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Impulses in this context are fine-material vibrations, similar one could say to sound waves in some sense, that are both emitted and received by all living and in all sorts of cases non-living things. We're talking about an undiscovered science, which on all sorts of levels is already well understood, we've just developed the habit of not working new discoveries back into our societies overall knowledge. In our case, Human Beings receive these primarily through the brain, but the whole body receives a variety of impulses of different kinds. The Human Brain receives these and interprets these very fine vibrations and then passes that information over to other parts of the brain which in turn passes it over to other parts of the body i.e. we react. There are different types of impulses, not just one variety, which branch into the areas we might call 'signals' of an interpersonal nature, as well as impulses on a deeper level we might instead maybe call something more fundamental, such as 'building blocks of life level' impulses, - we're probably talking here about several scientific areas and different fields of knowledge, just as is usually the case with BEAM knowledge. The Plejaren and Plejaren Federation have never been allowed to give us all the answers, because that interferes with our Consciousness Evolution and dependence / independence moving forward etc., but have discussed all these different matters over the decades in various ways to various depths; often bypassing the original acknowledgement of knowing as if already knew, without providing us that base answer i.e. avoiding undermining our evolution while explaining what needs to be explained - strange suppose one could say, because we don't know those things yet... anyway somehow perceive it, see Contact Report 010 sentence 105. Below is a selection of excerpts, internal links to the document translations, and it's likely that much more can be read in the Books if one can read German.

The storage banks are of the utmost importance for terrestrial humans, as they are for all other human-material life-forms in the entire universe, as they also are for the first pure spirit levels Arahat Athersata, where knowledge impulses are deposited in the storage banks. Depending on the development of the material forms of life - in this case humans - they subconsciously receive this deposited information from the higher level via the storage banks, work with it and thereby gain the development, thus they evolve.

Billy, Contact Report 228, p.480, May 1989

Q: Is it possible to synthesise ALL impulses utilising technological means, or just some?
A: Answered with a rhetorical question; “Is it possible to synthesise the electromagnetic spectrum?” ~yes ~requires hundreds of R&D years


Contact Report 10 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 010

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


... ...
3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep of the human; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention. 3. Der Mensch ist Träger eines Geistes, der nicht stirbt und der auch in tiefstem Schlafe des Menschen nie schläft, der alle Gedanken und Regungen aufzeichnet, der dem Menschen sagt, ob seine Gedanken richtig oder falsch sind, wenn er darauf zu achten gelernt hat.
4. The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit). 4. Dieser Geist im Menschen ist Träger des schöpferischen Reiches, und er ist allen Menschen eigen.
5. It is incomprehensible that the human speaks of a heaven and of a kingdom of heaven within himself, rather than to merely say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence. 5. Es ist unverständlich, dass der Mensch von einem Himmel und einem von Himmelreich in sich spricht und sich nicht einfach damit begnügt, nur zu sagen: Schöpfung, Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit, Geist, Bewusstsein und Existenz.

OM - Kanon 32 (Extract)

Source: - Extract from a FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada newsletter. See OM

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

Kanon 32

Kanon 32

2239. All human beings are by nature equal, however their upbringing and self-education alter them and make them different after which they then live according to particular vibrations and impulses. 2239. Alle Menschen sind von Natur aus gleich, doch ihre Erziehung und Selbsterziehung verändern sie und machen sie verschieden, wonach sie dann nach bestimmten Schwingungen und Impulsen leben.

OM - Kanon 49 (Extract)

Source: See OM sources section and OM and OM – The Book of Books – The Book of Truth

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

Kanon 49

Kanon 49

39. The spirit itself is the basic foundation of any knowledge processes and it itself enlivens any organ and any capability, out of the impulse for development and the existence of life. 39. Der Geist selbst ist das Grundsubstratum jedes Wissensvorganges und er selbst belebt jedes Organ und jede Fähigkeit, aus dem Drang der Entwicklung und der Lebensbestehung heraus.

Contact Report 214 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 214

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


And how does this agree with your directive, which says that you may in no way interfere in the affairs of other folks and civilisations? Und wie verhält es sich dabei mit eurer Direktive, die besagt, dass ihr euch in keiner Weise in die Belange anderer Völker und Menschheiten einmischen dürft?


181. This can be reconciled because we interfere in no affairs at all; rather, we only send out impulses to certain scientists, who can encounter solutions with these and work on them, without them even having the slightest notion of the fact that they have received impulses from us. 181. Das lässt sich vereinbaren, denn wir mischen uns in keinerlei Belange ein, sondern wir senden nur Impulse an bestimmte Wissenschaftler aus, die damit auf Lösungen stossen und arbeiten können, und zwar ohne dass sie auch nur die geringste Ahnung davon haben, dass sie von uns Impulse erhalten.
182. So they will be of the opinion that the impulses come from themselves, and they will ascribe all insights and successes to themselves. 182. So werden sie der Ansicht sein, dass die Impulse aus ihnen selbst entstammen und alle Erkenntnisse und Erfolge sich selbst zuschreiben.
183. It must be said in this connection that we offer no solutions through these impulses; rather, we only transmit impulses, through which suggestions for ideas result in certain directions and so on. 183. Gesagt muss dabei noch sein, dass wir durch diese Impulse keine Lösungen offerieren, sondern nur Impulse übertragen, durch die ideenmässige Anregungen in bestimmte Richtungen usw. erfolgen.

Contact Report 357 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 357

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png


...especially with regard to us Plejaren i.e. Plejadier,[1] as we called ourselves in the terrestrial German language at the beginning of our contacts, very many lies, swindles, deceptions and frauds are put into operation on the Earth, both by male and female Earth-humans. Ganz speziell in bezug auf uns Plejaren resp. Plejadier, wie wir uns in der irdischen deutschen Sprache zu Beginn unserer Kontakte nannten, wird auf der Erde sehr viel Lug, Schwindel, Trug und Betrug betrieben, und zwar sowohl durch männliche wie weibliche Erdenmenschen.
Actually, however, with the exception of yourself, from all our folks of our great Federation, which encompasses a measure of distance of 48 million light-years, no personal, telepathic, perceptional, sentimental or other contact at all with Earth-humans exists in the form, that they could be perceived, whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. Tatsächlich jedoch existieren ausser dir von allen unseren Völkern unserer grossen Föderation, die weitenmässig 48 Millionen Lichtjahre umfasst, keinerlei persönliche, telepathische, empfindungsmässige oder sonstige Kontakte zu Erdenmenschen in der Form, dass diese bewusst, unterbewusst oder unbewusst wahrgenommen werden könnten.
In our entire federation, impulse-contacts only exist coming from we Plejaren, in the form of help with the evolution of Earth-humans, who havn't however the slightest notion of them, and they exclusively pertain to folks who are active in developmental research. Nur von uns Plejaren aus existieren in unserer gesamten Föderation Impulskontakte in Form der Evolutionshilfe zu Erdenmenschen, die davon jedoch nicht die geringste Ahnung haben und ausschliesslich Personen betreffen, die in der entwickelnden Forschung tätig sind.
Firstly, all those who assert that they would be in any kind of connection i.e. would maintain contact, with us or with any kind of being, do not belong to that, and secondly they would also be incapable of maintaining any kind of contact with us because all prerequisites for that are lacking in them. Alle jene, welche behaupten, dass sie mit uns in irgendwelcher Form oder mit irgendwelchen Wesen in Verbindung stünden resp. Kontakte pflegen würden, gehören erstens nicht dazu, und zweitens wären sie auch unfähig, um mit uns irgendwelche Kontakte zu pflegen, weil ihnen sämtliche Voraussetzungen dazu fehlen.
And thirdly is to say, that all who claim to be in any kind of form of contact or other connection with us, are either pathologically delusional, pathologically imaginative or schizophrenic, if they have not quite knowingly fallen to lying, fraud, deception and swindling. Und drittens ist zu sagen, dass alle, die behaupten, mit uns in irgendeiner Form in Kontakt oder sonstiger Verbindung zu stehen, entweder wahnkrank, einbildungskrank oder schizophren sind, wenn sie nicht gar bewusst dem Lug, Betrug, Trug und Schwindel verfallen sind.
We have already often explained that to you, thus also that you are the only one who possesses the necessary prerequisites to maintain various forms of contact with us. Schon oft haben wir dir das erklärt, so auch, dass du der einzige bist, der die notwendigen Voraussetzungen besitzt, um mit uns in verschiedenen Formen Kontakte zu pflegen.

List of Contact Reports related to Impulses

Source: Contact Reports published by FIGU, see contact books, originally Swiss; translated as a worldwide community, see translations and

"...Pleiadian/Plejaran laws prohibit them from contacting these less-evolved entities, and interfering in their internal affairs. Such actions would dangerously intrude upon the self-determined evolution of these less-evolved beings. As it is the case with any other life-form, each human life-form must evolve through its own strength. Higher-evolved life-forms are permitted to extend to the less-evolved beings certain realizations and prospects only through impulses which, on one hand, cannot be recognised as such and, on the other, do not lead to opportunities that would accord greater and more extensive realisations and prospects than those sustained by lower evolutionary levels."
The Arahat Athersata level, as is the case for all other higher levels, receiving impulses from the next highest level, as well as from out of their own level's Storage Banks.
"...From our side, however, we will send some more impulses in order to influence the earthly scientists to find possible means and ways, on a technical basis, to diffuse the poisonous waters at the bottom of Lake Nyos"
"...We will help you as much as possible with these matters by giving impulses to certain persons so that they establish contact with you."
"...This not only has a very negative and lasting effect on all organ functions, but of course also on the brain, whose neurons are rendered inoperative or at least severely paralysed by the lack of the necessary sodium, which means that the electrical impulses can no longer be transmitted."
"...Through the process of breaking off contact, Mr. Glanzmann set himself in an irreparable state of consciousness, which means that he is no longer able to exercise any control over his subconscious in matters of contact, so he, contrary to our earlier assumption, is absolutely unclear about the fact that the contact to the other level is completely interrupted and does not return. Through the irreparable state now he feels himself further in the contact area, therefore he passes on false impulses through his consciousness to his subconscious, which in turn puts false impulses of this kind into his consciousness."
Regarding Earth diseases Plejaren investigate: "we transmitted the impulses of our discoveries to important researchers on the Earth, who occupied themselves with this problem, after which these then undertook the corresponding attempts and arrived to the pre-determined results"
"...When Altantis undertook the attack, the producers of the death missile were informed within a few seconds, by means of hyperwave-impulses, about the oncoming events and were charged with allowing the death missile to take off."
"...It is this German text which is alone coded and is therefore useful, no matter whether it is now read by the person or read out aloud and so would be heard, whereby it plays, indeed, no role whether the text would then be understood or not. The read or heard coded words are indeed important because thereby, even through the reading or hearing of the texts of the writing, the required impulses would be released in the addressed human, whereby it then automatically frees the purpose-directed impulses out of the storage banks and makes them begin to work in the concerned human."
"... In our entire federation, impulse contacts only exist coming from we Plejaren, in the form of help with the evolution of Earth-humans, who, however, have not the slightest notion of them, and they exclusively pertain to people who are active in developmental research."
"...The question relates to water. Just like rocks, but also crystals, metals, ores, sand, etc., it has a dynamic consciousness, which is an energetic consciousness, in addition to the conscious consciousness of man, the instinct-consciousness of animals and other gems, and the impulse-consciousness of the plant world. All these forms or forms of life in a creative sense each have a form of memory."
(FOM Note: see Evolution and 'Impulse-evolution', 'Adaptation-evolution', 'Assimilation-evolution' i.e. important role of Plants in the world's ecosystems)
"...And since they thought that they could avenge their dead master most impressively if they would nip the teaching of the truth on Earth in the bud, they placed malicious, negative impulses in several of your friends, which made them become disloyal and enslaved to swindlers, deceivers, and liars, as in the case of Yoshi Kozakura and a few others."
"...In addition, there are even scientists, authors, and filmmakers who must be designated as contactees, for they are influenced by us and others through telepathic impulses, in order to be serviceable toward progress and enlightenment."
"...The form of these flying devices was specially thought up for the Earth, for which reason we made the effort to transmit the entire necessary specifications for the design to terrestrial scientists through impulse-telepathy so that, out of that, flying disks could be developed. This impulse-telepathic information went predominantly to aerospace technicians, as I will designate these persons, whereby especially German engineers were included for this, to whom we transmitted exact plans for the external form as well as certain technical particulars which were responsible to transmit."
"...This would also arise because the personal emanation of the individual participants or members would be missing, which is absolutely necessary because these impulses are of enormous importance during a conversation or negotiations."
"...they loosened themselves from the control of Kamagol and formed a new splinter group. That happened in the Earth year 1933. Since then Aruseak followed his mission, imposed by Kamagol, to a degree, and transmitted his messages to various Earth-humans using telepathic impulses"
"...We have already taken care of everything, so when something important arises we will be able to contact you telepathically. You will not have to try very hard to reach us, for the monitoring device that will remain over the Centre is adjusted and programmed to receive your telepathic impulses, which are transmitted as a signal to me at several times the speed of light. I will then contact you. Likewise, I will get in contact with you when I have important information, instructions or other matters for you or the group."
"...also because, through impulses, you and your humanity influenced certain terrestrials into instigating a more rational thinking mode."
"all life-forms that have a conscious or instinctive consciousness, the reactions of anxiety and fear are contained in the depths of the brain. We are dealing here with states of thoughts, feelings and the psyche, which form a complex biological programme. The stimulus that triggers anxiety or fear – we want to refer to human beings in this context – races with the speed of light into the thoughts, so that it is not at all realised by human being, and even cannot be captured by any highly sensitive measuring devices. And at the same speed, impulses are racing out of the unconscious and imperceptible, rapidly emerging thoughts, which directly stimulate a neuronal circuit to start functioning. With an acoustic stimulus, for example, the circulation runs from the ears into the limbic system, which is located between the cerebral cortex and the brain stem."
"...Consider what I already explained to you once before, namely that certain Earth human beings receive data and information from external telepathic impulses and unconsciously, so also authors and such folk. Thus, they describe things and possibilities of the future and also make drawings and models. Through this, they slowly prepare the Earth human beings and, in particular, the scientists for the coming events, cognitions, and forms and give them the drive for development."
"..the fact that he got in touch with you and left you his shots only came about because I asked him to do so subconsciously, through telepathic impulses."
Regarding BEAM's photos: "..there weren’t any that weren’t maliciously manipulated, and they ultimately turned out to be shots that correspond to a future film that was produced by our impulses on the Earth."
"...I had to leave the system to devote myself to the task I had mentioned to you in secrecy at the last contact. In doing so I was so busy that I had to block myself against your searching intensive impulses."
" the Earth finds itself in a very exposed spot, this gruesome event could actually become reality" ... "it is our main task to prevent this possible event through clarifying impulses, and also to supervise, together with other forms of life from other worlds in this Earth's universe, so that the already evoked mischief of the Earth scientists is contained and averted through unnoticeable influencing impulses."
"...there are very many real contact folks on earth, even if most of them are only visual contact persons or do not know anything about their contacts in an impulse-moderate form or so unconsciously wrap themselves in silence."

FIGU Bulletins, Questions Answered by Billy

FIGU Special Bulletin 38 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: FIGU Special Bulletin 38

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

Reader question


What essentially is to be understood by the term "supernatural"? What exactly is that, and how exactly does it function? ... (excerpted)

Was muss eigentlich unter dem Begriff <Übersinnliches> verstanden werden, was ist das genau und wie funktioniert es genau? ... (exzerpiert)

... ...
Answer Antwort

... (excerpted) read in full here: FIGU Special Bulletin 38

... (exzerpiert) hier vollständig lesen: FIGU Special Bulletin 38

...Naturally, the way is long and laborious because one must learn, through on-going meditative practice, to allow enough energy to flow through the pineal gland's area of the brain and through the pineal gland itself because only thereby is it then possible that the fine-material electromagnetic fields which surround the human will be consciously perceived. ...Natürlich ist der Weg dazu lang und mühevoll, denn es muss durch stete meditative Übung gelernt werden, genug Energie durch den Hirnbereich der Zirbeldrüse und durch diese selbst fliessen zu lassen, denn nur dadurch ist es möglich, dass die den Menschen umgebenden feinstoffsinnlichen elektromagnetischen Felder bewusst wahrgenommen werden.
Instead of that being done, however, the human blocks this fluidal energy and deflects it before it can even come into contact with him. Anstatt dass dies jedoch getan wird, blockiert der Mensch diese fluidale Energie und lenkt sie ab, ehe sie ihn auch nur treffen kann.
But that results in quite a deficient perception of reality, because not only the coarse-material pertains to that, along with its energies, powers and vibrations, but also the fine-material; the fluidal in energies, forces and vibrations which emerge from the realms of the thoughts and feelings, and the psyche, as fluidal, electromagnetic fields, as occurs with all forms of life and indeed even with any which only engender instinct-impulses and instinct-feelings as well as an instinct-psyche. Das aber ist ein gehöriger Mangel in bezug auf die Wahrnehmung der Realität, denn zu dieser gehört nicht nur das Grobmaterielle, dessen Energien, Kräfte und Schwingungen, sondern auch das Feinstoffliche, das Fluidale an Energien, Kräften und Schwingungen, die aus den Bereichen der Gedanken und Gefühle sowie der Psyche als fluidale elektromagnetische Felder entstehen, wie sich das bei sämtlichen Lebensformen ergibt, und zwar auch bei jenen, welche nur Instinktimpulse und Instinktgefühle sowie eine Instinktpsyche erzeugen.
As a result of the blockade and deflection of the fine-material, respectively, the fluidal, electromagnetic energy fields which surround him, the human only perceives the effective reality in a very restricted way, and that is the case with the majority of all humanity. Durch die Blockade und Ablenkung der ihn umgebenden feinstofflichen resp. fluidalen elektromagnetischen Energiefelder nimmt der Mensch die effective Realität nur sehr begrenzt wahr, und das ist der Fall beim Gros der gesamten Menschheit.
Truthfully, humans who allow their energy to flow freely towards, and into, the pineal gland and therefore can perceive, by seeing or by hearing, things which belong exclusively to the fine-material realm, are few and far between. Wahrheitlich sind es nur wenige und sehr vereinzelte Menschen, die ihrem Energiefluss zur und in die Zirbeldrüse freien Lauf lassen und so seherisch oder hörend Dinge wahrnehmen können, die ausschliesslich in den Bereich des Feinstoffsinnlichen gehören.
And it is also these humans for whom it is possible, with sufficient meditative practice, to perceive, by means of the sense of perception, even that which is super-fine-material which appertains to the spiritual realm and is therefore far out above all energies, and powers, of the consciousness. Und diese Menschen sind es auch, denen es bei genügender meditativer Übung möglich ist, auch das Superfeinstoffsinnliche empfindungsmässig wahrzunehmen, das in den Bereich des Geistigen belangt und also weit über alle Bewusstseinsenergien und Bewusstseinskräfte hinaus.
However, to say in regard to this is that the super-fine-material form is not possible with the Earth human in view of his still insufficiently developed evolution of consciousness, as will remain the case for a long time yet. Diesbezüglich ist jedoch zu sagen, dass die Form des Superfeinstoffsinnlichen beim Erdenmenschen hinsichtlich seiner noch ungenügend entwickelten Bewusstseinsevolution nicht möglich ist, was noch lange so bleiben wird.
Nevertheless, however, every Earth human who is capable of reason and understanding is, with the corresponding meditative effort, capable of awakening, developing and making useful, the fine-matter senses within him. Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch ist jeder vernunfts- und verstandesträchtige Erdenmensch bei entsprechender meditativer Bemühung fähig, das Feinstoffsinnliche in sich zu wecken, zu entwickeln und nutzbar zu machen.
The fact is that, in regard to the fine-material, not only humans who can see are subject to a day and night rhythm, to which all body functions - even the pupils - are also adjusted, rather also the blind are (as are also all blind animals and creatures). In bezug auf das Feinstoffsinnliche ist Tatsache, dass nicht nur sehende Menschen, sondern auch Blinde einem Tag-und-Nacht-Rhythmus eingeordnet sind (wie auch alle blinden Tiere und alles Getier), dem auch alle Körperfunktionen und sogar die Pupillen angepasst sind.
So, from that it also follows that blind humans - and especially these - perceive the fine-material and are therefore especially active in terms of the sense of perception. Also geht daraus auch hervor, dass Blinde – und besonders diese – Wahrnehmungen des Feinstoffsinnlichen machen und also empfindungsmässig besonders aktiv sind.

... (excerpted) read in full here: FIGU Special Bulletin 38

... (exzerpiert) hier vollständig lesen: FIGU Special Bulletin 38

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Source: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

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  1. Plejadier is often translated as Pleiadians, how ever it may be translated it constitutes a different wording value.