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It's not recommended that you read this page until you have familiarized yourself with the Contact Reports and Spirit Teaching etc., as it is the case with all Meier Encyclopedia pages, because they are already presented in an original form in the German information.

Ageing, especially at the rate we age on Earth, is as close to the powers of God as it gets, so anyone who professes to know something about God but who doesn’t know that our life expectancy on Earth is abnormal, is falsely-sanctimonious. [continue reading]

Ageing is listed as The essential fact by FutureofMankind, other websites and FIGU itself may vary; key and necessary to understanding and illuminating most of everything about the situation on Earth and which the Plejaren, Federation and High Council have ever explained or given to Billy for him to pass on, or which he has personally explained, i.e essential fact, because it's particularly far reaching, however make your own mind up about that.

It's given a discreet position in the body of knowledge i.e. concealed veins that run throughout without necessarily being seen by the reader until it's identified to them. Be aware that acknowledging therefore the essential fact, changes the balance of the information overall and that is why it's recommend individuals have read a sizable amount of the original texts before acknowledging it, revisiting, concentrating and focusing on the arrangement of the fact, in a similar way recommended with the neanderthal knowledge compound, evolutionary disparity compound and various Spirit Teaching knowledge compounds.

The Contact Reports are conversations and the articles and books approach from different perspectives, so it's not all been written up in such a way that it would shake up the academic world or something like this. There are a small number of isolated scientists who have identified one way or another the obvious abnormality in the DNA, but as there is nothing to compare any of their results, assertions, theories to, the fact that we're a genetically modified human species and we need to genetically modify ourselves to finally and at long last live normally again won't be fully recognized until much later in history and even then only in a very isolated way by individuals who have studied many areas, which is pretty much the circumstances under which we genetically modified ourselves in the first place in ancient times. The Plejaren Federation won't do this for us because if there ever comes a time where we're entirely on our own we would need to be able to get ourselves out of it as a humanity, and that's not even mentioning the lesson it will teach us about genetically modifying species.

For other genetically modified species see Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti and Avocado, but don't stop there if you're interested in our modern relationship with the ancient world.

Below are various listings preceded by a brief introduction.

Aging should be read before reading this page.

What is it?

Ageing rapidly, lives too short, quickly progressing through the stages of life before cognition, deteriorating outwardly before inwardly wisdom caught up, ageing ten times more rapidly than ancient historical normal, being born into a genetically modified body, an abnormal evolution.


Ancient genetic modification. We are a genetically modified human species.


Descendant genetic modification.

Solution effect?

Descendants may be able to gain better grip on all things, than we have been able to.

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2, p.29 [continue reading]

Gewiss, diese Frage ist von grosser Bedeutung, und ich werde dir darüber für alle Auskunft erteilen: Das Alter einer jeglichen Lebensform wird teilweise durch die auf sie eindringenden Aussenkräfte kosmischer sowie umweltmässiger und ernährungsmässiger Art usw. sowie durch Kräfte anderer resp. gleichartiger Lebensformen bestimmt, wobei allerdings die Gene die überwiegende Rolle spielen. Da das Denken einer Lebensform durch die Kooperation des Geistes eine äusserst logische, also eine schöpfungsmässige Kraft erzeugt, die als hochfrequentierte Schwingungen und Strahlungen freigesetzt wird, wird damit eine ungeheure Kraft erzeugt, die alles zu beeinflussen vermag. Diese schöpfungsmässige Kraft dringt in alle, wahrlich in alle materiellen Lebensformen und Materien ein, um sie entsprechend ihrer Art und Form zu beeinflussen. Jegliche Lebensform hat eine ihren Genen und ihrem Lebensniveau gemässe Lebensdauer, so also auch die Menschenformen der Erde. Zu frühesten Zeiten, als der Mensch der Erde auch durch seine indirekten Vorfahren gezeugt wurde, war sein durchschnittliches Lebensalter mit 1007 Lebensjahren zu berechnen, denn durch seine Erzeuger geschult und unterrichtet, verfügte er über einen enormen Wissens- und Könnensstand. Unerwartet schnell jedoch fiel er den Religionen mit ihren Irrlehren anheim und ging dadurch des wahr- lichen Wissens und der Wahrheit verlustig. Zwangsläufig begann er auch wider alle natürlichen Gesetze zu arbeiten, wurde ihnen fremd und lebte gebots- und gesetzesbrecherisch. Alles zusammen gereichte zum Verlust der hohen Durchschnittslebensdauer, die im Laufe der Jahr- tausende immer tiefer absank und sich bei einem Zwanzigstel der früheren Zeit einpendelte, und zwar insbesondere deshalb, weil verschiedenste Einflüsse über viele Jahrzigtausende hinweg das Leben negativ beeinträchtigten und auch die Gene veränderten. Erst seit Beginn des neuen Zeitalters zeichnet sich wieder eine Wendung zum Besseren ab, so sich die Durchschnittslebensdauer wieder langsam hebt. Der hauptsächliche Grund dafür ist zu finden in der Anerkennung der Wahrheit und in der damit ver- bundenen positiven Evolution. Je mehr sich also die Entwicklungs-Richtung wieder der Wahrheit zuwendet, umso höher entwickelt sich die Durchschnittslebensdauer wieder, denn durch sie regulieren sich auch die veränderten gene- tischen und alle anderen lebenserhaltenden Faktoren wieder, die im Laufe der Jahrzigtausende böse beeinträchtigt wurden. Die Masse der sich in bewusst evolutiven Formen bewegenden Erdenmenschen ist verhältnismässig noch sehr gering und vielfach nur mit den Anfängen der wirklichen Wahrheit verbunden, so bisher noch keine grossen Fortschritte erzielt wurden. Doch je mehr sich der Erdenmensch der wirklichen Wahrheit und damit auch der Evolution auf allen Gebieten und so auch im Bezuge der Lebensverlängerung zuwendet, um so mehr steigt sein Lebens- durchschnittsalter wieder an. Im Gesamten gesehen ist jedoch jede einzelne Lebensform von wichtigster Bedeutung, nämlich in ihrem Denken und in den damit freiwerdenden Kräften. Jeder Gedanke strahlt als ungeheure Kraft aus und trifft die andern Lebensformen, die sie wie Magnete an sich ziehen. Je nach Qualität, negativ, positiv oder ausgeglichen, erzeugen sie in den sie auffangenden Lebens- formen gleichartige Kräfte mit dementsprechenden Wirkungen. Positive Kräfte erzeugen positive Kräfte, negative Kräfte dementsprechend natürlich wiederum negative Kräfte.

Aging (article page) should be read before reading this page.

Is it aging or ageing?

It’s up to you how you spell it, the English language has evolved with usage since the mediaeval times. The two words aging and ageing may be loaded slightly differently and ageist and ageism may come into place better.

How much is it going to cost to reverse the genetic modification legacy?

It doesn't cost anything, that is like asking how much it costs for the sun to shine. The price of editing genetics is in time and getting it right by getting it wrong takes lots of time. It will only cost money in a country which regulates an hourly fee, but not if how to do it is offered freely over the Internet, then it will be entirely voluntary. The revolution will be entirely profitable.

Is it difficult to reverse the genetic modification legacy?

Apparently it is one strand and it apparently looks entirely out of place in proportion to the rest of the code, so it stands out as relatively obvious how it's meant to be too, and hardly a normal evolutionary adaptation.[citation needed]

How many people in the whole world at any time know or have known about this perspective ever?

It fascinated us so much that we searched the internet, youtube, book archives, academic papers, television archives etc., and we don’t know but we think much less than 1% in all known history have. Even a fair proportion of visitors to this website and readers of FIGU literature are not aware of it, and certainly very few have ever uncovered the associated secrets, which by deduction indicates even of those that have, few have ever taken it seriously enough to investigate it for themselves. But don’t get excited about it, there is not much there unless you study the situation and focus on it for a long time.

Ageing in the other Books

Goblet of Truth

Chapter 25

166) And truly, uncountable ones amongst you, you humankind of Earth, you have not grown up or do not grow up, because your consciousness has remained stuck or remains stuck in the puberty through the wrong education you have received, while your body grows older and takes on the forms of the adulthood.

Ageing in the Contact Reports

Contact Reports

Contact Report 306

What do you mean by “not long?” Fifty years or a hundred years?
94. I speak of several thousand years.

Contact Report 127

33. This acid is responsible for the aging process of human beings. … Lekatron acid increases – which, as said, is genetical – by what means an aging process of the physical body begins

Contact Report 184

60. If the Earth person, through old-conventional maltreatment and wrong lifestyles as well as criminal genetic manipulations, etc., already dies at the age of 70 or 80 years and has gone to ruin to the aging process during this time, then this entirely corresponds to a misdirected life process, which was maliciously established by foreign compulsion and even by the people of this world themselves over long periods of time, by what means the Earth person exchanges life for death while still in his childhood.
61. At about 75 years of age, the Earth person would have to be only so far along naturally that he would actually reach adulthood at this time at the earliest and would also first become marriageable at this time, as you say.
62. Compared to us, the Earth person, at the age of 70 to 80 years, dies during his childhood, whereby he prematurely grows old during this period and is incorporated into a cell-decay.
63. But this age range never suffices, at least not for our races, whose life expectancy should be valued at about a thousand years, in which the Earth people are also included, in order actually to become an adult.
64. The time does not suffice; it is simply much too short.
65. An Earth person, at the age of 50 years, is truly at the age of puberty and, thus, is still an adolescent, and yet, through his wrong thinking, he wants to be more developed and more capable of making decisions than we, who are already at least 3 to 4 times older and, thus, have much more experience, which can normally never be given to an Earth person in a single existence because the normal lifetime of the Earth person is limited to childhood through many ills, etc.
66. In addition, if we still look at the relations between us and the Earth people, then it follows that also in reference to learning and the collecting of experience, the Earth person severely disadvantages himself because out of what is possible for him to learn during about 70 years of life, he only learns an average of 11.6%, which means that he simply ignores 88.4%, overlooks this, or consciously resists it.
67. But this has the effect that an Earth person at the age of 70 years only has a volume of evolutionary progress and an actual knowledge of a child who is a little more than 7 years old.
69. But within seconds, this knowledge could be taken up, be processed, and be accepted in every single Earth person, after which, accordingly, a change would have to take place towards progress, which would also entail that every Earth person recognizes his own little self as being so small, as this is actually the case.
70. They would then also hear from us that we are truly older, more knowledged, and also wiser siblings.
71. And they would pay attention to our advice, without stupidly, primitively, unjustly, and unreasonably criticizing us, for then the Earth person would recognize his true tininess and inadequacy against us, from which the realization could then mature, that they, the Earth people of every age, are actually nothing more than just immature and ignorant children or toddlers, even though during childhood, their bodies already pass through a rapid aging process, accompanied by long-term damages and long-term failures

Contact Report 165

27. Their domineering vibrations particularly affect the small children in such a way that they feel excruciating pains in their emotional centres, which are so intense that they often cry.

Genetic Modification Legacy

Contact Reports

Contact Report 222

Already several times, we’ve talked about gene technology and gene manipulation, etc., about which a lot of senseless fuss will be made in the coming time, and indeed, especially by the so-called progress opponents and, in this case, even the genetic opponents, who will conjure up death and the devil with absurd assertions and scare tactics, in order to thwart, stop, and denigrate genetic research and gene technology. This in ignorance of the fact that already for many years, genetically modified vegetables, fruits, and other foods have been produced and have been on the market and have also been eaten by the genetic opponents unknowingly and without hesitation as well as without harm. Now, the question about this is whether this fact will actually be concealed much longer?
42. Silence will probably rule over this for good, because otherwise, an uproar would be caused by the genetic opponents.

Contact Report 251

The genetically-manipulated people have since [that time] established themselves on Earth to the degree that they’ve simultaneously become it’s planet’s rulers and its destroyers. Most of them remained overly entangled in the effects of the [ancient scientists on a different world] manipulated genes of; fighting, viciousness, barbarism, bloodthirstyness, greediness, addiction, emotionalism, inhumanities, to name but a few [of the characteristics]. The characteristics [themselves] have been a hideous legacy for mankind from earlier times. The genetic changes have been referred to as the “original sin”. Information regarding the “original sin” was wrongly handed down by Christian religions as the fable of Adam, Eve and the devilish snake in the Garden of Eden. This “original sin” however, the genetic manipulation, repeatedly as explained facilitated the obsession for fighting and evil to surface from the current historical time. The entire matter is based upon a genetic engineers future manipulation of single DNA gene that will be rectified, when our geneticists discover it. The genetic manipulation is a characteristic for all living human beings on Earth due to its inevitable hereditary transmission. To reiterate it can be reversed and therefore by doing so Man can finally escape his depraved demeanour which was imposed upon him by way of genetic manipulation of his ancestors.

Contact Report 208

“the so-called neurotransmitter, serotonin, restrains aggression. The greater the amount of serotonin is in the brain of the person, the less aggressive the person would be”

Contact Report 184

41. In terms of age, I am somewhat younger because since my birth, 314 years have passed.
43. In this regard, the average age with us is set a little lower, namely at 987 years.
54. In another form, the mistaken notion also inexplicably prevails with many that as a result of their age, because they are already 25 or 32 years old or even older, they would be free from wrong decisions and false actions and that their actions would correspond to that of an adult person, etc., but this truly only corresponds to misconceptions.
55. Although the average age of the Earth person is about
52 years, and the European person can presently reckon the highest level of a 78-year average, unfortunately, this won’t mean for a long time that a person at this age would be mature and knowledgeable.
56. Through all sorts of injustice, mismanagement, and improper lifestyles, the average age of the Earth person fell to minimal values, whereby he lost around nine hundred years of life, to which he was subjected at very early times, after he was overcome by great periods of rapid evolutionary processes.
57. Through this, the Earth person ages completely physically in much less than a century, by what means he moves from life to death while still in the child’s developmental stage.
58. Human life – in our and, thus, also in the earthly sense, for the Earth people found a physical union with our ancestors – has an average age between 964 and 1,089 years, whereby other alien races and our human life forms exhibit much lower or much higher life expectancies.
59. But in our and in the Earth people’s case, an average age of around a thousand years must be noted because all our races stand in physical and old-customary solidarity, equipped with the corresponding genetic make-up of the corresponding high life expectancy.
60. If the Earth person, through old-conventional maltreatment and wrong lifestyles as well as criminal genetic manipulations, etc., already dies at the age of 70 or 80 years and has gone to ruin to the aging process during this time, then this entirely corresponds to a misdirected life process, which was maliciously established by foreign compulsion and even by the people of this world themselves over long periods of time, by what means the Earth person exchanges life for death while still in his childhood.

Contact Report 228

“…foods, alcohol, medicines, and drugs – which a person takes to himself – alter one’s genes, as this likewise happens through one’s consciousness-related attitude and through one’s state of psyche as well as through climatic influences, such as through cold and heat or through atmospheric changes in terms of its chemical composition, etc. I have explained this in such a way to one of our doctors, who then said that this certainly couldn’t be the case since genes would only change and develop otherwise…
64. The doctor is mistaken…”

Contact Report 205

15. In addition to the actual genetic engineering, as it is known to be operated, there will still arise other, very progressive, and positive things, such as stem cell technology, which will achieve great progress around the mid-nineties and will lead to much success after the turn of the millennium, by what means in the course of time, many sorrows of the Earth people can be removed.

Contact Report 238

489. …quite sudden, unexpected, and inexplicable mood changes, as well as emotional and feeling-related outbursts of depraved kinds will appear more often and will threaten the peace and the recognition of the truth.

Contact Report 540

They are absolutely incapable of comprehending how solitary, hard and rocky is the road which must be taken in the honesty and the modesty, among the people on this earth, and they haven’t one iota of a clue as to the efforts which are connected with everything. But in their unhonesty, lying, cheating and slandering they can not and will not comprehend the whole thing, because would they do that and thereby understand everything, then they would destroy the effects of their dirty deeds, intrigues and their imagined positions of power and leave them to be alarmingly small and insignificant.

Contact Report 126

60. It is not purposeful for either the one or the other to outwardly give or make reproaches or rules of behaviour in nice and pleasant or, however, in scurrilous and unfair words, when in their inner selves, there pulsates a chaos of inextricable tangles of an emotional nature.

Contact Report 182

155. Only with us, there was a time when the way of life and the future was decided by the entire people and by our former leaders, such that from the moment of the decision, every life form actually strove, consciously and to the utmost, to follow and keep the given guidelines, ordinances, and regulations, etc., even though there were still many at that time who were of the same mistaken view as the group members of today.
156. Thus, it happened that fewer than 620 people had to be called to account for wrongdoing and had to be put out, even though our population comprised more than 238 million at that time.
157. If we wanted to implement this with the Earth people, then in any case, it could and would have to be that within a fraction of a second after a decision, an offense never occurs again.

Contact Report 443

belong just as much in the realm of the nonsense and feeblemindedness of illusory and fantasy-rich conspiracy theories as also do other similar kinds of works which, if I may use your words, must be labelled as sheer idiocy and schizophrenic delusional imaginings.

Contact Report 002

70. At present, those individuals who are the least agreeable to recognize and disseminate the truth will be those who had allowed themselves to be deceived by frauds and charlatans for decades, and who had sacrificed millions for the dissemination of the deceitful stories and books.
71. Their world would collapse, for they would have to acknowledge having been deceived and lose face in front of everyone.

Contact Report 008

50. It is the carrier of hereditary characteristics in the chromosomes.
55. The genes control the cellular functions via the brain and the spirit, and they steer life, regeneration and decay of the cells. (Ageing is rate of decay of the cells)
56. They determine species, shape and gender of the life form.
57. They are also the basic carrier of genes that exert their influences on the chromosomes and cause them to take on normal or faulty operation, depending on the existing factor, and also provoke mutations.
61. Each gene causes the inheritance of once existing physical characteristics.
62. Each physical characteristic contains within itself the characteristics of both authoritative factors, namely the negatives and the positives, the masculine and the feminine.
64. It may also happen that a dominant gene overshadows a recessive gene, whereby it then cannot develop.
66. Of course, genes over time are also able to change because like everything in the universe, they are also subject to an evolutionary or degenerative process.

Contact Report 204

19…this fact will first be recognized toward the end of this millennium, as well as other matters that are determined by the genes.
20. Thus, for example, anxiety, sexual addiction, addiction to adrenalin rushes, addiction to extreme sports of every kind, addiction to the enthusiasm and fanaticism relating to the sporty or other achievements of other people, etc.
21. That is absolutely in the realm of possibility if the person consciously and willingly concentrates on neutralizing, altering, or dissolving the genetic effects, which can usually be done in a mild way by the fact that distance is taken and achieved from those things that are the reason for the enthusiasm or fanaticism.
22. The best way to do this is through a healthy self-initiative, through which things are personally done, actions are accomplished, or businesses are conducted, and so on, which require one’s own logical thinking as well as one’s own motivations and strengths, by what means successes are produced.
23. Thus, the effects of the genes are cancelled by this and can be changed for the better.
But on the other hand, earthly genetic researchers, etc. say that this isn’t possible.
24. That represents an erroneous assertion.
25. At a later date, this statement of truth will have to have its rightful place, which won’t be too far away because the initial findings of relevant kinds will already disprove the old conventional and erroneous conclusions in a few years.

Contact Report 582

“…A gene is a segment of the DNA, at the same time the genes form several aggregated bases, which make up a unit. They contain the basic information for the production of RNA, which corresponds to a section of the DNA. The genes may also be referred to as characteristic structures because they take over a particular function, such as the color of the hair, and so forth. A gene is also a hereditary factor, just because it carries the genetic information in itself. Consequently the genes are responsible for ensuring that information once stored therein, is passed on from generation to generation i.e. that characteristics once fixed in the genes, find its hereditary-based expression in the progeny i.e. is transferred, wherein the DNA also plays a role, because DNA is the actual genetic substance, out of which genes and plasmids also consist of. A gene is a DNA segment, on which the code is given for a specific protein molecule. A plasmid is a small piece of DNA, wherein this is a closed ring-form and can contain multiple genes. However, regarding the inheritance of traumatic experiences and living-experiences that are deposited in the genes by the thoughts, feelings, and by the psyche as well as by physical factors, is to be said that these are inherited through numerous generations and thus in the long run characterize the descendants and their descendants and in turn their descendants and so on and so forth. Also stress-syndromes as well as phobias and even habits and idiosyncrasies, as well as modes of behaviour and body postures and body movements, etc. are just as much inheritance-based factors as well as intellect, rationality and intelligence, wherein everything can be both in the positive as well as be in the negative…”

Contact Report 251

Yet, in fact, this entire matter is based upon the manipulation of single DNA gene that can be rectified, if only our geneticists were to finally discover it.

Contact Report 185

The people of this world are really very strange and amusing. All progress, love, knowledge, wisdom, logic, and everything worth knowing is served to them on a silver platter, yet the people do not reach for it but rather simply push it away and destroy it. And all this, even though they actually want to have it unconditionally. But instead, they push away what they want to have and what they want to call their own, and so, they are dissatisfied in evil ways and can never do what they actually want to do. Thus, their own desires neither find fulfillment nor satisfaction because these desires always remain unfulfilled, as well as the actions, deeds, and businesses that would like to be done by these people – and which only remain as wants. So it is with these people of the world

Contact Report 133

7. Malicious terms of abuse, aggressiveness, selfishness, egoism, hysteria, jealousy, and lust for power have appeared so intensively among the various group members that a unification and harmonious coexistence among them will never be possible if drastic measures are not used and enforced.
8. It has become clear through our inspection that very many emotional and negative factors are embodied in the individual group members so much that they want to live purely selfishly and subjugate the other group members to themselves.
9. However, it has also been revealed by our observations that the majority of group members live in the delusion that they are able to be self-thinking and decisive; however, these abilities are far removed from them.
10. Within this delusion, however, is also buried the delusional idea that they would exhibit good leadership qualities, but this lacks any reality.
11. Truly, there is not one single group member who can lead or manage the center, quite apart from guiding and directing the group and its tasks and obligations.
12. Afterward, however, they give the impression that they would be capable of these strengths, which is contrary to the truth, nevertheless.
13. Also, this will have the opposite effect on interested parties because as we determined, visitors will probably be misled through selective words and gestures, which will paint for them a false picture of reality and truth.
14. Truly, the nice word-makers are unhappy in themselves, unbalanced, and wrapped in darkness, which is why they are contentious in themselves, power-driven within the circle of the group members, and otherwise degenerated in many other emotional issues.

Contact Report 153

17. This postponement is grounded in the fact that K. has suffered emotional destruction, which is due to the wrong and selfish drives of many Earth men, which are aimed at the female life forms of this world.

Difference between Earth and other worlds

Contact Reports

Contact Report 122

43. On the other hand, in our overall form of leadership of the peoples, politics is foreign to us, so we will also never get involved on the Earth and with the earthly governments in such a form and conneoction.
44. Politics are only operated by human life forms who are still very foreign to the truth and who look at, consider, and handle all things in childish aspects.
45. We, however, have long been beyond such forms and will never get involved in them any more, neither in one form nor another.

Contact Report 173

111. I have the opportunity to compare these group members to our old people and old men, with whom such incidents are inconceivable.
112. Even our oldest people yield much more initiative and true employment in all concerns and in manual labour than what is the case with these young and energetic group members.
113. The least of all those of our old men still accomplish at least twice as much as these young and strong group members, who feel ill and miserable if they are touched by a gentle gust of wind and stay away from any work and commitment, so that they can secretly rejoice eodem tempore (= in the same instant) about the fact that they can keep themselves away from every work and commitment by a trick.

Contact Report 248

can one of you suddenly suffer from a headache, which seems like a migraine?
221. That can happen through the inhaling of an atmosphere that is very well breathable for us but which contains weak components of toxic gas that attack certain parts of our nervous systems, as this was the case with my daughter Semjase

Contact Report 208

6. Experiments and researches of this kind have already run in various laboratories of many earthly countries for many years, whereby also some successes were achieved.
7. However, the coming time will very quickly bring more successes in this connection, whereby it will probably be around the turn of the millennium that the entire Earth-human DNA will be decoded.
8. But already years prior to this, the relevant progresses and successes will lead to this and be constantly developed and refined, such that through this, the awareness of crimes will increase in a rising measure.
DNA, genetic engineering, and everything connected therewith will inevitably lead in the coming time to enormous changes and progresses in a variety of scientific and technological fields. Medical science will benefit from this tremendously, as well as the biological and technical sciences.

Contact Report 31

19. The camera is a product of your technology, and it was acquired by one of us.
21. Sure, but we also have clothes of your type.
22. We need these because we move amongst you here and there, shielded from vibrations naturally, so that we won’t be harmed by the vibrations of the Earth people.
23. However, we can only do this for a short period each time.”

Contact Report 124

76. We have to do so because we, despite everything, are not sufficiently familiar with your earthly conditions, so that we could make such decisions alone and by ourselves.
77. The fact that we grasp these things and concerns far too little and are not sufficiently familiar with these, this has proven itself to us throughout the entire time of the last years since you and I took up contact.
78. Clearly and unquestionably, we have now recognized that without your authoritative leading of the whole thing, that which was created with very tough fights would have never been achieved.
79. During the last days, we had to teach ourselves about the fact that we grasp and grasped the earthly concerns far too little and that you have truly always acted correctly.

Contact Report 248

…one of your main directives determines that you may never interfere in the spiritual development, respectively consciousness-related development, and, thus, also not in the cultural development of any human race, people, or humanity of any world, if these are not already capable of the right astronautics. But what happens, then, if you are asked for an intervention?
176. Even then, the same principle applies.
177. That’s not entirely true because the directive addressed by you doesn’t just apply when there is a lack of spaceflight technology but also when cultural developments are still at levels that are in great need of development.
178. Included in this is also the necessary knowledge about the actual existence of human life throughout the Universe.
179. Also ingrained in the same directive is that we may not interfere in cultural scuffles if the cultural development isn’t highly developed enough and isn’t in accordance with the standards, as these are prescribed in our guidelines.
When or where, then, are you entitled to interfere?
180. Only where the demands of our directive are met with respect to spaceflight-related and cultural development and when there are no scuffles of any kind.
185. When it concerns assistance that is provided to peoples, races, and civilizations, as well as to planets that are directly connected to the alliance of our Federation.
186. The duties, laws, and rights are uniform throughout the entire Federation.
187. This is one of the basic prerequisites to join our Federation.
188. The Federation is very broad and extends to a distance of 6.2 billion light years, where in connection with our Federation, another member federation exists according to our model.
189. In between, between the two federations, which have a sphere of influence of many millions of light years, there are isolated systems that also belong to our federations.
194. Indeed, there are still other civilizations that have the same or similar directives as we have, but there are also many that know no inhibitions in this respect but rather interfere without hesitation in other cultures and wage wars, etc.
195. In relation to this, there are quite furious space-traveling peoples.
197. Certainly, because the political affairs on Earth belong to our areas of observation.

Contact Report 296

59. Even with ourselves all people and races work together, everyone will still remain, with the individual people and race to which they belong.
At the same time however also the exploitation of citizens is furthered, because the alien overpopulation costs a lot of taxes as well as contribution money. And if you say something against this, then you will be described as racist and if possible still be summoned before a court”

Contact Report 214

181. This can be reconciled because we interfere in no affairs at all; rather, we only send out impulses to certain scientists, who can encounter solutions with these and work on them, without them even having the slightest notion of the fact that they have received impulses from us.
182. So they will be of the opinion that the impulses come from themselves, and they will ascribe all insights and successes to themselves.
183. It must be said in this connection that we offer no solutions through these impulses; rather, we only transmit impulses, through which suggestions for ideas result in certain directions and so on.

Contact Report 156

111. For descendants, we, in cooperation with the High Council, would determine the spirit forms that would be of correctness for the mission and the mothers concerned, etc.
112. Without exception, however, the spirit forms would be those who are of Lyran origin and who remained here on the Earth after the deaths of their former bodies.
113. Therefore, the only descendants who would be born would be those who are inspirited with original Lyran spirit forms.
114. Everything would have to be managed by the Arahat Athersata level.

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5. Constant disagreements, quarrels, egoism, jealousy and lies as well as many other emotional things created a climate that had to lead everything to destruction.

Special rapid ageing / short history related information

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54. Unfortunately, on Earth, respectively with the Earth people, true justice is still written in very small letters, for there is still too much negligence, and thus, serious and very severe crimes are punished more mildly and more gently than small offenses.
55. It often seems that the courts would have great respect for serious and very severe crimes and, therefore, would pass more lenient sentences for these than what seems to be the case with smaller crimes, for which no respect is given and which, thus, are condemned harshly.

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Billy ...

Human beings are ever more lackadaisical and feeble in their responsibility, which extends all the way to total irresponsibility. This manifests itself also in the fact that criminals of all types are judged more falsely humane and are given more lenient punishment - they are often even allowed to go free. The thinking about and the search for the meaning of life is increasingly influenced by sectarian and religious idiots, abetting the expansion of sectarian fanaticism and total alienation to the world around us, etc., etc. Must this not result in nature and life ultimately raising a counterattack, that is, through epidemics and catastrophes of the elements, so that human beings are eradicated by the hundreds, possibly even billions? I still can remember that Quetzal and Semjase also spoke of something similar that once took place on other planets in former times.


That is correct: When humans on a planet proliferate excessively, nature and life autonomously interfere, which leads to the forced curbing of surplus life forms. Such a curbing and elimination of excess life forms, in this case human beings, ensues first and foremost through epidemics. However, the same thing also happens because life forms, human beings once again, become frail, if not to say incapable of living, due to their bodies, organs and immune system becoming then too weak.

Furthermore, nature and life also retaliate against excesses in human beings through catastrophes by way of the elements of nature, and other things.


Additional interesting features

Citations needed. Not official or original FIGU ideas. [continue reading]

Associated with?

Overpopulation, lack of wisdom, lack of respect, lack of harmony, general anger, uncontrollable anger, rage, abnormally little time, improperly made inventions and discoveries, forgetting events of the near past too quickly, political and military funding boost, death all around all the time, rapid-fire impulses from Storage Banks, confusion, malaise, delirium, weird strange disorientating behaviour, disabilities (genetic related rare), difficulty identifying basic truth, stupidity, lack of wise folk, inability to hear wise folk, angry random criticism, secrecy, espionage, religions boost, very basic level of smartness, believing we know more than we actually know, reality-estranged naivety, reality not being enough, fantasy narrative industries, entertainment industries boost. Earth has great grandfathers at the age of a young Plejaren person.

Alternatively described as?

Having the normal allocated time crumpled up into a condensed sequence which breaks at certain stress points; when compared to receiving impulses normally from the storage banks. Several methods of saying the word trapped.

Effects me?

You didn't know about it before now, no effect, normal is established under any configuration with evolution, even on a space station or a community under an ocean. It will only effect you once you've studied it for several years independently. We still don't commonly know about the perils of space and of other worlds; If we walked little circles in a cave for a million years then knowledge of anything else has no effect, normal, your normal before or after. Ageing for example has never been a conspiracy theory before, conspiracies usually revolve around stupid things like an event in time which is disputed. The Chinese believe they came from outer space, the Europeans have no idea where they came from but cherish evolution one way or another; they have their own respective normals, and so do you.

Effects us?

Many many people with very little progress to show for it, progresses at very low quality partially completed and millions of them, every possible combination for evolution purposes can be seen on Earth within a very small amount of time however doing everything isn't necessary to evolve. Negativity is more a problem on Earth than it would normally be.

Economic and political ramifications?

Complicated legal and political frameworks hold the risk that they may be simply ignored or interpreted in the easiest possible way, which may result quickly in a situation where it was better not to have introduced a new law or legal legislation at all in the first instance (its described as lawlessness in the Prophecies and Predictions).
Cheap, quick, basic/stupid/easily-understandable, rapid-fire products and services are the most popular on Earth, most viable and equitable weighing into account the rapid changes that occur continuously. High value intellectual products and services are for small minorities at best and usually for individuals and tend therefore to be bespoke. A similar situation of group difference where there is a small minority of intellectuals; is relatively common on inhabited worlds, however with Earth it is much more stupid and out of hand than on other worlds. Whereby an intellectual calibre product or service could even be broken and unusable and yet continue to be popular and expensive, because of the desire to have properly finished products, even if this is always out of grasp.
Earth mostly has a capitalist regime which has mostly served the situation well, however where it's fallen short has been in the constant needless product revisions, simply to ensure the business remains profitable, which usually means inducing the consumer somehow to throw away their perfectly good product to buy the very same product again anew, tending to be by means of deliberate product flaws such as deliberate failure after a specified duration. On Erra they design and make their products to last 1000+ years etc.
Massive junk, dump and landfill sites on Earth have become normal in just a century, for all the products and attractive packaging we have to throw away. Depletion of natural resources in all the areas in which we've traditionally lived over the same short time.

Education, trade and industry?

Education (ie book learning) may be particularly strenuous, trying and difficult in some parts of the world; yet by the time the education has been completed the economy may have already changed to the extent where the acquired skills may already be outdated and no longer employable. The teachers themselves have to be young because of the amount of time it takes to train for the competency and often by the time the education has been completed, the original teachers of their earliest age education are preparing for old age retirement.

Specialist features

Marriage before the cognition of understanding the meaning of marriage, at a very early age and regardless of whether its a loving union ie rapidly after meeting one another.
"Retirement": where individuals are encouraged to accumulate all the money the rest of society needs to progress and just sit on it and wait to die, which tends to be the final decade after a short few decade career. The short allocated time tends to be a time of shear bewilderment about what just happened as they do not know the meaning of life on Earth, or at least, it is not taught openly because the meaning of life is too legally frictious to be spoken of openly on Earth. Luxury products is therefore a massive industry, partly because it takes the pain away but also because there is little separation in wisdom of the oldest and youngest in terms of material age and in terms of spirit-form age, so methods are sought by the massively wealthy rich persons to create separation and to justify their lifestyles as well as to be more like the Gods they've been taught about in their religions.
Sexually degenerate, prostitution is a taxable industry in many areas.
Morally bankrupt, crimes are often ignored because the ramifications of getting involved are too lengthy in duration to dedicate the time for due to their short lives and because they tend to get embroiled in the crime itself because law enforcement seek the fastest possible closure because they themselves are against the clock both in terms of meeting funding targets and because they don't have quite enough time to catch all criminal because of the shear quantity of criminality on Earth. Yet criminals are given too short sentences which means they tend to re-offend and it tends to be the exact same crime again because their lives are so short their brains have been freshly calibrated and there isn't enough time for criminals to creatively discover a new crime to re-commit. Their prison system tends to make criminals even better criminals rather than to re-educate them. Mostly the rapidity of ageing on Earth has lead to a situation where non-criminals would rather they just didn't know about it and the situation just go away. But the medieval ages were only a short 1000 years before so even the most depraved crimes still occur. The media and newspapers have recognised that its easier to sell bad news than it is to sell good news, probably because its more relevant to their audiences interests and the audiences enjoy reading about it rather than confronting it. Judges in law courts tend to be from religious backgrounds and there is very little social mobility for them, so the law has not changed much in hundreds of years despite everything else having changed rapidly.
Therefore; no moral compass with new technology, nothing governing the newly emerging ways of life as well as new styles of criminality and new methods of living, new special technological crimes are all still ungovernable and on the whole as it was written thousands of years ago by the prophet Jeremia Contact_Report_229#Predictions_of_the_Prophet_Jeremia, it is all generally lawless and all of the time.
Close alignment with some species of animal, including handling their fecal deposits daily, which they call "Pets" and live with in their homes and do so for leisure purposes.
Tasteless ie damaged or deluded sense of taste.[1] They consume foods and products that have for example been grown next to nuclear radiation accidents, which have been covered in chemicals to kill insects or from over farmed areas where little to no nutritional value has been transferred or from processed products which has had nutritional and vitamin value removed etc deliberately etc. Such as with the avocado which was genetically modified to be a pig feed in ancient times.[2]
All because they age so fast that they have no time to think or consider anything. Their history is very short and its even plastered all over the internet how short their history is yet they still have creational myths throughout their society because their history has been so short because they age so rapidly that they have not had enough time to be removed properly from society and overcome in the normal way, so they have not yet realised how short and abnormally short their lives and history is because of how short it is and because of how little time they have had to think about it and for any cognition to be rolled out correctly where it is even a part of the education system or even a scientific consideration that it may be strange, because their scientists have blanket banned anything to do with extraterrestrial hypothesis because they would loose their jobs instantly, despite a large industry having grown on the internet for facts about the situation.

How they did the trick

Trick is not the right word to use, but you know when the ‘thing’ is finally revealed, and the audience is shown a different way of looking at the same thing, well that is what knowing about the rapid rate of ageing on earth does, suddenly then several things become illuminated and self revealing to the audience. Extraterrestrials are much older than us and we age so quickly that even the most knowledgable persons dont know a great deal, we force our way in to problems which need not be problems and think we really know something when suddenly we become old very quickly, it has sculpted the economic landscape and effects the economics of say the education system and military operations and many other things such as how long history has been, knowing that we age very rapidly causes the individual to look at many things differently. It has not been investigated so well before because of traditional beliefs, business practices, economics and social challenges, but knowing it changes the world view and priorities in life, we are told from an early age what to prioritise in life and we are not told that we are ageing at an abnormally rapid rate for a human civilization and it confuses some people, check.