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"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Sunday, 10 September 2006 6:17 AM
To: "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] clarification message from Talessian
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Star Friends et tout,

Let me start by saying that I appreciate your understanding with what
is happening at this time. I realize full well that this particular
world, and its people who have been repressed for so long, require
verifiable, unquestionable and indisputable "proof" in order to
conclusively answer the question: Are humans alone in the universe?

The answer is obvious to me, and to many (and to the Cabal), but the
great majority rely on "seeing is believing," a mantra inspired by
the Cabal since they control what you see.

The Cabal have thrown everything they can at me, until now, in order
to preserve their status quo, and to remind themselves that they are
the Masters of this Blue Planet. The Lightworkers, realizing the
power of organization, are waking to the fact that they are far more
powerful than they ever realized. Many things are afoot at this time.
I restrain myself to say this next line but I feel it should be said
so I say it, but I only say it because I must and please do not feel
that it is another excuse. On Wednesday (Sept.6/06) evening, a Cabal
assassin tried to kill me, three (3) times. That was part of the
kitchen sink. (I know exactly, in detail, who was involved, and their
time will come soon enough.)

The Cabal are at the point of desperation and Lightworkers are at the
point of confidence, and even rebellion. A Star Force on Earth is
about to form. This is invaluable and, I think, far more important
than the starcraft displays (as important as they are).

My love and joy for this planet and its people is undiminished, and
in many ways refreshed. (Surely, I am making some cats jealous.) But,
on to serious matters. The serious matter is that Starcraft Isabella
has not been revealed to the world. So, let me say that I will not
continue with what may be seen as "excuses" and what Cabal operatives
will use against your thoughts, in fact will try to raise the "issue
of doubt." Only know this, the reason that this [UFO Cover-Up] is in
place is because there is a well-funded, global network who will stop
at nothing to protect THAT secret. To my predecessors, you have my
respect. Challenge is not the word for this situation.

As to the point of "credibility," it should be made clear, from my
point of view, that people who have put their credibility in line
with my starcraft demonstrations, should be no less or no more
credible following my appearance. Why do I speak like this? Because
these people, notably Dr. Richard Boylan, were credible for many
years prior to my entrance. It is unfair to deny them what they have
so painstakingly earned for so many years because of one event. This
to me seems not unfair but immature. If a hen lays a hundred good
eggs and then one bad egg, should that hen be made into chicken soup?
Why do we so easily forget about the hundred good eggs? This is
Fourth World logic, and in time, if not now, you will understand what
I say to you.

My view then is see this situation in this manner, those who are in
full support and are fully committed to my "ridiculous" efforts are
in full knowledge of the truth about Star People, and about Star
Nations, and it is these people who should be relied on in the
future. When the starcraft appears, these people should be upheld in
the community as genuine friends of Star People and of Star Nations,
and should have global recognition of this true fact. The starcraft
should not affect their credibility.

Whose crediblity is really on line here? Well, that is the real
question. And I shall tell you all the answer to that question: me.
Talessian Namor, born Mario Sasso. It is my claim, my mission and my
responsibility. You want to blame someone, blame me (only there is a
huge line-up of people trying to destroy me so you'll have to take a
number.). I am fortunate to have support in this important mission
for the Cabal outnumber me 100:1. This seems fair to them. I
disagree. Neither should Star Nations be held accountable for this
situation, for they have given me everything I need, and more. So, I
repeat: I am 100% responsible for the starcraft demonstrations,
happening or not happening.

The starcraft demonstrations, to repeat, will be visible to the naked
eye, that is within the visible portion of the electromagnetic
spectrum. The visits will be "impossible-to-miss" visits, to one more
major metropolises, obviously with the current situation expect a
lower number of visits. The only people who will not see Isabella (in
the respective area) are the blind, those comatose, those sleeping,
or, those who were too busy to look up.

The starcraft is ready; I am getting ready. There are many things on
many levels happening at this time. In the future I can explain more
of this. Starcraft Isabella will appear, if she doesn't it will be
because I am no longer around to do it, but I will have given you my
best effort, that is my promise. I promise only that, my best effort.

Thank you for your continued patience, and may the Fifth World bring
us all that we require and no more.

In service to Source and Star Nations,
Talessian Namor (Mario Sasso)

 I've been surfing the WWW, and look what I found.

Richard Boylan is Website recipient of Spirit Search Gloria Award, and Spirit and Sky Top Site Award 2004  Where have I seen that symbol before of the capped pyramid?

(and another item of interest at the end)


 The Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker and Marriage,
    Family and Child Counselor licenses issued to respondent Richard
    Boylan are revoked.
   II    Respondent shall pay costs to the Board of Behavioral
    Science Examiners in  the sum of  $9205/

        Dated: (August 1, 1995)

        Respondent (BOYLAN) has been involved with counseling for about
    30 years, first as a Catholic priest, and later as a licensed
    therapist. He has no prior disciplines. Respondent was employed
    by community agencies, such as the Marin and Calaveras County
    Mental Health Departments, before opening a private practice. He
    is married and the father of two and the stepfather of two. AT
    the time of the Accusation by the Board of Psychology, respondent
    was president of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association.


        While respondent believes that there is nothing
    intrinsically erotic or wrong with nudity, he also had no
    understanding that others, and in particular his patience here,
    might not be as comfortable as he in nudity with others
. While
    he may not have had a sexual motivation, these patients
    considered at least some of his actions to raise sexual issues.
    Respondent showed an incredible lack of insight in failing to
    appreciate the distress he caused these patients.

        Respondent has participated in individual therapy since
    these events. Unfortunately, his therapist did not testify.
    While respondent testified that he has learned of possible
    errors, he did not express understanding of his misconduct.
    he did address the charges, and possible wrongdoing on his part
    was conditional, or placed responsibility on others. For
    example, when asked if he would handle the hot tubbing situation
    differently, rather than saying something like, "I would not do
    it. I would not put my patients at risk," respondent replied:

        "Absolutely... First of all, given the fact that a
        current client was involved, even though I had drawn
        the conclusion that she had resolved the abuse
        traumatic issues to the point where there was minimal      
        to no risk of resurfacing or exacerbation of them, upon
        further reflection, it has become obvious that one can
        never have total certainty that a person will not
        interpret or misperceive or be told by someone else that
        they ought to have a perspective about that experience.
        Or in all the other ways in which one can, however
        innocent an even is,derive a sense of harm. So that
        is one consideration that would lead me not to
        reengineer such an event.

        "Another consideration is that it has become abundantly
        clear to me by subsequent statements by knowledgeable
        persons, including the board's experts, that the
        contemporary reading on standards of practice does not
        include therapist nudity in the presence of patients
        regardless of innocence or safety of situation or
        patient's level of recovery or proximity of termination
        of therapy."

        "And I could go on and on if need be, but there are
        compelling considerations that would make it quite
        clear to me that that is not a situation that needs to
        repeat. And in hindsight, should (not) have taken
        place the way it did." (R.T. 1/12 - 1/13/95 213:5 -

        Respondent said he would not repeat the kind of conduct
    that occurred here. However, it was not established that
    respondent has gained any insight, only that he has learned from
    this disciplinary hearing experience that certain conduct is
    unacceptable. Respondent never apologized for what he did.
    Respondent never admitted what he did was wrong.


For the most apart, respondent was credible, although
    putting his own spin on events. However, he was also evasive,
    and at times pompous. He attacked the complaining witnesses'
    credibility and stability (by his final diagnosis,) yet for the
    same time period he had been seeking written reports from two of   
    them for his book on ET encounters and had one (D.W.) accompany
    him to speak at a UFO conference shortly before his final


Respondent abused his role as a therapist and was
    grossly negligent,
in violation of Business and Professions Code
    section 2960(j), 4982(d) and 4992.3(d) in imposing his personal
    views of D.W. and D.S., as set forth in Finding III and V.

        Respondent committed gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and
    4992.3(d) when he developed an inappropriate dual relationship
    with D.W. that included travel together to and around Las Vegas,
    as established bt Findings III.

        Respondent committed  gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and
    4992.3(d), when he gave D.W. a massage in his hotel room in Las
, as established by Findings III.

        Respondent committed gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and
    4992.3(d), when he invited D.W. to his home in November 1992 and
    engaged in nude hot tubbing
, as established by Findings III.

        The evidence did not establish that respondent
    suggested that he perform a vaginal examination on D.W.

        Respondent committed gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and
    4992.3(d), when he invited K.G. to his home in December 1991 and
    engaged in nude hot tubbing
, as established by Findings IV.


        It was not established that the act of inviting K.G.
    and D.S. for nude therapy sessions at Harbin Hot Springs amounted
    to gross negligence, in violation of Business and Professions
    Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and 4992.3(d).

        Respondent committed gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and
    4992.3(d), when he bartered therapy for nude massages from K.G.,
    as established by Findings V.


        Respondent committed gross negligence, in violation of
    Business and Professions Code sections 2960(j), 4982(d) and



    4992.3(d) by shifting the focus of D.S.'s therapy from her
    presenting problems to his interest in ET encounters, as
    established by Findings V.


        While it may have been thoughtless, or possibly
    negligent for respondent to try to recreate a Native American
    ritual with D.S. present, it did not rise to the level of gross

        It was not established that respondent discussed with
    D.S. details of his sexual relationship with his wife.


        Determinations II - V, VII, IX and X, and each of them
    are grounds for discipline.




        The Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker and Marriage,
    Family and Child Counselor licenses issued to respondent Richard
    Boylan are revoked.


        Respondent shall pay costs to the Board of Behavioral
    Science Examiners in  the sum of  $9205/


        Dated: (August 1, 1995)

           [Signature appears on document]
           MURIEL EVENS
           Administrative Law Judge
           Office of Administrative Hearings



<< end >>

Filename: BOYLAN.CAL






The next panel featured four speakers. Tukala, a Pipe Carrier of the Rosebud Reservation, related that he has been involved with encounters with his Star Relatives since 1995. Also aware of UFO information in the non-Native world, Tukala compared what he had learned from the Star Nations with what Swiss UFO experiencer Billy Meier had heard from the Pleiadeans who visited him. Tukala declared, "It is the same."




"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Tuesday, 12 September 2006 10:46 AM
To: "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] more about Human-looking races in Star Nations
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Friends and Star Kids,

I'm sharing (below) dialogue I had with Councillor For the Watchers about the Human-looking races within Star Nations.

RB: "I note that the rather Human-looking (from Earth perspective) star races, such as the Pleiadeans and Altairians, hardly ever get mentioned in Star Nations context.

Councillor For the Watchers (CFW):
"Those who are not mentioned often in our conversation are only unmentioned due to the lack of Ego Human attack on those Species. All Species within the Star Nations perform equally valued services. As Councillor Meata has previously outlines, each Species has unique skill sets allowing them to specialize in certain tasks assigned.
"Zeta are often mentioned in our communication as they are the primary Species relied upon for most energy related matters. There services to the Star Nations are a vital element allowing our services. If you will, they are the glue of our Star Nations."

RB: "Do these "Human-like" races play a minor part in Star Nations affairs? "

CFW: "No. Each Species brings with it vital contributions. Humans of Earth would not exist without the contributions of these. They continue to work alongside Human offspring as teachers. It is the same closeness any parental figure would employ. In addition to the closeness of service they offer Humans of Earth, these same Species have "many" other colonies established which are in different states of growth and development. Those colonies also contain species of Beings which contain what Humans would recognize as similar DNA."

RB: "Are the races from the Orion system and the Sirius system also 'Human-looking'?"

CFW: "Yes. Certain Species within those star systems do contain energy manifestation elements common to Human manifestation."


in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
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"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Friday, 29 September 2006 6:14 AM
To: <>, "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Starcraft campaign currently on hold
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Friends and Star Kids,

The Psychic Team Facilitators and I have received Talessian's message, including the statement about his stress and fatigue resultant from incessant 24/7 physical and psychic attacks bythe Cabal, and his need to take a break from it all.

Indeed, Councillor For the Watchers agrees that Talessian needs to take a break.
In my view it is too early to predict what will happen to the starcraft public demonstration campaign, which is now in a stalled position.

One of the things that is becoming clear to me is that the Cabal have moved from psychotronic operations to psi (psychic warfare) operations, and now to psy (psychological warfare) operations. These are taking their toll. With Talessian. And with the hard-working members of the Psychic Teams.
While Talessian is taking his break, let us regroup our energies and take perspective.
Thus far, the struggle has been protracted and complicated. We all have been stretched into unfamiliar territory. Yet this has been a learning experience for us as well.

The Cabal have used their best weapons, and have been met and resisted with an effectiveness they had not expected. Although our resources were not as numerous, nor backed with ill-gotten advanced technology, we did have the light on our side. Talessian, though bruised, is still left standing. And Star Nations has not abandoned its resolve to further actions on Earth that result in the ending and unmasking of the UFO Cover-Up.

At an appropriate time I expect to hear further from Star Nations about what lies ahead. Meanwhile we have an opportunity to catch our breath, and exercise a little patience. :-)

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
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From: "Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Wednesday, 4 October 2006 9:52 AM
To: <>, "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Star Nations Move To "Plan C"

October 02, 2006 -- Star Nations Move To "Plan C"

Friends and Star Kids,

As you are undoubtedly aware, over the last couple months an effort was made by Mario Sasso to reintegrate with the star person identity of a previous incarnation (Talessian), and then use that star person consciousness to fly a starcraft low over several cities to force an end to the UFO Cover-Up.
While Mario made considerable and protracted effort, he was hampered by among other things relentless Cabal attacks to distract, deenergize and deflect him. Last week Mario broke off his efforts, exhausted.

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to consult with a member of Star Nations Council, Councillor For the Watchers, about what Star Nations was prepared to do, given these circumstances.

When I asked Councillor For the Watchers what would happen now that "Plan A" was not successful, he said that Mario Sasso was actually "Plan B". (He did not identify Plan A.) Councillor further said that Star Nations had a variety of options in its contingency planning, as he put it, "We have Plans B through Z".
The salient news is that Star Nations is ready to move on "Plan C". Because of the learning experiences accumulated with Mario's attempt, Plan C will be done somewhat differently, and with considerably greater security precautions.

The identity of the Star Person incarnated as a Human designated to undertake Plan C is being kept confidential from the public. This "Plan C" Human's identity is , I believe, currently known only to himself, one other Human, and myself. (Do not waste electrons asking.)

There will be no press releases far in advance of starcraft public operations. The impression I have been given is that the cards will be held close to the vest until virtually the time that the public demonstration flight(s) take place.

Because of the differences between the previous effort and the new effort, it is anticipated that the Human involved will be able to be successful in less time than consumed in the previous effort.
I recommend that you send this Human your prayers and supportive light, that he may find his path with surefootedness and achieve success for all of us.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
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 Where does this expression, "in the light" from Boylan and his DUPED (bogus) "new age" pals ORIGINATE????

 WHO brings the "light"????

Lucifer (Latin: "Lightbearer")

Greek Phosphorus, or Eosphoros
in classical mythology, the morning star (
i.e., the planet Venus at dawn); personified as a male figure bearing a torch, Lucifer had almost no legend, but in poetry he was often herald of the dawn. In Christian times Lucifer came to be regarded as the name of Satan before his fall. It was thus used by John Milton (1608–74) in Paradise Lost,
and the idea underlies the proverbial phrase “as proud as Lucifer.” Copyright © 1994-2002 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc


The Secret History of the World's Most Dangerous Secret Society.

[being the Eastern Templar Freemasons, a.k.a. "OTO"]

 by Craig Heimbichner

Chapter 4   Witches and Masons   p.59


Luciferianism Decoded


Freemason Albert Lantoine, 33° wrote a book in 1937 addressed to the Pope in which he said, "Possessing critical and inquisitive minds, we are the servants of Satan. You, the guardians of truth, are the servants of God. These two complement one another. Each needs the other." 7

Interestingly, he later corrected himself and said that he did not use "quite the correct term" and should have said "servants of Lucifer." The distinction may be lost on some.

The name Lucifer is derived from Jerome's Latin Vulgate translation of Isaiah 14:12: "Quomodo cecidisti de caelo, Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris?" (How art thou fallen from heaven thou Lucifer, son of the morning?) Patristic tradition taught that Satan had another name before his fall, which the Church Fathers denominated as "Light bearer," and which Jerome rendered into Latin literally, as "Lucifer" (luc / lux ([light] + fer [bearing). In the original Hebrew he is called the "shining one," to whom Nebuchadnezzar and all other tyrannical kings of the earth who are idolatrously worshipped, are compared.

Therefore, the masonic identification with Lucifer is an attempt to invoke the supernatural force that energizes tyrannical rule. (For an allusion to Lucifer as Satan, see Jesus' statement in Luke 10:18). The severe scriptural animadversion to the perfection and glories of Lucifer/Satan as celebrated by Freemasons and the OTO, can be found in Ezekiel 28:12-15, while verses 16-19 combine characteristics of Satan and a tyrannical king who is energized by Satanic characteristics, in the same way that Isaiah 14 connotes both Lucifer and the kings of Babylon who pattern their reign after him.


7 Albert Lantoine, Lettre au Souverain Pontife. Cited by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, Freemasonry and the Vatican (Palmdale, Calif.: Omni/Christian Book Club, 1968), p.11.

 Please click here to read the back cover of this important book.

Please see our Jani King exposé

"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Tuesday, 17 October 2006 6:37 AM
To: "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] whither Humanity's future at this pont?
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Today I received an inquiry which I believe expresses the concerns of many. I am sharing it, and my response, as of likely public interest.

Bob writes: "Speaking for the rest of us, I think we could all use a little more robust demonstration of their [Star Nations] tentative schedule of events. Specifically, do you detect any sense of urgency in their plans? When dealing with races accustomed to measuring distances in light-years or parsecs and time in millions of earth years, we may exhibit just a tad of impatience. But we have to use our measurements in calculating how long our planet will continue to support such a foolhardy, reckless species, if that species doesn't destroy itself. Is there any indication that their concerns equal ours?"

I replied: The Star Nations do not so much operate out of impatience as they do take their course of action informed by their own information sources as well as my (as Earth Councillor) strongly-expressed impatience/sense of urgency about peril to Earth Being and the Human race upon her.
Councillor For the Watchers has assured me that behind-the-scenes actions are taking place, which are the combined result of activated Star Seeds and lightworkers as well as the telepathic suggestions and informing done by Star Visitors, which are resulting in the dismantling/out-ing of Cabal operatives from positions of power and influence at a rate far greater than is visible from media reports. Much more remains to be done, obviously, but things are not at a stand-still.
Rest assured that Star Nations' concern for the well-being of Earth Being and survival of the Human race is as real and heartfelt as ours.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
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"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Monday, 30 October 2006 9:03 AM
To: <>, "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Star Nations Councillor Asheoma shares - Interview 1
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It is good to share. And Star Nations Councillor Asheoma's wisdom is hard fought-for and well-developed.
It will be a pleasure to see your dialogues with him shared widely.
You and Councillor Asheoma have my permission to present the fruit of your dialogues on UFOFacts and DrRichBoylanReports and StarKidsHangout.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Moderator, UFOFacts, DrRichBoylanReports, and StarKidsHangout

From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 7:33 AM
Subject: Asheoma shares - Interview 1

Light Workers,

Last night was another point of passing a doorway for me in energy. Can't explain it but Asheoma has allowed me to grow on my own (as he always did) and I with the help of insights from Dr.Boylan, Sue, and others, well, the doorway inside of me is opening.

With that slight change, I was given understanding that a part of my mission is to really make an effort to just put out there what Asheoma has taught me and shared with me for all these years. He said that he would help me out with this and it came to me that the interview style was very useful in this. I can try to talk all day in my own words about the teachings, but the relay is missing somehow. I have a lot more internal questions than I have any answers at all. Even with Asheoma sharing things. And Asheoma loves to share but he does not like to just talk... he calls it preaching and he never did like that way of doing things :-) So when we were talking this morning about the dire need to really share with all the others what he has shared with me throughout the years, well we agreed together that our family here might benefit from a continued form of interview if that is ok with Dr.Boylan and Marian.

Here is this one now since he is with me visiting.

W: Hey Byrd! How are you?
A: (( laughing )) Nothing has changed since you asked me that earlier this morning. I am fine though, and I thank you for considering my wellness.

W: :-) Okie, you said this was cool to ask you questions like this, so I am thinking about how to word things the best.
A: Word your questions as you have worded them throughout your life. It is clear to see what you are asking from the energy of your intention.

W: Ok. First, can you explain Source?
A: Little sister! That is a powerful first question! Explain Source... when one is able to do that, Source will have no need to continue the Grand Dream.

W: Sorry :-) Ok. You would tell me things when I asked you who God was. Can you share some of that again please?
A: Source is ALL. The Zeta who were my teachers showed me that in all levels, Source was the foundation. It is all the creation or Grand Dream of Source.

W: Did you believe in God or Source when you were on your Planet before it was destroyed?
A: Yes and no.
You see, it is inside the heart of all Beings formed through the Grand Dream of Source to know they are a part of something much larger and more complete. It was no different for me or my people. We had our beliefs and our religious structures as cultures form through evolution. In our world, the religious structures were all in one understanding at the time when the days and nights began to shift, at the start of the Solar Body movement to the next level. Our understanding was that we were created for the pleasure of our collective awareness as a species. We understood we were one mind and one heart. This understanding served to unite our species in peace. If one was to suffer, it was known the entire body was harmed. This understanding created peace in our societies and the ability to work with one another.

However, when the Star Nations found us, our understanding was shaken. We had no prior knowledge of existence outside of our own reality. This is an item I am currently working to correct by providing a historical foundation and understanding of Star Nations with my people. When the time comes again for us to be moved forward, this factor should assist in preventing the division which occurred.

When my brother of my childhood at that time stated he was not of energy of my own people, our people, I was furious with him. As he began to show me those who walked in other levels who were not of my people, my heart was filled with hate for him. It was at that time my belief in Source was not present. All I had thought to be true and had believed for my life before my brother showed these things to me, many years of my development, all of that was destroyed. My heart was forced to consider deeply the new truth of what was shown.

It was not until Zeta taught me in the course of study as a Watcher that my heart was mended on these matters. I was shown the manifestation of Source's Awareness that many are shown by Zeta. I dwelled in the presence of that manifestation for a period of timelessness. It was in this state of learning I presented all the questions of my soul to Source.

W: What kinda questions did you ask?

A: Questions much like those you ask :-) Questions all who seek to understand ask of themselves and of Source. I asked why my home world was allowed to fail. I asked why the societies crumbled when they were strong. I asked about the pain of the heart and the soul, and of the body and the mind. I asked about sickness and disease.

W: What did Source say?
A: (( laughing gently right now )) --- Source answered me in words that can not be shared on this level. Answers much the same as I have shown you when you asked. Answers beyond words.

W: My heart right now is filled the way it would get when you would help me out in hard times like when Bob died. Is that the kind of answer Source gave?
A: Similar. The answer is not in what is shared. It is in what the questioner no longer holds onto.

W: Can you please explain that part? With your own example if you would.
A: My heart was heavy and full of anger. Much the same way yours is when you consider death of those you love. By dwelling within the manifestation area of Source, it became clear to my heart that I was angry because of my own desires. Zeta had taught me that was called Ego. They shared the teaching to me that Ego was all which removed one from Source. Facing away from Source in any form was Ego.

While I sat with my hate, I was surrounded by the unconditional love of Source.

W: Like when you would love me when I would hate you?
A: It is my effort to show the same love I was shown, so yes in as much as I can show that.

W: Then what?
A: In such light and compassion, I saw my hate was a direction internal. Any hate was in that same direction. With the criteria Zeta had given to me, that showed me that it was of Ego.

W: So you stopped hating the people who wouldn't listen to you when you tried to get them to on your planet like that one bad guy?
A: No. (gentle laughing again). That was not until much later. It was enough for me to understand fully that what I was experiencing was not a part of Source in truth. It was a part of me. Zeta had taught me already that I was not. They had shown me the truth that I was only a part of the Grand Dream of Source. So with that understanding, it was easy to build an understanding that my hate was my own. It was Ego. It did not mean I was right or wrong to hate. It did not mean I was justified or not. All that mattered is that I fully understood in my soul that the hate was my own Ego tool. Nothing else.

W: Then you loved Source again?
B: The relationship of my heart with Source was not one formed in that one setting. That is a relationship still being developed. I did see though many things at that time. And it was at this time of first bonding in an awakened state that I felt what you would call love for the one who is the Dreamer.

W: Well this is cool here. I got to go now, but can we do this again?
A: It is my pleasure to serve. If you wish, you can ask more questions and I will again answer.

W: Love you!!!! Bye for now.
A: You are loved beyond all measure and beyond all time. Stay with the Light and stay in peace of your soul. We will speak again soon. Asheoma te ka Meata

in service to light,
Wendi Powers

Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Sunday, 5 November 2006 7:59 AM
To: "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] of "Plan C", and of current events
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Friends and Star Kids,

"Plan C" is being conducted under extraordinary security.
Contrary to what you might think, I do not "get daily progress reports". All I know is that the Designate is busy preparing, while of course attending to his "day job".
I do not look to frequent Star Nations reports. Anything they transmit can be intercepted, or my head remotely "mined" by Cabal psi-sters for information. So, the less I know at this point, the better for Plan C security.
The Star Nations said that one of the ways they would help us out is to help "out" Cabal types who are in various power positions, but that then it would be up to us Human lightworkers and others of good will to clean them out of their power positions once exposed for who they are.
(As was noted in , "In addition, the Star Nations are going to engage in a campaign of strategically "out-ing" Cabal members to the Good Guys/Gals in official positions, so that the veneer of "fellow government official or military/intelligence officer", etc. is stripped away from these Cabalistas, and the Good Guys/Gals can know who they are really dealing with."
When you look at all the corrupt individuals in government and even religious "leaders" who have been facing the glare of public exposure recently in the past year since the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing, (just to speak to the American scene), it is clear that Star Nations is delivering on its end of the arrangement.
There is a momentum building of public intolerance for corruption as just the "same ole same ole". We lightworkersand other Humans of good will need to keep that momentum going.
Hopefully we are in for a sea-change, after November 7 Election Day, in the attitude and willingness of American citizens to address the corruption in societal institutions and policies, and to do constructive interventions to restructure our society along more Fifth World lines.
We must not fail to seize that opportunity.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA
You may join Dr. Boylan's information e-mailing list by sending one email to:

"Richard Boylan PhD" <> Date:Friday, 29 December 2006 7:24 AM
To: <>, "DrRichBoylanReports" <>, <>
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Plan L
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Friends and Star Kids,

I received a message from Ann M. sharing a special vision on how Star Nations could announce their presence with least disruption. While I have heard many people's proposals, this one struck an intuitive chord in me such that I was drawn to bring it to Councillor For the Watchers's attention.
He responded in a positive manner, which I want to share with you, after first sharing Ann's vision.

Anne's vision: " It is done gradually in stages: sounds then light and color. The harmonious revelations will enliven humanity to cooperative with their intentions to assist us.
My vision was a process that would take a span of three days in earth time to accomplish it's intentions for contact in a peaceful way.
Day ONE.... a sound from invisible Star Ships would begin in London and slowly circle the planet from east to west. All life forms would hear this sound. The news of this phenomena would spread quickly via the Internet, international and national TV and radio. After completing its cycle in London,
Day TWO.. a new cycle of LIGHT and Sound fills the atmosphere in the skies of every part of the planet beginning in London again and going eastward in a 12 hour cycle. All life experiences this at the same time. The sound and light are of the frequency that sends vibrations of balance for the human brain and heart. It is completely non threatening and is seen by all live forms as a (frequency)message of peace according to each one's belief system.
Day THREE.... thousands of star ships of every shape and kind appear in our skies... with broadcasts streaming from their human representatives and earth allies on the ground. News of their benevolence, true intentions to help all life on Earth airs continuously on TV and radio stations world wide. They announce that they are part of our human family and they have returned according to the prophecies of most all religious teachings.
Post Day Three .. With the consensus of the majority of humankind, our benevolent visitors will show us how to begin to establish PEACE on earth. They will serve as an awakening force upon every human heart regardless of one's station in life; revealing true earth history; assisting all nations and peoples in their desire for individual sovereignty. They will provide wisdom and knowledge as guidelines for a higher form of governance and give us admittance into The Galactic Society. They will provide instant assistance with advanced technologies for non toxic energy sources, medical healing and physical rejuvenation. They will take the lead in re-forming corporations with new charters, establish a non private banking system with precious metal backed currency. Debt forgiveness for everyone and redistribution of wealth to all benevolent peoples of Earth will ensue. "

To this vision Councillor For the Watchers had the following response, as relayed by Wendi Powers:
"CFW read this and he said she is seeing one of the plans they have out. Oh he just said "You can call that Plan L if you would like." ... He said many different species have their own plans for "re-introduction", and that when their own Councillors are ready to approve the actions, they will be put [them] into motion."

So, what this means is that, as noted before, Star Nations has a variety of strategies and plans for accomplishing the public announcement of their presence. Plan L, which Ann was shown, is but one such Plan, which may or may not be the one operationalized.
It also suggests that rather than one giant total-Star-Nations display-of-presence event, Earth may be treated to a variety of approaches by a variety of member civilizations of Star Nations at different times.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth


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