werde ich dich hinbringen, damit du die Tiere sehen kannst, worüber du jedoch während den nächsten 12 Jahren gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit schweigen musst.


Contact Report 230 Part 3


  • Contact Reports Volume: 6
  • Page number(s): 50-52,87
  • Date/time of contact: Wednesday, October 11th, 1989, 4:01AM
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial
  • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised
  • Date of original translation: April 18th 2007 (for pages 50-52)
  • Contact person: Quetzal


On pages 50 to 52, Quetzal explains the effect of disharmonic music on humans and other aspects of the negative side of our future.

On page 87, "Quetzal explains how Bush senior and friends plotted to get Bush junior elected in order to get their grubby oil greedy hands into Iraq. There is some comment about the greatest ever vote fraud which allowed this." -

But this is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.

Contact Report 230 Part 3 Translation

Pages 50-52
English German
Billy Billy
... Tell me, what do you make of the bad music which is manifestly beginning to gain a firm footing on the Earth? ... Sag mal, was hältst du von der schlechten Musik, die offenbar auf der Erde Fuss zu fassen beginnt?
Quetzal Quetzal
435. That is an extremely regrettable matter because, as I know from a look into the future, now the time is coming in which many kinds of evil become evident. 435. Das ist eine äusserst bedauerliche Sache, denn nun kommt die Zeit, wie ich aus einer Zukunftsschau weiss, in der vielerlei Übel in Erscheinung treten wird.
436. Worldwide, more and more parents become depraved, who sexually abuse their children, drive them into prostitution, rent them out for this purpose and sell them for child-pornography, and so forth, whereby terrible torment will be inflicted on them and they will even be murdered. 436. Weltweit verkommen immer mehr Eltern, die ihre Kinder sexuell missbrauchen, zur Prostitution treiben, sie zu diesem Zweck vermieten und verkaufen für Kinderpornographie usw., wobei ihnen aber auch furchtbare Qualen zugefügt und sie gar ermordet werden.
437. In addition to that, in the coming time, more and more children will commit suicide, whereby the suicide rate will climb inexorably. 437. Nebst dem werden in kommender Zeit immer mehr Kinder Suizid begehen, wobei die Selbstmordrate unaufhaltsam steigen wird.
438. Harmonic music will be extensively displaced in the future by unbelievably disharmonic noise which will be labeled a modern music trend. 438. Die harmonische Musik wird künftig durch unglaublich disharmonischen Krach, der als moderne Musikrichtung bezeichnet wird, weitgehend verdrängt.
439. From that, a complete disharmony will come about, by which innumerable people will be seized, and indeed youngsters, teenagers and adults. 439. Daraus entsteht eine völlige Disharmonie, von denen Unzählige ergriffen werden, und zwar Junge, Jugendliche und Erwachsene.
440. In the future, monstrously big, disharmonious noise-installations of this kind will take place everywhere, whereby all decency and all feelings of self-worth will be trampled underfoot many times over. 440, Es werden künftig rundum ungeheuer grosse disharmonische Krachveranstaltungen dieser Art stattfinden, wobei vielfach aller Anstand und alles Selbstwertgefühl mit Füssen getreten wird.
441. Many will become criminals in order to indulge these undignified actions and also drug addiction, and the related criminality will climb immeasurably worldwide just as much as unemployment, and prostitution, which will be shamelessly publicly advertised in the press and on television. 441. Viele werden zu Kriminellen, um diesem würdelosen Tun frönen zu können, und auch die Sucht nach Rauschgift und die diesbezügliche Kriminalität werden ebenso weltweit ins Unermessliche steigen wie auch die Arbeitslosigkeit und die Prostitution, für die schamlos in Presseorganen und im Fernsehen öffentlich geworben werden wird.
442. All that will occur, next to which porno-prostitution will become an officially recognized industry and will be taxed in the same way as public prostitution. 442. Das alles nebst dem, dass die Pornoprostitution zu einem staatlich anerkannten Gewerbe und wie die öffentliche Prostitution besteuert wird.
443. But that is not all, because also the language will deteriorate, because, through the shameful power of USAmerica, the languages of the world will be Americanized. 443. Das aber wird nicht alles sein, denn auch die Sprache wird verkommen, denn durch die schändliche Macht US-Amerikas werden die Sprachen der Welt amerikanisiert.
444. The secret USAmerican plan, since the First World War, has been organized to eradicate the German language in particular, and indeed in conjunction with USAmerica's secret, world-domination plans. 444. Der US-amerikanische Geheimplan ist seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg darauf ausgerichtet, insbesondere die deutsche Sprache auszurotten, und zwar im Zusammenhang mit den geheimen Weltherrschaftsplänen US-Amerikas.
445. But through the entire disharmony, the German language, with all its varieties and dialects, is infected through a wrong stressing of the words in the spoken sentences, which additionally promotes the entire disharmony and also exercises an extremely negative influence on governors, company leaders, industrial magnates, and the military, and so forth. 445. Durch die ganze Disharmonie aber wird die deutsche Sprache mit all ihren Abarten und Dialekten durch eine falsche Betonung der Worte in den gesprochenen Sätzen verseucht, was die ganze Disharmonie zusätzlich fördert und auch auf die Regierenden, Firmenführer, die Wirtschaftsmagnaten und Militärs usw. einen äusserst negativen Einfluss ausüben wird.
446. Through it all, new wars will come into being just as much as will also monstrous state, commercial and private debts, commercial collapses through irresponsible maladministration, exploitation of many firms by their managers, bankruptcies, into which firms will be driven by management and maladministration, which will lead to monstrously great worldwide unemployment, and under certain circumstances, can evoke a commercial and governmental collapse in all industrial countries. 446. Durch das Ganze werden neue Kriege ebenso in Erscheinung treten wie auch ungeheure Staats-, Wirtschafts- und Privatverschuldungen, Wirtschaftszusammenbrüche durch verantwortungslose Misswirtschaft, Ausbeutungen vieler Firmen durch deren Manager, Konkurse, in die Firmen durch Manager und Misswirtschaft getrieben werden, was weltweit zu einer ungeheuer grossen Arbeitslosigkeit führen wird und unter gewissen Umständen einen Wirtschafts- und Staatenzusammenbruch in allen Industrieländern hervorrufen kann.
447. And monstrous terrorism will become evident worldwide which will, to a great extent, in religious, sectarian, secret service and open political form, be practiced in the coming time through suicide assassins as well as through other cowardly attacks on the innocent and on their worldly possessions. 447. Und weltweit wird ein ungeheurer Terrorismus in Erscheinung treten, der in kommender Zeit in religiöser, sektiererischer, geheimdienstlicher und offener politischer Form in grossem Masse durch Selbstmordattentäter sowie durch sonstige feige Anschläge auf Unschuldige und auf deren Hab and Gut ausgeübt werden wird.
448. Also all kinds of radical political, anarchistic and sectarian-religious groups of extremists will emerge, such as so-called skinheads and neo-nazis, and so forth, as however also will political, religious and sectarian powerful-ones of the state, who will be fanatics and unscrupulous and irresponsible war-mongers, war criminals and murderers. 448. Auch allerlei radikale politische, anarchistische und sektiererisch-religöse Extremistengruppierungen werden auf den Plan treten, wie sogenannte Skinheads und Neonazis usw., wie aber auch politische, religiöse und sektiererische Staatsmächtige, die Fanatiker und bedenkenlose und verantwortungslose Kriegshetzer, Kriegsverbrecher und Mörder sein werden.
Billy Billy
So humanity can still be pleased. [Billy is expressing irony.] Da kann sich die Menscheit noch freuen.
But, as usual, one can probably change nothing because it will be just as it has been since ancient times: when prophecies, probability calculations as well as predictions are made and announced by sages then they will only be laughed at, scorned and labeled nut-cases, or they will even be harmed, persecuted, seriously insulted and slandered, and, ultimately, attempts will be made on their lives. Ändern kann man aber wie üblich wohl nichts, denn es wird so sein wie seit alters her: Wenn von Wissenden Prophetien, Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnungen sowie Voraussagen gemacht und bekanntgegeben werden, dann werden sie nur verlacht, verpönt und als Spinner bezeichnet, oder sie werden gar geharmt, werden verfolgt, schwer verunglimpft und verleumdet, und letztendlich wird ihnen noch nach dem Leben getrachtet.
That will indeed also not change in the future. ... Das wird sich wohl auch in Zukunft nicht ändern. ...
Page 87
English German
Billy Billy
Monstrous, really monstrous. It would also be just as monstrous if/when the world trade centre would be destroyed by terrorists with captured commercial airplanes, through which thousands of people would die, that Bush junior – and various of his criminal trusted ones knew that then, however undertook nothing against it. A criminal act that gains Bush the upper hand and he can let loose against Islam, naturally always under the cloak/veil that they want to free the USA and the world from terrorism. It would not be discussed that it would be the Bushs who would bring the greatest terror over the world, at least for the next 15 years. Ungeheuerlich, wirklich ungeheuerlich. So ungeheuerlich wird es aber auch sein, wenn das WHZ durch Terroristen mit gekaperten Verkehrsflugzeugen zerstört wird, wobei Tausende von Menschen sterben werden, dass Bush junior - und verschiedene seiner kriminellen Vertrauten - das dann weiss, jedoch nichts dagegen unternimmt. Ein verbrecherischer Akt, dass Bush die Oberhand gewinnt und gegen den Islam losziehen kann, natürlich immer unter dem Deckmantel dessen, die USA und die Welt vom Terrorismus befreien zu wollen. Dass aber, zumindest für die nächten 15 Jahre, die Bushs den grössten Terror über die Welt bringen werden, davon wird nicht gesprochen.
Quetzal Quetzal
666. That is correct. 666. Das ist von Richtigkiet.


Contact Report 230 Part 4


  • Contact Reports volume: 6
  • Date of Contact: 11th October 1989
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Translated by Helga Friedrichs, in collaboration with Willem Mondria and Christopher Mainwaring-Taylor
  • First proofreading and correction by Willem Mondria
  • Reviewed by Willem Mondria on 20th May 2005
  • Second proofreading and correction by Christian Frehner on 5th May 2005
  • Third and fourth proofreading and corrections by Helga and Christian in June 2005
  • Combining of the two versions of Helga and Willem by Christian on 11th June 2005
  • Sent to Philia for proofreading on 11th June 2005
  • Contact person: Quetzal

Contact Report 230 Part 4 Translation

Predictions of the Prophet Elia


Can you tell me today again something about the prophecies, or predictions of the old prophets?


Certainly. I have made every endeavour to bring something along with me. However, it is not a prophecy but a prediction that leads back to the prophet Elia and refers mainly to you. To make it understandable, I had also to rewrite his old style of writing into the German language of today. So listen then what he had to say:

As herald of this world, I see and hear and know what will happen in the very distant future. It will be in centuries, when the herald of the new time will raise his voice, and teach the world, and cause great turmoil and thus his life will be threatened. I see and hear and know because my eyes and ears are open, and see and hear in heaven what will be happening in the very distant days to come. Like taking a gigantic step, I traverse with my eyes and ears the days to a distant time, to a free country and to a place, which is still unknown to you, and which you are not yet able to see. There will be the most courageous of all courageous ones, the most holy of all holy ones, and he will teach powerfully and proclaim the laws and commandments of the Creation. He will have knowledge of the script like I, and will be able to listen to heaven. And he will be the eye, the ear and the conscience of the human beings, and he will let human beings see the power of the Creation, and let them hear the Creation's laws. He will be a seeing and knowing one, and a mediator whose hand writes down the words of those who will come from the stars. And he will be the third one to follow me, and will be a continuation in the living again of those prophets who were before me as "other personalities of me". His word will reveal the hidden structure of the world, as well as many secrets of the Creation. And he will fill the gaps of memory that lead from one point in the past, or of the present into the future, thus he will show the map on where happenings design the new time, which are caused through the human beings.

The new herald will have to endure much hardship; his father will be a simple shoemaker, and his mother a simple woman who will give birth to three sons and four daughters. One of the sons will be called guardian of the treasure, and he will be the new herald. The knowledge about the laws of the Creation will lay open to him as never before to a herald. And he will be the one who brings to light again the true teaching and true words of the old heralds, and will make them accessible to human beings. Until then, the texts of my proclamations, my teaching and my words - and my words of my followers - and my words of my forbears - will remain a secret until the right moment when they shall rise again in the days of the new herald, delivered by the human beings from the sky. And the herald will wait for the right day on the mountain of the horseshoe, where he will have his homestead, and where a flag will flutter in the wind as a sign of the bond with human beings from the sky. And when the propitious day has come, he will proclaim the old words, and his homestead will be a place where human beings will turn up from the four corners of the earth. His real relatives will be from the sky, and they will come and go but not be seen by human beings because they will remain a secret, for their heads are not compatible with the earth human beings' heads.

The new herald of the distant days will be the founder of the group of truth, which will spread out to the four corners of the earth. He will break open the seal to many secrets of the Creation, and of the head of human beings, and of their thoughts and feelings, and he will be more knowledgeable in this field than any other human being of that time, or any time before. His number will be the one, the three and the seven, and thus the number of the knowing and the wise. He will travel far to the place where the sky and earth meet each other, and where the sky ends. His words will be the words of truth, and they will be harsh and shake the human beings‘ heads. And he will be restless in his work, and will be active when he is lying down , and when he is walking in the darkness of night, or in the moon's powerful light. And he will be active when he travels across the desert or climbs the mountains, and when he lets himself be imbued by the energies of the stars, the sun and the earth. He will imbue his words with his powerful energies, which flow through his words like streams of strength, and to preserve his words for all times to come he will record them unlike any herald before him. His words imbued with love will be comfort for the righteous, and his words will also reach the unjust and jolt and shake them, and they will penetrate them like powerful streams of energy, and cause them gradually to wake up. His words will also penetrate deep into the sky, and to the human beings there, and they will penetrate the stars with their powerful strength. And his words will reach that point where the sky and earth meet, and where the sky finds its end. And his knowledge will be such to know the human beings' head (consciousness), thoughts and feelings, as well as their intellect and reason. And he will know the body (essence) of the earth, the stars and the sky, for he will follow the paths that lead to the secrets in these worlds.

The new herald in the distant time to come will be the third one to follow me, and he will also be able to heal, and will integrate himself into my ancient lineage of Jesaia, Jeremia, Henoch, Henok and Nokodemion, the ancient fathers of knowledge and wisdom who have the same spirit-form, and never have allowed their senses to become dull, like human beings do in the present time and will do so even more in the new time of the new herald, when they create an artificial and unreal inability of understanding the difference between cognition and knowledge, lies and truth, prediction and prophecy, inspiration and intuition, love and fornication, peace and war, wisdom and imagination, and delusion and reality.

The new herald will read many sacred books, and at ever-recurring times of loneliness he will go to the mountains, forests and to the desert in order to learn, and to surrender to reflection (meditation). And he will join many cults, which worship godheads, angels and saints in order to fathom their secrets and delusional teachings. And he will also fathom the secret principles and patterns of the world and time. And on the mountain of the horseshoe he will build a place of rest, a place of reflection (meditation), and of love and peace where all sacred streams and streams of truth will converge, which since times immemorial pass through the human beings. This place will grow to become the original and symbolic centre for the earth and the sky, because the forces of the spirit and head (consciousness) converge in this centre, and an impressive collection of true knowledge, of true love as well as of freedom, peace, harmony and wisdom will accumulate there. Thus in time human beings will not be able to take one step without discovering the traces of the true and great herald, and to follow these traces. And Eduard will be called guardian of the treasure, and he will be following me as the third link after the heralds Jmmanuel and Mohammed, and they will be following me as the first and second link with the same spirit-form, yet with another head (consciousness).

The new herald will be a powerful mediator and a seer, and his word will contain all life's cognition, for he will have opened himself to it. Many human beings will understand him, but all those who will hear his word and not understand, or read his writing and not understand, or only come in touch with it and not understand, will be overcome by a tremendous fear as if a chasm would be opening in front of them. Thus many will fearfully turn away, and others will steal and falsify the herald's word and teaching in order to gain a lucrative profit. They will be unable to understand the herald's word, and will try to destroy it; yet they will be unable to commit a sacrilege, for the herald's word and teaching will be much too powerful.

When the new herald begins his work, more than twenty-two centuries will have passed after me. Many villages and cities will be overflowing with an immense horde of human beings, and an unimaginable milling mass will exist. Old villages and cities, as well as their walls, bulwarks and arms, and the mortal remains of the old prophets and human beings from earlier times will be buried under sand and ruins, and they will be excavated in the new time as a special feature of old value. The days until then will have obliterated my voice and my words, as well as the words of all prophets and wise ones. And the human beings will turn away from the truth, and will turn towards the belief of various cults with gods, angels and saints who truthfully are none of these, for they are only inventions of priests and self-appointed bringers of salvation. The cults' belief will become law, and only a few human beings will have the courage to turn openly towards the truth and the laws of the Creation. Thus only a few will follow the words and the teaching of the new herald, and remain loyal. There will be a huge crowd of believers of all cults around the world, spreading themselves everywhere, and the human beings' belief developed in the cults will reverberate from one end of the world to the other like a tremendous roar of thunder. And the cults will fight each other in bloody battles until death and ruin, and barbarity will break out within the cults, and the cults' high and highest ranking priests and their henchmen will persecute the cults' lower and lowest ranks, and murder them in order to take hold of their goods and gold, and thereby getting wealthier and wealthier. This will also happen through continuous exploitation, because tributes and penalties will be imposed on the believers by their cults, which will have to be paid in gold and coins.

In the new time, the human being will have knowledge about the great continents on earth, and about the huge forests beyond the end of the endless oceans. And in the more than two thousand years from the time in which I live, all the lands everywhere on earth will become enormous kingdoms and empires, and become huge when they unite. Yet, as innumerable as there are links in an endless chain, as innumerable will be the wars, and they will increasingly overlap each other, and thus kingdoms and empires will collapse, and new ones will be created out of them again. But the slaves and those in bondage, the land's tillers and winegrowers, the shepherds and the poor will be rebellious, and more than a thousand times they will bring fire to the land; they will set afire castles, fortresses and cities, and will burn harvests. And they will continue to do so until they are taken prisoner, are tortured and burned and skinned alive, and the survivors will be compelled to hide again in their hiding-places for protection. And thus, the upper and superior ones in authority and their henchmen will feel secure again as if they would be kings.

But there will be progress, and when the time of more than two millennia has passed, the human being will have conquered the depths of the oceans and of the sky, and he will fly into the sky (space) and search for a new home. Like a star shining in the firmament, he will be like a star in the firmament when he has gained the sun's power and will consider himself to be the Creation, and when he has erected thousands of huge buildings and towers on earth, has built powerful ships out of metal, and ploughs with these ships through the waters of oceans and through air and the sky. And there will be new and big empires across the big ocean, and one of these empires will send out new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of powerful rulers who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity to carry out wars and conquer the world in order to get hold of the countries' mineral resources. But beyond the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the world's power will collapse, and the empire will then be destroyed and be only a scorched land and muddy waters. And the peoples of the earth will interbreed, which causes a lot of harm, illnesses, infirmity and hatred, terror and revenge, as well as many deaths. And when these days arrive, humankind will be approaching very difficult times and will be standing before an impenetrable labyrinth; its entrance will be shrouded in a dark gloom, as black as the darkest night, and the human being will step into this labyrinth, where the evil will glimmer with glowing red eyes of ruin and disaster. And when these days arrive may the human being be on his guard, for the disastrous ruin will bear within destruction, and innumerable deaths, a cruel rage and wrath degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity. And the days of ruin and disaster will be long, yet in the distant future of the coming time, everything will become lighter, and there will be love, peace and freedom. It shall be so, for I see and hear in heaven, and know that it will be as I have proclaimed, for I am the herald Elia, and I speak the truth.


This is the prediction of Elia. It should not be necessary to say more, for these and Jeremia's predictions should be sufficient for the earth's human beings.

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Contact Report 230 Part 5


  • Contact Reports Volume: 6
  • Page Numbers: 70 to 70
  • Date/time of contact: 11th October 1989 4:01AM
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Date of original translation: July 2005
  • Corrections and improvements made: March 2007
  • Contact person: Quetzal


Billy and Quetzal discuss the American moon landings.

This is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.

Contact Report 230 Part 5 Translation

Billy and Quetzal continued
English German
Billy: Then once again something concerning the Earth's Moon, respectively in regard to the first alleged Moon landing of the Americans, which is supposed to have happened on July 20th, 1969. Billy: Dann wieder einmal etwas wegen des Erdmondes resp. bezüglich der ersten angeblichen Mondlandung der Amerikaner, die am 20. Juli 1969 gewesen sein soll.
This theatre spectacle was indeed only staged for political reasons and allegedly in order to have obtained a giant success before the Soviet Union because, at that time, the Russians already stood shortly ahead of the Yankees, coming before them with a manned Moon landing. Dieses Theater-Spektakel wurde ja nur veranstaltet um der Politik willen und um angeblich vor der Sowjet-Union einen Riesenerfolg erzielt zu haben, weil die Russen damals bereits kurz davor standen, den Amis mit einer bemannten Mondlandung zuvorzukommen.
But after the gigantic American swindle with the so-called Moon landing, which was cinematically faked in a suitable place in America, up to 1972, five Moon landings actually subsequently came about. Nach dem amerikanischen Riesenschwindel mit der angeblichen Mondlandung aber, die in Amerika auf geeignetem Gelände filmisch getürkt wurde, fanden dann nachträglich tatsächlich bis 1972 fünf Mondlandungen statt.
However, to be able to prepare and accomplish these landings, the Yankees required more time than they had at their disposal before 1969. Um diese Landungen aber vorzubereiten und durchführen zu können, benötigten die Amis mehr Zeit, als ihnen diese bis 1969 zur Verfügung stand.
For this reason, and also even because of politics, this gigantic swindle was staged and all of humanity shamefully deceived. Daher und eben auch der Politik wegen wurde der Riesenschwindel inszeniert und die ganze Menschheit schändlich betrogen.
Will this swindle actually never be uncovered? Wird dieser Schwindel eigentlich nie aufgedeckt?
Also it makes me wonder why the Yankees actually never allow anything to be heard regarding that on the South Pole and North Pole of the Moon there are big areas where daytime permanently rules, as I had seen, as in my earlier youth in the year 1946 from Sfath, and then in 1975 also from Semjase who provided the possibility to behold the Moon from up close and to see the aerospace-junk that the Earthlings had transported there. Auch nimmt es mich wunder, warum die Amis eigentlich nie etwas davon hören liessen, dass es am Süd- und Nordpol des Mondes grosse Gebiete gibt, wo ständiger Tag herrscht, wie ich gesehen habe, als mir in meiner frühen Jugend im Jahre 1946 von Sfath und dann 1975 auch von Semjase die Möglichkeit geboten wurde, den Mond aus der Nähe zu betrachten und den Raumfahrt-Gerümpel zu sehen, den die Erdlinge dorthin transportierten.
Quetzal: 582. The story of lies, of the alleged first Moon landing, is surely never more able to be worked out of the world. Quetzal: 582. Die Lügengeschichte der angeblich ersten Mondlandung wird wohl nicht mehr aus der Welt zu schaffen sein.
583. And regarding the continuous daytime area on the Moon's South Pole and North Pole is to say, that I also don't understand why nothing is publicly mentioned about that. 583. Und bezüglich der stetigen Taggebiete am Mondsüdpol und-nordpol ist zu sagen, dass auch ich nicht verstehe, warum darüber öffentlich nichts erwähnt wird.

Note added to source webpage in October 2006

[ The article here ] is an unofficial translation of a short excerpt from an outstanding article by core-group member Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, which was published in FIGU Special Bulletin #28 in September 2006. Hans's article includes various selected excerpts from the Contact Reports which go into some detail about the Apollo 11 hoax, and the below translation has been made to demonstrate that - due to FIGU's unique status - irresponsibly publishing everything known to be true could result in fatal danger to the FIGU members at the SSSC. Had someone openly asked FIGU whether people had landed on the Moon in 1969, FIGU would have had to have somehow avoided giving a straight answer or would have had to say something like, "FIGU Switzerland distances itself from claims that the Apollo 11 Moon landing was not genuine." Logic suggests that there may indeed still be other matters of equal or even greater sensitivity that might elicit the a similar reply, and for the same prudent reasons.

Additional note added to source webpage on July 17th, 2007

Ptaah conveys advice to Billy from the High Council about why the release of the very sensitive hoaxed Apollo 11 "Moon landing" information could endanger him, the group members, the mission and could even cause war-like actions. This clearly demonstrates that such sensitive material of world wide significance must sometimes be withheld and/or talked around.

(From p.1, vol. 7, 240th contact, Mon, December 30th, 1991)

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