A Word about Words

by gaiaguys' Dyson Devine


I’ve written before about words and language in a couple of places on this website, but I feel compelled to expand on the topic a little now.


It comes as no great surprise to me that, according to Quetzal’s information, there is another insidious secret international conspiracy, (by those who I take to be the agents/victims preferred by the Bafath). It is the effort to dumb-down the English language (Americanization) and similarly poison the German language. It has been going on since around the time of The Great War to End All Wars, now called WWI.


Almost anyone who has tried to read a book written a couple of hundred years ago in that somewhat fustian English will soon be made embarrassingly aware of how ignorant s/he is. In those days, only the elite were well educated and us factory and cannon fodder were generally only semi-literate. Useful words, once in common parlance like, vile, minion, myrmidon, sophistry, etc. have been deliberately elided from our rapidly shriveling English vocabulary.


The lie about absolute human equality in all things – which shrewdly twisted the noble truth that we are indeed all equally deserving of reverence as creatures of, and bearers of, Creation – gained a foothold in the French Revolutions. The Freemasons’ gallant-sounding motto, “Liberty - Equality - Fraternity” soon brought the welcome general public education which improved the literacy of the oppressed working classes. But it never quite got to the point where they could adequately understand their native tongue to the degree required to comprehend much more than the primary-school English vocabulary of the corporate press, which is still tightly controlled by the same Powers That Be who engendered all those bloody revolutions in which so much of Earth’s intelligencia was liquidated.


So now the newly literate "Great Unwashed” were primed for the ingestion of the saccharine poison which continues to be churned out like pigswill, and is still eagerly devoured by fattened consumers.  


But sixty years ago something really unexpected happened in New Mexico, which the ancient prophets seemingly didn’t accurately foresee, (but Sfath did, and so did Billy) and it changed everything.


The Ruling Elite, or “The High Cabal” to use Zionist Winston Churchill’s evocative term, evidently relied on draconian taxes on printing presses to suppress the dissident voice of malcontents and rabble-rousers. But how could the Money Power have ever imagined extraterrestrial, bio-organic androids with transistors in their brains? How could they have imagined their own nascent military/industrial complex - now gorged and bloated, like a vast leech, with the human blood of their many lucrative wars , and as autonomous as Frankenstein's monster - back-engineering those same extraterrestrial semi-conductor devices and turning them into computers, and then networking them for the Pentagon? And how could those military people have known that technology would evolve at about ten MILLION times the speed of biological evolution? Did they know then that their network of communicating computers would, at warp speed, spread up into the ivory towers and then onto Wall Street, ultimately to stretch out into millions of suburban bedrooms all over the planet and even wireless pocket telephones? I doubt it. But now it’s way too deep-rooted to kill, and the once prohibitively expensive printing machines are now in every modern home. The "End Times" are, in a manner of speaking, indeed at hand, but certainly not in the way they were planned by those whose time now is up.


Of course trying to fix English in 2007 is like trying to fix our 1974 motor vehicle. It comes to the point where even the rust and the metal fatigue is overtaken by the innate obsolescence of the 19th Century technology and material science which propels it. I personally think that the European Union’s recent decision to abandon English in favor of German was prophetic.


English is now so corrupted and confused that – as I’ve written elsewhere – trying to accurately communicate a complex arrangement of thoughts is like trying to nail a custard pie to the wall. I see no solution. Dictionaries are practically useless in regard to our English language, cobbled together from different languages, because the word to be defined requires the adequate understanding of the words contained in the definition, and so on to infinity. Proscriptive dictionaries are not up to the task because they don’t define words as they are currently (ab)used, and descriptive dictionaries which do, provide context and culture-driven mis-definitions which only exacerbate the existing problem.


And then there is the dreaded rising inflection - the ugly tendency to end declarative sentences as if they were interrogative?? - which Billy and Ptaah soundly condemn as it creeps into German?? after already making serious inroads in the English language?? It is symptomatic of the Earth humans' growing lack of self-worth (and self-confidence) as described by Quetzal.


Mere words, as signposts pointing the way to ideas, are the great reducers of the whole, but a sufficient treatment of the insurmountable logical problems intrinsic to reductionism are beyond the scope of this small article. Suffice it to say that – aside from humans’ unique ability to evolve spiritually – it is only our other unique ability to use words to communicate abstract spiritual concepts which sets us aside from the rest of the animal kingdom. Even some species of monkeys have a small vocabulary of “words” which connote, and communicate to their companions, various simple concepts like “snake” (everyone looks down at the ground) or “eagle” (everybody looks up in the sky).


But only humans can use words, however inadequately, to spread the truth about Creation, so that we may finally start to slow the rate of growth of the widening chasm between, on one hand, the runaway technological evolution now happily fueling the silent revolution of truth, and, on the other hand, our sadly stagnating spiritual evolution.



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