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Corruptions of the truth and how they grow when you feed them.


(article by gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg)




When you produce a new piece of work merely from something which is incomplete and contains many little, and some big, errors it shouldn’t be any surprise that the result is something which paints an incomplete picture full of the original errors plus various additional errors due to the writer’s own further misunderstandings. This is how Maurice Osborn’s “The Essence of the Notes” has to be described and we state it here bluntly in an effort to thwart further confusions of the truth in anyone who may have, or get, a copy of this book. Our unwelcome conclusion is the only logical one and unfortunately it exists independently of anyone’s personal goals or the intent of the author (although that is a significant factor.) The Essence of the Notes does contain areas which seem quite well understood and correct and would serve as helpful condensations of the story but they are interspersed with sections or lines which are very confused and quite misleading. How would the reader know which is which? No matter how well certain parts of the story are conveyed and delivered to otherwise ignorant readers they can’t cancel out the negatives. Both remain part of the package – the positive and the negative.


It is really very difficult to explain the extent of this problem to people who view a flawed document such as this as basically positive, not realising that those real, very welcome, positive components actually enhance and propel the negative ones. Of course this applies to all works that contain significant damaging errors and this is despite the fact that they may actually serve, in some cases, to draw people to the correct information.


Here’s how it works. The positive components serve as a vessel which is readily accepted by people who are hungry for information. That vessel then efficiently transports the seeds of misinformation where they otherwise would not have been accepted.  Snuggled within that attractive vessel, those seeds will find nourishment, sprout, take root and grow. Then they will make seeds of their own, and so on and so on, each generation more corrupted than the last until the correct information, presented elsewhere, is unrecognisable to those readers and will even be attacked. So while some good can come from these sorts or works, the logical conclusion is they should not be encouraged.


Can the most serious mistakes be corrected? As I tried to explain to Maurice Osborn, the degree of misunderstanding reflected in his book could only be overcome with an enormous input from someone who knows both the Stevens books and the German texts well. But, realistically, this time would be better spent producing an updated work directly from the German texts. Troublingly, this fact is not something Maurice Osborne is prepared to accept. Theoretically the most serious errors could be corrected, and this is what I attempted to assist in doing in light of the books’ (brief) premature promotion by FIGU on U.S. media representative Michael Horn’s web page, but ultimately even this correction advice was largely rejected by Maurice, hence the need for the following warning.


Despite unambiguously inviting people to notify him of errors so that he can address them, Maurice reacted to my attempts with both gratitude and unfounded accusations about my motives. He expressed quite clearly to FIGU’s Christian Frehner and Michael Horn, that he knows my intentions are to defeat his efforts for my own selfish personal reasons, ultimately, he concluded, so that Dyson and I would not be thwarted in what he asserted was our goal of obtaining funding to do our own translation of the early contact notes! Just to clear up any rumours right now, Dyson and I have never attempted to acquire funding for anything, let alone for translations of the Meier texts. Furthermore, we have no intention of attempting translations of the contact note books or any of the other Meier books. We restrict ourselves to isolated excerpts that we think we can manage, which we publish on our website free of charge for the purpose of helping the English speaking world understand the sheer extent and breadth of this astonishing case.


After a couple of email exchanges, in which I increasingly pointed out the problems with The Essence of The Notes Maurice Osborne concluded that, largely, the mistakes were not his anyway, but Wendelle Stevens' and thus required no correction. In fact they are a mixture of the two. The following are examples of his attitude.


[Saturday, 28 April 2007 8:44 PM]

“Your Email states that you derived your information of my work from a book that you recently purchased.  I find this to be amazing since I know from a mutual acquaintance that you have downloaded my book from my website and have had access to it for a long time now.  So naturally, I am curious why there has been no help previously, especially since my offer to send you a free copy of my book was refused.”


We were not aware of what was going on with this book or any offer (although we had his index for the Stevens' notes on our website), otherwise we would not have purchased a copy. I asked, if there had been a misunderstanding. He wouldn’t reveal his source, who, he told us, was a mutual acquaintance who wanted to remain anonymous.


[Friday, 4 May 2007 5:23 AM (to Michael Horn and Christian Frehner)]

“It certainly seems apparent that recently, she [Vivienne] has been more interested in trying to show fault with my website instead of correcting any mistakes in the book. This leads to the obvious conclusion that she is not interested in making the book better, but in preventing its disclosure to the public at all costs. In any case, her genuine intentions will become quite clear if no further cooperation is forthcoming.


While he was writing this I was spending three long days checking his book and trying to figure out the extent of the problems and describe them. His website is relevant because it reveals a lack of understanding of the Meier case and the Plejaren extraterrestrials.


[Monday, 7 May 2007 2:53 AM (to Michael Horn and Christian Frehner) ]

"I now understand that my book is a major obstacle in their goal to obtain funding for them to provide new translations of the early contact notes.  Because it was in their own best interest to find fault with my book, this means that they were perfect for the task and now I have gone and messed that all up."




As a guide to what you might expect from The Essence of the Notes, I include here the list I prepared which I recommended be used with the book as a guide to understanding the problems with it. In preparing it, my concern was not whether Maurice Osborn was responsible for the errors or problems, or whether they were carried over from the Stevens translations (or even if they resulted from errors in the original, uncorrected German text, which is an additional concern). My concern was only in making sure that misunderstandings about the Meier case were not further spread. We do not know if these points will be satisfactorily dealt with in any following editions of The Essence of the Notes. We hope so. We do know they were not the only serious errors. At least the following can serve as an example of how misinterpretations of a text can produce quite different results to that which serves the truth.




Numerous errors were discovered in this first edition of this book. While many are perhaps not of a very critical nature there are a number of them which must be noted here in an attempt to avoid encouraging damaging misunderstandings concerning the nature of the Billy Meier case and the advice and information provided to him by the Plejaren extraterrestrials.


On page 294 there is the line, “But the truth can only be spread with harshness just as peace can only be forced by nuclear power.”  This wrongly gives the impression that the Plejaren are promoting nuclear war or something similar. This is absolutely opposite to their real message. They stridently condemn war, the use of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear power [or the use of force except when absolutely necessary, for instance, to save innocent lives]. A large part of their mission here has been to persuade us to put a stop to all of these things.


Note: I wrote to Maurice, „ “The German is, ’ Doch die Wahrheit kann nur vebreitet werden durch Härte genauso wie Frieden nur durch nackte gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit erzwungen werden kann’  Which translates roughly to ‘Indeed the truth can only be spread through hardness exactly as peace can only be [forced] through naked forcible forcelessness’. (Forcible forcelessness is a term explained elsewhere which applies to such actions as, when necessary, restraining dangerous criminals by locking them up, but it never refers to the use of nuclear power. It could be better translated as ‘enforced non-violence’)”. But Maurice concluded that the line should now be “But the truth can only be spread with harshness just as peace can only be forced by naked power.”   This is clearly quite wrong and misleading. The meaning of the term forcible forcelessness has not been conveyed in this example, either in the original translation or in Maurice’s book.


[We include a translated explanation of the term forcible forcelessness at the end of this page.]


On page 24 there are the lines, “Meier is told that he will indulge in different vices.” This line requires more context to be understood. The German sentence includes the adjective, “lernmässig”, (of or pertaining to learning) which indicates that this was necessary in order for Meier to have sufficient understanding of life to be able to fulfil his extremely demanding role as prophet. He had to endure great suffering for the same reason.


Also on page 24, we find, “Within ten years, an evil possession will suddenly take over his body and he will live a different life”.  This line could lead people to think that Meier was a victim of some kind of evil possession, but, as the lines in the notes which follow imply, this actually merely refers to the loss of Meier’s left arm. The relevant German text can most directly be translated to, “A big change will grasp possession of your body, so you will suddenly live a completely new life.”


Note: The following paints a clearer picture of the difference.


[The German] (18.Denn wenn du die Dinge verstehen sollst, kannst du dies nur dann, wenn du in eigener Erfahrung alles selbst erlebst.) 19. So wird es auch sein mit verschiedenen Lastern, denen du lernmässig noch frönen wirst.


[A likely translation] (Because if you are to understand things you can only do this if you experience everything yourself in your own experience. ) It will also be so with different vices in which you will yet indulge for learning purposes.


[Steven's version]

“So also will come with different vises, for which you still will indulge.”


[Maurice Osborn’s line]

"Meier is told that he will indulge in different vices."




[The German]

25. Eine grosse Veränderung wird von deinem Körper Besitz ergreifen, so du plötzlich ein vollig neues Leben leben wirst.


[A likely translation]

25. A big change will grasp possession of your body, so you will suddenly live a completely new life. (Because of the potential confusion about the idea of “possession” the translator could legitimately chose the phrase “take hold” instead of “grasp possession”. Ie. A large change will take hold of your body … )


This line refers to the loss of his left arm.


[Wendelle’s version]

“A large change will suddenly take your body in possession, by what you suddenly will live a new life.” 


[Maurice Osborn’s]

"Within ten years, an evil possession will suddenly take over his body and he will live a different life"



On page 164 we find, “This is their inner spiritual being, which is infinitely easier and uncomplicated. It forms a trinity of transcendental reality with understanding, knowledge, wisdom, love and liberty.” The German text describes this as a unity (Einheit), not a trinity (Dreiheit). This is very important to note because the Meier/Plejaren teaching clearly explains that teachings which include a trinity concept are particularly bad. Certainly the Meier/Plejaren teachings do not include such a teaching.


On page 176 there is a sub-title, “Laws of God”. Because one of the main planks of the messages from the Plejaren is that the gods are merely human beings who have achieved a very high degree of understanding and should never be confused with Creation itself or assume a dictatorial role, this title should read, “Laws of Creation”.


In various parts of this book the term Spiritualism is used where the word spirituality, or spiritual teachings should be used. Since Meier and the Plejaren teach that all religions and all ideologies are misleading and are not aligned with the truth, it is incorrect to use the term Spiritualism, (which refers to an ideology or a religious concept), to describe what they teach.


On page 73 we find the line, “They become elite entities and able to provide spiritual guidance and education for humanity on Earth.” This line, which is presented in a partial confusion of the context, could suggest that FIGU core group members achieve some sort of elite status and requires more clarification. The original German word relating to this matter is indeed “Elite”, but it refers to the group as a group, in future incarnations, and how this will be achieved as a result of the Plejaren guidance and the efforts of the individuals involved. (Naturally it does not imply a superiority or any sense of being raised above other humans.) 

On page 17 there are the lines, “The limitless greed for power is evident in all earthly religions and represent the most dangerous threat for the eventual goal of a world government. All earthly governments are subjected to religious influences that endeavour to unite them under a single world government.” From these lines it could be wrongly assumed that the Plejaren oppose the concept of a world government. This is not true. They stress the importance of uniting in order to tackle the mounting problems we face. But the government should be good and just and concerned for the welfare of the people, not one which is forced upon us by stealth or through war. The following translation should shed some light on how the relevant section is meant to be understood. “218. But, if the Earth human continues to live attached to religions, then he thereby only serves the wishes, and desires for power, of those who have worked for a long time towards the conquest of Earth and thereby for world control. 219. The Earth human must pay very precise attention to these things because otherwise a worldwide war of annihilation threatens him, which, as the Third World War, could bring the final defeat and enslavement over the Earth - directed and steered by the malicious extraterrestrial life-forms under the pyramids of Giza.” [see ]

On page 19 there is a line which states that Jewish Zionists, with the help of the Christian religions, will sharpen their bloody swords to control the Earth. This explanation, which was once in the contact notes, has been corrected by FIGU and now, reads as follows.

131. At that time, and also even later, it will be America, Russia and China, that very strongly push for enslaving world domination, so it will not be at a later point in time the Jewish Zionists, as many people presume, who sharpen their blood sword through mass-murdering acts of violence and with the help of the Christian religion, to subjugate the Earth, rather smaller powers and various malignant sects, whereby one such really malignant one leads back to a certain Ron Hubbard. [see]




Unfortunately, as Maurice Osborn will discover sooner or later, the problems with his book exist entirely independently of us and should be noticed by anyone who has sufficient exposure and familiarity with the German texts. Even those who only know the Stevens' translations will be able to recognise the many additional problems in Maurice’s work which cannot merely be attributed to the faulty Stevens' translations.



The following is an excerpt from Billy Meier’s article Bewusstseinsrevolution, (Revolution of Consciousness) from the book Sinnvolles, Würdevolles, Wertvolles, (Sensible, Dignified Valuable) p. 191-192.


Auch wenn bisher alle Glaubenssysteme nicht in der Lage waren, allgemein für alle Menschen moralisch-verbindliche Richtlinien, Konzepte, Regeln, Gesetze und Prinzipien usw. aufzustellen, die auf schöpferisch-natürlichen Werten und nicht nur auf vielerlei unzulänglichen menschlichen Scheinordnungen usw. aufgebaut sind, kann der Mensch doch allerhand Positives tun.  


Even though, up until now, no systems of belief were in the position to establish, for all humans generally, morally binding guidelines, concepts, rules, laws and principles, and so forth - which are constructed on creational-natural values and not only on many kinds of inadequate human regulations which are just for show, and so forth - the human can indeed do something quite positive.


Also soll die Bemühung im Vordergrund sein, nach schöpferisch-natürlichen Werten Konzepte, Verordnungen, Gesetze, Richtlinien und Prinzipien usw. zu erschaffen, die rundum in akzeptablem Rahmen greifen und dem Menschen vermitteln, dass eine dringende Wandlung zum Besseren notwendig ist.


Therefore, efforts should be prominent to produce concepts, ordinances, laws, guidelines and principles, and so forth, according to creational-natural values, which completely take hold in acceptable frameworks and convey to the human that an urgent change to the better is necessary.


Wenn es also gelingt, diese Chance zu ergreifen, dann ist es auch notwendig, dass sie tatsächlich ergriffen und darauf hingearbeitet wird, dass deren Verwirklichung gelingt.


So, if this chance can be successfully grasped, then it is also necessary that it actually is grasped and worked upon so that its reification succeeds.


Der Mensch benötigt dazu aber Kriterien, deren er belehrt wird damit er zwischen böser Gewalt und gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit zu unterscheiden versteht und erkennt, dass Terrorismus - auch wenn er durch machtgierige und irre Staatsmächtige ausgeübt wird - nicht der Weg zu Frieden, Liebe und Freiheit ist.


To that end, however, the human requires criteria, which he is taught, so that he can understand and recognize how to distinguish between evil force and enforced non-violence; that terrorism – also if it is practiced by power-hungry and insane state powers – is not the way to peace, love and freedom.


So müssen auch in politischer und militärischer Folge Mittel und Wege gefunden werden, die nicht auf blanker Gewalt und Machtgier aufgebaut sind, um Ordnung, Frieden und Freiheit zu schaffen und zu erhalten.


So, also in political and militaristic occurrences, ways and means have to be found which are not built on blatant force and power-greed, in order to create and maintain order, peace and freedom.


Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit ist dazu der Weg der passiven, logischen Gewalt, denn gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit bedeutet mit anderen Worten aktive Gewaltlosigkeit, bei der gewaltsam resp. aktiv die Gewaltlosigkeit geübt und durchgesetzt wird.


Enforced non-violence is, to that end, the way of passive, logical force, because, in other words, enforced non-violence means active forcelessness, with which forcelessness is practiced and carried out forcefully, respectively, actively.


Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit bedeutet aber auch passiven Widerstand, wobei Passivität in diesem Sinn eine Kraft resp. eine Macht oder eben passive Gewalt darstellt, denn Kraft, Macht und Gewalt auch in gewaltloser, passiver Form als Widerstand stellt eine Form der Gewaltsamkeit dar, die jedoch in gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit ausgeübt wird.


Enforced non-violence, however, also means passive resistance, whereby passivity, in this sense, describes a strength, respectively a power, or even passive force, because power, might and force, even in a forceless, passive form, represent a form of forcibleness which is, however, practiced in enforced non-violence.


Dabei jedoch darf diese gewaltlose resp. passive Gewaltsamkeit nicht im Sinne des üblichen erdenmenschlichen Verstehens von negativer Gewalt verstanden werden, sondern nur im Sinne von einem positiven, befriedenden, harmonisierenden, ausgleichenden, erhebenden und ordnungsschaffenden Einsatz in Form von passivem Widerstand bietender Kraft, Macht und Beeinflussung usw. in logischer Weise.


Thereby, however, this forceless, respectively, passive, forcibleness may not be understood in the sense of the usual Earth human understanding of negative force, rather only in the sense of a positive, pacifying, harmonizing, balancing, uplifting and order-producing implementation in the form of passive resistance which offers power, might and influence, and so forth, in logical ways.



In order to help prevent misleading and scurrilous stories taking hold concerning what actually occurred in relation to The Essence of the Notes we provide the email exchange here.


 "I am convinced by your arguments concerning my project to provide a summary version of Steven's books. I now agree with you, that this endeavor would be worthless because of all the inaccuracies and omissions involved in the translations. So, I have decided to cancel all work involved in this undertaking."  - Maurice Osborn, personal email to David Chance, August 11th, 2005


November 4th, 2007

Maurice "I-have-decided-to-cancel-all-work-involved-in-this-undertaking" Osborn, perpetrator of the Essence of the Notes scandal, has surfaced on some stupid, arrogant, Ufology forum, where he is promoting his dangerous untruths on Amazon.

"There is no question that I argued the accuracy of my transcriptions when it was discovered that I made only one mistake and all other points were the result of Wendelle Steven’s translations. Since then, all mistakes were corrected in the second edition of my book to the satisfaction of Meier’s group, but Michael continued to refuse to sell them." - Maurice Osborne, Ufology forum, October 28th, 2007

 "I am convinced by your arguments concerning my project to provide a summary version of Steven's books. I now agree with you, that this endeavor would be worthless because of all the inaccuracies and omissions involved in the translations. So, I have decided to cancel all work involved in this undertaking."  - Maurice Osborn, personal email to David Chance, August 11th, 2005

So, what was Maurice's "only one mistake"? Deciding to write his book in the first place?


November 12th, 2007

This is a little update for the November 4th entry, below.

On November 10th, at, Maurice "I-have-decided-to-cancel-all-work-involved-in-this-undertaking" Osborn now states, "The first one [translation error] was a mistake I made in the First edition on page 294 with the term “nuclear power" instead of “naked aggression”.

NO, Maurice. NOT (peace can only be [enforced] through) "naked aggression".

Can't you tell the truth?

"'Nuclear power' is a false translation which must be replaced by 'naked forcible forcelessness' or 'naked enforced non-violence'" (from the German "nackte gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit"). - (quote) Christian Frehner on Amazon quoting gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg in

Maurice continues to assert, "I do state that I have corrected every confirmed problem"

This is a lie.

Today Vivienne writes: We know that Maurice refused to accept the need for the corrections we noted (listed in our book review). You can see his lack of honesty in his response to those in that above-linked review.


Incidentally, neither Christian Frehner nor Michael Horn have - to the best of our knowledge - had the time to read Maurice's book.


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