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==Further Reading==
==Further Reading==
* [[Semjase's Letter]]
* [[Semjase's Letter]]
* [[Semjases presentation]]
* [[Erra]]
* [[Erra]]

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An artists fictitious illustration of Semjase.

Semjase is 344 years old,[citation needed] about 1.7 meters (5.5 ft.) tall[citation needed] and is a slender, young, pretty woman with fair skin, sparkling blue eyes and light-blond, fine[citation needed] hair. Her very long and somewhat forward-placed earlobes[citation needed] form a special distinguishing feature. This is the main anatomical difference compared with Earth women, aside the overall and generally better physical proportionality.[citation needed]

Due to her exceptional knowledge, which exceeds the average of even her home population,[citation needed] she has assumed the rank of half-Jschrjsch, which means a half-queen of wisdom or a half-goddess, as they were called earlier on Earth.[citation needed] Having mastered several occupations[citation needed] and occupied herself with various matters on our planet, years before communicating with Billy Meier, which first occured on 28th of January, 1975, she is one of the better orientated extraterrestrials with regards to our situation on Earth.[citation needed]

During the period of time from February 1965 until June 1973, she stayed in the DAL Universe with Asket's people.[citation needed] After her return from the DAL Universe to Erra, she came to Earth in July 1973 and continued to carry out the task she had performed here earlier in a hidden station.[citation needed] Of all the Earth languages, she has only mastered German and learned no others.[citation needed] In November 1984, Semjase finally had to leave the Earth for health reasons.[citation needed] Her field of work was exclusively restricted to the European area. She had no authorization whatsoever to become involved in any matters of, or establish contact with, any Plejaren work groups on earth outside of Europe, neither in America nor Asia.[citation needed]

Early life and education

Semjase was born on the planet Erra and was educated there as well as later on other worlds.[citation needed]

Semjases father is Ptaah.[citation needed]

Semjase name meaning, origin and pronunciation

Taken from Contact Report 475.

English German
(Excerpt from the 475th Contact Report of November 26, 2008) (Auszug aus dem 475. Kontaktbericht vom 26. November 2008)
Ptaah Ptaah
Semjase is a very old name that we Plejaren adopted from the Ancient Lyrian dialect, it means “The Demigoddess”. Semjase ist ein sehr alter Name, den wir Plejaren aus einem altlyranischen Dialekt übernommen haben; er bedeutet ‹Die Halbgöttin›.
If the E at the end of her name, as I spoke of in the English language example is pronounced I, then there is a very bad misnomer. Wird das E am Ende des Namens jedoch als I gesprochen, wie das z.B. in der englischen Sprache getan wird, dann ergibt sich daraus ein sehr böser Unwert.
“Sem”, from Semjase means in the Ancient Lyrian dialect “Half” while “Jase” means goddess, but “Jasi” means “Bane Goddess”. ‹Sem›, gemäss Semjase, bedeutet im genannten altlyranischen Dialekt ‹Halb›, während ‹Jase› Göttin, ‹Jasi› jedoch ‹Fluchgöttin› bedeutet.
Hence, if in the English language the E at the end of Semjase is spoken as I, so therefore Semjasi, the name means “Demigoddess of Bane”. Daraus ergibt sich, wenn in der englischen Sprache beim Namen Semjase das E am Ende mit I gesprochen wird, so also Semjasi, der Name ‹Halbgöttin des Fluches›.
Such false names and unworthy concepts respectively are unworthy of our languages and dialects, even if only a single letter in the word itself is wrong and is pronounced differently than the written form. Solche falsche Namens- und Begriffsunwerte resp. Unwerte ergeben sich in unseren Sprachen und deren Dialekten auch, wenn auch nur ein einzelner Buchstabe im Wort selbst falsch und also anders ausgesprochen wird, als dieser in der geschriebenen Form gegeben ist.

Personal Life

An artists fictitious illustration of Semjase.[source needs to be verified]

Semjase is a widow,[citation needed] she was married for seven years,[citation needed] but tragically lost her husband in an accident. Approximately 200 years ago[citation needed] her spouse had been participating in a research expedition in a foreign galaxy, at a time when a certain hyperspace technology was relatively new to them.[citation needed] Of the two research ships dispatched for this particular task, only one returned home after eleven years, unfortunately the other with her husband aboard, suffered some form damage to the control system and crashed into the star of that system.[citation needed] Her marriage was without children.[citation needed]


On the 15th of December, 1977, she suffered a life-threatening accident at the Semjase Silver Star Center itself, in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland, and had to be taken back to her home planet of Erra for immediate A&E medical treatment and rehabilitation.[citation needed] Part of her brain was damaged in the accident which took some time to repair.[citation needed] Were she an Earth citizen she may well have died in the incident or been disabled by it.[citation needed] However this personal injury would not have occurred or even been possible if she was an Earth citizen, because it was related to a supporting technology she was using while here.[citation needed]

In May 1978, she returned to Earth and resumed her regular communication with Eduard until 26th March, 1981.[citation needed]

From March 1981 until the end of January 1984, she was again absent because there were other duties she had to fulfil on other worlds.[citation needed]

On the 3rd of February, 1984, the last conversation took place between Semjase and Billy.[citation needed] As an after effect of her accident on the 15th of December, 1977, she suffered a cerebral collapse in the beginning of November 1984 and was transported again as quickly as possible to the DAL Universe where she was healed by the help of Asket and friends the Sonaer.[citation needed] Her father, Ptaah, explained that the complete regeneration of her brain and all psi-powers,[citation needed] (sensitive) abilities and memories, lost during her collapse would take about seventy years.[citation needed] During this time Semjase will spend most of it in the DAL Universe.[citation needed]

Religious views

Disagrees with Earth religions and knows the truth due to education.[citation needed]

Political views

Disagrees with Earth politics, knows the truth due to education and is forbidden from interfering in Earth affairs by Plejaren Federation law.[citation needed]


Please take the time to allow for the awareness that there is such a massive quantity of information on each of these main personnel, we could paint any picture we wanted of each and any of them by either including or not including whatever we wanted about them, leaving out key critical details and focusing on the qualities we wanted to show the reader. Future of Mankind doesn't do that, at least not deliberately, we try and be as neutral as possible. This webpage is not an exhaustive account, it's been built up by many voluntary contributors over some time and it's in summary of a number of sources in FIGU literature, see Contact Reports, Books and Downloads.

There are numerous websites out there (which don't interest us whatsoever) which use the 'Semjase' name and write what ever story they want. We only use documents produced by Billy Meier and FIGU. Due to this situation and it being a popular page, editors are encouraged to reference everything written on this particular page. We tend to endeavour to reference on all Meier Encyclopedia pages, but it's especially important on this page because of all those false accounts of Semjase all over the internet, thank you.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Regarding Semjases accident, Billy said she is "excellent" now and she sends her best regards to all FIGU individuals all over the world.[1]
  • It is absolutely impossible for Semjase to communicate by mechanical or telepathic means with anyone here in our universe. The only way one could communicate would be to travel to the DAL Universe.[citation needed]

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