Plejaren Portraits


Christian Krukowski's 2000 sketch of JHRH Semjase, and Dejan "Anday727"'s amazing Photoshop colorizing.

On the 284th contact, June 11th, 2000, Semjase's father, JHWH Ptaah, remarked, upon seeing Christian's above sketch, rendered with the assistance of Plejaren thought-impulses for best-possible accuracy, "Ah - Christians Ziechnung ist phantastisch gut und das Bild zeigt meine Tochter gerade so, wie ein zeichnerishe wiedergegebenen Photographie." (Ah - Christian's sketch is fantastically good and the picture shows my daughter precisely like a sketch copied from a photograph.)

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by Christian Krukowski, colourised by Dejan.

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Christian Krukowski's original sketch.

Caption reads: Asket, Billy's teacher from 1953-1964. Elaboration by Christian Krukowski; 1978/2000


Compare below


"The being we now know as Asket -- how she appeared to me at the time: She has nice long, dark hair. She does not look Caucasian nor Asian, almost a blend of the two. I cannot describe to you how, but definitely not a Western or Caucasian look. She does not look Asian; it's almost a blend of the two. She has a very nice golden kind of skin, very luminous and very beautiful to look at. She has long dark hair. That is one thing, because later on when I came to know about Billy's story, I was shown a picture of Asket. It's a being looking very thin and with long blond hair. So I asked, "It must not be Asket, the being that interacted with Billy, because the Asket that I met did not have blond hair." So this puzzles me, and I ask a few people; but now I'm sure you understand, at least now, the photo you have been seeing of Asket all along was not [of] her. It was a hoax, I was told, ... it was an exchanged [photo]. (Question from audience...). Yes, that was also the question I asked Billy when I met him. But one thing is true, though, she does have a long ear lobe. She does have a long -- very different from our -- kind of ear lobe." Phobal Cheng 1999

The below sketches were done by Ptaah, at Billy's request, on May 15th, 2000, and are gratefully scanned from Contact Book #8.


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Dejan has also turned his skills to Sfath, Ptaah and Quetzal.

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Dejan's colorization of Quetzal has been done from Christian Krukowski's sketch above (from the original sketch done by Ptaah)



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Dejan's colorization of Ptaah has been done from Christian Krukowski's sketch below (from Ptaah's self-portrait)




Dejan's colorization of Sfath has been reworked from a re-working of Ptaah's original sketch by Barbara Harnisch



From Dejan - Regarding the pictures.

A few years ago I saw a color drawing of Ptaah I think, on (right) Anyhow that was a picture of a male Plejaren. So I had an idea to make the color version of Semjase's portrait, but not to drift that much away as the author of the color picture of Ptaah did, if it was Ptaah at all. I simply imported that sketch of Christian Krukowski's into Photoshop, and I did the rest. I did the colorizing of his work, layer after semitransparent layer. I never wanted to make a new picture, because in that case it will be just another "maybe-looks-like" Semjase. I regret that I initially put a lot of that "how I see her" in my work. (Some revisions were made of Dejan's original version.)

It was in 2005. Now, two years later, according to the wish of some people on FIGU forum, I did the same with the other portraits of Plejarens - Quetzal, Ptaah and Sfath. Again on the same way, always leaving the original sketch clearly visible in one of the layers.

The pictures have became public now, thanks to you Dyson, my friend, and I am glad if you and other people on FIGU forum think that the drawings are good. Our dear friend Michael Horn ( will use them in his upcoming documentary. Also all other people who are not members of forum now can see the pictures posted on your website.

Thank you.

Dejan ("Anday727")



I asked Michael to show the pictures to Billy, when he sees him next time. Michael actually did it even before his trip to Switzerland this year. He provided my email to Christian Frehner. Finally the circle is closed, I have Billy's answer, and Billy has my color version of the portraits of the Plejaren. He also has my best wishes, and permission to use them, of course.

According to Dyson's suggestion, I will share the news with you.

This was Christian's e-mail to me.


From: FIGU - Christian Frehner
Subject: Portraits of the Plejarens Date 2007-05-08

Hello Dejan,
Billy was shown your excellent work on the portraits on the website below:

and he was very pleased with what he saw. On his behalf I ask you: Do you give him permission to use your "paintings" for publications? If yes, would you send him a written permission (by postal mail) and high-resolution versions of the portraits?

Thank you and best regards,

Christian Frehner




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