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  • [[Category:COVID-19 Safety Measures]] ...uaintances and anyone you think should know how to protect themselves from COVID-19'''''
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  • ...irresponsibly failed to take the necessary measures, precautions and other measures to combat the epidemic, and who continue to neglect them and do the wrong t ...urgency to ensure a reasonable and justified solution for the benefit and safety of all Centre residents. Such a solution can, in the event of a lack of und
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  • ...vide largely reliable protection against viruses, such as the corona virus COVID-19 and influenza viruses.</div> ...weitgehend zuverlässig auch vor Viren, wie also auch vor dem Corona-Virus COVID-19 sowie vor den Influenza-Viren.</div>
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  • ..., but who allegedly did not take anything seriously and failed to take any measures to contain the epidemic, these allegations also only correspond to works of ...lone can be blamed on the government of China for not taking the necessary measures after becoming aware of the Corona virus and its spread, thereby opening th
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  • and understanding the epidemic and protecting against it with the right measures. Your words and explanations are to address the most important necessary be ...every single human being to join in all safety precautions and protective measures against the very attacking and dangerous Corona virus and its mutations. In
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  • ...dictates the way diseases are dealt with. The discussion about the genetic COVID-19 vaccination is currently causing a particular stir. 85 percent of adults sh Für besondere Aufregung sorgt derzeit die Diskussion um die genetische COVID-19-Impfung. 85 Prozent der Erwachsenen sollen vollständig geimpft sein, bis d
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  • ...s of this when the lamentations of the refugees from their homeland and in safety are heard on the radio, seen and heard on television, when the refugees fro ...eley, claim that 'overwhelming' scientific evidence strongly suggests that COVID-19 is indeed a man-made virus.
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  • ...rd to the pandemic that is spreading all over the world and the protective measures against it? ...ences made many human beings feel insecure, because instead of maintaining safety and doing everything necessary to contain the Corona epidemic, science and
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  • ...ards the foreigners, which has now increased, because we have new security measures, but I cannot openly mention them. ...nce either. It is not only about the safety around you, but also about the safety of all, which is related to the fact that no vehicles and other things are
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  • ...t only concerned certain information of the necessary behaviour and safety measures, especially with regard to respirators and dealing with fellow human beings ...hem enforced by virtue of the State Constitution with regard to health and safety for the good of the people through the deployment of all necessary security
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  • ...form of a general election of reason that determines any necessary safety measures in the case of an outbreak of an epidemic. | These are unavoidable safety measures that governments should automatically take into consideration and constantl
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  • ...hat the disease is affecting many more of the vaccinated who relied on the safety of the vaccination and did not know that the vaccine is only half of what i | 1. that every Earth human being voluntarily follows the necessary safety measures against the Corona epidemic, and this is contrary to the false and irrespon
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  • with its concealment of information and failure to take urgently needed measures with regard to precautions, behaviour and prevention of the spread of the e his government that intervene just as forcefully against the necessary measures.</div>
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  • ...and gymnastics festivals and other sporting events that violate all health safety, such as idiotic and stupid football tournaments, etc. Bathing on river and ...nd enforcing the whole thing. Persons who fail to comply with the security measures would have to be singled out and subjected to drastic penalties, such as he
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  • | <br>COVID-19 vaccination: AstraZeneca classified acute platelet deficiency as a "common | <br>COVID-19-Impfung: AstraZeneca stufte akuten Mangel an Blutplättchen bereits Mitte A
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  • ...eople's superiors are also incapable of recognising the correct protective measures, instructing them and having them carried out, which is to be laid at their ...ns and deaths will continue to rise steadily, but this is also because all measures ordered by the authorities are ill-considered and extremely inadequate and
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