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Sweet6b9 said ...

I know that the Mission is real. I cannot say how I know this, but be aware. The Dark Ones have Brain monitoring devices, they give to the secret US Government. They are real, they put them in with Transporter technology. They used it to see my thoughts, scan my brain, they tried to hurt me many times now, tried to stop my heart, even make me sick. It will not work. The Pleadians must know of this technology and that they use it against us and them. They saw through my eyes. It is dangerous here, I am in the USA in Virginia, very close to the Heart of Darkness. I have awoken my Kundalini, and I fight still to spread the word. May Creation Bless Billy & his Family, May Creation Bless us ALL. Love, Kevin Gaylord

--Sweet6b9 20:47, 12 October 2010 (BST)

Sweet6b9 said ...

Im still here and Im still spreading the truth about Billy Meiers contacts and the Meditation Exercise. I am in direct conflict with the Lower Dimensional Beings that are trying to control us. I will win because I have faith in my spirit and I have found evidence that the CIA has the original photo's that were never returned to Billy. Also the NAVY is involved in trying to conceal the truth about his contacts and the Meditation Exercise. Everyone should use the Meditation Exercise and you must use focus like a soldier uses focus to fight, but keep Love and Compassion in your heart when you Meditate and be sure to maintain focus or it is pointless. Peace in Wisdom

--Sweet6b9 08:03, 3 May 2012 (BST)

Sweet6b9 said ...

I still sit out and meditate on the sunlight each day. I cannot find work because of my extensive knowledge about the BEAM Mission and the Race that wishes to control Humanity of Earth and their involvement with the engineering of our society. I have to count on donations from caring individuals that pass by me. At the same time I am constantly inundated by Occultists and Secret Agents that work for the Intelligence Agencies and are assigned to interfere with my meditation exercise. When I begin to get into a deep meditation I can sometimes feel a finger or toe begin to vibrate with regular intervals. This is a Microscopic Nano-bot technology that they have implanted me with due to my success with the meditation exercise.

Also I am producing UHF/VHF frequencies that are broadcasting all images I see and sounds I hear.  This is being monitored by the Race that is trying to control us.  I have encountered individuals who have approached me while I am sitting in the sunlight and when I look them in the eyes a metallic shiny shield will cover their eyes.  This is hard to see unless you see their eyes at just the right angle.  This is a shin sheet of Microscopic Nano-bots that they use to protect themselves as I have discovered that when I speak to people and look them directly in the eyes that I am able to open their minds and help them to see the truth of the BEAM Mission and the technology being used to control us.
I believe that I am using my spiritual abilities to connect with them when this happens.  I have not trained to do this, it just seems to happen naturally since I was a child.  Sometimes it brings out a very negative response in people, they seem to be sensitive to my positive vibrations and are opposed to them.
Also I have run into some people lately that state that there is a strange energy surrounding my body.  I am not surprised about this as I have graduated to meditating directly on the light of the sun during the day.  I look at the reflection of the sun in a convex mirror (dome shaped mirror).  As I do this I can feel energies building up in my brain.  Sometimes I feel electrical discharges from my teeth to my tongue.  I know that this is very good for my continued good health and that as long as I continue to take advantage of clear sunny days to meditate to this deep state that I will continue to maintain good health.  I have not been sick in over 3 years now due to my meditation exercise.  However I am still alone.  Everyone that I teach the meditation exercise to that uses it with proper focus gets attacked by their family, friends, strangers, employer, etc. all as a way to prevent them from doing the meditation exercise.
I hope that others are having more success in teaching people that are interested in learning in their countries and areas.  My phone may be turned off soon due to lack of money so you can still reach me at  if you wish to communicate with me, be sure to title the email with BEAM Mission so I will get to it quickly.

Peace in Wisdom

--Sweet6b9 (talk), Woodbridge VA USA, 01:48, 7 June 2013 (CEST)