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Acriasis said ...

If human beings would only reach out and take hold of the unconditional love that surrounds them, within theirselves each day, one may find that absolute knowledge can come to the one who seeks wisdom in truth. Each person, out of their own free-will, chooses a negative path each day, they are seperated from the eternal knowledge of Creation. Only by choosing a positive path to follow the laws and commandments given of Creation, is there an unconditional love that is felt, by experiencing life to its fullest, through the power within the indwelling of Creation within ourselves, that has always been there, but not recognized, because of the material lifes distractions of consciouseness which also occur daily. It would be good if these contacts would continue as they once were, but there are so many distracted people around, as well as time continueing to progress age and health, that it could only be acheived through public awareness of the existence of absolute truth, which would require an absolute transistion of the whole of an ignorant person of beliefs. Then even the falible ones would have no choice but to be submissive, with global awareness of absolute truth, which would dissolve the belief system indefinitely.

--Acriasis 04:28, 29 August 2012 (BST)