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Please note: Several errors of fact were subsequently identified in the preliminary edition of the Contact notes by FIGU, and have been amended here.

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Who are the Giza Intelligences? 

The "Giza Intelligences" -- so named for the location of their hideout -- had been a constant thorn in Billy's side, as well as the cause of many unsavory global intrigues for several millenniums. These people of ill intent are actually distant descendants of the ancient Lyrian and Vegan races who visited Earth and colonized it many times over the last 22 million years.

The Pleiadians share the same Lyrian/Vegan ancestry, as do the Giza Intelligences. However, the Pleiadians have developed and maintained a unified and peaceful culture far away in their home world star system for almost 50,000 years. The Pleiadians are a marked contrast, as you will see, to their Earth-bound brethren, the Giza Intelligences.

One of the more recent extraterrestrial colonizations occurred roughly 33,000 years ago, when various races, who were the descendants of Lyrians and Vegans, returned to Earth to establish peaceable settlements here. Peace on the Earth lasted for an impressive 18,000 years until power-hungry scientists attempted to seize al power for themselves, just as their warlike ancestors had done many times before in earlier epochs. Remembering the fate of their ancestors, the people saw through these plans early enough and rebelled. The scientists were left with no other alternative but to flee in their spacecraft into the wide expanse of outer space. Their exile took place about 15,000 years ago. The banished scientists settled down in the neighboring system of Beta Centauri, created many offspring and developed a technology with incredible capabilities. Their government used all available means to promote an insane hatred of Earth people, with the intent of returning to Earth as soon as possible to avenge their banishment and establish a supremacy of brutal force. The product of their single-mindedness was a people of malicious and bestial nature. Spurred on through inhumane hatred, they were even able to raise their average life span to several thousand years. Each and every individual was trained in a military profession and taught how to use intrigues to stir up discord and play one man against the other. Discipline within their own ranks could only be upheld through toilsome efforts and terrible punishments. After 2,000 years, they reached a point where they were able to attack Earth and 13,000 years ago, these people, being filled with so much hatred, returned to Earth in their large spacecraft under the leadership of Jschwjsch Arus I.

A scientist of extremely bestial mentality, Arus I was rightfully called "The Barbarian." To assist him in his plans of conquest, he had appointed two hundred scientists in various specialized fields as representatives and subordinates. In a lightning attack, they spread over the Earth and first conquered the country of Hyperborea, high up in North America, where a very mild climate prevailed at the time. (Incidentally, Hyperborea is now known as Florida, which assumed its present position after a polar shift.) From there, they acquired great power over the Earth. It would lead too far afield to mention the details in this connection, but the descendants of Arus I did lead a hardened regiment of enslaved Earth people. In their megalomania, the invaders let themselves be praised as God (in the sense of the Creator), demanded blood sacrifice and performed deadly retaliatory measures against the Earth people. They caused great disasters, privation and misery among many peoples of Earth.

Of the three sons of Arus I -- Arussem, Ptaah and Salam -- it was Arussem who murdered his father with the intention of continuing domination over the people in the same malicious style as did his father and the other predecessors. But his two well-meaning brothers, Ptaah and Salam stopped Arussem. They put an end to the bloodshed and all other grievances and ruled Earth in a just and humane manner. For Arussem and his followers, there was no place left on Earth to live. They were exiled from Earth 3,351 years ago. However, it was not too long before Arussem and his followers secretly returned to the Sol System and nestled deep inside the Earth beneath the Giza pyramids. Underground chambers were newly constructed into the main headquarters. There, they further developed their ingenious security systems. From that point on, we refer to this negative and ancient splinter group of the Pleiadians as the "Giza Intelligences." [a.k.a. BAFATH] They were forced to work from their underground chambers using the most malicious methods and machinations. Their plans were composed of intrigues, lies, cheating, false doctrines, deception, negatively influenced states of consciousness, and much more.

They never gave up their goal of acquiring world power, and any means to that end was right and fair. From that time on, they spread false religious doctrines and selected certain Earth people as contactees who were then misled and misused as submissive servants. They did nor flinch from abducting individuals and, if need be, from murdering them.

A practical example of this is given in an excerpt from Contact Report #35 on September 16, 1975, which Semjase relayed to Billy telepathically.

SEMJASE "The Giza Intelligences, craving world power, are preparing a very malevolent crime to harm various other intelligences disinclined toward them and who question their credibility. They have put forth great effort in recent times to influence Earth people in a sectarian form in order to commit an extraordinary crime against human life, and by which the existence of extraterrestrials was also to be made preposterous and ridiculous.

"For quite some time, a human couple on Earth has been under the malicious influence of the Giza Intelligences to introduce criminal and disgraceful things into the world. The purpose of these intrigues was to misguide great numbers of Earth people with the false teaching that the Earth would no longer be inhabitable in about one decade. According to this false claim, Earth people would perish in great numbers and everything would fall prey to death. They were told that not all Earth people had to die. A rescue action would subsequently be arranged by the extraterrestrials. Willing persons would then be picked up by extraterrestrial intelligences and brought to another better and more beautiful world where they would have a free and better life. This was announced through posters and other forms of advertisement. In order to recruit those who were willing, a gathering that served this malicious purpose was held last Sunday, September 14, 1975 in a place called Waldport in America. This is what happened

Those interested were told at the gathering that they could immediately be taken to a place where they would be prepared for their alleged flight into outer space in order to overcome the problems of space flight and to acquire the knowledge needed for their new life on the other, supposedly better, world, and adapt to their new lives there. The condition of this resettlement enterprise was only that all earthly goods would be sold or otherwise disposed of and that no children would be taken along. Unfortunately, more willing persons gathered for this malicious enterprise than had been foreseen. In a rush, many of them heeded the calls of the solicitors and followed them to await the supposed event in that camp. The consequences of this well thought out criminal enterprise are absolutely clear to us. Various futures were in store for these misguided people

· The entire enterprise was to be camouflaged in the form of a new sectarian religion, through which all willing persons would be deceived and misled to prevent them from detecting the hidden motives.

· Weak and otherwise unsuitable persons were to be gradually sorted out and murdered.

· Several of those found to be suitable would be forced into slavery to do compulsory labor as working robots on Earth for the benefit of the Giza Intelligences, who were in need of various earthly items they did not wish to acquire through their own efforts.

· Others were to found a new sectarian organization and work in a religious form for the plans of the Giza Intelligences on Earth.

"These four points were worked out by the Giza intelligences and were supposed to be used. The Earth people soliciting for this enterprise were unaware of the fact they were living in an implanted delusion.

"The Giza Intelligences have discovered that Billy's group is working on this matter and will have to seek new ways of keeping their enterprise from being thwarted. Therefore, the danger that all the misguided people will be murdered does indeed exist. The life of an Earth person is of absolutely no value to those with a mania for world power...

Note from Dyson: More details about these genocidal maniacs can be found here. After they continued to try to assassinate Billy Meier, who has survived - to date - twenty-one documented attempts on his life, the Giza Intelligences (a.k.a. Bafath) were finally totally and permanently removed from Earth, by our friends the Plejaren, in May 1978.

They were imprisoned on a distant planet, given the basic necessities of life, and - under strict supervision - left to consider their crimes against Earth.

This surely accounts for the Freemasons' sudden emasculation, and the fact that your website authors are still alive ... at the time of this writing anyway. :-)

Here's an interesting quote with regard to Satanism and what fires the will of the wealthy supranational elites who seek to manipulate and control world events.  The quote is by the late American Professor Revilo P. Oliver, a confirmed atheist, who concluded:

"A theory that a conspiracy has been working consciously for many centuries is not very plausible unless one attributes to them a religious unity. That is tantamount to regarding them as Satanists engaged in the worship and service of supernatural evil. The directors of the conspiracy must see or otherwise directly perceive manifestations which convince them of the existence and power of Lucifer. And since subtle conspirators must be very shrewd men, not likely to be deceived by auto-suggestion, hypnosis, or drugs, we should have to conclude that they probably are in contact with a force of pure evil." 

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