Contact Report 059

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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 2

  • Contact Reports Volume / Issue: 2 (Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 2)
    [Contact No. 39 – 81 from 12.3.1975 to 9.4.1977] Source
  • Page number(s): TBC
  • Date/time of contact: TBC
  • Translator(s): TBA
  • Date of original translation: TBA
  • Corrections and improvements made: TBA
  • Contact person: Semjase



This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 059 Translation

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Semjase Semjase
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