Overpopulation Crusade

From Future Of Mankind

An Extensive and Threatening Topic Nobody Dares to Address

Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates.

The Earth's population is plagued by famines, energy shortages, epidemics, environmental pollution, degeneration, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of waste materials, racial hatred, food shortages, destruction of rain forests, the "greenhouse effect", pollution of lakes, streams and oceans, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive emissions, chemical pollution of water, air, plants, food, human beings and animals. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, oppression, hatred of one's fellowman, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, annihilation of animal species, war, violence, torture and capital punishment, general mismanagement, water contamination, eradication of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, lack of logic, false humanitarianism, lack of housing, increased traffic, destruction of arable land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of nature, the collapse of solid waste removal, and the lack of living space, among others. In spite of the many efforts, mankind's problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to population increases.

Mankind on Earth has always tried to fight an old ill with a new one; but, truthfully, this path is leading to man's final destruction. The scenario may be compared to a debt that grows immeasurably to the point where it can no longer even be paid, as is the case when an individual goes into debt and attempts to pay it off by going further into debt, only to furnish security for this debt by incurring an even greater debt. The same holds true when humankind on Earth fights old ills with new ones. Yet humanity on Earth frequently acts and thinks completely illogically, which is why it attempts contrary to reason to eliminate an old ill by introducing a newly contrived, newly produced one. This is illogical in every way.

When an energy source becomes depleted, man on Earth simply plans and builds new, more powerful nuclear, oil, coal and hydro power plants. He does this regardless of the fact that through the utilization of these very same nuclear power plants, as well as the petroleum- and coal power plants, he immensely pollutes the environment even further. Additionally, nuclear radiation may leak from atomic power plants, thereby endangering all terrestrial life. Moreover, these new energy sources will have become partially outdated already, or inadequate, upon completion over a 3-7 year construction period. Furthermore, these plants tend not to meet the new energy demands because, very likely, birth rate increases have not remained stable during construction periods. Indeed, it is likely that overpopulation has busily escalated over this same period. Hundreds of millions of people are born worldwide during the construction phase of a power plant and, of course, these millions of newborn human beings once again will require additional energy. It is obvious also that the incessant increase in the Earth's population is sending the demand for energy into an upward spiral. Because of these tremendous energy demands, the earth must be exploited at an ever increasing speed. As a result, ever more nuclear power plants, along with other types of power plants, must be constructed and put into service, thereby increasingly endangering and destroying all life-forms. Other sources of endangerment and destruction to the planet and all life yet exist, e.g., the unscrupulous use of chemicals, the American HAARP project in Alaska, nuclear testing and the commercial use of atomic bombs for the creation of lakes, waterways and subterranean expanses to be used as storage areas for rubble, sewage, solid waste and nuclear waste products. Mention must also be made of the clearing of rain forests and the burning of forests to criminally access parcels of land for construction sites, etc. Additionally, there are criminal sport activities which depend on combustion engines that burn gas, alcohol, gasoline or diesel oil, to name but a few.

It is an idiosyncrasy of the Earth human beings, due to their unreasonable and purely materialistic thinking processes, to think and act inappropriately in almost every matter. They act illogically in many ways as well, and as a result, they do so also with respect to the problem of hunger throughout the world. They create numerous humanitarian organizations in order to collect funds, food and other goods to help the starving and suffering population. Yet, all the while, they manage on one hand to legally siphon off 40% of the collected funds into their own pockets as expenses and, on the other hand, they abet, advance and tolerate the overpopulation explosion problem. Through these ostensibly humane acts, though truthfully inhumane acts of destruction, the suffering of humankind on Earth is not diminished and the problems of hunger are not being resolved. Instead, suffering and hunger continue to grow to even greater levels. Misunderstood charity and humanitarianism, as well as their subsequently misdirected assistance, are all primarily spawned by a totally false humanitarianism. As a rule, such false humanitarianism originates from the influence of religions, sectarianism and other false teachings, none of which are love, charity and humanitarianism. In fact, such false teachings spawn even greater and more difficult problems than those already in existence. Irresponsible and without a single thought to actual matters of truth, without true commitment or respect for life and the fulfilment of the natural-Creative laws and directives, many people carelessly give "relief", thereby furthering this "non-aid" and the destruction of life even more. Not only misunderstood sympathy and sectarian influences play a major role in this scenario, but also the fact that many people cling to such "relief campaigns" in order to calm their own guilty consciences for being more prosperous in some way. These people fail to realize that they and their countrymen have earned this higher standard of living in the civilized country where they live, mainly by keeping population growth figures low or at least on a more reasonable level than peoples of so-called underdeveloped countries. People in the underdeveloped nations carelessly and irresponsibly procreate like guinea pigs or rabbits, only to starve afterwards and shout for help. They lack real help in the format of a birthrate control.

Wherever possible, false humanitarians donate goods and funds to "Bread for Brothers", "Hunger Throughout the World" and similar programs. They have no idea that in so doing they are acting against reason and are interfering in nature's work which ultimately defends itself through famines. Likewise, they may not want to hear of such things. Starving people are procreated by the hundreds and millions through sympathy that is contrary to nature's ways, and a charity that results from false humanitarianism. Through a voluntary or forcibly decreed birthrate check these happenings could be avoided. Through the excess of the great human mass, mankind's problems are continuously increasing, and it must suffer privation and begins to slowly destroy faunal and floral life along with the planet itself.

Once the starving people have been saved from a death of starvation, they become well nourished, healthy and robust once again, and immediately begin through the lack of information regarding birth control to procreate in an uncontrolled manner by having children in large numbers that amount to many millions each year. Not only does this procreation immediately create further problems of hunger and energy demands, but it also leads to medical, spatial and financial problems, to name but a few. Likewise, the descendants of these people once again compound terrestrial mankind's excessive growth problem. Once these offspring become older and sexually mature, they also promptly begin procreating their own children and, once again, new descendants are conceived in even greater numbers, etc., etc. faster and ever faster. During an extremely brief time period the Earth will become even more overpopulated. In 1978, 4billion people inhabited the Earth. In 2000, there will exist already 7billion inhabitants. Because of this steady and incessant increase of overpopulation, each and every other problem becomes excessively, immeasurably and increasingly compounded. These problems will affect every facet of human life, indeed, the very life of the planet itself and its fauna and flora. In the coming decades as man's degeneration on Earth relentlessly increases, so will that of the planet and nature. Alone the looming ozone layer depletion caused by man's own actions will initiate unforeseen suffering upon the entire planet including all life-forms, in much the same manner as a particular human immune deficiency, which today is already spreading epidemically. As a result of wars and revolutions, among other things, veritable migrations of entire nations will soon take place, as people begin to flee their homelands to seek asylum elsewhere. This migrant flow will lead to hatred of strangers, hatred of asylum-seekers and other races. It will result in severe unrest, murders by all types of extremists and others. The drug abuse epidemic and international political terrorism shall run rampant. Recession and inflation will reappear and millions of people will be without work and income. Criminality and organized crime will spread on a massive scale. The mass murder of individuals will become common place, including the mass murder of people for religious-sectarian and political-delusional reasons. The destruction of the environment will increasingly ensue, while the planet itself is exploited and tortured. However, nature and the planet will avenge themselves of this abuse through unusually severe storms, typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, and huge infernos. Entire forests, fields and other territories will be incinerated. Many gigantic fires will be ablaze. Horrendously violent storms will sweep across the Earth with a severity not yet witnessed since time immemorial. Horrendous droughts, gigantic tsunamis, masses of snow, hail and much more, will plague the Earth and its inhabitants. Ancient, dormant volcanoes will reawaken and negatively influence the Earth's climate. Active volcanoes will rumble with increased activity, and savage earthquakes will shake the ground ever more frequently. The irresponsible commercial use and testing of atomic bombs and other explosives will contribute to this turmoil as they reverberate through the earth.

With a current population of about 6.5billion terrestrial inhabitants (1998), the Earth is far beyond its capability to support and feed such a mass routinely, on a fundamental, natural and healthy basis. A basis, where neither human effort and intrusion into nature, the raping of nature nor the exploitation of its resources to produce more food need occur; and where no one need suffer from hunger. The truth is that Earth is a wondrous planet, but it has only the capacity to support and feed in every way and in abundance 529 million people. Mankind, on the other hand, has generated a gigantic, excessive population, and is now forced to spur all vegetable and fruit production to atypical, extreme achievements through the use of chemicals and hybrids. As though this were not enough, the exploitation of the planet has accelerated dramatically, including the expansion in recovery of raw materials from the earth, and the unrelentingly rising demand from the Earth for all types of other materials a direct result of the growing overpopulation. No one mentions the destruction of arable land due to this madness called overpopulation; no one speaks of the use of toxic chemicals nor of the expansion of housing areas and the like. Food for human consumption is laden with chemical additives and consists these days largely of artificially produced chemicals also a fact that is not mentioned.

Originally, the population of each region on Earth was only as large as that region could feed and support in accordance with nature's ways. Toxic chemicals, other types of poisons, new plant hybrids, as well as overly intensive exploitation of the ground, were completely unknown. However, this condition changed dramatically during the Middle Ages, particularly at the time of the great French Revolution. For it was during this period that the crazy notion originated suggesting the need for a larger population who would rise up against the authorities. The masses wanted to overthrow the government. To have the capability of doing so, and to become powerful and mighty, the populace prodded themselves for larger numbers of progeny. Christianity and its sects, but Catholicism in particular, were party to this endeavour. Powerful as ever, Catholicism was preaching, as part of its false and insane teachings, that people should be "fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth". This slogan, even today, is vigorously preached by the Catholic head honcho and his cassocked cohorts. The catchphrase remains in circulation throughout the world today for the sole purpose of acquiring little "sheep" and busy little tithing payers. The results have produced guinea-pig-like, human reproduction. Clearly, the ensuing overpopulation has meant large requirements for more food, energy, raw materials, as well as many other goods. In the way of food alone, mankind will ultimately arrive at a point where all natural produce becomes a rarity, since the insatiable demands for the provision of food for mankind's out-of-control masses, can only be satisfied by totally producing staples from chemicals. In part this already holds true today, for food requirements have soared relentlessly in the past few decades. Yet, food provision problems are not unique and have grown continuously, as have the problems of energy shortage.

Man on Earth is threatened by worldwide total contamination, destruction, and the manifold ills of extinction. Lists a yard long can be compiled that describe how every earthly life-form is being endangered, destroyed, exterminated and annihilated. Yet, man continues to remain ignorant of the damage he has inflicted on nature, the planet and all types of life existing upon it. And now terrestrial man, the planet and life in general, have reached the point where everything stands on its last leg the direct result of people clinging to false charity and false humanitarianism. These individuals are behaving and acting in much the same criminal manner as those officials in responsible government positions, government agencies and relief organizations, who do their best to sound the death knell on the last remnants of life on planet Earth, now channeled into a path leading to its own final and irrevocable annihilation. The blame for this situation rests with those individuals also who, lacking responsibility and initiative, have relinquished their authority for making productive changes by uttering the primitive and absurd phrases: "What can I do by myself?" or "Of course, I'll help also if others go along with it," etc., etc. Anyone thinking in this manner is neither worthy nor fit to live, in the same way that people are unfit who relentlessly promote even further the madness of unremitting overpopulation through false humanitarianism, false charity and others. These individuals are contributing to the fact that terrestrial mankind's problems are reaching immeasurable levels, problems that surpass even those currently in existence and others yet to come. Anyone thinking like this or believing that the world is now in order, is shunning progress and abetting the destruction and annihilation of the world and all life-forms on it.

Mankind's horrendous ills originate from and exist through overpopulation with its unrelenting, irresponsibly continuing escalation. The situation dictates that any ill can only be fought and remedied by grasping it by its roots, ripping it out and destroying it: The numbers of terrestrial humankind must be drastically reduced. The only humane method by which this reduction goal can be achieved, is through stringent birth control regulations that permit married couples, of a predetermined age, to have only a strictly specified number of children. This regulation must prevail over any excuse, argument, fear and/or stupid comment from those numbskulls who claim, for military, religious, social, egoistical, false humanitarian reasons, or those of false charity, that a large number of offspring is necessary, or that birth control is contrary to religious beliefs and is inhumane, etc. These inane claims are made singularly by rigid egotists, sectarians or people unfit to live those who have not the faintest idea of nature's laws, directives or truthful logic.

Terrestrial mankind's existing major problems can only be resolved through a purposeful birth control program, by which the population is reduced to an optimum level, and scaled according to the planet. All other problem-solving measures present trite, singularly miserable, pitiful and useless attempts that barely amount to the proverbial drop in the bucket. Such problem-solving attempts only serve instead to increase all ills and difficulties even further.

Is population control barbaric, inhumane and uncharitable? No! On the contrary, for it is only when a person begins to ponder these facts logically if he or she has not done so already and come to the same truthful conclusions that he or she finds the truth coinciding with the aforementioned argument. Only illogically thinking people, who cling to false charity and false humanitarianism, deny the truth. Such people are forced into this rut by sectarian machinations and false teachings, which cause them to grovel like dogs and rob them of all healthy, reasonable, normal and truthful thoughts, feelings and actions. In this manner they are dominated purely by pity, self-pity, feeblemindedness and illogic, in place of feelings of empathy for all life-forms. Respect for and toward true life is ultimately destroyed by the illogical thinkers, who pave the way for false humanitarianism and false charity that turn into purulent boils capable of spreading as epidemics.

The truth, in regard to the clarification of mistakes and guilt, has always been damn hard to take, and seldom does an individual accept harsh truths without grumbling and complaining. Man on Earth has always felt attacked personally when someone speaks and offers the truth. He simply exalts himself above everything and believes to be free from error and guilt, which is the reason for his inability to bear the truth. He rebels against it if the truth does not correspond with his own, erroneous opinion. Truly, however, man's behaviour is nothing more than sordid cowardice that infects everyone who is capable of comprehending issues in a halfway normal way.

Since times immemorial, the truth, along with true love, charity and humanitarianism, has invariably sounded harsh, because each one forces the human being to think and act in a logical manner. The same holds true also for the resolution of terrestrial humankind's problems. Only through population reduction, by way of the strictest birth control measures, can there be a remedy for all existing major ills. Inhumane aid must not be given to people.

The universal laws of nature apply to humans on Earth, too, and anyone with an open eye can easily recognize them: Wherever there is a region in which the population of a particular animal species suddenly increases, and the danger exists whereby the area involved cannot feed the increasing population, epidemics occur that decimate the increasing and excessive animal population. Furthermore, the same is evident also when excessively large populations simply starve to death or fall prey to their natural foes because they are weak from hunger. For it is through this method that nature keeps its natural populations in balance, allowing only as many faunal life-forms to live in any one region as there is food for support. Only man, the thinking creature, acts contrary to this natural law and tramples upon it. Contrary to faunal life-forms, man procreates his offspring to an excessive degree. For some time now, fertile regions capable of providing food have become so overpopulated that the land can no longer be cultivated nor can it provide sufficient food for everyone. The flip side of this coin is that people flock by the millions to cities built upon formerly fertile, arable ground. Man then imports food supplies from other regions where fields for gardening and agriculture have remained available; yet those demanding food have never even had to lift one finger towards the planting, maintenance or harvesting of it.

Man fancies himself as being the crown of Creation. Indeed, he believes that by having the capability to think he is allowed to regard himself as superior to everything else. Thus, he believes he is entitled to permit planet wide, human overpopulation, and that he can ignore the laws and directives of nature and trample them with his feet. In his megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, man has already shown himself to be so inhumane, uncharitable and feebleminded as to allow everything around him to degenerate into limitless cowardice: His realistic and reasonable thinking, along with true love, charity, humanitarianism and love of truth, have all become completely desensitised. Hence, he is no longer able to recognize that terrestrial humankind's major problems are caused by the liability of overpopulation. This situation can only be relieved by the strictest birth control measures. Instead of acknowledging this truth, mankind criminally forms and supports relief organizations that create more harm than benefit. These organizations do not instruct and bring about birth control measures, to the effect that millions and millions are procreated all over the world and force all major problems beyond normal boundaries. Well-to-do individuals support the machinations of relief organizations with exorbitant sums merely to calm their guilty consciences, which is a direct result of their false humanitarianism and false charity. These so-called helpers cowardly cheat their own consciences because they are incapable of recognizing the truthful truth and acting accordingly. Hence, their aid is misdirected toward the wrong places and points of concern. Through their direct participation, therefore, they become guilty by being responsible for the unfolding of this increasing, unrelentingly multiplying, worldwide misery and plight, along with the many catastrophes and ills associated with it.

The mistaken people who provide relief aid in the wrong areas, the pseudo-humanitarians and overpopulation-promoters, must also be held responsible for the numerous other ills, indeed, the major crimes taking place on Earth. Part and parcel of these crimes are torture and capital punishment, both of which are still practiced in many countries today. Among the people supporting and fighting for torture and capital punishment are those human elements, who frequently represent and fight for religions and other sectarianism. They also provide aid to fight hunger (and are against birth control measures), thereby opening the gate to a paradox beyond compare. On one hand they are fighting for the survival of innumerable individuals, while on the other hand, they murder, torture and destroy a human life that has either become guilty of a crime, a criminal or politically revolutionary act or opinion. Does this make sense? No one wants to listen (to the concept) that pseudo-relief aid will generate once again the procreation of many hundred millions of people. Of those, millions are becoming new criminals, drug addicts and various forms of extremists, including people who commit serious crimes, etc. Though, people will turn a deaf ear to the overpopulation issue.

It is because of mistaken, illogical people who have given relief aid, who scorn Creation, and who are pseudo-humanitarians and other types of overpopulation-mongers, that the earth is impregnated with the seeds of many different ills. From such seeds there sprout and mature the destruction that burdens the entire globe under an assortment of varying names. However, the most prominent ill of all, indeed the one that causes the greatest destruction worldwide, is overpopulation. It is from overpopulation that the delusion of hatred of strangers, racial hatred, hatred towards the asylum-seekers and one's fellowman originate, as well as sectarianism in the form of religious, profane, esoteric, ufological, philosophical, non-denominational or special interest groups, not to mention the sectarianism of major religions. This entire overpopulation phenomenon results in crime and wars, epidemics of drug addiction, prescription drugs abuse, alcoholism, tobacco addiction, solvent-sniffing, sadism, masochism and many other plights to which human beings fall prey. These epidemics are becoming more blatant and numerous through the unconstrained growth of the world's total population. This is a proven fact that cannot be ignored or kept secret any longer. It is those overpopulation-mongers only who close their eyes to this fact and truth and make themselves guilty of crimes against humanity. They wish neither to acknowledge this fact nor to admit to the truth of it. Why is this? Why do these overpopulation-mongers, who in this manner commit crimes against humanity, neither wish to see, hear, recognize, acknowledge nor accept the truth and the fact of global ills and destruction? The answer is not a simple one. It is a fact that the reasons vary greatly from falling prey to alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription drugs abuse, tobacco addiction, solvent-sniffing, sadism and masochism, to the sectarianism of a religious, non-denominational, special interest group, philosophical, esoteric, parapsychological, spiritualistic nature or sectarian ideologies of major religions. The reasons may vary also from war, murder and crime, hatred of strangers, racial hatred, hatred towards the asylum-seekers to hatred of one's fellowman. It is erroneous, therefore, to assume that only a single reason need apply to all the excesses mentioned. Truthfully, the reasons causing extremist, as well as sectarian ideologies and addictions of all types, can be subdivided into a thousand variations, many of which are listed below:

  1. an inability to live
  2. vice
  3. lack of self-control
  4. impairment of the psyche
  5. sectarian propaganda
  6. propaganda by special interest groups
  7. political propaganda
  8. segregation from others
  9. euphoria
  10. unemployment
  11. fearfulness (phobias)
  12. disease
  13. subsistence problems
  14. contact problems
  15. problems with one's fellowman
  16. communication problems
  17. frustration
  18. lack of feelings
  19. schizophrenia
  20. maniacal beliefs
  21. deception
  22. compulsion
  23. terrorism
  24. despotism
  25. misleading education
  26. failure to identify truth
  27. self-irresponsibility
  28. search for something superior
  29. search for life's meaning
  30. search for truth
  31. social grievances
  32. hatred of any type
  33. voracity
  34. recklessness
  35. vindictiveness
  36. bloodthirstiness
  37. homicidal mania
  38. family problems
  39. "cold" feelings
  40. excessive emotions
  41. heartache
  42. lies
  43. deception
  44. megalomania
  45. arrogance
  46. conceit
  47. adulation
  48. government confusion
  49. political confusion
  50. war or revolution
  51. any type of confusion
  52. altercations
  53. feuds
  54. grief
  55. affliction of harm
  56. lack of knowledge
  57. arbitrariness
  58. general mismanagement
  59. subjugation of any type
  60. identity crises
  61. inconsistency
  62. weak-mindedness
  63. lack of initiative
  64. lack of conviction
  65. thoughtlessness
  66. breach of trust
  67. adultery
  68. breach of friendship
  69. breach of promises
  70. false promises
  71. melancholy
  72. depression
  73. dejectedness
  74. exaggerated ebullience
  75. loneliness
  76. a craving for the unusual
  77. a craving for depravity
  78. a need for acclaim
  79. prejudices
  80. a know-it-all attitude
  81. false criticism
  82. degeneration
  83. injustice
  84. false humanitarianism
  85. feeblemindedness
  86. torment of any type
  87. torture
  88. abuse
  89. rape
  90. exploitation
  91. reasons of state
  92. incompetence
  93. indifference
  94. allowing oneself to be persuaded
  95. partisanship
  96. lack of judgment
  97. envy and resentment
  98. miserliness
  99. lack of restraint
  100. intemperance
  101. egotism
  102. jealousy
  103. behavioural problems
  104. (to be a) slacker or shirker
  105. lust for war
  106. hunger for power

These are but 106 of the many thousands of grounds, reasons, causes, bases and decisive factors leading to sectarianism and its various subtleties, as well as to drug addiction, tobacco abuse, alcoholism and solvent-sniffing. These reasons, etc., also apply, along with many other issues, to delusional hatred of strangers, racial hatred, hatred towards foreigners, the asylum-seekers and one's fellowman. Such ills are excessively represented in the Ku-Klux-Klan, anti-semitism and neo-Nazi movements to name but a few. These ills result in countless other ills and destruction, and frequently end in total despondency or suicide, murder, torture, capital punishment (a type of murder), crime, mass murder and genocide. The future will prove that these ills and destruction, along with many other grievances, are constantly increasing and becoming excessive. They include sectarianism of any type, along with vice and addictions such as drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, alcoholism and solvent-sniffing, and others. In the same manner will major criminal acts and all types of organized crime violence become excessive and cost many human lives, as will hatred of strangers, a hatred towards one's brother, the asylum-seekers, other races and one's fellowman. Tortures will take on malicious and far-reaching fatal forms, as will capital punishment, rape, simple murder, mass murder, religious, sectarian murder and genocide. Many different malicious ills of a religious-sectarian nature, along with those of a political and special-interest-group nature and implication, will increase horrendously. These ills will rule the world and its inhabitants, and will terrify everyone on Earth. Yet, the ills are mankind's own fault; that is to say, the fault of those individuals who must be branded as overpopulation-mongers, regardless of the manner in which they became guilty of it. For it is the overpopulation-mongers who must be blamed, those who deliberately endanger and threaten to destroy all life on the planet. Because of these irresponsible human beings on Earth, life-destructive ills are being consciously cultivated by a steady production of new human progeny and along with them a growing overpopulation. Man has to suffer these consequences because many people on Earth are in error and possess little sense of responsibility toward themselves, their progeny, their fellowman or the remainder of humankind. Moreover, they have no feelings of responsibility whatsoever for the planet Earth itself or its fauna and flora. All of this because irresponsible individuals, full of highhandedness and megalomania, depict themselves as being Creation itself, in the belief that their idiocy is equivalent to a true and reasonable thinking process. However, such individuals are incapable of willing or commanding even one hair to grow on their heads. These people truly cannot and must not be considered as being endowed with any powers of reasoning, otherwise they would not condone and instigate the many activities of a religious, sectarian and profane nature, or those with various delusional beliefs and the delusional extremism with all of their excesses. These individuals not only condone these issues, they actually foster and defend them. Life on Earth, indeed the entire planet, is being destroyed and annihilated. It is because of irresponsible people, such as the pseudo-humanitarians, sectarians, delusional followers, overpopulation- and havoc-mongers, along with the destroyers of life and the planet, who do everything in their power to drastically escalate every ill on Earth. They contribute to the planet's deterioration. Through their pseudo-humanitarian, sectarian beliefs, they threaten and destroy terrestrial life by supporting the rapidly increasing human population, which in itself is procreating ever faster more terribly and more unrestrainedly than guinea pigs and rabbits.

The real blame for the overpopulation ills and the steady but certain, persistent, increasingly destructive advance of life on Earth indeed the planet itself rests with mismanagement and corruption too, and with organizations and supporters of aid to Third World nations. However, the power elite does not wish to acknowledge this fact. In particular, as a result of the financial aid by industrial nations, the so-called civilized and economically sound world, a devastation has befallen Third World nations ranging from the felling of rainforests trees to the total destruction and annihilation of formerly very fertile regions. In place of oxygen-rich rainforests that had regulated the climate, there remain only bleak, deserted, eroded, leached and barren soils today, devoid of the growth of even one blade of grass. In place of luxuriant fields and fertile ground (or at least arid soil that could provide sufficient life-sustaining grain and vegetable harvests through great struggles by the farmers) there now exist salt plains, deserted and dead landscapes or barren swamps, that are frequently the breeding ground for deadly pathogenic agents. These many situations have transpired due mainly to the relief aid from irresponsible people who have pumped industrial and other well-to-do nations' financial support into Third World countries, and who continue to do so even today. Members of relief programs are themselves carrying on with the mismanagement and corruption; or they permit such things to be perpetrated by others. People involved with these programs also want to build dams, model factories and companies to further Third World nations' development. They initiate the clearing of rainforests and the destruction of land and life, which ultimately cause ongoing, immense climatic changes that negatively influence the entire globe and all life upon it. These changes induce horrendous storms, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts and many other catastrophes. With regard to mankind, a great many different catastrophes have been invoked and precipitated by these forms of developmental aid. For example, the "poor" farmers in Third World nations were being "developed" either by being chased from their land through social aid handouts, or by being prevented from cultivating their arid land to achieve meager harvests through which they had previously managed, more or less, to sustain themselves for centuries. By being chased away or prevented from accomplishing things that had to be done, these agricultural labourers, farmers and others, lost their basis for maintaining a livelihood. The same scenario applies also to situations where the "developed" farmers' meager, yet somehow still fertile, land was excessively built upon or destroyed and devastated by development aid.

People who had worked the meager yet somewhat fertile soil century after century, and had somehow always obtained sufficient food, frequently lost not only their land through mismanagement, corruption and the relief aid itself but, in addition, they lost the occupation to which they had been accustomed and on which they had peacefully subsisted for centuries. Their initiative dwindled when they lost their land and work, and when they, the dispossessed, refugees and unemployed, were supplied with their food requirements by relief programs. They also lost their initiative to fulfil their own obligations and their effort to fend for themselves. As a result, they began to snooze, led a phlegmatic lifestyle and waited for roasted pigeons in the form of food supplies by relief workers to drop into their open mouths or, at the very least, hoped to be provided with these items free of charge. Lacking the process of old, traditional activities to obtain their own food by working hard with the meager soil, these individuals knew little about behaviour patterns or motivation any longer. Being human and bored, they preoccupied themselves with each other, particularly in a sexual manner, whereby males and females mingle and procreate offspring galore. The French Revolution must be blamed for this population increase due to the delusion at the time that many children must be fathered by the populace so as to gain the power to restrain the government. Subsequently, the old delusional idea developed which contended that many descendants were needed to ensure support of the elders by the younger generation. Therefore, along with being inactive and chased from their land, disposed and without initiative, boredom may be added as a cause that has led to an explosive increase of offspring and, hence, to a rapidly growing overpopulation. The blame for this terrestrial overpopulation, along with the destruction and threat against all life on Earth and the planet itself, therefore, can be placed on relief aid as well.

Within the same framework of the planet's destruction and every life-form on it, blame for this overpopulation explosion rests also with the major religions and sects. Obstinately they advocate terrestrial mankind's breeding of a myriad of descendants, which generates overpopulation in the first place. Resembling degenerate beasts of prey, religions and sects lunge into Third World countries by sending missionaries to disseminate the madness of their religious and sectarian beliefs, along with their inhumane, degrading consequences and excesses. Such beliefs are based upon enslavement, mismanagement, corruption, exploitation, negative influence of the consciousness, deprivation of liberty of the consciousness, delusional beliefs, religious wars, murders and humankind's stultification. All of these are based on the sectarian madness' phrase "Be fruitful and multiply" the root-of-all-evil to overpopulation's stupidity.

This then is the truth: The Earth is incredibly overpopulated. It is propelling itself towards its own destruction and, as a result of overpopulation, is plummeting toward the destruction of all life on the planet. Humankind alone is guilty of this overpopulation for it knows no limit whatsoever in its own diverse excesses. In contrast to man, members of the animal world instinctively behave more reasonably and in accordance with nature's laws. By adjusting their urges and instincts, animals regulate their own population and adapt to prevailing food supplies and living conditions. When overpopulation arises for some reason, the death of many animals is effected, whereby a selection process comes into play that eliminates animal excess. Man, the creature of reason, ought to emulate this example. But in his megalomania he totally ignores it. He believes himself to be the crown of Creation, and feels entitled, therefore, to transgress against the natural laws. As a result, mankind unstoppably multiplies, and in doing so, they immeasurably and unrelentingly magnify all plights, misery, ills, crime, illnesses, epidemics, addictions, other wrongs and excesses once more, and create incredible chaos and total destruction to order and life itself.

The more development aid, famine relief and other forms of aid are provided throughout the globe and not birth control measures by the pseudo-humanitarians and other fools of compassion, the more horrendous become the plight, ills, misery of the people on Earth, along with all other catastrophic conditions and excesses that ruin and destroy life and the planet. Without relevant and really humane and pertinent help, neither underdeveloped countries nor their inhabitants can be turned into cultivated, civilized and economically balanced and progressive nations and peoples within a few short years or decades. Additionally, the population of these countries can be simply "revamped" and changed to adapt to the thinking and behaviour of a world and its people who enjoy a healthy economy and politics without international direction. The privileged people enjoy extensive learning, comprehensive education, sound social systems, government leadership, legislation and guidelines for overall development each of which has had to evolve over centuries of painstaking effort.

Naturally, aid in every appropriate form is suitable, but only in those areas where its offering and provision are justifiable. Such aid may well be appropriate in underdeveloped Third World countries and in others, but never in a format where it occurs through famine aid and development relief, etc. that includes no birth control direction. Aiding these countries and their inhabitants has to consist of educating the poor in contemporary work standards and labour methods. In this way the people could enjoy an improved and more productive cultivation of their land, without the destructive interference into the natural ecological system. Furthermore, positive aid must consist of providing sound general education and schooling that results in progressive and social attitudes, and an awareness that all human beings are responsible for their own deeds and behaviour, their work, as well as their own lives. Thus, aid must consist of educating the people about the catastrophic consequences resulting from overpopulation. Likewise, aid must entail providing explanations on crucial birth control measures, contraception, and rigorous birthrate checks.

Aid is also suitable, in appropriate forms, to all locations where citizens do not generate overpopulation by having "litters" like guinea pigs and rabbits. Furthermore, aid is also appropriate where people have been hard-working, have fallen upon hard times through no fault of their own, and have gained a certain measure of schooling and overall education through which they have learned to think and act progressively and responsibly. By doing so, they ensure that the number of their progeny remains within permissible limits, and they themselves cannot be held responsible for the escalating overpopulation, therefore.

Hopefully, mankind on Earth will allow the pure, natural laws and directives to prevail in all matters, particularly as they apply to overpopulation, which can only be reduced by enforcing a drastic and rigorous, worldwide birthrate check program. It is in this manner that man can finally limit and eventually eradicate misery, privation and ills of every type on this beautiful, blue planet called Earth.

Overpopulation brings with it ethnic problems as well. Indeed, it actually induces them. It precipitates migration, war, bloodshed and murder. As a result of the world population's continuing growth, people are squeezed together ever closer, and the space for each person becomes ever smaller and more restricted. For this reason can situations not be avoided whereby inhabitants of various countries, tribes, religions, convictions, opinions, philosophies and outlooks increasingly crowd together only to infringe upon each other's personal space. Without fail, this type of close contact leads to friction, differences of opinion and arguments. These issues, in turn, automatically generate war, bloodshed, murder and migration. The migration issue alone leads to even more excessive, vicious, worldwide problems. For example, refugees do not simply leave their familiar homesteads merely to seek new ones within their own country. Instead, they flee to foreign lands and often to countries that are financially and economically more prosperous than their own homelands. So it transpires that thousands, tens of thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands, even millions of refugees abruptly flee their homelands and swarm into foreign, more prosperous nations. In turn, these nations become swamped with foreigners, causing almost insurmountable problems. Countries that accept these refugees are forced to expend billions of dollars that are paid for by the "host nation's" industrious inhabitants through hard-earned funds from horrendous taxes.

The refugees from nations where ethnic problems, wars, bloodshed, various types of persecution and murder prevail, swarm like locusts into the more prosperous countries and settle there, frequently through their lies and criminal activities. These people generate an escalating glut of foreigners within the world's prosperous nations, into which they often can enter only as illegal aliens. The surplus of foreigners, consisting of the refugees, brings renewed social, economic, political as well as religious or ethnic problems. Slowly but surely, the social structure within these nations begins to collapse. Living and housing expenses climb higher and higher, and the lack of housing increases. Equally slowly but surely, the refugees wipe out the lineage of the country's native people by intermingling with the local population. The refugees effect mixed marriages from which originate mixed progeny in numbers and masses that can no longer be condoned. It is normal and understandable that such mixed marriages do occur when individuals meet while travelling or working in various countries, and thereafter marrying as a result. This uncommon type of mixed marriage neither harms the lineage nor the native people themselves. But when the land becomes flooded with foreign refugees who embark upon mixed marriages with members of the local population and procreate mixed descendants, a new population of mixed races springs forth, and in no time at all this group displaces and eradicates the native population.

The type of refugee fleeing into foreign nations shows no homogeneity. Refugees come from all social levels, and their reasons for migrating are frequently very diverse. These reasons range from economic exodus and personal problems, broken hearts and drug problems, religious and military reasons, to fleeing for political and family reasons, a lust for adventure and leaving the homeland to avoid work. Thus, many diverse refugee groups flee their native lands to seek shelter in more prosperous countries. These nations ultimately suffer from the massive influx of foreigners and its vicious consequences, which endanger both government and the populace. The majority of refugees request political asylum, which costs the host nations and its hard-working tax payers billions of dollars. Of course, these unexpected costs are a burden to the various factions of local citizenry and cause hatred to flare up against the asylum-seekers, foreigners and other races. Such hatred becomes perpetuated and leads to fatal escalations, material damage and unimaginable disaster.

Another factor related to the refugee problem must be addressed as well, namely, that typically only somewhat affluent people flee from their homeland. Such refugees have limited personal financial security, e.g., a house or land which they have been able to sell in order to finance their escape. These people are not particularly humble. More often than not, they make brazen financial demands on the refugees' host nations, including for monetary donations, housing, vehicles, living expenses, clothing and social aid of various types. Yet, people who ought to flee their homeland for reasons of personal safety, rarely have the funds to pay for their escape, because their finances simply prevent them from doing so. They simply cannot afford to flee. For this reason they are arrested, tortured and murdered. Therefore, it is only people with financial means, as a rule, who then claim to be refugees. In general, they are the only ones who frequently flee to other economically and socially more prosperous nations, in order to achieve a more comfortable lifestyle than they previously enjoyed in their homelands. To obtain the same lifestyle while living in their native country would have required a great deal more effort and struggle. Even though they are obviously refugees for economic and related reasons and others, they make other people in the refugees' host nations believe, through their lying and cheating, that they have had to flee their homeland for reasons of religious, military and/or political persecution. In these cases are the claims, lies, fraud and deceit far from the truth. Furthermore, refugees frequently appear who are more than mere crooks. Indeed, they are major criminals who commit profitable and serious crimes within the host countries. Increasingly, refugees are appearing who gain unofficial access to the host nations, possibly even through official permission from the authorities, only to become involved in collecting horrendous sums of money with which they financially support wars, fratricide and revolutions in their homelands, or they purchase weapons and other war supplies.

Very few refugees indeed can truly be categorized as refugees. Among the many thousands there are but a few people who can genuinely be considered and classified as refugees. Only people who have had to flee for their lives when escaping from their homeland are actual refugees. This definition differs from that used by individuals controlling the host countries' refugee centres, where they provide legitimate refugee status to many thousands of bogus refugees. In doing so, these officials are really forcing the entire country to pay for the refugees' support. The individuals of authority are incapable of recognizing the fact that this type of refugee is simply a refugee for economic reasons or they simply decline to recognize this fact for pseudo-humanitarian reasons. These "economic" refugees are individuals who do not mind deserting their countries. They flee from their native lands especially in times of confusion and misery when their country really depends on the help and collaboration of each and every citizen, and at a time when their support is urgently needed to help the survival of land, country and life. These refugees cowardly flee their homeland, instead of helping to return the proper order needed to achieve and attain a prospering state and/or prospering nation. This goal can never be achieved by cowardly abandonment, regardless of what type of system is contemplated be that a somewhat normal country or a chaotic nation in the grip of a vicious dictatorship. Each and every country needs its citizens because it is only with their help, and the help of qualified leaders, that a civilized social structure can be secured and achieved, one that is worthwhile to live for because of a suitable economy, politics and a sound standard of living. However, when the cowardly citizens flee their homeland instead of standing up for it, helping it along, and in an emergency even fighting for it, chaos, misery, plight and every ill become subsequently even greater and more insurmountable.

Lastly, there are refugees who truly are unjustly persecuted victims of religious or political turmoil, wars and revolution. It goes without saying if for no other reason than for purely human empathy that such human beings must be granted support and asylum. However, this premise is justifiable only with the condition that the refugees return to their respective native lands after conditions in their own countries have normalized and improved. Such refugees would not be permitted to stay in the host country beyond the end of their term once a safe return to their homeland, without threats against life or limb, has been guaranteed, or once a state of somewhat normal economic and living standards has been re-established.

All evidence pertaining to the refugee problem clearly demonstrates that the flood of refugees and their illegal entry must be rigorously curtailed. If this does not occur, the problems of too many aliens, refugees and the asylum-seeking homeless, along with the generated hatred of strangers, hatred towards other races and the asylum-seekers, become uncontrollable and subsequently lead to unpreventable catastrophes.

Is it brutal and inhumane when the laws and directives of nature are followed? No. However, it is brutal, inhumane and uncharitable when mankind continues to cling to overpopulation, indeed even promotes it, regardless of the circumstances and consequences, in order that millions and millions of new children can be procreated. By failing to enact stringent birth control measures for sectarian reasons and feebleminded sentimentality, man precipitates all misery and problems that will eventually become even greater and more difficult to combat, and where finally no solution or salvation will be feasible.

Required Worldwide Measures

This is just one possibility among many!

These measures apply to everyone on Earth except for some small, native bush tribes, who have practiced their own form of stringent birth control measures since time immemorial.

Minimum age for marriage

  • female: 25 years
  • male: 30 years

Minimum age to produce offspring

  • female: 28 years
  • male: 32 years

Criteria for procreating

  • An existing marriage of at least 3 years
  • Proof of a healthy, harmonious marriage
  • Proof of irreproachable conduct of the marriage partners
  • Proof of ability to raise children
  • Proof of health no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol, etc.
  • No affiliation with extremist or subversive groups

Maximum number of children

  • 3 children per marriage

Birth control intervals

7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission)
7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission ) to be carried out in this manner until the world's population has reached a diminished and normal level of 527,000,000

Subsequently: Measures concerning the permission to marry and procreate remain in force, but the 7-year cycle of birthrate check is omitted.

To remain in force

  • 3 children per marriage (or 3 foster/adopted children)

Penalties for violations

  1. Fines equivalent to 10 annual salaries for both offenders
  2. Sterilization of both offenders
  3. Castration of offenders involving assault or rape, etc. The offenders are segregated from society and by gender for life
  4. The offenders' children are taken away from the parents and raised by the state through foster/adoptive parents

Attention! Please read our interpretation of the 7-year cycle of birthrate check that is published in overpopulation pamphlet #3!

Brutal and inhuman

What is more brutal, inhuman, and hostile to one's fellowman and life?

  1. A world overpopulated by human beings, where hunger and misery, privation and brutal deaths reign; where wars, murder and bloodshed, fraud, torture and capital punishment occur daily, along with rape, crime, hatred, epidemics and destruction, vice and addiction; where hatred against all life, and extremism, lies, deceit and degeneration prevail; where millions of people perish daily, suffering horrendous pain, or succumbing to wretched deaths through torture at the hands of their tormentors and executioners, and from hunger and misery
  2. A world with a population of average proportions, where all ills, problems and misery become relatively small and normal. A world that is not ruled by hunger and misery. A world in which the fear of war, and all evil, are reduced to the point where the likelihood of a world-unifying peace is actually feasible. This condition would bring about an end to the constant fear of the future and would pave the way to a life of love, logic and reason, among others.

Why don't you reflect on what kind of world you would like to live in. Does genuine, sincere humanitarianism, love, charity and truth not surpass all false humanitarianism, false charity and lies? Above all ask yourself: "In what type of world do I want my children and my children's children to live?"


Earth Population Growth Chart

According to a major study conducted by FIGU, the following growth of Earth's population has taken place and increases by the day as follows:

Development of Population Growth on Earth (during the last 2004 years)
Period First Year Last Year Growth/Total
1-500 102,465,703 198,847,080 96,381,377
501-1000 198,847,080 293,408,074 94,560,994
1001-1300 293,408,074 374,079,611 80,671,537
1301-1500 374,079,611 406,100,043 32,020,432
1501-1600 406,100,043 463,618,432 57,518,389
1601-1700 463,618,432 536,718,004 73,099,572
1701-1800 536,718,004 892,333,410 355,615,406
1801-1900 892,333,410 1,660,990,034 768,656,624
1901-1905 1,660,990,034 1,689,987,973 28,997,939
1906-1910 1,689,987,973 1,810,900,001 120,912,028
1911-1915 1,810,900,001 1,844,760,039 33,860,038
1916-1920 1,844,760,039 1,912,000,432 67,240,393
1921-1925 1,912,000,432 2,008,401,932 96,401,500
1926-1930 2,008,401,932 2,207,034,890 198,632,958
1931-1935 2,207,034,890 2,350,481,002 143,446,112
1936-1940 2,350,481,002 2,400,389,101 49,908,099
1941-1945 2,400,389,101 2,550,108,498 149,719,397
1946-1950 2,550,108,498 2,600,047,000 49,938,502
1951-1955 2,600,047,000 2,784,382,444 184,335,444
1956-1960 2,784,382,444 3,050,382,081 265,999,637
1961-1963 3,050,382,081 3,250,798,000 200,415,919
1964-1966 3,250,798,000 3,500,100,000 249,302,000
1967-1969 3,500,100,000 3,700,641,801 200,541,801
1970-1972 3,700,641,801 3,783,847,320 83,205,519
1973-1975 3,783,847,320 3,889,992,910 106,145,590
1976-1978 3,889,992,910 4,090,799,983 200,807,073
1979-1981 4,090,799,983 4,604,031,892 513,231,909
1982-1984 4,604,031,892 4,800,411,000 196,379,108
1985-1987 4,800,411,000 5,149,979,380 349,568,380
1988-1990 5,149,979,380 5,367,887,093 217,907,713
1991-1993 5,367,887,093 5,876,884,097 508,997,004
1994-1996 5,876,884,097 6,204,008,014 327,123,917
1997-1999 6,204,008,014 6,634,101,302 430,093,288
2000-2002 6,634,101,302 6,905,000,109 270,898,807
2003-2005 6,905,000,109 7,503,846,002 598,845,893

Growth of Earth's Population (per year, day, hour and second)
Period Duration (years) Growth/Total Per Year Per Day Per Hour Per Second
1-500 500 96,381,377 192,763 528 22 0.01
501-1000 500 94,560,994 189,122 518 22 0.01
1001-1300 300 80,671,537 268,905 737 31 0.01
1301-1500 200 32,020,432 160,102 439 18 0.01
1501-1600 100 57,518,389 575,184 1,576 66 0.02
1601-1700 100 73,099,572 730,996 2,003 83 0.02
1701-1800 100 355,615,406 3,556,154 9,743 406 0.11
1801-1900 100 768,656,624 7,686,566 21,059 877 0.24
1901-1905 5 28,997,939 5,799,588 15,889 662 0.18
1906-1910 5 120,912,028 24,182,406 66,253 2,761 0.77
1911-1915 5 33,860,038 6,772,008 18,553 773 0.21
1916-1920 5 67,240,393 13,448,079 36,844 1,535 0.43
1921-1925 5 96,401,500 19,280,300 52,823 2,201 0.61
1926-1930 5 198,632,958 39,726,592 108,840 4,535 1.26
1931-1935 5 143,446,112 28,689,222 78,601 3,275 0.91
1936-1940 5 49,908,099 9,981,620 27,347 1,139 0.32
1941-1945 5 149,719,397 29,943,879 82,038 3,418 0.95
1946-1950 5 49,938,502 9,987,700 27,364 1,140 0.32
1951-1955 5 184,335,444 36,867,089 101,006 4,209 1.17
1956-1960 5 265,999,637 53,199,927 145,753 6,073 1.69
1961-1963 3 200,415,919 66,805,306 183,028 7,626 2.12
1964-1966 3 249,302,000 83,100,667 227,673 9,486 2.64
1967-1969 3 200,541,801 66,847,267 183,143 7,631 2.12
1970-1972 3 83,205,519 27,735,173 75,987 3,166 0.88
1973-1975 3 106,145,590 35,381,863 96,937 4,039 1.12
1976-1978 3 200,807,073 66,935,691 183,385 7,641 2.12
1979-1981 3 513,231,909 171,077,303 468,705 19,529 5.42
1982-1984 3 196,379,108 65,459,703 179,342 7,473 2.08
1985-1987 3 349,568,380 116,522,793 319,241 13,302 3.69
1988-1990 3 217,907,713 72,635,904 199,002 8,292 2.3
1991-1993 3 508,997,004 169,665,668 464,837 19,368 5.38
1994-1996 3 327,123,917 109,041,306 298,743 12,448 3.46
1997-1999 3 430,093,288 143,364,429 392,779 16,366 4.55
2000-2002 3 270,898,807 90,299,602 247,396 10,308 2.86
2003-2005 3 598,845,893 199,615,298 546,891 22,787 6.33


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