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Pope Francis is the 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Prophecies and Predictions about a Pope

  • Please note that while the page has been named Francis to grab the interest, there is no reference to pope Francis in the prophecies.
  • These are old texts and as they are prophecies and nothing specifically has more recently been announced about them, we may assume that the prophecies are now all that they are, prophecies, and may not be fulfilled or perhaps are in a format that is not yet clear.
  • The information has in many cases simply been passed on by Billy who received it from the Plejaren, occasionally he passed it on without deep thought about it, and this website simply passes it on again but in the English language, again without us necessarily understanding it. So this is like a disclaimer. If an event occurs in the future or your now, such as a terrorist ordeal, just an example that may fit the prophecies, and you've now found this page or the website because it's been fulfilled and has made headlines etc., then know these are old texts and this page has not been updated recently and as we say we're not even sure what these prophecies mean or meant until they unraveled.
  • Please never reference from the text on this page, always follow the link to its source and reference from there so that the original German text is included.

Arahat Athersata

  • "The Precious One Who Contemplates the Times"

252. Even today the immeasurable knowledge of humanity, which was collected over monstrous periods of time, lies hidden in the inaccessible secret sciences, and will be defended and kept hidden from the broad masses of humanity by the bigwigs and secret scientists until the death of the Pope.

253. Yet why is that?

254. Quite simply because:

255. Were the masses of humanity to discover the knowledge of the secret sciences - what their monstrous life-affirmative uses, progress and success would bring - then, in the shortest period of time, religions and politics would be exterminated.

256. The financial industry would disappear, (and) war, strife, hunger and every evil of the world would suddenly cease, because, in a peaceful world, no holder of power and maker of capital could any longer begin to make a push for the acquisition of power and the piling up of money (in the financial industry).

257. Where there are suddenly no more wars and is no more strife, no more materials of war would be needed, and where there is no more hunger and other evil, no unscrupulous business-makers can further launch their filthy finances.

258. Where there is no more religion, because the human has finally recognized himself as God, there are also no more Popes, Ministers, bigwigs, Rabbis and Bishops, and so forth, who mislead the people and can demand their worldly possessions.

259. All of that would, however, thereby be prevented as long as the secret sciences are not made accessible to normal average people, because they would bring sudden deep cognitions and the end of all power and business-makers, of which politics and religions are the greatest.

260. Thereby the human would be scourged by ignorance, and deprived of, and kept distant from, his rightful knowledge.

261. Because knowledge means monstrous power and the correct formation of life.

262. Correct thinking and knowledge is such a monstrous power that it is able to ceaselessly attract and bring into being everything that the human thinks and longs for.



Overpopulation Bomb

  • Overpopulation Bomb; Destruction of the Earth; Discrimination against Women

Homo sapiens took several million years, about 4.5 million years beginning with the first human being, to reach the population mark of 1 billion, and then it took a mere 185 years to reach a number of human beings on Earth six times that large.

These statistics should not come as a surprise, however, when overpopulation advocates such as the Catholic Supreme Shepherd, the Pope, vehemently and cunningly entice people; indeed, through their religious faith they practically force their followers to produce unlimited numbers of children in order to establish for themselves unlimited followers who, in turn, can be exploited by the Catholic Church.

The Pope often quotes a biblical edict, which is, mildly put, irrational and criminal. The edict promotes the insanity of cultivating an overpopulation and is expressed in Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 7 with the following words:

"And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it."

This is precisely what happened – and it continues even to this day. The edict is still fostered as a criminal deed against humanity, life and the planet not only by the Pope, his cardinals, bishops, priests and others, but also by their faithful believers. Even some governments, communities and other authorities officially pay large procreation and child support funds to the duped followers of these religions.

Furthermore, by blindly adhering to the Pope, followers stifle all common sense from the very start. The Pope not only prohibits an often life-saving or otherwise vital abortion, but also all preventive measures and other birth control devices that would avert a pregnancy and procreation. He and his followers look upon abortion or any type of birth control device as blasphemous and inhumane. Yet, the Pope says nothing about the fact that innumerable women fall into need and misery when they become pregnant and give birth to children, or when the children are abused and mistreated by one or both parents – many women are also abused and mistreated – or when the children miserably starve to death because there is no longer any food for them.

Is this demeanour not more abominable and inhumane? Apparently, the Pope's position bothers neither him nor any of his followers. When one of the faithful questions this approach, he or she pays a small offering as vindication to calm the guilty conscience. Certainly, neither this particular approach nor the sectarian phrases and flowery language will advance terrestrial humanity, nor will they resolve any of the many problems facing mankind – in particular, they will not resolve the greatest problem of them all: the planet's overpopulation from which all other existing evils and problems throughout the world arise. Humanity's growth rate is outpacing food production by leaps and bounds. Only a drastic reduction in terrestrial population, such as through plagues epidemics, starvation and wars, etc., can the equilibrium re-establish itself, that is if Man fails to come to his senses and does not stop the further increase in overpopulation by logical actions and countermeasures. He must initiate and effect strict, radical birth controls; he must encourage deliberate cessation of births, and must enforce these measures without clemency.


Prophetien und Voraussagen Book

Prophetien und Voraussagen

  • Prophecies and Predictions {Book} (Prophetien und Voraussagen) Source
    Prophetic statements and predictions of coming events in the world since 1976.
    Prophecies Telepathically received from the PETALE Spirit Plane by Billy.
    Probability Calculations Prophecies Predictions transmitted by Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah In personal conversations with Billy.
    Including Probability Calculations Predictions From his own Calculations by Billy.

He, the damned one, the assassin, who allowed his loyal ones in Rome to be massacred, in order to save his own shameful life, in that he fled disguised across the Great Waters.

During the first spring after the great world-fire, when the flowers in desecrated Europe will bloom again, the damned one of cowardice, of iniquity, of exploitation, of enslavement and of assassination will return.

He, who betrayed his loyal ones, sold and handed them over to the murdering enemy, in order to save his useless life, greeding for power.

So he will return from across the Great Waters, the damned one of Rome, to take renewed advantage of the believing stupidity of his lambs, and to carry on his satanic work of sectarianism anew. And the people of Earth, after the great world-fire, will be stupid enough to adhere to him the more yet, the damned one; the Pope.

Thus discord and non-love, as well as enslavement, exploitation and murder and manslaughter again will be stirred up, and again war will result therefrom.

The return and acceptance of the damned one means the beginning of the next war again, from which will result many more wars, spanning over many hundreds and thousands of years. These will recur continuously, due to the religious error teachings, which are the basic fault of all murder in general; because damnation rests on the false cult-religions, which dishonour the teachings of truth and of Spirit and trample them with their feet into the mud.

Damnation rests on the cult-religions, as well as on the Jewish mother, who carries the blame for the birth of the Anti-Logos 666, who brings the most horrible deaths over the Earth and to mankind.

Therefore, Man of Earth will continue to fall for the cult-religions and trample under foot the creative truth which, however, will always be to his detriment.

Peace will not last long after the world-fire, because the cult-religions always press forward for new power and for new murder, as it has always been during the last 10,000 years on Earth, during which planet Earth in total only experienced 243 years of true peace.

But Earthman is able only to protect himself against further destruction and wars and against all evil, if from now one, he outright annihilates all cult-religions, to turn himself once and only to the creative truth and its teachings, and lives faithfully according to the creational laws and recommendations.


Contact Report 215

179. After the turn of the millennium, the papacy will exist only a short period.

180. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position.

181. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow.

182. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus.

183. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable.

184. That will be the beginning of the worst catastrophe that will ever have befallen the human beings and the Earth.

185. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams.

186. But also the reformed version of Christianity will become just as infinitely small, as does Catholicism.

187. Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons.

188. Also concerning genetic technology, enormous misuse will occur, because this will be unrestrainedly exploited for the purposes of war, not lastly due to the cloning of human beings for warring purposes, as this was practiced in ancient times with the descendants of Henoch in the regions of Sirius.

If the human being of Earth continues to live in the same way as he has done up to now—forming his thoughts and feelings in the same manner, indulging in the same actions as he has hitherto—then the words of the prophecies of Henoch could not be any clearer.

The point in time at which these prophecies will begin to be fulfilled will be when a Pope will no longer reside in Rome. All of Europe will then fall victim to a terrible punishment by evil powers. The Christian religion will collapse and the churches and monasteries will end up in ruins and ashes.

Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities.

The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through 888 days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war itself. The time will be severe as never before experienced on Earth. Ultimately, nothing can be bought or sold any longer. All provisions will be rationed; and if a human being steals even a small piece of bread, he/she will have to pay for it with his/her life. Many waters will mix with human blood and turn red, as once in the past the Nile in Egypt turned red with blood. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

After the turn of the millennium, the papacy will exist only a short period. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable. That will be the beginning of the worst catastrophe that will ever have befallen the human beings and the Earth. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams. But also the reformed version of Christianity will become just as infinitely small, as does Catholicism.


Contact Report 236

The following lines are regarding a predecessor in the same pope position. For illustrating the layup of preceding events.

259. The present Pope should have already parted from this life about 10 years ago, on 5/31/1981, as a result of an assassination attempt.

260. But fortunately, up to that time, the entire international political situation, along with many other things, had changed for the better in such a way that our probability calculations weren’t fulfilled.

261. But what now relates to the actual death of Pope John Paul II, we’ve made a prediction, according to which he will die on _______.

The following lines are not prophecy but just an observation.

293. But back to the false prophet, Menahem:

294. He had succumbed to the delusion that he had reached a superhuman state, where he saw himself as immune to carnal desires and as standing over every possible capacity for physical suffering, and he also said this.

295. A nonsense that he also preached all around, not just within his sect.

296. In equal measure, he also presumed himself as the most glorious in magnificence person and, at the same time, the most despicable person on Earth, but only despicable in the eyes of his adversaries.

297. In his delusion, he also presumed himself as absolutely infallible and as elevated above the whole world, as this is found as a parallel with the Pope.


Contact Report 251

Should the prophecy of another world war fulfil itself, and should terrestrial humankind not immediately begin rethinking and redirecting its entire effort into beneficial routes, the consequences of this World War III will be cataclysmic.

Likewise, this holds true for an enormous revenge-campaign directed against the war precipitators, which will be initiated and directed by a bloodthirsty man, who is - how could it be otherwise? - another "Representative of God", a pope.

Once again, these events are based on the condition that the prophecy fulfils itself through the fault of Earth's human beings.


What is announced comprehensively for the third millennium prophetically and predictively

Overpopulation on Earth, it must be said again and again, will continue to rise due to the senselessness and the irresponsibility of your humanity of Earth.

However, this also happens due to the machinations of governments, their authorities and public bodies which promote offspring and act with equal levels of irresponsibility, as well as the sectarian stupidities of the Catholic church, which can indeed be called criminal and unlawful, or else those of the pope, clerics and priests who are misteaching the «Go forth and multiply» as a deceitful law of God.

As a result, there will be ever more human beings who will have less and less space in which to live, and this space will become so small that you will end up by trampling one another to death. And you will move about more and more, spilling over the boundaries of your home country and leaving it, thereby dying, although very many of you will also travel the world aimlessly with the consequence that you will intermix and form liaisons more and more, leading to increasing numbers of families being torn apart and more and more mixed-race peoples arising, whilst pure peoples disappear to an increasing extent.

As a result, however, you will become more and more foreign to one another, with the consequence that more and more hatred and enmities will arise, which will in turn lead to ever more conflicts between individuals and ultimately to death, manslaughter, criminality and wars with destructions full of Gewalt.


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