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Or more specifically, "Are some flying objects observed within Earth's atmosphere controlled by intelligent beings from other worlds?" According to Meier and the Plejaren, UFO's are mostly natural phenomena such as planets, comets, stars even harmless space-dwelling creatures; they can also be man-made objects such as satellites, space junk and the ISS; finally, they are indeed also terrestrial and extraterrestrial craft. This does not include those sightings that are delusions, illusions, imaginations or lies.

Earth does receive visitors from other worlds who are here on exploration and observation missions or even to collect grains, fruit and vegetation to take back to their homeworlds. Akart is one world from which we receive visitors who collect such items and also happens to be massively overpopulated (it was at 23 billion back in 1975). None have open face-to-face or telepathic contact with Earth humans as far as the Plejaren know (and they have some amazing technology) but relatively few humans are occasionally harmlessly examined for scientific purposes with their memories of the event erased. The Plejaren do send telepathic impulses to thousands of Earth humans without their knowledge to give them ideas of a nature that will result in positive actions such as beneficial political decisions, useful inventions and even movies that open our minds to new concepts.

There are no alien-human hybrid programmes and have never been any if you discount ancient times and of course, Jmmanuel. There are no malicious abductions or mutilations of humans or fauna. ET did not land in the 1950s and sign a deal with the Eisenhower administration. But Roswell did occur and was manned by androids.

The terrestrial craft are either known types of aircraft or top secret military craft originating from multiple countries of Earth. You can be confident to logically include the USA and Russia as two of those countries with this type of technology.

Finally, there is a need to say that there are or were three ET groups who have been observing us for some time now and which the Plejaren have been unable to communicate with for reasons relating to the energy-absorbancy of the hulls or shielding of these craft. They are a benign race according to their actions thus far.

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James Moore

Contact Report 257 (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 257

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png
We project our behavioural patterns onto them. Wir projizieren unsere Verhaltensmuster auf sie.
We fear that they will deal in precisely the same way that we would deal with technologically inferior folks and other living beings. Wir befürchten, dass sie uns genauso behandeln würden, wie wir technologisch unterlegene Völker und andere Lebewesen behandeln.
They are our projection screen, our mirror image … Sie sind unsere Projektionsfläche, unser Spiegelbild...
If extraterrestrials wanted to rule earth they would have long since done so. Wenn Ausserirdische die Erde erobern wollten, sie hätten es schon lange getan.
They certainly would not have waited until we improved our defence systems. Sie würden bestimmt nicht darauf warten, bis wir unser Verteidigungssystem verbessert haben.
In reality we are the aggressors, those who greet the friendly visitors with hunter-interceptors and our xenophobia (fear of strangers) through putting out exo-racist propaganda films, like "Independence Day", as the expression imparts, (Note from Billy: the question about these demonising efforts against the extraterrestrials is, whether the American government, military and secret service-type machinations are behind it, as with “War of the Worlds” from Orson Welles, in order to newly stir up, and this time in a worldwide mass, angst, panic and hate in respect of the visitors from foreign worlds.) In Wirklichkeit sind wir die Aggressoren, diejenigen, die friedliche Besucher mit Abfangjägern begrüssen und unsere Xenophobie (Angst vor Fremden) durch exo-rassistische Propaganda filme wie <Independence Day> Ausdruck verleihen (Anm. Billy: wobei es sich bei diesem Dämonisierungswerk gegen die Ausserirdischen fragt, ob nicht wieder amerikanische regierungs-, militär- und geheimdienstliche Machenschaften dahinter stecken wie bei, <Krieg der Welten> von Orson Welles, um Angst, Panik un Hass in bezug auf die Besucher von fremden Welten neuerlich und diesmal in weltweitem Masse zu schuren).
And their answer: messages of concern about our behaviour, thereover, that we destroy our unique home planets. Und ihre Antwort: Botschaften der Besorgnis uber unserer Verhalten, darüber, dass wir unserer eigerartigen Heimatplaneten zerstoren.

Further Reading

Are you looking for the so-called ‘collective anosognosia’? There is some more of it on the pages: Ageing, Atlantis, Reincarnation, Nokodemion, Other Contactees, Evolution, Extraterrestrial Life, Human Being, Foo Fighters, Overpopulation, Spirit Teaching, Supernatural etc., etc. ‘Collective anosognosia’ is a very serious condition, it’s when a very large group of a humanity denies an obvious reality to themselves and they make all possible excuses to avoid it at every opportunity, see Religion. The Plejaren call this self-deception and they weren’t prepared for how far human beings on this planet were prepared to go to self-deceive ourselves, see Earth.

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