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Why is BEAM blaming exclusively Earth humans for every mishap and degeneration activity occurring on this planet? Has he not forgotten who was the one responsible for creating such aggressiveness (creator overlords and later their counterparts who fled to Earth, Malona and Mars)?

How about Henok, whom the current Plejarens fled Earth to their land of paradise, 50,000 years ago, did they really care about those manipulated humans back then? Instead of making an example of themselves like their predecestor (Nokodemion), they left prophets to guide mankind, although the prophets themselves complained about that mission?

Intervention seems like an irrevelant statement, otherwise had they done that, mankind on Earth will not be in such a dire state. We still hold the "key" on whether the Plejaren are justified in "earning" their keep throughout this universe. If earth humans destroy themselves, all the other players that brought this situation on hand will have negative impluses that will affect their spiritual development, including the Plejarens themselves.

Or is it their desire to let mankind destroy itself, for the simple reason that because the manipulated Earth humans have gone through so many negative experiences at the expense by higher more "developed" humans, who should know better. That alone "qualifies" earth humans into a special category of "potential" development. Just look at BEAM's ability to communicate directly to the Higher Council beings, something that the Plejarens are not able to do.

Is this another example of "gauging" the "waters" so to speak of higher intelligences "accessing" the current situation between the inter-relationship between the creator-overlords, their counter parts, manipulated earth humans, Plejarens, Timars and more we not be aware of????

BEAM represents the white Lyrian races and not the Yellow or asians that came 25,000 years ago. So who is representing this race, would be interesting to know what his/her comments are on this matter?

Enough for back to state some examples to support this "theory"


Jamesm 23:23, 18 November 2008 (UTC) I think that what Billy is saying is that we (Earth's present population) are mostly to blame for causing the current problems because it all stems from our irrational growth of overpopulation which is the root of all evil. People still have kids when many cannot afford to or are not suitably healthy to raise children. I think that this is still occurring because:

  1. People think that having children will make them happy
  2. People think that having children will increase their wealth
  3. People are not aware of the effects of overpopulation on the Earth and how it will affect them in the future
  4. People think that theres plenty of room for more people
  5. People think that their religion that says go forth and multiply should be obeyed and encouraged

But the reality is that we will all pay dearly when millions of people start wars over a lack of food and energy. We will all pay dearly when the Earth itself attempts to eradicate this swarm of bacteria multiplying and spreading like scabies over its surface/crust.

There will not be an intervention from the Plejaren unless we threaten the wider stellar community.

I don't see how to spiritually advanced Plejaren desire to let mankind destroy itself. That is illogical.

Earth is a very special planet in that it is the only one which has been so severely deluded by false religions and beliefs in the entire known to the Plejaren's universe. We have also wiped ourselves out several times in the past (Malona, Mars, Earth) so when we actually succeed with evolving this next time it will be a great achievement for us all.

I thought BEAMs ability to comm with the high council can also be done by the Plejaren since they are high council of the Plejaren? BEAM's ability stems from the capability of his spirit not his human body I am sure.

BEAM represents all of Earth humans don't you think?


Hawaiian 19:56, 30 November 2008 (UTC)Yes, over population is a major problem along with humans who continue to procreate without concern of its consequences. The Earth appears to "react" in explosive fashion stimulated by mankind's stupidity and eliminates millions in the process.

Hawaiian 19:50, 20 November 2008 (UTC) At last, a response! Aloha James, and yes I would agree with your comments on Earth human degrading undisciplined materialistic living conditions brought on by themselves. Maybe mandatory sterilizations and strict birth control measures are to be implemented are justified on Earth?

But getting back to our Plejaren friends, they are the ones sending "impulses" to the German scientists in the hope of bringing balance to the Earth during pre-WW2. But the evil Giza intelligences were busy also sending their "impulses" throughout the world leaders, including those in Germany, which caused the Plejarens to "reconsider" and "erase" the impulses sent, but technology was developed by Hilter none-the-less.

Had the Plejarens intervened then instead of later in the 1970's, would WW2 be prevented and Germany led this Earth into a much better condition than now? Or for that matter, had the Plejaren intervened in Earth during the Henoch period (11,000 years ago), we would be more advanced now and be part of this Federation instead of an "experiment" between the various intelligences throughout this universe? This may be a moot point, but its either one is actively involved as how Nokodemion did so, or not involved?

But here lies the delimna, for every action or non-action, a response is achieved and those in power to influence the outcome also has a spiritual connection regardless of the so called "neutralility" status. If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem, this must be accepted at all levels. I do admit these Plejarens are way ahead of us in technical and spiritual development, but they are still in the physical state and humans prone to mistakes.

Now, let's get back to the laws of Creation, it is not set in stone as how the Plejaren tend to promote it. Otherwise, creativity no longer exist, since each developing entiy is evolving at different stages as well as circumstances with experiences beyond the comprehension of those not experiencing it. notice how I said "evolving", but interference, especially from those more advanced is a very serious violation of the laws of Creation, which occurs repeatly on Earth.

That being said, one would question the logical apparatus in the laws of Creation dealing with advanced human races in their mad quest to manipulate the technical knowledge in order to "enhance" their spiritual levels at the expense of other humans to ensure their survival because of it? (creator overlords) Where are they now? If they still do exist, just hope they "remember" who saved them from destruction brought on their own demise to "elevate" themselves spiritually at the expense of Earth humans. Does the laws of Creation only flow in one direction, for those that have and not for those that have not?

This is the point I'm getting at. You have those "previledged" in technical/spiritual development of advanced races evolved without the ravages of interference, stupid wars, egolistic stupidity like the Plejarens. Then you have others at similar developmental stages, but "evolved" (if that is the right term?) at the expense of others. Then you have us manipulated humans in the middle, struggling to understand this whole chaotic developments. The real question one should ask is Why?

If mankind "conveinently" destroys himself, then the middle equation is eliminated and both advanced human races, Plejaren and Creator overlords can go their merry way toward the bliss of Absolution. But both parties cannot "wash" their slates clean, because each has an "obligation" towards Earth humans and this will have some impact on their spiritual development.

How is this possible? The Laws of Creation has stated that humans have an internal Conscious connection between each and every spirit at all development stages. To sever such connections for ones own benefit at the expense of others violate this process. As what Nokodemion has already done to punish those by stopping re-incarnation in the past, he need not repeat this measure. Because BEAM is Nokodemion's recarnation spirit that has the experiences of what I described it posts.

Therefore BEAM represents this inter-connection between the positive/negative fashions of human races both the Creator overlords, their counterparts, the Plejarens and in the center of this mess, us the manipulated DNA Earth humans. Whether BEAM represents the asians is yet to be explained, maybe its a calling card if events here on Earth calls for their intervention?

But to further support this theory, one has to ask logical assumptions in what the Plejarens are trying to currently "influence" positive balances to Earth.

1. Peace Meditation events every 1st and 3rd weekends a month. For 20 minutes twice a day, an old Lyrian language once spoken on Earth that translates to "Peace be on Earth, and among all beings" Because Lyrians were actually here on Earth at that time speaking this language and forever "ingrained" here, its "residue" essence can be invoked for positive healing.

Notice how this relates to how the Plejarens are utilizing words as energy stimulus to positively balance the negative impulses on Earth. Words or thoughts are fine matter energy and its "essence" or mana (Hawaiian term to mean spiritual "power") is the same concept.

The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna used this concept to instantly heal broken bones and other spiritual things. All done without the aid of technological means that are available to the Plejarens. Thus, one has to assume if this is the case, then are earth humans really less capable than other more advanced human races that tranverse this and other universes?

Now ask the question regarding BEAM's ability to communicate with the High Council via pictorial symbolic representations and interrepretating now for the Plejarens? Has Earth humans now through BEAM gained the confidence of much higher intelligences to evolve beyond the capability of say the Plejarens?

There must be an explaination and the most logical reasoning I can come up with is that had there been an intervention by others, creator-overlord counterparts, Plejarens or others, Earth humans could have evolved much more spiritually. These are the connections between these parties and if "they" decide to sit on the fence, then they themselves may be surpassed by the good Earth humans. I hope this makes sense and sorry for the typos, because the thoughts I just conveyed are like "turning the facet on". I have little control of the volume that flows out.

regards, nice talking to you and others reading this. Aloha me

(CSL 22:58, 21 November 2008 (UTC))

Hello, hope you dont mind my participation! Your question:

"Why is BEAM blaming exclusively Earth humans for every mishap and degeneration activity occurring on this planet? Has he not forgotten who was the one responsible for creating such aggressiveness (creator overlords and later their counterparts who fled to Earth, Malona and Mars)?"
Now I dont presume to speak for anyone but myself, but my interperation would be that we are thw ones who are here now. The past is gone and the future is a mystery (no matter how may prophecies are made). Only I can make my deciesions, only I can walk my path and allow my spirit to grow. The same as it can only be you who can choose to grow and work to that end. Lyrans, Plajarians, Sirians, Overlords or refugees. It may all be relevant or none of them can be. After all they can only be sign posts pointing of where we may have been or where we may be going.  But us? we can oly congratulate ourselves for our deeds and only blame ourselves for our errors. Everything else, including Meier's abilities or where he our our terrestrial race measures to others doesnt matter. Forgive the cliché, but surely the measure of Man is within his deeds? Doesnt realy matter about what might have been, there are always regrets...

Hawaiian 19:26, 23 November 2008 (UTC)I don't mind at all, rather welcome any requests or corrections, that's all part of a learning experience! I was getting a bit lonely posting without much fanfare and hope it does not discourage anyone from posting, which is why I removed a post from the Community Portal. I'll re post it in the future when the time is appropriate. We should also should not be swayed from questioning even the Plejaren mission, as they too are prone to mistakes, hopefully they can also learn from our "hard earned" negative/positive experiences.

Well, to answer again this dilemna of past, present and future "inter relational connections", because each "leads" to or from the other. From what I gather through your and other posts in this as well as FIGU and others, it appears that there are just too many "individual" spiritual paths not having the necessary "awareness" to connect the parameters listed above. Think about this, according to Creational law, each re incarnated spirit has a different personality to gain more experiences and keep separately to prevent confusion. Good intentions, yes, but logically adapted to correct or prevent inbalances/interferences from outside influences, NO.

The example I used about Hawaiian Kahunas chanting to evoke "assistance" from their ancestors to heal broken bones is a fine example of "accessing" the memory banks for positive measures. The past "personality" was "incorporated" into the present to correct an "inbalance". All this done without the high technology available to our more "spiritual" advanced decendants. These events have been documented and BEAM can go ask the Plejarens for verification. Well, getting back to this, if these fine energy spiritual methods can be used to invoke course matter (healing bones), then could it also be incorporated to bring balanced harmony from past injustices done to Earth or for that matter ALL manipulated/abused beings throughout time and universes? However, Earth humans appears to be the most qualified candidate for this wonderful "experiment" and will almost guarentee a much more accelerated harmony throughout this SOL universe. BEAM could also use this method to again "facilitate" Semjase psi and other facilities instead of going through the Plejaren relearning methods that takes 70 years to process. The Peace Meditation uses similar methods, but rather "indirectly" and less affective than the Kahuna method of chanting. However, both events have interconnections between the past and current "time events" occurring on Earth, so therefore should work.

The creator overlords abused their abilities with negative results for earth humans and positive (continued existence) for themselves and got away with it, why not use this "concept" to not only correct mankind mistakes, but also correct theirs at the same time? If it were not for the manipulated humans they created, by creational law these overlords should have been eliminated by their unnatural quest to spiritually elevate themselves. The also short circuit humans life span from 350-450 years to 100 years, further violating earth, Malona, Mars humans from their creational attributes to develop spiritually through experiences from a normal life span not one shortened to prevent it. There we have a cause and effect relationship, a connection that requires a resolution to bring back a balance between the positive/negative.

How can this be accomplished? The foundation has already been laid down, first by Nokodemion when he came out of the purely spiritual level (higher than the current Plejaren) into the physical course and rounded up all the bad people he created, banished some from re carnation. So yes intervention is an option.

Now, also bear in mind that BEAM himself mentioned that the original 144,000 leaders and ringleaders responsible for this most hideous crime of religions have made ammends to correct their mistakes and reincarnated into earth humans. This being the case, then yes there are "good" humans amongst us, ready to take this to the next level. However, we need assistance from our more advanced decendants to ensure harmony, not just for earth, but themselves as well is given this other "option". These humans need to be recognized either through technology available (bio-vibrational methods) and positive inpulses given to develop the abilities to carry on this mission of great importance. Billy Meier has already laid down this foundation and we are standing on it for further assistance from the Plejarens, if they are willing to step forward? Maybe they are too dependent on their "technical" knowledge and not have the necessary "aggressiveness" like their counterparts the creator overlords in contemplating any type of "intervention", even if it means to stop the negative path earth is currently pursuing. These evil scientists, world leaders should be removed like those evil Giza intelligences were.

So hope this makes a little more logical sense?? Beings should not merely accept their "predicament" and trod along in life, just because there are "predictions" and "prophecies", but incorporate the available resources at hand, a new beginning to bring harmony for all aspects of life. This is creation, the freedom of willful determination between the past, present and future all contributing with the help of the living consciousness with the subconscious overseeing that the balances are maintained for the good of all. Hawaiian 07:55, 28 November 2008 (UTC)Please go to FIGU Special Bulletin #38 regarding the interconnections between the pineal gland, the 6th and 7th senses and how this complex biometrics interact amongst the fine and course matter. It may explain how earth mankind can finally resolve this whole mess between the creator overlords, 144,000 ringleaders and others by that "option" I spoke of. Should I paste it here? It may become too lengthly? Anyways, I would really appreciate it if someone would comment on it, because it looks logical to me, however, I'm still a human in physical form and prone to mistakes. Cheers. :)

(CSL 22:20, 28 November 2008 (UTC))

Indeed. Your wrighting is logical. Though logic also follows that the future is yet to happen, so how can it be foreseen. It can only be an ussumption based upon a set of educated guesses.

However your argument of negating the negative is disturbing. A decision cannot be made for another, this is in essence forced indoctronation. Even if it is to correct somthing "somone else" has done. People are always drawn to the Positive, the moral, when they can. When they have no other option then they follow darker avenues just to suvive. Who has the right to decide what the good of all is? After all my truth will be different from yours, my pain will be different, my reality - different. What is positive without negative? Positive does not exist without Negative, they are like two sides of a coin, or two poles - without one the other cannot exist. Perhaps everything is as written, perhaps nothing is.

If I can help somone who wants my help, who desires my help, then I will help. But what you have written seems to suggest forcing help onto those who are not even aware of this problem identified by these Plejarians. Let us grow as individuals, maby we will suprise the teachers, maby exeed them.

     "only by sharing can we hope to grow" only through discussion can we see all possibilities and so allowing us to further our understanding.

Hawaiian 06:20, 30 November 2008 (UTC)True, any negative action raises some "eye brows", but if done to "balance" the negative into a positive balance under certain circumstances, then it probably is logical. Just look at what the creator overlords did to us in manipulating our genes for aggressiveness, shorten life spans and a host of negative characteristics all in the hopes for fighting for them, because they manipulated their genes in order to leap forward in spiritual developments, but lost the ability to defend themselves against aggression. Billy Meier himself punched that other person who came along with Asket to meet Jmmanuel because he was getting out of hand. Again, negative input was used to calm him down.

So yes negative causes can be implimented and used either for positive balance or negative inbalance. Please go to FIGU special bulletin 38 on the discussion tab, I left some notes there.

As far as each individual progressing on their own, that is part of the evolution paths. But bear in mind Earth humans "occupy" a special status because of the negative interferences from earth bound as well as ET's both the benevolent and negative ones. We are in the middle of this mess, so therefore have a different option for creational development, that is what Creation is all about, it is not "etched in stone" and un-wheeling to changes.

Even the Plejarens or High Council should know this is true, but bear in mind they have never truely experienced what we humans have gone through. And relating to our dilemmas can be puzzling to them! Therefore they do not have this direct "inter-connection relationships" we have amongst all the players responsible for this chaotic mess we're in. There are much more involvements going on that meets the eye, it is there in our logical reasonings to be developed, that is why we are the "key" in bringing all parties to full circle. Our destruction and this planet destruction is not in their best interests, the Plejaren through BEAM has already laid the foundation down through these contact notes. We just need to utilized the tools with logical reasonings based on positive endeavors. However as time has shown, developments are a two sided sword and caution is advised to prevent more inteferences. That is why I won't go into too much detail or should I?

          Thank you for the opportunity Hawaiian - Barbarian216.

Hawaiian 06:32, 30 November 2008 (UTC) You're very welcome too!

Hawaiian 22:40, 5 May 2009 (UTC)I've forgotten about this event, but wanted to add a few comments, if people don't mind? I've always wondered if the Plejarens, their alliances, the High Council, or even the Petele level has really thought about the Earth humans who are now the re-incarnations of both negative and positive ET's who died, that are now trying to make ammends for pass injustices or missed opportunities to correct such events that occurred during their physical life here on Earth?

Since our slew of "compositions" including interferences, further complicates the normal "evolution" of singular development, it is this very nature which represents a unique opportunity for the above mentioned entities not to miss out, by letting Earth humans (re-incarnated pass ET's) fall by the way side and destroy themselves. All that million of years of interaction among these very interesting characters (to say the least), those that violated Creational Laws, those that suffered these violations and further, those that fled to save themselves and who knows what for those that tried to bring balance amongst their counter-parts....the pieces to this most complicated puzzle is currently at hand, to be reconstructed, if only Earth humans are afforded the opportunity to be "assisted" from those that have that power to overcome those that still cling to oppress these re-incarnated spirits that seek ammends for the wrongs that have done.

This is where the value of "negative" impluses will be required in order to bring "balance" into a more positive manner. Even the Plejarens are not opposed to a internatioan troop intervention on Earth in order to counter-act oppressive governments or dictarships. Bad people can be "influenced" and probably need such "negative" impluses through dreams or otherwise in order to "experience" how it is to be oppressed. In order words, feeling the pain of others, one will appreciate that it is not good to oppress, manipulate and exist at the expense of others, being a human parasite is not a Creational attribute, but experiencing the pain of others that one is responisble for is in my opinion, justified.

TheTruth said ...

I honestly can't believe there's people who believe in any of this.

"Through your fault, through your overpopulation, through your megalomania, through your irrationality and tyranny you provoke all the powers of nature, which, together with the Earth, rebel and defend themselves against your degenerated machinations."

Funny qoute for the most spiritual gifted man on the planet, It's all your fault people. The fact that you are alive is destoying the planet, that makes perfect sense, lol.

Likewise why is such a highly spiritual man calling people idiots and stupid? Is this not the very evil and hateful thoughts you are warning us against? Come on people, read with open eyes. If someone preaches love and speaks hate, there's a big problem there. Like wise the idea that all the world is out to get an eccentric old ufo supporter is beyond paranoid.

The more I read themore my brain hurts at the obvious, and frequent contradictions. Seriously just reread this page and tell me if he seems like a peace loving profit or a total meglomanic. who thinks he's an advanced human, both intellectually and spiritually. Now go please read this qoute taken from above - "Stupid and idiotic ones with academic titles, popular scientists, newspaper men and know-it-alls of all kind do not want to admit to the truth and even claim that the entire economy, and life with it, will collapse if fewer humans are born and humanity is reduced by means of a rigorous and rationally-steered birth stoppage."

So he just called out all educated people as stupid and says the way to happiness is to stop breeding. Hmm extintion is the way to peace? If we stop breeding we die. Just like any other species. Its funny if the world stopped who would buy these books, and recording of spaceships? Why if BM is a true prophet does he sell videos and books of his contacts? Wouldn't it be better for the human race to be taught these for free just like Billy recieved them supposedly? Seriously people does no one see the hypocracy in these teaching & the fact there sold!!!!!!! Monks don't ask for money do they? No they are true spiritual men not fruads good at taking pics of pie plates and toy models.

--TheTruth 00:27, 26 June 2011 (BST)

Markvd said ...

The population grows ever so quickly. Only a few countries are maintaining stable and reasonable yield. The indrustialized business minded or as I like to say robotically programmed are tough to sell on the idea of truth. Let us think through reason without any technology possible future outcomes. Resources drained due to overpopulation, What comes next? HMMMMMMMMMM This is a tough one, I think we will need an advanced race of beings to help us on the answer. :) It's time to balance out the planet and sacrifice for the greater good rather than the current pleasure which does not endure as Billy would say.

--Markvd 05:27, 26 June 2011 (BST)

Sheila said ...

Hey the person who calls itself the truth, if you don't think that this article is true then it's obvious they don't teach common sense at university. The earth can't handle the people it's got but you think more is the answer? In case you didn't realize it, bibles are sold. And monks depend on handouts.

--Sheila 17:34, 27 June 2011 (BST)

Sheila said ...

And one other thing, all the information from Billy Meier that you could want or need is in fact free and available on this site. So if and when you get through all that, you may want to purchase extra material.

--Sheila 17:41, 27 June 2011 (BST)

Sanjin said ...

TheTruth, you should work on your reading comprehension.

--Sanjin 14:38, 28 June 2011 (BST)

Markvd said ...

The Truth I would have to disagree with you because through all that man has currently learned through education they have incorrectly used there ability to manipulate, control, and suck the life out of the planet. As I type it rains here in Northern California on what should be a bright summer day, a telling tale of mans inability to balance there pleasure at the expense of nature. Hawaiian unfortunately is learning how to strategize and create a dollar out of 15 cents when all that needs to be utilized is reason rather than finger pointing.

--Markvd 21:56, 28 June 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Making a dollar out of 15 cents, maybe Markvd should realize that those who did such things at the universal level are still incarnated spirits responsible for such acts and some are still in the original personality domain as their life cycles are in the thousand(s) of years.

And do not forget as in the case of the spirit personality that prosecuted Jmmanuel is the same spirit, but different personality that also wanted to kill Billy. These are just one of a group that are still incarnated on Earth who still harbor evil intentions and you can take that to your bank account.

Anyways, like Billy says, most of Earth humans are really stupid to continue their degenerated ways and it includes some who post here as well. Sometimes the Truth is painful and harsh language is the only way others understand as logical and practical.

--Hawaiian 05:58, 29 June 2011 (BST)