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Pronounced "ish wish". Ancient Lyrian for King of Wisdom. Ptaah, Pelegon, Jehavon, Atlant and Arus are examples of Jschwjschs. While the term is applied only to men, the term for women is Jschrjsch.

The abbreviation of Jschwjsch is JHWH or IHWH.

These human beings live in the last stages of human-material existence before changing over into halfspiritual forms.

JHWHs are human beings like everybody else, but much higher in consciousness and spiritual development than average human beings.

An JHWH can never be compared to Creation itself, because Creation is immeasurably higher then any other lifeform in its universe.

The ancient title of JHWH is a several million year old title brought here by our Lyranic ancestors to Earth, unfortunately it's been falsified by many wrong teachings over the thousands of years.[1]

This title is given to a man who has reached a high level of knowledge, wisdom, truth, insight and most strict following of the Natural Creative[2] Laws[3] and directives[4] at all possible times and lives in recognition and realization of Universal Love[5].

Ptaah was an Jschwjsch until 2007 when he achieved the first degree of the Srut level. Ptaah is responsible regarding the spiritual teachings and the various developments on Earth, and two other planets.[6]

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