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Many frauds and charlatans claim to be in contact with human beings from other planets in your solar system and even to have flown with or in their beamships. This is nothing but a lie, for most of the stars they mention and their planets are so desolate that human life cannot exist there.

Semjase, Contact Report 1 line - 27-28, January 1975



A so-called "Bandwagon" propaganda piece, presented as a tempting determinative lure for vulnerable individuals seeking some form of reward, see Nordic Aliens
He was a contactee with Venusians (Venus) who submitted film footage of flying saucers, starship photographs, a piece of a flying saucer, six witnesses supported the reality of his contact by signing an affidavit. He wrote about Nordic Aliens in his books 'Flying Saucers Have Landed' and 'Inside the Space Ships'.
He filmed starships. No human beings on Earth maintain any contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences. Therefore he is a liar, fraud and cheat.
He submitted photographs, starship footage, a plant with extraordinary characteristics, claimed he had witnesses. He wrote about Nordic Aliens in his book 'From Outer Space to You'.

Relevant reading
...and many, many more, there has probably been one in most towns and cities all over the world. It’s not harmless either because it has driven many people into delusion and misery. Contact Report 141 partially deals with why these individuals walk into deluding others - self-suggestive hallucinations and fantasy productions etc.

Dana Rasinova from ‘Exopolitics’ (Czech) weighs in:
"Many contactees have not been allowed or are not enabled to prove their contact unambiguously by their alien contacts for various reasons, such as security. Apparently it concerns the arranged global extraterrestrial tactics for their operation on Earth. Naturally, there does exist swindlers and false contactees, but I think the real ones are more than one as they say. This is also the question of logic that suggests more than one.

I consider the Pleiadians want to attract more attention to themselves – steal the limelight so to say – and to Billy Meier, and to their spiritual teaching on the very beginning of their mission. The Pleiadians are prepared to subordinate their interests for the above mentioned reasons. They don’t want to shatter their supporters‘ attention to someone else. That’s why they expediently divert attention from other contactees especially from those who are significant. That’s precisely the reason why they proclaimed directly important contactees such as George Adamski as deceivers. They argued that he had manipulated his witnesses and that he never photographed any spacecraft...

...Draconians (Dracos) and Reptilians are believed to not exist; The Pleiadians standpoint [is they] claim that Reptilians don’t exist." she writes.

Source: CzechExopolitics: The Analysis: Why Billy Meier’s Pleiadians lie and disinform - by Dana Rasinova (PDF) (External)
About Author: Dana Rasinova is the author of articles which profess to give an ‘insider's account’ of the famous Billy Meier case, because she has been intimately involved with researching it since 1997.

George Adamski photo.

Although many frauds exist, there are many who really have had, and continue to have, contact with us. But a great many of those have never had more than just visual contact with us. Contactees, therefore, who have only seen our beamships from a distance and were often able to take pictures as well. Only very few of them have had personal contact with us, which is the case even now. Most of them wrap themselves in silence, in fear of their fellowmen.

Semjase, Contact Report 2 line - 35-39, February 1975

Other Contactees


He submitted 'starship' photographs, film footage of ships and physical evidence – a circular disc 8 cm in diameter made from unusual elements. But he later destroyed them; somebody made forgeries of them and attributed them to Fry. This is supposed to be the reason why none of Dan Fry's real photos of alien flying objects exist any longer. Even the story about the origin of the extraterrestrials and their accounts was apparently thoroughly distorted.
He spread the images and experiences and so forth which were implanted in him by means of holographs and dream-state-hallucinations, in order to maintain the religion of Christianity - Asket's Explanations - Part 1

Relevant reading
The first thing to put out into the open and for the benefit of those readers who didn't already know but landed on this page, is that the vast majority of extraterrestrials are human beings who are similar to us in a great many ways, if as a reader you were unaware of this as the starting position for what ever the reason for that may be, then begin at the Main Page from the start, so that you know what you're reading about in the right context and are clear about certain fundamental facts about the universe, reality, nature etc.

--There are many more persons who crop up through out the Contact Reports e.g. impulse-telepathic like Foo Fighters, see Impulses, or a few words were exchanged e.g Horst Fenner's encounter in Bolivia 1976' or a brief sighting i.e. the so-called "visual contact" a.k.a. sighting e.g Jordanian desert or brief exchange while with Billy e.g Jitschi etc., there are many actually, thousands. Michael Horn on http://www.theyfly.com/ and https://theyflyblog.com/ has talked all about the relationship and ideological opposition between what Billy Meier has explained compared to the UFO industry.

Q: Are there more so-called ‘contactees’ at all / any times in history
A: There are thousands of individuals, most of these documents are helping the reader narrow down the parameters of reality so they can make that assessment for themselves. Plejaren say yes and then no and then yes and no again... to answer that question, so you’ll have to assess what they mean for yourself, see Lyran and 144,000.

Extract from Contact Report 249


...As far as we are concerned, except for your case, there exist no other contacts, not even in a telepathic form. The contacts we maintain with people on Earth are of a purely impulse-telepathic nature. For this reason, the contactees are unaware of the contact; they assume their accomplishments result strictly from their own initiative. Truthfully though, the information relating to their achievements, items produced, and other matters, is generated by us and instilled into the individuals through impulse-telepathy, and in every case their consciousness is unaware of this fact. They definitely have no idea that such information, etc., is instilled in them through impulse-telepathy.[1]

Extract from Contact Report 254


...we made the effort to transmit the entire necessary specifications for the design to terrestrial scientists through impulse-telepathy so that, out of that, flying disks could be developed.[2]

Extract from Contact Report 424


Real contacts were made only through impulse contacts through a telepathic transmission device with which we usually contacted various and higher educated human beings of earth to provide information, however, these people did not know that we were contacting them in this manner, neither did the many scientists - for example Einstein and other notable human beings of earth - who we provided information in the same way, which have led to progress in technology and medicine etc.[3]

Asket's Explanations - Part 2 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Asket's Explanations - Part 2

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

Asket's Explanation of 7th February 1953, pages 323-325 - in the mountainous region of the Jordanian desert on the Dead Sea

Askets Erklärung vom 7. Februar 1953, Seiten 323-325 - im jordanischen Wüstengebirge am Toten Meer
(Word for word account, with Asket's memory assistance, of Asket's Explanations, on 10th September 1964, in Mahrauli, India.)

(Wörtliche Wiedergabe von Askets Erklärungen durch ihre Erinnerungshilfe am 10. September 1964 in Mahrauli/lndia.)



... (excerpted) read in full here: Asket's Explanations - Part 2

... (exzerpiert) hier vollständig lesen: Asket's Explanations - Part 2

99. ... later, from the year 1975, it is asserted that you or we would insult all contactees, and so forth, by calling them swindlers. 99. ... später ab dem Jahre 1975 behauptet werden wird, du oder wir würden alle Kontaktler usw. als Betrüger beschimpfen.
100. That is truly not so, because there are actually very many contact people on the Earth, even if most of them only make visual contact or do not know about their contacts, which are in the form of impulses, or because of that they unconsciously wrap themselves in silence. 100. Das ist wahrlich nicht so, denn wirkliche Kontaktleute sind sehr viele auf der Erde, auch wenn die meisten nur Sichtkontaktler sind oder nichts von ihren Kontakten impulsmässiger Form wissen oder sich so unbewusst in Schweigen hüllen.
101. If we therefore speak of there being only few actual contact people on the Earth, then we speak of those to whom we transmit unconscious impulses, and who were truly sought out for a mission even if this mission is only unconscious and it is of moderate value. 101. Wenn wir daher davon sprechen, dass nur wenige wirkliche Kontaktleute auf der Erde sind, dann sprechen wir von denen, welchen wir unbewusst Impulse übermitteln und die wahrlich zu einer Mission ausgesucht wurden, auch wenn diese Mission nur unbewusst ist und in mittleren Werten ruht.
102. Swindlers have, however, already mixed themselves among these few, which will also occur in the future. 102. Unter diese wenigen aber haben sich bereits Betrüger gemischt, was auch weiterhin so geschehen wird.
103. By the year 1975, therefore, at least seven (7) Earth-humans, becoming known worldwide, will appear who will fraudulently present themselves as contact persons; and such liars and swindlers will increase in large numbers. 103. Bis zum Jahre 1975 werden so mindestens sieben (7) weltweit bekanntwerdende Erdenmenschen in Erscheinung treten, die sich in betrügerischer Weise als Kontaktpersonen ausgeben werden; und solche Lügner und Betrüger werden sich massenweise mehren.
104. Many of them will be exposed as swindlers only very many years later. 104. Viele von ihnen werden erst in sehr späten Jahren als Betrüger entlarvt werden.
105. At the present time 2.7 thousand million humans live on the Earth, of whom many have observed our beamships or other beamships belonging to our federation or belonging to those who are strangers to us. 105. Zur gegenwärtigen Zeit leben 2,7 Milliarden Menschen auf der Erde, von denen viele unsere oder andere Strahlschiffe unserer Föderation oder deren uns fremde beobachtet haben.
106. But there are only four Earth-humans from this mass who had, or have, contact with extraterrestrial life-forms, whereby I speak of impulse-telepathic contacts. 106. Von dieser Masse aber sind nur deren vier Erdenmenschen, die Kontakt mit ausserirdischen Lebensformen hatten oder haben, wobei ich von impuls telepathischen Kontakten spreche.
107. But, up until now, only very few of them came out into the public to announce their knowledge. 107. An die Öffentlichkeit traten bisher aber nur sehr wenige von ihnen, um ihr Wissen kundzutun.
108. Their mass will increase only in the much later time of the coming new millennium, whereby, however, swindlers will also creep in again. - 108. Erst in viel späterer Zeit des kommenden neuen Jahrtausends wird ihre Masse grösser, wodurch sich aber auch wieder Betrüger einschleichen werden. -
109. You know that the number of those who have actual contact with extraterrestrials is very small. 109. Du weisst, dass die Zahl derer sehr klein ist, die wirklichen Kontakt mit Ausserirdischen haben.
110. There are really only some very few, indeed only those four persons, out of a mass of around three thousand million inhabitants of Earth. 110. Es sind wirklich nur einige sehr wenige, eben nur deren vier Personen, aus einer Masse von rund drei Milliarden Erdebewohnern.

(FOM Note: These world population statistics were relevant at the time of their 1953 conversation, not to 2023, see Overpopulation)

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Source: forum.figu.org: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

Any contact in Tibet?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Could you tell me did Semjase contact any people in Tibet during her stay on Earth in the past few centuries? If yes, could you tell us the year and name of the contactees?

ANSWER: Hi Hamton Chiu,

No, she didn't.[4]

Terrestrial sightings

Terrestrial in this case represents nothing extraterrestrial i.e. purely home developed and manufactured by the Earth human expertise, under their own steam, by themselves. There is a far far greater quantity of persons in the whole world who witness the flights of these secretly developed aerocraft, than the much lesser and insignificant quantity of persons who see extraterrestrial flight devices, as already explained. - Many reasons for that, one basic top level reason for that ratio of 'seeing it with own eyes' is that extraterrestrials use a so-called 'cloak' i.e. thin-air-masquerade, to make their aerocraft and flight vehicles' invisible most of the time. It's only when they 'uncloak' i.e. make visible, sight able, could we become able to deduce that by comparative analysis of evidence e.g. photos through history, comparing our rapidly progressing technological achievements with their relatively static, consistent, same design every time' flight vehicles. Assuming the researcher didn't find BEAM - These matters were explained several times and ways in the earlier Contact Reports by author Billy Meier and FIGU, in their 1970's and 1980's books, which are of course hosted on this website, because why repeat the same groundwork coverage fundamentals over and over again if they got it right the first time.

"This one" - Kenneth Arnold’s secret military aerocraft sighting, Contact Report 002

Kenneth Arnold

Extract from Contact Report 424


[With] respect to Kenneth Arnold we have found out through our three-year investigations that he did not observe any extraterrestrial flying objects but secret US test flights of one-winged aircraft. This is also true for various other cases of that time, which, however, was not only limited to the USA but also took place in other countries that tested futuristic aircraft, which still happens today.[5]

See Foo Fighters, Black Triangle (UFO) (Wikipedia), Aurora (aircraft) (Wikipedia), Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting (Wikipedia), Belgian UFO wave (Wikipedia), Rendlesham Forest incident (Wikipedia) etc.

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