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Alternative names: Incarnation, life cycle.
Wrong approach names: rebirth, reborn, born again, transmigration.
Associated terms: Storage Banks, Akashic Records, death, wesen.

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Its a philosophical framework of life, a religious concept and a future scientific field, which deals with a wide range of aspects of a living being (wesen). When, how, where and why it starts a new life in a new physical body; after each biological death. The process that occurs in between is in what FIGU variably call's the beyond, beyond area, other worldly area and less commonly as a dimension on the inner or outer side[1] of the visible, material-universe belt. Billy Meier's incarnation laws, principles and explanations are more aligned with science, presumably to encourage science.

The subject is particularly complicated, but has been explained beautifully, for two main reasons.

  • Because it requires picking up a series of loose-ends scattered across a broad spectrum of possibilities, many of which if they have been discovered, aren't socially normally known, wrongly approached socially (confusing), not cultivated (details unclear) or partially discovered (unknown-unknowns).
  • And because it essentially deals with the entirety of reality; when all related subjects are brought into their appropriate positioning, and reality is complicated.

We can however use logic-gates and much like any subject, it doesn't remain so (complicated). Everything in the progress of evolution is brought down into a neat, tidy little summary in time (see Consciousness Evolution). At present our culturally composed agreements surmise that incarnation doesn't exist, is purely theoretical and is given to religion for their entertainment industries. Presently and officially nothing exists according to current and leading Earth scientific and academic thinking. The paradigm will not continue indefinitely. A tough, arduous battle is in the wings of the scientific area and some form of revision of this position is inevitable, requiring any one of the individually possible evolution-discoveries to trigger a revolution in thinking.

One of the key principles of Billy Meier's reincarnation information is that we all take a great deal of time in the beyond area developing a rough outline of our future life.[2] So we could say the discovery is instead dependant on another factor, that it depends on the possibility to reveal the information openly, rather than knowing it, because we could have built revealing the science of it into our current lives, were there a fertile possibility for it; that we're waiting for either an economy or an acceptance. In this way a fear of criticism can be spoken of or an extreme persecution, either way the motions of evolution are limited to what is sustainable, i.e solid scientific foundations make explanations undeniable.

A known openly-concealed internal FIGU community prophecy for quite a lot further in the future is in Contact Report 251.

This is the moment when Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. Upon this realization, science will be discredited for some time.

The discrediting of science upon the discovery indicates that we're (Earth, majority) in no position to tolerate fine-material sciences at this time, we're too primitive for it as yet, but it will happen anyway in the future. The existence of religions on Earth explains that unpreparedness, unwillingness already. We will indeed however discover it, and its for this reason that we can then speak of a disparity between spirit-form evolutionary age and therefore of a minority of heavily evolved ET spirit-forms on Earth. Which is a strong theme in the reincarnation information for those reasons, because they'll be the ones that the information is designed for, and why then there is so little effort with FIGU to try and convince anyone.

How to approach

As Billy Meier endeavours to deal with the reality of it; if it doesn't make sense then check. Check the original source text and check with reality; because anyone in the world should, within the framework Billy is using, be able to verify it (cross-compare with reality) wherever they are. Its controversial for scientists and politicians for a vast range of reasons (see below) but is not unreal or fiction.

It may however be exceedingly more difficult for those individuals who bring along the baggage of preconceived notions and unfounded assumptions. Simply because science hasn't discovered these areas yet and officially its considered new information, having never been taught on Earth before. It's brave for a scientist to venture into a subject before discovering the associated particle physics.

Untenured academics are recommended to study privately and not get too talkative prematurely (see FIGU#Talkativeness and Performing Missionary Work)

Regarding conspiracy theorist readers, this quote is from Contact Report 002.

70. At present, those individuals who are the least agreeable to recognize and disseminate the truth will be those who had allowed themselves to be deceived by frauds and charlatans for decades, and who had sacrificed millions for the dissemination of the deceitful stories and books.


It's a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Where it then differs considerably from the explanations of Billy Meier.

  • For example: it may then deal with incarnating into a different form other than human. Which is an impossibility within the remit of Billy Meier's Spirit Teaching. It has to be into a human if the individual (see Wesen below) is human.
Specifically Humans are a Consciousness Evolution based science, where animals and insects are based variously differently, in an Intelligence Evolution or Instinct Evolution based science, the calibration can't be mixed about, but this is obvious to see anyway because the world would look quite different if it could.


Om [Omfalon Murado] 31:313

"whoever doesn't understand will seek out those that do, and search for the essence of wisdom.[3]

Om [Omfalon Murado] 31:314

ununderstanding ones and fools search and try to make use of the bread of the essence of wisdom, and will drink the wine one pours out.[4]

OM [Omfalon Murado] 33:103

And so he will be as prophet of the new time, when the time of the time comes around, and when his name means that he is the guardian of the treasure (note: Eduard) at the time when the equitable ones have expunged their seven-thousand-fold guilt (note: see 'end of the Codex') and will have taken the step for the fulfilment of the oath of the determination.

Questions Answered By Billy

Remembering past lives

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

This refers to the science and knowledge of reincarnation: was there any specific spiritual Science which dealt and showed humans or for that matter Plejaren the ways of remembering reincarnated past lives to develop in each new life when becoming physical again, is it a possibility?

The reason for the question is because in my outside readings there has been claim of such Science but through Vatican/Christian laws or otherwise, they have either destroyed the books for the sake of taking this power away from humans.

ANSWER: Such science was never present or taught on Earth. Such claims most probably are simply based on new-age nonsense.

Of course, the functioning of reincarnation is a part of the spiritual teachings (and is explained within it).

However, on other planets there certainly may be teachings/science regarding remembrance of reincarnations.[5]

Pure spirit forms

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

As I understand it, once a person dies on a planet, he will then reincarnate on this same planet.

For beings that have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies are they also obligated to stay in the region of their homeworlds, or do they have the choice to move throughout the universe?

ANSWER: Hi Scott,

The beings you mentioned are pure spirit forms (Reingeistformen). Their realm is extended throughout the Universe. (Arahat Athersata is the lowest of those realms.) They are not bound to a system or planet anymore.[6]

Reincarnating onto star ships

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

If a slow moving (primitive) space ship takes several generations to reach it's destination planet, and during this journey babies are born in this ship (therefor increasing it's population), where would the spirit forms come from?

ANSWER: Hi Jean Pierre,

The spirit forms would come from the nearest planet that is inhabited by human beings (where the people are at least as highly developed/evolved as the people in the space ship).[7]

Sensible useful appropriate related questions

  • What will it be like on the future earth for those bearing our reincarnated spirit forms?
  • What will it be like in our next life, when we are reborn to live again on the Earth?
  • Will the food and drink be in short supply, and the rich hoard everything for themselves?
Or will there be plenty of food in drink in most areas, because the populace started rationing their offspring?
  • Will the world have been decimated by war, and change, with radioactive fallout permeating the northern hemisphere?
Or will nations have come to their senses, and outlawed war that is not gewaltsame Gewaltsamelosigkiet-related neutralization of war?
  • Will the suppression of the Meier case still continue in the media, only to be found in the underground?
Or will more people in a new-thought structure come to their senses, after many validations of prophecies and predictions, and the people with greater openness about the Meier case, and a greater reverence for the spiritual teaching by the new-founded new spiritual teaching people?
  • Will some of us be reborn among the new spiritual teaching people to have this in our upbringing?
  • Will the "Goblet of Truth" be shunned by the populace for it's revolutionary ideas, and people are still lost for a God that will not have an ear for this planet, because he does not exist?
Or will the "Goblet of the Truth" find greater acceptance among the populace, who embrace the creational truth-teaching, and find solace in it's creational recommendations?
  • Will there be widespread national disasters, that become national emergencies, because we ignored the warnings about overpopulation for too long?
  • Will there be a mixture of bad and good, bad such as a severe environmental crisis, but also consciousness-heights that will be a reflection of a planetary society that is trying to change for the good?
  • Will the cities be charred rubble from the madness of war, with meager people meeking out a pitiful existence?
Or will the cities be filled with joy for life, because they have greater peace then they did in our last life?
  • Will criminals and terrorists have their way with the populace, to wreak havoc among the peaceful citizens?
Or will society take crime-fighting seriously by utilizing the crime-fighting tactics of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit (see Contact Report 246), and terrorists are logically banished where they can no longer harm the populace (full-fledged citizens)?
  • Will all of nature be destroyed by people thinking only of their share-holders, while the elite do not fulfill the wishes of the common people, but only think of their own selfish interests?
Or will there be an equalization between the delicate-line between rich and poor, and the common people are more honestly represented by their governments then in my time?
  • Will the people be bio-chipped slaves by corporations, sciences, militaries, and governments?
Or will there be a greater sense of freedom, greater then there is in my time? And a greater sense of personal destiny?
  • Will the future FIGU be shunned by world governments, and suppressed and debased by world religions?
Or will the future FIGU be guarded by world governments, and consulted on matters of planetary importance?
  • Will the populace still think extraterrestrial life is a ridiculous joke, and world governments use media to instill a paranoid sense of fear of extraterrestrials for a sense of control?
Or will there be a greater sense of openness regarding extraterrestrials, out of a natural sense of genuine curiosity (and interstellar oneness) as we develop our critical space programs more?


Scientists have had a jolly good look at incredibly fine particulates, but this area of science takes an incredibly long time for any civilization to discover, not just ours. And what use is finding and naming a particle, it takes a long time after that, take the electromagnetic spectrum for example i.e the screen your looking at.

When scientists do discover fine-material in the future, then incarnation may well be revisited and the usefulness and value of the Spirit Teaching may well then fall into its own, which will be interesting because they'll be historical documents by that time.

Contact Report 251

This is the moment when Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. Upon this realization, science will be discredited for some time.

Until then, it deals with you and with life, so there are still many things that are useful to know if your interested in the subject. So lets jump into the natural laws, because we can all work with logic-gates; what is and what is not. Its the useful life philosophy part which folk want anyway.

Processes (Section for natural laws)

Collected; various sources, see reference, from the FIGU forum, Bulletins, Contact Reports, Articles etc.

Who incarnates and who doesn't

  • No new spirits are being incarnated on this planet presently (at the present time only) because the evolution (currently) is too high.
However many lower evolved spirits are already leading a life. You may independently study mental disability.
  • A new spirit-form is different to a very lowly evolved spirit-form.
  • A yet ignorant new spirit form - in humans and in animals, etc. still has no overall consciousness block respectively, overall instinctive consciousness block.
Whereby out of this it would create unto itself a human conscious-consciousness, respectively, a material consciousness.
Or in the case of animals, an animal instinctive-consciousness.
  • If we speak therefore exclusively of human, it is without the overall consciousness block respectively, overall instinctive consciousness block; and therefore is yet still an ignorant form and it is inhabiting for the first time in material body. Its a new Spirit of the Creation and is yet to bear inside of it the spirit form impulse superimposed laws, to create and develop itself out of an overall consciousness block.

Length of time required in the Beyond

  • For approximately every 100 years of life and individual lives out on Earth. The spirit-form needs about 152 years in the beyond.[8]

However due to overpopulation this length of needed time isn't always possible, which causes many problems.

Consequences of overpopulation

  • Once the population exceeds 529,000,000 Earth is overpopulated. We've been overpopulated since at least the 1800's, however probably the 1700's.
  • Even if we were to experience both WW III and Apophis and they together cause the world population to decline by 2/3 we would still be grossly overpopulated with almost 3 billion people. This means early reincarnations and the previously mentioned 152 years in the beyond area doesn't happen any longer.
  • The resulting effect of overpopulation, causes a new consciousness and new personality to incarnate with the reincarnation of the spirit-form only a very short time after death and time in the beyond unfortunately.
In some cases as little as half an hour later. However such extremely short cases are very rare. In such cases the new personality has to cope with the previously accumulated chronicle from the Storage Banks in the life itself not in the beyond. Such individuals receive strong impulses of remembrances of the earlier personality and they tend to make world news when the details of these recollections are shared. This happens because there wasn't enough time in between incarnations in the beyond, and there is still a strong connection to the previous material existence.[9]

As long as there is overpopulation on Earth, there will continue to be negative effects, such as this; human beings (spirit form and consciousness-block) being reincarnated too early:

  • If a spirit form is forced to reincarnate too soon, the OCB doesn't have enough time to fully program the new personality.
As a result, there are human beings born who have great problems to live through well into their new life
  • Other effects include: weakness, non-thoroughness, instability, etc.
Negatively affecting interpersonal relations, the environment; indeed and of course the planet itself.

When did the world start to become so overpopulated that the spirit-form's time in the beyond was shortened?

  • Let's say that our evolution became too high in the 1700s, during the Age of Enlightenment (1715-1789). The population of the world at that point, according to estimates, was 600-679 million; that's at least 71 million new spirit-forms incarnating on Earth when the world was already considered overpopulated.
Thus, going by this logic, the spirit-form's time in the beyond was shortened from around 1700 when the world's population was about 600 million or more.
  • It seems misguided to suggest that our evolution became too high any earlier than that period. The history before the Enlightenment was dark and ignorant.
The scientific revolution lead up to and influenced the Enlightenment period in the 18th century, and the publication of Nicolaus Copernicus's On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres is cited as marking the beginning of the scientific revolution, which was published in 1543.
However Plato's books in ancient Greece curves the idea of darkness and ignorance extending all the way back in time.
  • When we look at the estimates, in 1543 the population is believed to have been around 425-540 million.
This is much closer to the population count limit for the Earth as suggested by the Plejaren. The 1500s could likely have been the time when our evolution became too high, when new spirits were no longer being incarnated, and when the length of time of a spirit-form's stay in the beyond began to be shortened.

Programming in the Beyond before rebirth

The spirit exists in timelessness, so never rests. During a human’s time in the beyond it absorbs information from the Storage Banks of OCB.

The term CCB (comprehensive consciousness block) is no longer used to refer to the OCB (overall-consciousness-block)[10]

Types of Wesen

An overall consciousness block is initially created by the spirit-form the first time a new spirit-form enters a Wesen.[11] Be it an amoeba, plant, animal, other creature or human being.

The types of overall consciousness block created by the new spirit-form is determined by the type of Wesen of the spirit-form the first enters it.

This also determines the type of consciousness block that will develop within the Wesen of that spirit-form that first enters.

List of Types of Wesen

  • Single/multi-celled organism Wesen - an overall (impulse) consciousness block with an (impulse) consciousness block
  • Plant Wesen - an overall (impulse) consciousness block with an (impulse) consciousness block
  • Animal Wesen - an overall (instinct) consciousness block with an (instinct) consciousness block
  • Human being Wesen - an overall (conscious) consciousness block with an (conscious) consciousness block

In the case of the human being, the overall consciousness block will remain associated to the spirit-form which created it for the remainder of that spirit-forms evolution.

  • It requires a physical body for its associated consciousness block's consciousness development during each lifetime of its spirit-form's line (lineage) of incarnated consciousness blocks (personalities and consciousnesses).
i.e., until the spirit-form evolves to the pure spirit level.

At that point there is no longer a need for the overall consciousness block as there is no longer a need for the spirit-form to reincarnate into a human Wesen since it (the ocb) completely dissolves during the High Council level of development prior to entering the pure spirit level Arahat Athersata.[12]

Stages in the beyond area and other worldly area

After death: the consciousness block enters the overall consciousness block (in the realm of the beyond area and other worldly area) to first resolve all unresolved impulse-based things of the previous life.

  • These are resolved and added back into to the consciousness block as resolved impulse-based items.
  • Next all impulse-based items are stored in the OCB Storage bank with copies also stored in the planetary, cosmic and universal storage banks never to be lost.
  • The consciousness block with its consciousness, personality, etc., are then dissolved into pure creational energy, from which a completely new consciousness block is created.
  • Then all impulse-based items stored in the ocb storage bank is copied into the Subconscious memory of the new consciousness block. This consciousness block will then incarnate into a new human Wesen along with its associated reincarnating spirit form on the 21st day after conception.
  • This process will take place each time the human body (Wesen) dies with the spirit form entering the realm of the other world and the consciousness block entering its original spirit-created overall consciousness block in its own realm of the other world to repeat the reincarnation (spirit-form) and incarnation (consciousness block) processes.
  • The overall consciousness block (OCB) itself exists in the beyond area and other worldly area and comes into utilization only after the death of each human being (successor-personalities) in a spirit-forms line (lineage).
  • As the overall consciousness block is by nature in the realm other world, it is not bound physically to a location, i.e., planet, cosmos, universe, but rather bound to the spirit-form that created it.
  • Where the human being goes, there also goes his/her spirit-form and consciousness block. Where the human being dies there also the afterlife process occurs, as the realms of the other world remains accessible for the reincarnation (spirit-form) and incarnation (consciousness block) process to occur.
  • When a human being travels to other locations (e.g. from the DERN to DAL universe) and dies the only difference may be in the planetary and possibly the cosmic storage banks that will store the impulse based items of the previously lived life. However this impulse-based information is still available in the universal storage banks, which if I understand correctly will be made available from the ocb storage bank into the new planet/cosmic storage banks following the death of the human being (on a new planet) following the afterlife reincarnation (spirit-form) and incarnation (consciousness block) processing through the overall consciousness block initially created by the spirit-form in the realm of the other world.[13]
  • This then in turn, creates itself from out of the Material conscious consciousness and therefore, into the actual personality, which then handles the material life, learns and after the death of the material body passes away. Connected with the spirit form, after the death of the material body in its own beyond area change-over, the same happens with the Overall consciousness-block, which also is received into its own Beyond area. In this the block works together with its neutral energy with the personality to still complete all, of what the current past life, has not yet been processed. this processing finds its completion, then through the power and energy of the overall - consciousness block, the personality dissolves into pure neutral energy, containing no more impulses of the old personality.
  • This neutral spirit-energy then finds the overall consciousness-block for use, to create a completely new personality and thus resulting in a new consciousness, with the dissolved past personality, respectively, with the old consciousness no similarities exist any longer. This new personality, it then, compatible together with the reincarnation spirit form and its overall consciousness Block, is born into a new human body. This also shows that no personality and therefore no human can be born again because this is reserved only and solely for the ever-steadfast spirit form. So only the spirit form, through Creational laws, is registered for the reincarnation, but not the personality.
  • During the lifetime the current personality, respectively. of the consciousness, are all ongoing things like thoughts, feelings, movements, skills and emotions, etc., etc., deposited in the storage banks for all time and registered and recorded. Death of the material body, then vanishes the consciousness, respectively, personality (personality and consciousness are two different terms for one and the same) who / which is integrated in the overall consciousness block, in a spirit form, beyond area adjoining area beyond its own. In this area, through the power of the neutral overall consciousness-block energy all this while the current life still unprocessed personality, respectively, the Consciousness, is processed, with everything emerging therefrom of neutral value is transferred into the spirit form in the beyond area. At the same time anything and everything is transferred into the storage banks and then stored there. Once the processing is completed, then the personality dissolves into pure spirit energy, which from the overall consciousness-block is formed into a completely new personality, respectively, into a new consciousness, of which the former existence no longer has a special story behind it or identity. However, this was already an introduced and explained in detail previously.
  • The new personality, respectively, the new consciousness, is born with only the reincarnation capable spirit form and leads a unique current life that is absolutely ignorant in every respect, therefore they then require lifelong learning for collecting knowledge and to build love and wisdom. Vibrationally and sub-consciously connected to the storage banks, but through their own frequency, in a subconscious way, retrieves impulses from its own previous personalities and its existence.

Rough predetermined outline of future life

  • The predetermination is only ever a rough outline of one’s future life.
  • Its a conception of the actual path which you have to, more appropriately worded; ought to take.
  • The individual way, line, path, of action with every bell, whistle, detailing and every trapping isn't pre-determined. How you master every situation is down to you at the moment and during that future now.
  • Humans may through their thoughts and actions freely decide about the real/actual course of their life.
  • There is a good reason we develop a recommendation for ourselves and independently by ourselves, however. Momentum, chance, probability, luck, fate, destiny and focusing on actual possibilities is difficult at the point of now.
We only have so much time to deliberate with and over what we can actually do compared with the time it would require to do and would need compared to the planning versus the number of hours in a day. If it was all left to our material-intellect to do everything. Interestingly robots are going to have that problem, only solved by increasing the speed of the mechanisms, difficult to increase the quality of the decisions.
A general example could be a mature tenured elderly professional compared with a young individual in the same profession and work place, with less experience but trying to do the same quantity of things. The overall speed is the same, the younger person may even beat the older person on speed from time to time, but the quality of decisions are more rounded and successful with the older person, and the reasons for that are manifold and generally known, amounts to experience of combinations of possibilities and selecting the best combination every time.
Overpopulation therefore doesn't represent the only breakage on Earth in this respect, because in over-regulated areas such as the European Union, straddled with legalese where all the answers are given out because competition is fierce and the quality of work isn't usually particularly advanced, old and young are equal. Employers may even prefer to take on a young individual because they're easier to manage, fresher, mouldable and tolerate being told what to do, less independence. Official statistics in these areas indicate the younger and older are unemployed and the middle age group are the ones used. On Erra its different in that they don't have Earth's rapid Ageing affliction and therefore don't have a rapidly changing economy; individuals can be employed in the same sector for their entire lives and progress onto incredibly perfect profound achievements unhindered by restrictive opportunities. Their rough predetermined outline of future life can be much stronger and robust than ours because there is more guarantee and a much wider collection of possibilities afforded to them.
  • The overall consciousness Block of human leads back to Creational Laws however, it is not to integrate, from scratch, into the spirit form. Actually, namely this block shall only be created by the spirit form itself, same power of the Creational laws, that the spirit form, from the two poles negative and positive there must be in existence the material body. The spirit form itself forms the positive value, while the overall consciousness block represents the negative value, Is in direct connection with the Material consciousness emanating from him, which itself is, through its own thought-forming energy influences, evolving itself. At the same time the material consciousness, in a special form, is in connection with the entire material body, so it also means that the material body forms the negative-value. This, in respect, also applies to the animals, etc., except that there is given an overall instinctive consciousness Block and an instinctive consciousness and thus no conscious consciousness. But now back to the spirit form, creates in humans the overall consciousness block or in the animal world etc., the overall instinctive consciousness block.
  • Thereby occurs in appearance, hunches and age-old acquired knowledge, which the new personality, respectively, the new consciousness learns very quickly and - together with the newly developed knowledge - will be ever more knowledgeable and wiser. From the storage banks "retrieves" knowledge impulses and reminder impulses, in terms of knowledge and wisdom, come from previous lives as a rule as premonitions, however, the human, as a rule, does not know where they come from. Due to this consequence, in the lack of understanding of the truth, they then call it inspirations which they attribute to some other level or entity, although in truth it is based on their own personal memory impulses of their own earlier personalities.

Environmental selection and election

The selections depend on Schwingungen[14] (swinging waves).

All human beings “pulsate” with a very characteristic swinging wave which creates a very specific, matching environment.

This is swinging-wave we determines the “new personality”: The “programming of the new personality” is a natural event and process. Achieved in order to bring the sum-total of a spirit form’s past incarnations into a “perfect balance with the universal, creational swinging wave”.

  • The spirit-form does not designate. It's designated according to fine-material laws and natural processes including opportunity (this is a more robust approach to natural selection).
  • Children haven't necessarily pre-determined their parents, its more than that.
  • Parents can be an influence in who their children will be, but its not a given/rule. The Hindu connection between father and son is not unconditional.
Nurture, mothering and fathering plays a role in the spirits pre-ordinate development decisions for the new personality, in terms of the ego, consciousness etc. which will be created, because it can see the future and evaluate the outcomes well in advance of the physical unfolding of the future.
  • Causal foreordination (fügungsmässig) cannot be influenced or steered.
Its a naturally occurring process dependant on the sum total of all previous incarnations.
  • Consciousness-evolution related development isn't based in coarse-materialism, it's a fine-material based science. Knowledge, wisdom and learning can occur anywhere.
The cultural arrangement and standard of agreements a human treasured in any previous life may influence where that individual is re-born.
  • It's not necessarily the language spoken or material particulars but instead the general cultural style, aptitude, temperament, standard of living, style of existing, quality of exchange (confrontation, permissible, tolerance etc), tendencies, standard of opportunities and arrangement of liberties. Including what opportunities may have been blocked off nationally, traditionally, culturally.

Some have described it as similar to a “Bluetooth-like pairing” of the two swinging waves, their finding/coming together and as a very natural, cause and effect-based event/process.

While it is true that a person's birthplace/society/country is all pre-selected and determined due to Creation's laws i.e due to one's vibratory frequency. Sometimes "different" persons will have a vibratory frequency greater then their parents, and these people follow their own personal vibratory frequency and realize they learned from his/her parents the example of what not to be like. Those different persons should follow their own way in life, and be who they really are at all times, and they will hopefully gravitate to the Meier case, and we can all change our entire civilization to the good one person at a time, that can turn into large groups of people, that can turn into even larger groups of people, until there is a complete liberation in consciousness of this planet.

  • Since there is always a new personality in each existence/incarnation (no exceptions!), it is not possible that two persons can promise to meet each other again in a next existence to continue with a “true love”.
  • There is no pre-determination (Vorbestimmung).

Environment examples

Continental unions, partial democracies, continental dictatorships, tribal settings, wild wilderness communities, mega-cities, heavily historical architectural traditional, cultureless godless traditionless valueless etc, civilised (established agreements), non-civilized (few or no agreements), technological, religious, capitalist, consumerist, industrial, island, tropical, temperate, cold, barren, wilderness, wild, abundant, desert, overdeveloped, underdeveloped, intergalactic, federation, alliance, bureaucratic, relaxed friendly open honest shared feelings (fewer achievements more liberty marked by shared leadership and direction), closed cold focused on individuals greatness celebrity (greater disparities marked by individual leaders).

Just to give some words, not scientific, the combinations are much more specific and there is an undiscovered science behind this information. Many cities have a little flavour of everything for example, however growing up in a north American, European and European-Russian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and some parts of south America - community is decidedly different to an Asian-Russian, Japanese, Chinese, South East Asian community etc. There are specific differences but in some areas these differences are smaller, less pronounced and/or larger more pronounced, so those possibilities to incarnate there then still exist. The invention of the internet, mass transit and overpopulation is levelling some of these differences. So yes you may very well incarnate in an area of the world next time that isn't a particularly obvious choice at the moment.

The copper pyramid you may have seen pictures of in FIGU is designed to ensure the incarnation occurs nearby.

Gender Allocation

The gender is not determined by impregnation, but instead by the spirit-form's personality that enters the embryo, which begins on the 21st day of pregnancy.

We get the chromosomes genetically during procreation however they are not activated until later, 8-12 weeks after procreation. The new consciousness determines which chromosomes are activated, these are then activated by the spirit-form's energy.

Pertaining to your next incarnation (reincarnation), if a person makes a decision with clear thinking during his/her current embodiment to reincarnate as a male, that is what will happen; same as with female. Reincarnation cannot be stopped, it will continue to eons. In science an eon is about a billion years.

If a person (spirit-form) is a female in physical embodiment (current life) today and they want to come back as a female in their next embodiment, with clear thinking this person must think that they want to be a female and it will be registered in the persons personal spirit memory block; it’s a form of programming. A persons thoughts are very powerful which most humans have not figured out yet.

  • It's the new personality that's been created by the comprehensive consciousness block (Gesamtbewusstseinblock) that steers and directs the developing embryo in order to either remain a female body or to become a male body.
  • The process is made possible by the spirit’s force or power.
Therefore it's the spirit form that is responsible for the necessary impulses for this process.
  • However it's not the spirit-form itself that decides the gender.
It’s the new personality and its various aspects, goals etc; that determine the baby’s gender.

Retrieving information from the Storage Banks

  • If the spirit form and personality, respectively, the consciousness of the human evolves to a certain high level, then one's own impulses can be "retrieved" from the storage banks of the present current life and also the impulses of their own earlier personalities whereby the human's conscious knowledge and wisdom of his previous personalities' past lives can make available. Frequencies that are similar to other personalities can also be used here, if "related" knowledge impulses retrieved and can be used for evolution.
  • There is in rare occasions a communication possible with the comprehensive-consciousness-block (CCB), but that is more a communication as with a computer, it can only answer question for which it has the knowledge, this communication is only possible for the time the CCB exists.
  • The CCB exists for the amount of time the spirit needs to process all data stored in it.
  • After that time it will be neutralized completely in spiritual energy and used to create an absolutely new and neutral personality which has no connections whatsoever with the former personality/CCB.
  • In short, communication with the dead is simply not possible.
So called seances are conscious or unconscious fraud or imagination or connection with the collective subconsciousness of the human race. Or retrieval of information from the Storage Banks, random information from the Storage Banks isn't useful, it must be targeted and then its useful.

Homosexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual

Its not homophobic, its the way nature works and this page is about reincarnation and the details and mechanics of how it works.

  • Homosexuality is a natural occurrence in conflict with nature.
  • If a person is confused about their sex at the end of their previous life and/or does not know if they want to be female or male, they will reincarnate as a homosexual, but this is not a given/rule.
  • Psychological counselling, having a role model, a teacher or instructor, going hunting with a man, joining a military, engaging gender specific activities etc can help a person (spirit-form) to correct this, more appropriately worded; change it naturally.
Clear Thoughts: Firming the identity individually can assist with orientation, such that in their next incarnation the individuals spirit-form can be either male or female depending on their clear thoughts.
  • If a person stays undetermined as to being a female or male, they will again incarnate as a homosexual.
  • Homosexuals sometimes change their orientation over time without intervention, many do, its not set in stone for the entire life. In many nations its illegal to intervene and/or socially unacceptable to, so it's a matter for time to deal with.


  • One's death is a fact of life, and there are many possibilities for our next life, and the future Earth that we create is our inheritance. This applies to all terrestrials that have not left orbit (we incarnate on the same planet we die on). We all want a positive future, and the future is written on how closely we can follow the recommendations. The only differentiation is there are those who already realize this, and those who have not learned it yet.
  • Since personalities (that which makes a person and individual with a certain name and thinking etc.) never incarnate again, but are dissolved after death; there are various irrelevances such as for example it is not relevant whether two spirit forms (or rather the connected personalities) have been in some interaction in former existences. Relationships, marriages and parent-child relations in this life are entirely non-relevant in future lives because each life has to deal with new people, relationships and circumstances.

The Codex and the 144k

OM [Omfalon Murado] 33:103

And so he will be as prophet of the new time, when the time of the time comes around, and when his name means that he is the guardian of the treasure (note: Eduard) at the time when the equitable ones have expunged their seven-thousand-fold guilt and will have taken the step for the fulfilment of the oath of the determination.

  • The codex, which was dissolved in the 90's, was an ancient spiritual agreement, which applied to a certain small group of ET spirit-forms, who had done some terrible things in Earth history, 389,000 years ago, events which had affected terrestrial mankind in a negative way. They were required to reincarnate 7000 different times, each time with a new personality, and consciousness block, until they were back to the guidelines of the laws, and recommendations of Creation. These were not "punishment" incarnations, but "learning" incarnations.
  • The former fallible ones (former Ringleaders) who broke laws 389,000 years ago, and affected terrestrial mankind in a negative wise. They were 144,207 JHWH leaders, and sub-leaders, who to atone for their crimes such as two ancient terrestrial nuclear wars, and an ancient crime syndicate called the "sons of heaven", had to reincarnate on Earth for 7,000 lifetimes to atone for their ancient guilt, and they did such, and fulfilled their fulfillment of guidelines, and became equitable ones.
  • They took oaths 13,500 years ago to assist BEAM in the new time, and fulfil a special mission.
  • There should be no animosity towards these spirit-forms, and their former historical personalities.
  • The 144,228 are different to the 144,207 but have similar characteristics.
  • The 144,228 Geteuer spirit-forms currently alive is is explained on page 81 of the Nokodemion book that; the Getreuer can be found in the FIGU core-group as well as a certain number of passive members, and also outside of FIGU membership, and all throughout the world.
  • Some of the 144,207 ET former JHWH commanders and sub-leaders currently alive can also be found in the core-group, some passive members, FIGU forum posters, and FIGU book readers, and other people trying to help the mission.
Most people do not know that there are two different groups of 144K ET spirit-forms reincarnating on Earth presently, and that both groups are to assist the FIGU mission. It is likely this includes successor personalities for some folks, and of course those bearing native Earth-born spirit-forms can (and will) help too.
  • Like any former JHWH commander reincarnating on Earth, the 144,207 ET spirit-forms are "throttled-back" by the AA (Arahat Athersata, see The High Council) pure-spirit-level to the level of an "average" Earth human, or they would go insane.
ET spirit-forms reincarnating on Earth can overcome this "throttling-back" by arduous study of the spiritual teaching in the FIGU books, which I equate to learning in your mode of life (Lebensweise) and learning in your living experience (Erleben [to live it]) which is based on how you conduct your life-conduct (Lebensführung).
  • The 144,207 equitable ones want to help.
  • The 144,228 Getreuer want to help.
  • Some of the other people bearing ET spirit-forms from the big groups of former immigration waves reincarnating on Earth want to help.
  • Some people bearing native Earth-born spirit-forms want to help.

  • ET spirit-forms are considerably older then native Earth-born spirit-forms,
The oldest being the Getreuer (not counting the Nokodemion spirit-form, who is the oldest, and wisest) at 69 million years old.

For those that want to know more about the 144,207 equitable ones should read Contact Report 191, the German only broschure "Rund um Codex", and the German only OM book. OM 31:1162 - 31:1368 is ancient name-lists of some of the former fallible ones that were higher up in authority in those ancient days.

  • If you will never read German, it's your loss, but don't fret, OM is very good, but GOT is the best book penned by BEAM in my opinion.

For those that want to know more about the 144,228 Geteuer spirit-forms, read the German only Nokodemion book.

Goblet of the Truth chapter 18 verses 1, 2 & 7 it says the following:

1) The ones truly having knowledge of the truth are like glittering stars in the firmament, because they are the reflection of the laws and recommendations as they have been given since the beginning of all unfolding (existence) through the primordial eternality (Creation).
2) And the ones truly having knowledge of the truth and the ones truly following the truth are people of your kind (human beings), as they are also mighty helpers and leaders for all people of your kind (humankind) on the thorny way to finding the truth and following the truth, and they stand by you for obtaining the virtues in the best possible fullness of value.
7) And if you people of your kind (human beings) wish to follow the proclaimer (prophet) then you must determine (select) yourselves to do this and take a special way on which you disconnect (liberate) yourselves from all that is earthly, which binds you to the unrighteous (conscienceless) and the unfair (irresponsible); this alone is extensively (amply) the way of the selected (completed) observation (control) of the primal-eternal (creational) laws and recommendations, from which true love and wisdom and high knowledge evolve, which are the highest good of the truthly proclaimer (prophet).

ET Spirit Forms

  • These other spiritual forms included the many millions of extraterrestrial spirit forms who moved to Earth, voluntarily or involuntarily, from the Lyra and Vega systems, and the destroyed planet Malona in the SOL system.
  • There are 50 million ET spirit-forms in the Earth's reincarnation cycles.
  • Many people have surmised there are much more than that if one considers Mars, Malona, Sirian immigrations, etc,
  • Note: There is a contact that has not been translated yet that gives a % of the population that bear ET spirit-forms (% only, not a total number, but this could be deduced if you knew the real total Earth population count at the year of the contact)
One cannot deduce the total number, because it would not account for the ET spirit-forms in the beyond. All one could deduce is the amount of those alive people bearing ET spirit-forms during the exact year only of the contact.


  • In later years Nokodemjon was once again pointedly prepared in various ways by different people of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin in many countries on Earth. They instructed him in the most diverse fields of knowledge of a spiritual and physical nature, so he would be able to fulfil his task in the Mission, and continue his contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejaren.


  • In the current life it is immaterial which of the four groups you belong to.
What matters is what you choose to do with your studies, and what choices you make as your destiny is in your very own hands.
  • You are your own "Destiny-smith". Aside from the beneficial treasures of the consciousness from studying in the present lifetime, students of the spiritual teaching can possibly reincarnate as a further "mission-helper" with their successor personality, and in a few lifetimes there will be "truth-bringers", and considering how backwards the Earth is, I'm sure all mission-help will be welcome in the future times by the future ones.
  • The events of a human life are hard to fathom.
  • They are filled with many situations in which we meet a (justly or unjustly) suffering living being.
  • Sometimes we may feel a great desire to relieve it from its ordeal.
  • Our thoughts are very creative.
  • So (in response to a suffering human being) we sometimes may, in later life, enter a similar situation of suffering.
  • We should then muster a strong life force by connecting with the universal creative forces and undertake the steps to master our (adopted) suffering.
  • If we succeed we gain the strength to understand and guide a suffering person (similar to the one for which we felt the great compassion) out of its dilemma.
  • Your spiritform may be perfect from start to finish, but the personality sure isn't.
  • It is feasable to think that the Earth would benefit in the future centuries by older (and wiser) ET spirit-forms' new personalities, as well as, further developing native Earth-born spirit-forms' new personalities who want to live the laws and recommendations of the Creation.

Related numbers, statistics and calculations

  • Erra is similar in size and relative distance from their sun as Earth is to ours, so the Plejaren will also spend 1.52 times their lifespan in the beyond after death. Assuming an average lifetime of 1,000 years, then 389,000 years (see Event Timeline divided by 2,520 (1,000 + 1,520) would equate to 154.365 Plejaren lifetimes.
  • "Goblet of the Truth" verses that instruct the Earth about banishment[15]: ~2:197, 2:233, 2:388, 3:146, 3:214-3:215, 4:04, 4:25, 4:33, 4:47, 4:54, 4:58, 4:82, 4:83, 4:122, 4:220, 5:33, 5:50, 5:55, 5:137, 6:125, 7:04, 8:68-8:71, 9:99
  • We may find it very hard to imagine why the evil was committed some 389,000 years ago. But the ca. 144,000 were fleeing a terrible, long lasting war.
There is as well a guideline for those 144,207 old Lyrans that failed some 389,000 ago, to change the poison of their misdeed into a tool that creates great benefit for humanity.
The banished ones have to absolve 7000 life times in the challenging environment of our Earth.
Each life may be different. But it always is our task to guide, our and their consciousness, back to the essence of all Creation. The source of strength for every living being. The oneness of universal love.
  • Atlantis was primarily destroyed by the engineered chunk of asteroid directed down upon it by the scientists from Mu on a suicide mission.
The asteroid attack was in retaliation for a nuclear strike on Mu.
The atomic attack on Mu and the asteroid attack on Atlantis may well have been happening simultaneously, it’s just that the nukes arrived at Mu first.
Those that caused the problems in our time are humans related to the same spirit forms are not necessarily those that caused the destruction of Mu. However they are re-incarnating to prevent a similar cataclysm that unfolded when Atlantis attacked Mu.

Contact Report 653 Excerpt.

95. The consciousness-development of the Erran population, which is to be assessed at between 20 and 30 million years higher than that of the terrestrial human beings, does not enable for us Plejaren any relapses into dark, de-evolutive and inhuman machinations, because the entire Plejaren population has once and for all progressed onto the way of the teaching of the prophets and shall also, with sureness, tread that way further.
98. Unfortunately, on the planet Earth there are, in all governments, undergovernments, offices, administrations and branches of government and so in all very important key positions, there is a preponderance of human beings who are might-greedy, paranoid psychopaths, who are recognized as such neither by their co-workers nor by the public.
99. The fact here is also that this bulk of unrighteous-ones and psychopaths operates behind closed doors and, in their markedly characteristic egoism and their might-greed, do everything in a secret wise over and past the will of the folk and make decisions for the folk to their detriment.
100. Indeed, those in the highest positions of government are very mighty figures, but the bulk of them is lacking in clear intellect and conscious rationality, as well as the necessary modesty and responsibility to the folk.
101. They are all true leviathans[13] with gigantic might, which they misuse without restraint.

Contact Report 191 Excerpt.

79. In addition, this is the first time since the beginning of the great evil that in the present life until now, still no member has degenerated or received harm in such a way that one has met a forcible death or has loaded death-guilt upon himself, which can still happen, however, with one or others who are already strangers to today's group again.

79. Ausserdem ist es das erste Mal seit Beginn des grossen Übels, dass im gegenwärtigen Leben bisher noch kein Glied derartig ausgeartet oder zu Schaden gekommen ist, dass eines einen gewaltsamen Tod

Contact Report 150 Excerpt.

100. As crazy as it sounds, with the knowledge about the earthly overpopulation:
100. So irr das bei den Kenntnissen um die irdische Überbevölkerung klingt:
101. A new people must be established.
101. Es muss ein neues Volk gegründet werden.
102. But it must be a people that lives in accordance with the natural-creational laws, making it the role model for the large mass of stupefied Earth humanity and affects them instructively.
102. Das jedoch muss ein Volk sein, das gemäss den natürlich-schöpferischen Gesetzen lebt, wodurch es der grossen Masse der verdummten Erdenmenschheit zum Vorbild wird und belehrend auf diese einwirkt

  • Through calculations ("Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause") if certain things happen then we can expect certain results.
  • Through dreams and visions (all in this life is interconnected, all follow a logical order, for some persons it is possible to know about future events (even if they are millions of years ahead), really wise persons can control this ability.
  • It is also possible to travel to the future physically to see what is going to happen, if a technology has been developed and that takes a long time.
  • Prophecies can be changed and are obtained through calculations, dreams or visions, etc and predictions cannot be changed and are the result of looking directly into the future (travelling through time using technology or using the powers of the consciousness).
  • The spirit gains consciousness/self-awareness at the moment it

reaches the level of Arahat Athersata, from this point on, evolution occurs, fully logical in a self-aware manner. I dont know how that works, but I do know that pure spirit forms are flawless in their thinking and logical, e.g they dont make mistakes.

  • The material consciousness has an absolute connection with the

spirit, in the way that it derives its life force and power from it. Without the spirit, the material consciousness could not do a thing or even live.

  • An android is a living organism but doesn't have a human spirit form as we do. They are capable of thinking and reasoning, but not in a evolutionary style as humans do, they aren't self-aware as we are. Consciousness-related/spiritual evolution is solely limited to all races and types of human beings (all 40,353,607 natural human races) in the Universe.
  • The spiritform has from its beginning a 'basic' intelligence which is 'programmed' with all the natural-creative laws and commandments of Creation, therefore is this intelligence absolutely logical because it stems from the Creation itself, I mean with that, the basic programming = the knowledge about the natural creative laws and commandments.
You could compare it to an computer with just an operating system and no additional data yet, the operating system will acquire the data and determine what is logical or not and will accumilate the data over time.

This way the spiritform accumilates knowledge over time and grows in knowledge, truth and wisdom.

Wrong religious premises

  • High ranking Buddhist priests and abbots will usually tell you that people reincarnate with those animal characteristics like grasping, unthinking, aggressively reactionary etc rather than as the animal itself.[16]
  • It's the "stupid" people who come up with the "stupid" ideas. Some leaders, however, pamper to these ideas when it profits them one way or another, or as a simplistic answer to those they regard as simplistic in nature.[17]
  • The Spirit Teaching may not teach "karma" (as in Hinduism/Buddhism) but this does not negate that there is a reason for when and where spirit forms are born.
Universal and individual lives have the same patterns, are on the same path, both exist in order to grow in wisdom.
This growth, however, depends on situations in which one is given a chance to master a challenge that allows this progress in wisdom.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • After death, the material consciousness is deleted, erased, lost upon death and the Fluidal Force is much too weak. So for an individual looking to store something, perhaps burying it in a sealed container for finding, using, discovering in a future incarnation to get a clue, inkling, suggestion, indication even to initialise the search let alone then reading into the discovered written text to then develop the cognitions that were intended by a personality in a previous life. Its not something that can happen.[18]
  • There is a real story of Merlin available.[20]
    By its very inclusion itself indicates we don't necessarily incarnate in the same place, family, community, culture etc.
  • The relative stability of the class system of the 19th century has given way in the overpopulated 21st century to utter bedlam, mayhem and random increasingly unpredictable actions and decisions by individuals.[citation needed]
    There are many little trinkets, pieces, dimes, pearls and tidbits not included in the cannon, yet lovingly incorporated in the foundational basics of the essential premise of the so called 'meier case' information itself, inside the basic composition with a small filament of separation. Which traditionally has been frowned upon in discussion due to not being considered important or interesting enough yet freely, accessible, openly available due to its presence in this basic compound, attained after just a year of reading.[citation needed]
    Former kings of entire nations, Pharaohs, celebrated authors, celebrities and historically influential personalities, in past lives, today during their present incarnation may well for example work down at the local fast-food take-away as a calm manager or down at the local department store as their reasonable supervisor. They may be found as the business owner of a successful cleaning company. Work as project manager of road vehicles at the local sewage treatment plant. Died on the Titanic ocean liner or passed in the past during testing of an important medicine we use today. They may have equally been tasked in a past life with the overlooked yet important role of digging, for a large cities sewage system, vital for its ongoing existence.[citation needed]
    What we have done in previous lives generally aligns to our present lives but not necessarily neatly and a local economy is not always particularly supportive of a similar layup of exchanges, aside the fact that we had already done that in previous life so need not repeat it. We may have been famous, rich, pioneering in a past life, may be so in a future life, but in this life we may be recognised more for simplicity, the interesting ways in which is goes.[citation needed]
    The theoretical injustice of it all is overrided by a natural law that prevents remembering previous lives.[citation needed]

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