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People from the Pleiades who actually do not exist. According to Sfath's Explanation, Billy was told as a young boy that by initially using the term Pleiadian, when referring to the origin of his contactors, the fraudsters, fantasists and deceivers who would later claim to be in contact with Pleiadians would and have now been exposed.

Billy was told that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration is too young to support life and the Plejares is the true star system from whence Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and the other Plejaren originate.

Pleiadian community
If you type Pleiadian into Amazon books, 22 pages of books with variations of the word in the title come up. None of them have anything to do with Billy Meier and the information he has given, though most have ripped it all off over many years for various reasons e.g. in order to attempt to weave it into a commercially viable sale able book format.

  • - This rationalwiki page is a particularly spectacular example of how the information taken from this website, from FIGU websites, have been blended in with all the stuff from the pleiadian communities books, which have nothing to do with Billy Meier, and then it's all been summarized by one of their writers as some sort of pastiche impression of what they see.

The rationalwiki page may be an interesting summary for some readers because the truth of it is that most of us who have studied the actual Billy Meier source material from the actual and normal source, such as for example from the original writer Billy Meier i.e getting to the truth of the matter normally, not via the testimony of some third-party author; find ourselves incapable, blocked somehow and unable to look into and muster up any interest in these 'pleiadian' communities.

Occasionally these individuals, usually young persons or those who have found Billy Meier via some route other than searching for UFO's on the internet, such as via some spiritual topic; have passed into view of those seeking the truth about Billy Meier's story. By asking some question about something that has nothing to do with Billy Meier where then sometimes we may go as far as to ask ourselves where they possibly got an idea like that. But usually we are just incapable of developing and mustering up enough of an interest in where these individuals are coming from. All we do, at most, is direct them to the source material and the links to the actual texts, and that is all we can do with these individuals coming from the derivative works. The majority of the information is free and beautifully presented, we cannot take any responsibility for it, you're on your own.