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The Honourable Ian Raymond Causley MP , Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives*

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This 20000 word summary (BELOW) represents a vigorous work in progress, and - as our uncertain future unfolds in the absence of justice from the authorities - it will be added to systematically, and hypertext links to documents, some of which can be found on "Costascandal", are underway. For the most recent breaking news check the bottom of this page.

The title of this exposé has a deliberate double meaning. In the first instance we chronicle a segment of Causley's path of destruction which cuts through many devastated families in our community. The second meaning refers to Causley's own self-produced political obliteration, caused by the poisonous synergy of his insane greed, his arrogance and his parochial ignorance.

See for some understanding of why this website still exists.

[Causley apparently retained his position as Speaker. Our previous comment saying otherwise was incorrect.]

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William Steven (Bill) McDonnell's story, like the Pine Brush National Estate scandal, demonstrates profound corruption and dysfunction in our community at all levels. It's time to wake up. In the Clarence our local Members of Parliament are criminals. The police threaten and kill. The media are pawns. Even the clean, low-key representatives for the Greens and Democrats mislead the electorate by avoiding the real underlying filth in order to keep a clean image and get elected. This is exceedingly harmful behaviour. The corruption will continue unabated as long as the community as a whole remains ignorant. What are the real issues? The real issues are widespread corruption causing social inequity, environmental destruction, murders, rapes and suicides, and the community's unwillingness to face this.

Harwood Sugar Mill. We can begin telling some of Bill's story (as he has relayed it over the years in many letters to authorities) by covering some of his experiences with the Harwood Sugar Mill. Bill, having had a long association with the cane industry, being both a cutter and grower, accumulated knowledge, which he voiced to authorities, of rigged contracts and mismanagement of funds in regard to the Sugar Co-op. He became a target for destruction because of the protests he made about the corrupt deals that were being done and decisions made that were a costly detriment to the cane farm owners. These decisions were to benefit Ian Causley, his relations (including the Lewis family and Shannon Brothers) and friends through financial gain. Several of those involved in these deals and/or on the board of directors at the time including Don McRae, Neil Gregor, Milton Lewis, and Jim Shannon were later to be involved in threats and harassment directed at Bill, and, among other things, the fraudulent acquisition of his cane farm. In attempting to seek justice Bill has approached Don McRae, former Chairman of the Board, personally who was heavily involved in the scams and has a close relationship with Ian Causley. Bill also advised the Register of Co-ops in Sydney of these scams and also of illegal actions taken against him by the Sugar Executives Office, but to no avail. Bill reported having his cane testings rigged over a number of years. His tests were down-graded and tonnages altered. He has been seeking an investigation of Co-op financial records for 20 years inclusive. Bill Wrote a letter (one of several) to the editor of the Grafton Daily Examiner on the 5th of October '94 regarding the sugar debt, and alleging impropriety on the part of directors. It was not published. Bill was not alone in being harassed for speaking against the leadership.  February 8th, 2005: More revealing correspondence to the sugar authorities.


Hon Member for Page Ian Causley. Having many years ago worked with and for Ian Causley in the sugar cane industry (and also once saving his life!) Bill has long been well aware of scams and deals done by him for friends and associates including providing supporters with government "loans", which he later, off his own bat, converted to grants. Recent examples of deals, for instance, include how Milton Lewis, formerly on the Sugar Co-op Board and a relative of Causley's, extended his cane land illegally by removing mangroves and saying that "Bull" (Ian Causley) would cover for him. This illegal act was reported to Ballina Fisheries Department and appears to have been covered up. (See also how Causley organised the sale of a proposed nature reserve, Pine Brush National Estate, for a dollar an acre for one of his oldest and dearest friends in 1993, while State Minister for Natural Resources. This was to benefit himself and others through an illegal quarry development, amongst other things, from which many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of below-minimum-standard gravel was removed illegally.)



[Above pic. from Clarence Valley Review 21.Oct.2005. "Grafton's Freemason Lodge celebrated its 125th anniversary on Saturday. ...Honoured guests were Hon Ian Causley Federal Member for Page and Mrs June Causely, Hon Steve Cansdell State Member for Clarence, Cr Terry Flanagan and Cr Chris and Vicky Gulaptis."]


Mr. Causley is a high ranking Freemason and apparently also uses this power and influence to his advantage. (Many others involved in the criminal acts revealed by Bill McDonnell are also known to be Freemasons, and Bill is certain that this has been a major factor adding to the strength of the collaboration between those determined to destroy him.)


Oyster Cove Resort. Bill worked an excavator during the development of the Oyster Cove Resort at Yamba in 1990/91. Mr Ron Kholer, who was in charge of the development organised a money laundering scheme. The site workers, including Bill, were approached to participate in the scheme, but Bill refused. Kholer also told Bill and others that for the project to continue, payments had to be made to the then State Member for Parliament Ian Causley, and to the then Maclean Shire Mayor, John Harvey. "Scandalous amounts of monies, (belief to be shareholder's) was laundered by contractors through local banks." Kholer 's solicitor was John Holder of Hargreaves, Holder & Co. It may have been at this time that a bank account was set up by Holder with Bill's name on it, unbeknownst to Bill. The account was called M & H Earthmoving. Bill believes that this account was used against his knowledge for laundering large amounts of money (and, it seems, was later used against him by his accountant in a false taxation return.) Bill, refusing to be involved in the Oyster Cove money laundering scheme, informed ANZ and Westpac banks in Yamba where the money laundering accounts were set up. He informed ANZ Manager Mr I Johnson and his assistant manager Mrs A Cummerford (daughter of Bill Dougherty, head of Westlawn Investments). Bill also told the police and would have expected the Fraud Squad to initiate an investigation. No investigations took place. (On the 25th of March '91, Bill received an invitation to the official opening, by Ian Causley, of Oyster Cove Resort.)

Bill again was a target for recriminations from many including Bill Dougherty, a Freemason and friend of those involved at Oyster Cove. "Mr Dougherty associated with the group and for many years has been friends to both local members, Mr I Causley and Mr H Woods - all have known of the criminal acts that have been set against me and due to the Causley's relatives being involved and their concerns for details of their own pasts being disclosed have chosen to try and cover over instead of assisting in the grave injustice that has been committed against my family and myself. "

Maclean Shire Council. In addition to the Oyster Cove scam John Harvey, former Maclean Shire Mayor, is known to have struck a further deal with Causley concerning Brian Lewis's gravel pit. (Brian is Milton's brother.) Harvey and Causley were receiving royalties at a great cost to the Shire. An ICAC inquiry into the matter was stopped. The matter was hushed up. At one stage Harvey wished to run as a candidate for the National Party, but they refused him because he had "too much led in his saddle." Harvey eventually resigned as Mayor. Before he did however, the management of Maclean Shire, under Harvey, set out to assist Oyster Cove boss Kholer's solicitor, John Holder in Bill McDonnell's ruin. (Holder is believed to be a business associate of Harvey's.) The current Mayor and Manager have been informed of the wrong done to Bill and take no action.

Investment Sheds. During the Oyster Cove development period Bill became interested in purchasing some sheds on Harwood Island. Bill went ahead with enquiries and seeking finance (which the Westpac bank said he could have, as the sheds were earning rent from the business operating there.) Through the urging of Bill's then wife, John Holder became involved as Bill's solicitor and took charge of the paperwork. (According to Holder's notes of 13.6.91 he advised Bill that the banks would not lend 100% with only the security of the sheds. Holder eventually organised the finance, claiming that his own residence was to provide security, and then after the purchase took the deeds to be in the possession of his financier, his father-in-law, Mr Small. The McDonnells and Holder agreed to be joint tenants in the purchase (although Holder kept his name off the documents prior to the purchase, and originally had only Mrs McDonnell's name on the agreement). However, after the purchase agreement was signed in July '91, Holder altered the contract without the McDonnell's knowledge to give himself a 3/4 share while they only had a 1/4 share. Bill did not learn of this until about two years had passed. When in 1992 the McDonnells decided to sell their share to Holder, he insisted that they only owned a quarter share and he only paid them accordingly. He then refused to show them the documents. When Bill became aware that the contract had been altered, and Holder was withholding the documents he decided to sell his business which had been operating from the sheds, wanting nothing further to do with it.

Investigator Hired. When Bill was made aware that Holder had been altering files without his knowledge an investigator, Mr. Suter, was hired (of Messrs Gordon and Sutor) to investigate the fraud. After making some investigations Sutor told Bill that he had received a threatening phone-call. Sutor soon became involved in the scheme to destroy Bill. He sought assistance from Bill's accountant Hamilton, and he was later also to be in frequent communication with Mrs McDonnell, offering gifts of money. Bill was being attacked at every turn, including in the sale of his business. "Mr Bill Dougherty and his son Jim of Westlawn Investments were both confronted by myself stating that they were not to become involved in the scam of the takeover of my business as it was illegal. Already knowing this information they still pursued and consented to financing the now occupants. The documentation was illegal!"

Holder later explained in a Law Society court Hearing against him (held in '96) that in late 1993 Bill threatened to expose his "mistakes" to the Law Society, the Police and the public. Holder claimed in court that he visited Bill to find out what the problem was. Bill denies that Holder visited him. Holder alleged that Bill tried to extort money out of his firm. However a note to Bill from his accountant Peter Hamilton, on the 23rd of December '93, suggests that Holder had something to hide. The note reads "Please contact me urgently!...Greg Holder is prepared to negotiate on the Harwood Building ($25,000 is being talked about!) Peter."

24.12.93 (Christmas Eve) The Hargreaves, Holder & Co partnership was dissolved on Christmas Eve. (Holder reported in '96 that since then he has not practiced as a solicitor. ) Regarding the Sheds fraud, Bill reports that Constable Shepherd, Constable Petherbridge and Detective Tutt helped to pervert the course of justice. There were no police investigations. (Holder and Hargreaves were also believed to be using their trust fund improperly. Bill reported this too.) In his statutory declaration for the Law Society hearing Holder claimed that in early '94 he made 'full disclosure' of what he'd done to the Office of State Revenue and paid the previously avoided stamp duty and fines and had informed the Law Society.

4.2.94 The Law Society refused the McDonnells a copy of their contract citing legal reasons, and advised they seek a copy from Commonwealth Development Bank and make a complaint personally about Holder to the Law Society. The Commonwealth Bank gave a copy of the contract to Bill which demonstrated how Holder had altered the document. Unfortunately this file and others later disappeared from Bill's home.

1.6.94 Bill wrote to the Law Society. At some stage before the Law Society hearing a Mr. House, Investigator for Professional Standards, sent from Sydney, turned up after 8pm one night to ask Bill questions. It was Mr House who had denied the McDonnells a copy of their contract.

Bill later wrote, "Communications to the Commonwealth Development Bank regarding the first matter of fraud have been disguised to omit negligence and liability on their behalf. [The Commonwealth bank were in possession of the Harwood Sheds before Bill bought them and so provided signatures for the contract.] Documents later released by them display the additions and alterations. The police by failing to lay charges against their friend, Mr Holder, enabled him time to report a portion of his own misconduct to the Law Society receiving him a disciplinary fine but evading a criminal prosecution by law hence squashing my entitlement to a lawful suit for damages. I further believe that Mr Hargreaves knowingly pursued the position of an innocent party but in fact was aware of the events that had transpired with Mr Holder against myself and used my lack of legal knowledge and procedure to their advantage aiming to protect their company and avoid any form of indemnity. " Apparently Holder's original plan, after moving to Inverell (where he is said to have purchased a child care centre) was to see Bill broke, and forced to leave town, whence he (Holder) could return and resume business!

Fraudulent Acquisition of Cane Farm. Some time later the Maclean Shire Council sued Bill for not paying his rates on his cane farm, although he was not very late with his payments, only a few months. This suit was illegal. Bill was forced to pay a fine as well as court costs, plus rates. (Mr. Fennucin was then the solicitor for the Council.) The Shire initiated the sale of Bill's cane farm. Investigator Suter got legal possession of the farm but would not hand over any documents or costing or receipts of monies. Bill's so-called loyal accountant Peter Hamilton, would not return Bill's files either. The bank told Bill he hadn't been making payments when he had, and also would not give Bill his files. Bill's cane farm was sold by Real Estate agent Roger McLean (Elders Real Estate) a friend of Neil Gregor of the Sugar Co-op. Gregor owned a farm adjacent to Bill's and he purchased Bill's farm from McLean. Roger McLean did not have the legal documents to sell the farm. Reports to Bill indicate that McLean was know to have had the files shredded because they were illegal. He destroyed many original papers. He had submitted illegal falsified documents on behalf of himself and others to fraudulently take possession of the farm. Still there were no police investigations into this fraud.

(Recently, in August 2002 Bill visited Roger McLean again to give him an opportunity to view a flier he intended to distribute which explained what McLean had done. McLean asked how long he had to fix it up and did not deny doing it. Bill has confronted the current Maclean Shire Mayor Gulaptis a number of times for him to remedy the situation of illegal acts against Bill by the Shire. General Manager Bryant was also informed previously. Files that Bill has obtained from the Shire records are incomplete. The details of exactly how Bill's farm was taken from him are not clear because he has had no access to all the relevant files and no assistance from the police or other authorities.)

Sheriff Fiedler eventually arrived with an eviction notice and said that he didn't think Bill could have his files back from investigator Sutor. The McDonnells were ordered to leave their home by the 6th of December 1996. Bill later heard that the Maclean Shire had issued false documentation to Fennucin (solicitor for the Shire) to Hargreaves, Holder & Co, to Hamilton, to Westlawn Investments and to the Law Society, who never did invite Bill down to the hearing to give evidence against Holder.

Westpac Account for Money Laundering. When Bill visited Mr. Ryan, the Senior Investigator of Westpac in Sydney, about this matter Ryan would not produce the account details, although he admitted that it existed. At one stage a police officer, Sergeant Patterson, told Bill of it's existence. Bill also noticed the account on a tax return prepared for him in '94 by Hamilton. "I believe that an account at the Westpac Bank operated as M & H Earthmoving involved my name and was used to launder money unbeknown to myself. The bank refuses to disclose or discuss this account and I was asked by the ex-manager to leave the bank due to excess pressure being applied regards myself. " Bill made numerous phone calls and visits to Westpac in Sydney. No assistance was forthcoming. Bill has suffered harassment from banks, including Big River Credit Union (Mr Dougherty is director) also ANZ and Westpac, Maclean where the manager suggested Bill leave the bank due to pressure on him (the manager). "The bank refuses to disclose or discuss this account and I was asked by the ex-manager to leave the bank due to excess pressure being applied regards myself."

Law Society Proceedings. On the 6th of January '95 John Holder wrote to the Law Society admitting that he was guilty of professional misconduct. As a result the 'facts' were not set out in as much detail during proceedings. And as Bill recounted, Holder evaded a criminal prosecution which squashed Bill's entitlement to a lawful suit for damages.

31.5.96 The Council of the Law Society of NSW instituted proceeding against Gregory John Holder ("by an information dated 13.2.96 in respect of a complaint of professional misconduct".) He was found guilty of altering a Contract for Sale of Land so as to avoid the payment of penalty stamp duty, and altering documentation concerning the purchase (sic) in the Contract for Sale and Transfer (of the business) without the vendor's prior knowledge and consent." Questioning in the hearing shows that Holder lied in his Statutory Declaration. Holder wrote that Bill was sent a copy of the altered Memorandum of Transfer, but under questioning acknowledged that Bill did not know of the alteration. Holder also indicated that he had confessed his "mistakes" of his own volition, but under questioning revealed that it was due to Bill threatening to expose him. Bill was given no compensation. Holder was not charged for fraud. Bill believes the Law Society then assisted solicitors Hargreaves and Holder in fixing their trust account which had been inappropriately operated on. Holder paid a fine to the Law Society of $5000 and legal fees of $4000. A Law Society solicitor for Professional Standards, Graham Chegwidden, volunteered to Bill in 1996 that he had to have security to travel. Bill has been told that Hargreaves had something to do with that situation.  Hargreaves has told Bill, "We deal in hit men."

Later Bill wrote to Police Commissioner Peter Ryan, "I have made a number of trips to Sydney visiting the Law Society, the Westpac and ANZ Banks and the Commonwealth Development Bank re the Is fraud and find that they continue to make excuses and cover up. Staffing changes and moving people to other areas does not resolve what has taken place here."

Solid Case for Fraud. Sutor, while investigating Bill's case, employed David Spain of Spain's Solicitors and Attorneys. Two years later, on the 24th of September 1998 Spain wrote a letter to Bill suggesting that he lodge complaints to the Police Department so that charges could be laid. "I believe that you can appeal to the NSW Attorney-General's department. ...You seem to have a solid case to me, so I suggest you try that." Before receiving that advice however, Bill suffered serious police harassment.

Police Home Invasions. In 1996 Bill told Grafton Daily Examiner reporter Holly Kellsey that he knows about Causley's and Don McCrae's sugar mill corruption and Causley's Oyster Cove corruption, and that he intended to have those matters revealed. The newspaper published no article, but late that night Bill was visited by police (including Harley Willox, Constable Patterson and Allan Shepherd) using standover tactics. Two of the uniformed police, in full riot gear, had their revolvers draw from their holsters. There were three patrol cars, lights flashing, parked outside. Four officers entered the house. The place was surrounded with police. "When I was set upon by the officers in one of the visits, falsely accusing me of threatening Ian Causley's life, I then proceeded to state to them my awareness of Mr Causley's raping of a particular female and asked who the officer's were that covered up and told them that if they were to take me, then I wanted to see him charged with the rape. I also told them about the bashings he inflicted on his wife and his involvement with Oyster Cove and the Black and Gold corruption. They replied that they didn't want to hear any more and smartly left. The evidence of shock was on their faces."

Bill made many complaints to authorities but no action was taken. Eventually in April '97 the police attempted to seek 'conciliation' with Bill. "I have been confronted by Sgt. Petherbridge of Yamba Police seeking my signature on a conciliation form. I understand that by providing same, the matters for dispute would then be closed and an apology extended to myself and family." Rather than opting for 'conciliation' which would have formally concluded the matter, Bill requested, as the forms permit, that his complaints of police harassment be sent to the NSW Ombudsman for assessment. There was, however, no follow-up to these formal complaints, the Ombudsman's office declining to take action. Bill signed the forms on 29.4.97.

Bill recounts another occasion. "One evening at approximately 10pm, three police officers came to my home. In desiring to find out the reason for their visit and who sent them, no satisfactory answer could be given and there [was] no log on police file relating to their visit to me. Local residents will state the plot behind this and other events. "

Writing to the Police Commissioner. On 10.6.97 Bill wrote to the Police Commissioner Peter Ryan, and asked for investigations on McCrae's sugar mill theft, a police home invasion ordered by Jim Dougherty, the Oyster Cove contractor money laundering, a rigged court case involving rape (with Holder and Hargreaves as solicitors) threats to his life and he requested investigators be sent from outside the area.

Bill's Wife Bashed. 15.6.97 Just days after Bill wrote to the Police Commissioner, his former wife was bashed. "The victim suffered sever (sic) bruising to a large proportion of her body and only recovered enough from the incident to report it to police on Saturday." (Grafton Daily Examiner 23.6.97) Bill wrote, "The assault on my ex-wife came as a result of my preparedness to expose Jim Shannon's crooked dealings and standover tactics in matters relating to the sugar industry and excavator hire to Maclean Shire. I also believe that Tim McMahon was tied up in this and that 2 employees of Jim Shannon's were the perpetrators." Bill's wife was brutally and savagely bashed in broad daylight in a public park by two men who told her to tell Bill to "lay off and not to go to the police". Although the assault was reported in the local press, significantly, the police took no statement from her. Shortly after the attack, on 20.6.97 Detective Weir, from Grafton wrote a note to Judy regarding the bashing. It says he wants to talk. A month later on 20.7.97, Weir wrote a note to Bill regarding the bashing. Again it asks to talk. Charges were never laid. "Judy was senseless with shock and fear being unable to recognise or respond to an unexpected visit to town by her daughter. Apart from mental torment, bruising was visible to approximately 2/3 of her body. To the family's astonishment a statement was not taken from her." "I believe that this desperate measure was also to serve as a warning to those wishing to volunteer information supporting the frauds etc committed against myself and family." Bill reports that Sgt. Petherbridge is one of the officers who did not pursue the specific complaints of fraud he reported along with Det Tutt (now resigned). The Grafton Examiner ran a tiny article about the bashing, which deserved more serious coverage. Sgt. Petherbridge, told by Bill that he would be exposed, obtained a transfer to Inverell. Judy later told Bill not to pursue Hamilton (accountant), Maclean (Elders Real Estate) and Sutor (investigator) (who set him up for his farm) because they had helped her.

More Harassment, Threats and Interference. "I hold Mr Causley responsible for much of the police harassment and one officer confided the involvement of the National Party. The police not only harassed us continually but perverted the course of justice. " Bill has experience at least three events where police have entered his property, with no records made, for the purpose of harassment and other reasons. "A supposed respectable businessman Jim Dougherty of the Clarence was reported [to] me to have requested for police to visit my home ... and two uniformed officers attempted entry of our caravan by way of a window, causing a crack in the glass. Det. Tutt of Maclean Police was unable to provide information on this event and another incident was laid to rest being unresolved." Far from denying his involvement in attacks on Bill's livelihood Jim Dougherty of Westlawn Investments once laughingly declared to Bill, "we've all got you stuffed!"

Stuart McCleod, a friend of Holder, Hargreaves and Causley once notified police after Bill had had a couple of drinks, to set Bill up for the police who were waiting for him. But Bill had been warned and was under the limit. McCleod boasted how he had done all kinds of "terrible things" to help bring Bill down. Another time Bill had his drivers license taken off him without reason. With a Gold license and after 30 years driving with only one traffic infringement he lost not only his ordinary license but all his machine operating licenses too. There was nothing on the Police file explaining this action and the RTA records were reported to be very strange. Among other things, being without a drivers license made it very difficult for Bill to deal with all the trouble he was to have with Centrelink.

 February 8th, 2005: A bizarre letter from the Transport Minister's Office backdated a YEAR, and blaming a "computer error" for EVERYTHING! Dated January 20th, 2004, it refers to past events in April 2004. But this is about the ongoing offical harrassment of Bill's WIFE, this time!

There has been a lot of trouble for Bill and his now wife Lyn McDonnell with their social security payments. Bill has suffered delayed or non-payments and forms gone astray, meaning that he has been required to be interviewed again or to lodge his form again. Having no money for fares this has been extremely difficult. Application forms Bill submitted for the loan funding for work programmes disappeared. He was even a victim of fraud by someone working at Centrelink who had accessed his file and payments, but he received no apologies or compensation. He has been told that "they" are still trying to set Lyn and himself up through Centrelink. In January '99 Bill advised Centrelink hat he wanted to transfer to Tursa Employment because his interviewing officer was related to Ian Causley and to the person suspected of bashing Judy McDonnell. This request was made as a precaution, considering all that had happened to the McDonnells up to that point. Centrelink trouble for Lyn McDonnell came in the form of her forms being lost and a previously recorded exemption from job seeking (due to stress and fear caused by the continuing harassment) which was not noted on her files.

Bill has been told that in 1995 employees at Maclean Post Office were paid to withhold mail forwarded to Bill's Post office box there. In recent years the McDonnells have had their phone bugged. There have been continual drive-bys outside the unit they rented until recently in Yamba, and continual threats against their lives. A senior Labor man said once in Lyn's presence, "they go after the women first". Bill has notified police of all of this and also wrote to Police Commissioner Ryan, "It has been verbalised to me that should I continue to push for this investigation that my body would be found floating in the Clarence River". The threats have continued right through the period in which Bill has had his story posted on the Internet. Once he and Lyn were invited to a political meeting, where they were told there would be media present. There were syringes of 1080 waiting for them. Fortunately someone warned them not to go. "I have been threatened both physically and verbally and would mentioned that stand over tactics are not uncommon to others as well."  

Police, Police Commissioner, Police Minister, Premier, ICAC, Ombudsman & MP Woods do nothing. Bill's letter to the Police Commissioner was never directly acknowledged. McDonnell took the precaution of sending copies of that letter to

NSW Premier Carr, Member for Clarence/Page Harry Woods,the Minister for the Police, Mr Whelan, and the NSW Ombudsman Ms Irene Moss.


8.9.97 The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Police, Paul Whelan M.P. wrote after receiving his copy, saying that as Bill's complaint concerned police a copy of his letter was sent to the Ombudsman. He noted that the Police Service Act 1990 provides for independent overseeing and review by Moss. He also noted that an attempt was being made by Regional Commander, Northern Region, to conciliate the complaint.

9.12.97 The Ombudsman's office wrote that it regretted to hear that Bill declined to take part in the conciliation process attempted by police, explaining that conciliation is the best form of dispute resolution and that there would be no further action by that office. Besides, it occurred a number of years ago, with 2 officers (Hockey and Tutt no longer members of the NSW Police Service). The matter was finalised.

27.3.98 In McDonnell's second letter to Police Commissioner Ryan (this time registered) he again appealed for investigations. Bill writes, "It has been verbalised to me that should I continue to push for this investigation that my body would be found floating in the Clarence River". Still there was no acknowledgement by Ryan of McDonnell's correspondence, copies of which were also sent to Premier Carr and independent Member of Parliament and Shadow police Minister the Honourable Andrew Tink MP.

30.3.98 Bill wrote to ICAC with a copy of his letter to NSW Police Commissioner Ryan.

7.7.98 The Police Integrity Commission wrote that the matters about which Bill complained (in letter of 28.4.98) fall into the category of serious police misconduct, but that resources were not available to investigate all cases. The PIC left the matter with the Police Service for investigation. (Again the bodies set up to oversee police corruption referred it back to the police.)

5.8.98 The Coffs/Clarence Area Police Command wrote responding to Bill's letter of 27.3.98 to Commissioner Ryan, saying that no further action would be taken. That office claimed that the complaints were "previously dealt with in Internal Affairs investigation files 97001356 and 97002751 and that there were no new issues and no fresh evidence, so further investigation was not warranted (signed Wadsworth, Local Area Commander).

10.9.98 Bill wrote to Premier Carr with the most emphasis on the fraud and deception by solicitors Messrs Hargreaves and Holder. "Due to my refusal to participate in a money laundering process in the development of Oyster Cove Resort and my advising the ANZ Bank Yamba, Mr I Johnson and Mrs A Cummerford, whose father Mr W Dougherty of Westlawn Investments was also involved in my downfall, I became a target. Mr Dougherty associated with the group and also friends to both local members, Mr I Causley and Mr H Woods - all have known of the criminal acts that have been set against me and due to the Causley's relatives being involved and their concerns for details of their own pasts being disclosed have chosen to try and cover over instead of assisting in the grave injustice that has been committed against my family and myself." Bill reported continual police harassment and that the police perverted the course of justice, also that the promised Law Society investigators were never sent. "The letters sent to the Police Commissioner, Ombudsman and PIC advising of the grave nature of complaints against the police have not bought justice or answers to requests."

16.11.98 The Minister for Police, Paul Whelan acknowledged a letter sent by Shadow Police Minister Tink MP on behalf of Bill . "The matters raised are currently being examined and a reply will be forwarded to you as soon as enquiries are completed."

27.12.98 Shadow Minister for Police, Andrew Tink M.P. wrote to Bill with interim replies, (see above for Police Minister response) having made representations to the Police Minister and Premier.

11.1.99 Bill wrote to the Premier. "I was advised that I had a solid case for fraud and it was suggested that I lodge complaints for same to the Police Department so that charges could be laid. The Police prevented the course of justice and carried out visits of harassment to myself and family and it is believed that they were attempting to set me up. This network was then to include many others; Banks, the Council, the Sugar Mill, the Heads of the Political Parties etc. My knowledge of illegal business transactions and mismanagement of funds has served as a threat to those persons who have conspired to silence me."

On one occasion when Bill visited Premier Carr's office personally he was escorted from the premises.

Good Police Officer Pushed Out of Town. On 11 January '99 Bill visited Sergeant McKander at Yamba Police station, and informed him of his intention to "continue until I am restored of everything that has been taken from me including damages." Sergeant Mackander became a target as he made known his intentions to clean the place up. Bill Believes his departure may have been caused by MP Harry Woods.

8.5.00 Mrs Lyn McDonnell wrote to Police Commissioner Ryan. "I am curious also at how those who have been named in his [Bill's] prior letters can suddenly resign and receive such enormous payouts - [The McDonnells have heard that Police Commander Audsley received payment of $10,000, Wadsworth $35,000, Gotten $35,000 plus overseas travel monies, and Detective Weir $25,000. All of these were supposedly ANZ cheques from Westlawn Holdings processed as loans and then canceled without repayment.] .. you pay them out whilst others are left to suffer blamelessly. In a follow up phone call to Mr Stephen Wilson, Assistant Customer Service Manager for the Ombudsman's Office who was contacted for assistance, Bill told him that he would go to the Internet about his part in the cover-up and all the others. He had only hung up minutes and the Police Commander telephoned Bill to tell him he would be taken to court, sued for defamation and then asked him not to go on the Internet, to give them more time and that action would be taken and a resolve met. It was believed that the Ombudsman's office was independent of the Police?"

"There has been no action that my husband has been informed about, no correspondence and no other calls. He believes that internal investigations have exposed the truth of his allegations that there has been so much cover-up and so many people involved in positions that have suddenly left or been transferred. Such people as Mr Wilson from the Ombudsman's office and the Grafton Sheriff and in the banks and other offices also. He is also surprised that information and paperwork that should be on file has mysteriously disappeared."

"I would also inform you that Mr Harry Woods sat in my loungeroom invited by Bill trying to seek assistance from him also. After their discussion, Mr Woods departed giving his assurance that he would personally follow up on the matter and get in touch with the police Commander. After some time and no reply, Bill contacted the Commander himself who was adamant that he had neither received any word from Mr Woods or spoken to him. Fancy, Mr Woods acknowledging the seriousness and grievous nature of the situation, lied about his intent and certainly had no common courtesy of reply. As a matter of fact, he couldn't even look at Bill when they next encountered each other."

"There has already been enough bad publicity for the police force and the political parties. He has been repeatedly asked not to put these things on the Internet and I am very proud of him at the respect he has had for the many other innocent persons that would be affected ie. wives, children, relatives etc. He has respectfully complied with your wishes but still nothing comes forth. You really don't leave him any alternative."

Bill Turns to the Internet for Justice clearly Bill McDonnell was now left with no other option but to turn to the Internet to attempt to expose these serious matters.

31.7.00 Certain mainstream media outlets were alerted to Bill's material published on the Internet at Two days later, McDonnell stated that he was visited by a local senior NSW Labor Party man who offered him $250,000 to buy his silence.

7.8.00 Bill produced a statement for posting on the Internet explaining why he has turned to the Internet. "...circulated copies of different letters to some T.V. media and newspaper personnel, all having initial excitement and promising to get right back. Not once, have anyone of them returned either a phone call or acknowledged my cause for seeking justice, not even to ask one question!... Our local Examiner was also issued with copies of letters and were unwilling to cover any of the corruption that I was endeavouring to enlighten them on. A Mr Richards, reporting for them at the time, was present at a court hearing at which I was a witness regarding a rape case (one of the many cases which have been rigged) and wouldn't even report on the incidence."

15.9.00 As the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony got underway, the regional New South Wales based ISP Nornet received a fax from solicitor, and ex-mayor of Grafton, Peter James, acting on behalf of Federal MP Ian Causley who claimed to have been defamed (along with many others) by "a website hosted in the USA" ( that is linked by hypertext to "a Nornet user's personal web site "( The demand was made that the website be removed within 48 hours.

6.10.00 Bill sent a fax to Deputy Prime Minister & Federal National Party Leader, John Anderson, with an invitation to view the website. He mentioned that further specific threats had been made, and how Sergeant McKander was a victim of a set-up for making it known that he was sent up to clean the place up. He was treading on too many toes!

13.10.00 Lismore Based Newspaper Northern Star reported Causley's threat to sue Nornet.

At some stage the ISP Nornet was visited by prominent businessmen, wanting Bill's documents off the net. (Although they were posted on a US server.)

17.8.01 Bill sent an urgent fax to State National Party leader George Souris, following a phone conversation with him. Bill invited Souris to view the website and informed him that there are many other issues known about but not published on the internet. "If anything should happen to me that all information will be released by overseas internet."

4.12.2001 Having been advised in a phone-call to resubmit requests and queries for the new NSW Police Minister, Michael Costa's attention Bill did so in writing and asked again to be interviewed to have what he knows properly recorded. He raised, among other things, Harry Woods' pub/drug dealing history and how "stress retired" Constable Shepherd (also involved in the police home invasion and covering Holder and Co's fraud) was the licensing officer and turned a blind eye. Shepherd apparently admitted to being the stand over man for the National Party. Many received his violent blows. Regarding Bill's former wife's bashing Bill wrote , "I was recently advised about one of the two that committed this attack as owning enough weapons for an arsenal. This man is perceived to be of an aggressive nature and had aspirations of belonging to the SAS. I was also made aware that a 4-wheel drive trayback now belonging to him was a payment received from Mr Jim Shannon for payment of some work supposedly carried out on his behalf. Again, I have passed findings on to Superintendent Wadsworth and without any feedback and sense a lack of particular care or undertaking..."

Bill wrote to the Attorney General. Bill had been informed of three fabricated letters supposedly from himself, two sent to the Register of Sugar Co-ops and another to the RTA. He heard that Stuart McCleod was responsible and was paid generously by Causley. He also heard that investigator Suter paid RTA employees (Mr Collins, Mr Black and Mr Oldfield) "'to bring destruction against me". (Interestingly Oldfield was responsible for the Shark Creek development that took it's gravel from the Pine Brush National Estate for Causley. He demonstrably misled council about the quantity taken.)

16.1.02 NSW Police Service, Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command wrote to Bill, having received a copy of a letter he wrote to the Minister for Police dated 4.12.01, which had simply been referred to that office for consideration and any action deemed necessary. "...I am satisfied that the issues raised have previously been investigated."

18.1.02 Bill wrote to the Police Minister Costa. "Given that my concerns also included the Commanders at Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie...[you] would appear to be supporting these officers in their endeavour to cover over their negligence...and their perverting the course of justice." Bill raised his belief that the cover-up has much to do with many of the police and magistrates involved being Freemasons. "These matters I refer to and many others I wish to have investigated make Cabramatta small in comparison."

18.2.02 Bill followed up a phone-call with Police Minister Costa's Administration Assistant with another letter . "I believe...that all of this information had been withheld from him. [the Minister]..Your indication that I would have to wait for any response due to your rule of a four (4) week turn around ludicrous given the gravity of the circumstances at hand." Bill explains that in a proper police interview he would be referring to the cover-up of pederast activity and laundering of drug money and what he firmly believes is Mr Wood's involvement in the cover-up.

4.3.02 Police Minister Costa's staffer (and aspiring politician) Mark Greenhill told Mrs McDonnell in a phone-call that Bill has instructed his office to disregard and discontinue investigations. Bill never did this. Had someone been making calls pretending to be him?

20.3.02 Premier Carr's office acknowledged receipt of a copy of a letter Bill sent to Police Minister Costa and blithely referred the matter back to Minister Costa.

16.5.02 Bill wrote to Premier Carr. "Further to previous correspondence strenuously requesting an interview to disclose information on extensive corruption, I have not yet received any invitation....We have been pushed from department to department for years...and no recognition of the very real threat upon our lives and the gross injustice that has been allowed to continually plague us."

21.5.02 Someone from the Labor Party tells Bill he's not going to get assistance from Premier Carr or the Police Minister's office because there's no way Carr would risk damage to the Labor party.

22.5.02 Bill wrote to the Premier, "Yesterday, I was aggressively instructed not to bother sending any further correspondence to your office...I also informed him [Mr. Luke Hartsuyker, National Party MP in seat of Cowper, newly extended to take in Yamba and Maclean ] that I had been given the name of Mr Day as being one of the few who had been paid and then paid now ex-employees of Centrelink to bring added hardship and harassment upon us...Mr GE (Tim) Sage from the PIC [Police Integrity Commission], yet another whom I have been informed has been paid, has advised that the PIC will not be taking any action. Again, why not?...Not only have we had to deal with the threat to our lives but are about to be evicted and they've made sure our name is mud with fabricated lies and set-ups."

30.5.02 Bill wrote to the Attorney General regarding falsified letters believed to have been sent to the Attorney General from someone pretending to be Bill. Bill believes this plan was set in place by Causley and involved several other people involved in previous set-ups.

6.6.02 The Attorney General's office responds. It referred Bill's letter back to Police Minister Costa!


11.6.02 Bill wrote to the new Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, asking again for fraud detectives from outside this area command "that won't fall to bribery". Bill wrote of a set-up of Sergeant Mackander, the only one who seemed sincere in fighting crime. He relates Bill Day's involvement in that, and the likely involvement of Labor Party member Bob Roulstone in telephoning the police Minister's office impersonating Bill "instructing that all my matters to be closed as I was not wishing to pursue." "I visited Mr Roulstone and put it to him that I had been informed that he had aided Mr David McQueen to help set up my wife in a false taxation declaration and his reply to me were words to the effect 'oh, well, you know the way things work' as he peered down towards the grounds." Bill relates many more reports of fraud and continuing set-ups. "...I have been informed that it was Mr McQueen who handled the sale of my farm knowing well that the papers presented to him were illegal ..."

19.6.02 The Police Commissioner's office responded about Bill's letter of 11.6.02 having referred the it to the Commander, Special Crime and Internal Affairs.

20.6.02 The National Party Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker, wrote Bill with the response of 6.6.02 from the Attorney General's office.

28.6.02 The Australian Federal Police wrote to Bill recommending that the matters be raised with the New South Wales Attorney General, Bob Debus MP.

1.7.02 Bill wrote to MP Hartsuyker reminding him that his office's attention had been drawn to the web site many times and that he (Hartsuyker) should do more than simply pass letters on. Bill reminds him also that Police Minister Costa's office does not take action.

2.7.02 Mrs McDonnell wrote to the owner of the unit. "I would have expected the courtesy of notification either in writing or verbally of your intention to sell...I have not enjoyed the freedom of going anywhere without my husband for 2 1/2 years because of his fears and concerns for my safety knowing that others have been murdered ..."

26.8.02 Bill wrote to Senior Detective Sergeant Hodgson, Newcastle, with many more very serious detailed pieces of information. "I had hoped to have heard back from you by phone...I have been informed that D McCrae paid Brian Lewis from NSW Sugar Mill a/c into his business a/c St George Bldg Socy to fire shots (exterminate me) whilst at my Shark Creek farm which was carried out by Lewis from Neil Gregor's adjoining farm. A silencer was used having been manufactured by Const Patterson, paid for by Mc Crae and obtained via H Willox. Directors of the Mill had been informed with (4) being in agreement."

"I visited P Hamilton's office (accountant, Maclean) a few days ago to see his response to information given to me about his setting me up with false Taxation submissions, ...and other false documents he fabricated...He didn't deny any of it, just asked me to leave. He did however make mention that he knew about the hit job out at the farm..."

" A reply from the Commissioner's Office NSWP/D/2002/66356-002 refers to Commander, Special Crime & Internal Affairs Command (02) 8234.5699 whom I phoned and was informed that they had not received any notification. Please advise URGENTLY."

McDonnells Forced Out of Yamba. Mike McQueen of Raine & Horne Real Estate rented the Yamba unit to the McDonnells. The unit was sold without their knowledge. Without notice Simon Dougherty of Hookers Real Estate was showing people the unit outside while the McDonnells were out. They heard that they were to be set up for fraud and drugs and were to be forced out of town, and so they were not prepared to have people entering their home. (They believe they have been falsely accused on government records.) The McDonnells were issued with an eviction notice. The Tribunal hearing at Grafton Courthouse determined the eviction notice to be invalid and that there had also been a breach of privacy legislation.

Bill made many calls to Senior Detective Sergeant Hodgson. Hodgson's colleague eventually told the McDonnells to leave the state if they feel threatened, yet that office provided no help, nor justice. The McDonnells hit the road with their pet dog.

Escalating Threats and High Level Police Run Around  3.10.02 Dyson Devine (of the gaiaguys ) emailed Senior Detective Davies" I reiterated that Bill McDonnell was quite understandably not prepared to cooperate with any more informal talks with the police, but demands a formal interview which will be formally recorded so he can at long last provide, in a safe environment, the evidence of serious criminal activity of which he is personally aware.... In five years of dogged persistence Bill McDonnell's police corruption allegations have now been right up the chain of command through the Police Commissioner(s), Police Minister(s) all the way to the Premier and back and then to the Federal Police and back. I told you of escalating death threats. 

You told me that you would determine the progress of the investigations, if any, and reply to me as soon as you were able. " 

4.10.02 Davies emailed a response to Dyson. " Any information you, or Mr McDonnell have, that relates to crime in New South Wales, should be, in the first instance, reported to your local Police. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Police when dealing with the issues you have raised, you can then make an official complaint..."

4.10.02 Dyson emailed Davies. "... Bill has still made numerous and repeated complaints to his local police stations, but he is in the impossible situation of having to complain TO the same people he is trying to complain ABOUT. They ignore him and tell him to get lost, of course. For instance, one of the officers (Harley Willox) who participated in one of the Causley-sponsored nocturnal visits with riot gear, to beat up Bill, is now (to the best of my knowledge) the Superintendent at Maclean. Officer Willox, who I see as also a victim of this fiasco as well as a victimiser, was also recently and repeatedly approached and informed by Bill about those who are now approaching him about their allegations of a pederast ring being protected by the police. Office Willox (who coincidentally[?] was sent to our house after our most recent burglary coinciding with another website police-corruption upload) has repeatedly told Bill that he cannot act in any capacity, stating that this matter is now "well over my head".

Are you now seriously asking that Bill continue to try with this same officer, after all the high level/Ministerial involvement to date, and after all the violence? 

10.10.02 Dyson emailed Davies asking for a response. " Please be aware that Bill McDonnell and his wife are now homeless and increasingly desperate for news from the Internal Affairs Unit about this mess. Similarly, after being compelled, through years of inaction by the authorities, to obliquely identify on the Net the hired thugs who almost killed Bill's ex-wife, we are becoming increasingly anxious about our personal safety here.

Bill and his wife are prepared to now drive down to Sydney to assist with your official enquiries if that would be acceptable, but now lack the funds to do so. Could you help in any way please? I implore you. 

11.10.02 Dyson emailed Davies again. "Your silence is very disturbing in light of the seriousness of what we are trying to tell you. I have now contacted the Governor's office, and will be pursuing it with her. Please respond A.S.A.P. We believe we are in danger. "

14.10.02 Dyson emailed Davies sending copies to various media and politicians. "Can you please give us any reason why this correspondence should not be published internationally? Unless otherwise directed that will [be] our next course of action." 

14.10.02 Davies responded to Dyson. " the letter from Mr McDonnell has been forwarded to the Tweed/Byron Local Area Command for assessment... If you have information relating to crime in New South Wales it is incumbent on you to report those matters, providing as much information as possible to the appropriate authorities. "

14.10.02 Dyson wrote again to Davies. " Please, Jeff, I was TOLD that YOU ARE the appropriate authority. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong. Please, do you deal with high level Police corruption or do you not? 

In the first instance, I was informed by officers of the Child Protection Enforcement Agency (see above file reference) that these matters dealing with Police corruption are YOUR jurisdiction, Jeff. What is going on? We have seen this pattern of buck-passing too many times already, ...I repeat, like a hot potato, this gravely serious matter has already been passed all the way up to Bob Carr and back again. As Officer Palamara [from the Child Protection Agency] observed, it's unbelievable that the police don't just interview McDonnell formally to determine once and for all whether his complaints are justified.

15.10.02 Davies responded to Dyson, " The North Region Professional Standards Manager, is currently attempting to meet with Mr McDonnell to discuss his concerns. " (There had been NO phone messages left on the McDonnell's answering service.)

15.10.02 Dyson responded to Davies. " Of course you are only too aware that Mr. McDonnell's complaints to our OWN Coffs Harbour based office have been constantly rebuffed. But I telephoned the number I got off the Net anyway, in order to make contact with the North Region Professional Standards Manager to whom you referred me, to be told...that I might want to call Police Customer service, who promptly and politely informed me that the North Region Professional Standards Manager is none other than Senior Detective Geoff Hodgson! This is the self same officer whose unprofessional conduct resulted in us being told by the Child Protection Enforcement Agency to contact you! "

As mentioned above Bill has heard that Police threaten and intimidate paedophile victims in Yamba. They cannot report these crimes. The police will not listen. Bill also heard reports of missing money from Freemason ledgers to pay various people to set Lyn and himself up, also he heard of people with guns and other weapons in cars intended for Bill for trying to exposing their Oyster Cove Resort corruption.

In naive good faith, Dyson first telephoned the Office of

Her Excellency the Governor of New South Wales, Dr. Marie Bashir,

in early October. He then followed those calls with the following emails.

30.10.02 Dyson emailed the Gove nor's assistant, Margot Pickering. Having been kept waiting for three weeks after being told by Pickering that she would be contacting us Dyson alerted her to the existence of the web site and asked if "you have as yet had the opportunity to bring this terribly serious and increasingly urgent matter to the attention of Her Excellency, as you promised me repeatedly on the telephone... we have now contacted the Office of the Ombudsman which has told us it would try to get the NSW Police to respond, but nothing further has been heard from anyone except yet another email from the Premier's Office informing us that the Premier has yet again drawn this matter to the attention of Minister Costa, who has never replied to anything he has ever been sent by us or Mr. McDonnell. Nor has he responded to the Premier's prompting previously. 

Given this silence, from you included, we are left with no alternative but to start publishing voluminous and very damaging legal documentation which should have been - in the first instance - dealt with privately." 

30.10.02 Governor's assistant Pickering responded to Dyson "I have forwarded your email to the Official Secretary, Mr Brian Davies, for consideration." (We await the results of his consideration, and a response from Her Excellency to whom we mailed copies of our futile correspondence with her staff.)

31.10.02 Dyson again emailed Pickering " You told me on both occasions that YOU would print something out from to bring this matter to the attention of Her Excellency right away. Please don't procrastinate further. I remind you that we have been threatened with having our throats "cut quickly"...If Mr Brian Davies manages corruption in the same manner as everyone else we have contacted, then I have no reason to be optimistic, and am understandably disillusioned by the inadequate performance of the Governor's administrative staff so far... Yesterday also, several terrified people in Maclean approached Bill to try to find out WHY nothing is being done about this ring of pederasts, which is common knowledge here. That's the question I put to Dr. Bashir. Why is nothing being done about these pederasts?"

 6.11.02 Premier Carr's office sent an email to gaiaguys (the owners of this website) revealing that the Personal Assistant to Her Excellency, the Governor of the state of New South Wales' has been writing to the Premier tendering complaints to the Cabinet Office about this so called "offensive website". But neither the Premier or the Governor will respond to our letters in which we beg for their help. Why?

11.11.02 Mrs Lyn McDonnell provided an update for the web page about how she and Bill are now homeless and on the road, being frightened for their lives and still unable to make contact with the NSW Police Internal Affairs Branch, who advised them to "leave the state" if they felt threatened. It's also revealed that Hon. Ian Causley MP crashed his new Commonwealth car and successfully pressured the Police to cover it up.

12.11.02 Within hours of us revealing on this site that evidence exists that Ian Causley wrote off his brand new Commonwealth car by speeding, not looking where he was going and smashing into another vehicle (and naturally successfully pressuring the corrupt NSW Police to hush it all up) we heard on the local radio that the Honourable Mr. Causley is taking a week off from his Parliamentary duties as newly appointed Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives in order to have a possibility of cancer in his lower body investigated. The Grafton Daily Examiner also ran the story on the 12th. We wouldn't wish cancer on anyone. We sincerely desire that the Honourable Ian Causley's medical tests prove negative, and genuinely hope that he remains healthy enough to robustly face the music, so justice can be served and is seen by all his many victims to be served.

We initially thought that it was a really astonishing coincidence that during the Friday night opening ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Ian Causley's solicitors sent our former Internet Service Provider a strident fax which demanded this whisleblowers' website's removal from the World Wide Web within 48 hours. But that pales compared with this. To compound the coincidence, while getting the local paper, we hear on the radio that infamous self-professed cancer victim Senator Mal Colston, who successfully escaped legal scrutiny three years ago due to his "terminal illness" is now being pursued again by the Federal Opposition for surviving so extravagantly.

Independent rumours state that Causley is now leaving politics with a huge golden handshake.

12.11.02 Finally gaiaguys heard from the Police. "...have received your latest email to the Premier's Department regarding a lack of response to previous correspondence you sent regarding matters of "crime". Can you forward your original concerns to me, as I have no other documentation on which to act? ...If you forward this information to me, I can ensure that the appropriate command replies to your concerns in a timely manner. Regards, Nova Reece-Hall Manager, Complaints Administration Special Crime & Internal Affairs NSW Police---- 12/11/02 19:03 ----"

12.11.02 Dyson responded to Complaints Administration Manager, Special Crime & Internal Affairs NSW Police " I hardly see how anything short of a Royal Commission could deal adequately with the horrific cover-ups we substantiate by your organisation, and those others (Ombudsman, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Legislators, Governor) faithfully and naively entrusted by our community to keep you honest.... I REITERATE AGAIN THAT MR. WILLIAM STEVEN McDONNELL IS REQUESTING OFFICIAL AND FORMALLY RECORDED POLICE INTERVIEWS SO THAT HE MAY APPROPRIATELY REPORT THE SERIOUS CRIMES OF WHICH HE HAS NOW BEEN MADE AWARE. ... I append hereto copies of correspondence (excerpted from our website) to the current Police Minister and the inappropriate responses thereto, plus Mr. McDonnell's further unacknowledged replies. " (See previous link for these).

16.11.02 In a letter for the Internet Bill revealed how the local newspaper is entangled with the local police and politician's corruption. He criticises the paper's favorable treatment of Neil Gregor (a director of the sugar Co-op), who bought Bill's cane farm. Bill also reveals how after the bashing of his ex-wife Detective Weir "...presented me with a couple of the photos he had taken, insincerely apologising that the photos were over exposed and lacked the graphic detail of the overall kickings she had sustained." Regarding the more serious of the police home invasions he suffered Bill wrote, "Sergeant Willox later confirmed that the visit came about by the Hon. Mr Causley and the Daily Examiner."

As Bill's patience continues to be tested by the continued inaction from the responsible authorities, his allegations, (which he is eager to substantiate under oath in a court of law) published here on this whistleblowers website, will just become more and more grave.

18.11.02 Bill visited the main local Political candidates for the state election (in the seat of Clarence)

Terry Flanagan (Labor) and Steve Cansdell (National Party).

Flanagan, long term right hand assistant to Harry Woods MP, who has announced his retirement, cries "We'll do something! We'll do something!" but does nothing. Cansdell says, " I don't want to know. I will not go against Ian Causley. Ian Causely has been very good to me." Bill told Cansdell that Ian Causley is a notorious rapist and that he (Bill) will do anything within his power to expose Ian Causley. Cansdell said "If you keep up this campaign you are going to bring me down." Cansdell is not on the internet. He previously said, "I'm not interested in the Internet." He doesn't have a computer in his campaign office but he does use a computer for his signwriting! (Since this conversation took place Cansdell has removed the poster of Ian Causley from outside his office, and computers are in evidence there. Cansdell says "We haven't got the power to do anything ... " Bill asked why don't the National Party raise questions in parliament? He just shook his head and didn't have an answer.

21.11.02 Bill reports Allegations of vote tampering by Clarence ALP candidiate Terry Flanagan and his boss, the Honourable Harry Woods MP. And we start the ball rolling with former NSW Premier Neville Wran and the NORCO scandal.

22.11.02 Bill tells more about Maclean Shire Council's part in the farm rip-off, about solicitor Hargreaves interference with the Law Society and how he (Bill) has kept his political representatives informed. "On many occasions now I have informed Mr Cansdell of the many wicked deeds committed Hon. Mr Ian Causley".

"When Mr Jim Dougherty sitting in his office at Westlawn Investments, Grafton, boastfully declared to me "We've all got you stuffed!" I couldn't have then imagined the evil extent to the depths that they had collaborated. I was later to be informed that majority were Freemasons and that so many had been intimidated by their positions and power."  

26.11.02. We have here another astonishing coincidence of timing. 

Now, Grafton's Anglican Bishop and zealous Hollingworth-supporter leaves town.  

On November 27th, 2002, Bill McDonnell visited Mr. Peter Black in the Grafton Road Transit Authority. Bill said that Causley is a mate of Collins and Ken Oldfield. Peter Black replied, "Most of them's the Mafia. Ha Ha Ha. "

On December 3rd, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that,"Relations with Labor have been soured by a row in the upper house between

(Greens Party)

Mr Cohen, Ms Rhiannon

and the Police Minister, Michael Costa. Mr Cohen said yesterday: 'We have a Police Minister who is not fit to be in the position.'" These very cryptic comments were not further elaborated on in this article, and we wonder what prompted the Greens to attack Police Minister Costa. On November 14th, Bill McDonnell and gaiaguys had an approximately four hour long meeting, followed up with emails, with

local Greens candidate Mark Purcell,

from whom we await the news of the public distribution of his media release.

And here's the latest update about our most recent contact with the police. On December 4th, your website author contacted the Child Protection Enforcement Agency seeking advice, but received only threats, and the next day, Bill McDonnell tried and got loudly verbally abused for his trouble.


December 12th: Bill McDonnell finally gets Senior Detective Geoff Hodgson to answer his phone. He's still making verbal promises of an interview, and still not prepared to commit anything to print. Bill has sent him this email, demanding written confirmation, which we've waited long enough to know is still not being properly dealt with, so we're publishing it here.  

December 15th: Bill updates news of his fight for justice, and how he again gets rebuffed by the offices of Harry Woods, who doesn't care what's published here. Steve Cansdell has now made an undertaking that he'll ask Hon. Andrew Tink to ask a question in Parliament referring to this website. 

December16th: We have now had our September 25th email to the Independent Commission Against Corruption predictably replied to, after almost three months. "In the absence of evidence to indicate the occurrence of corrupt conduct ... the ICAC does not propose to pursue your matter." We have also now provided a response to that facile email. Perhaps it helps to put this bizarre claim into the context of the other ICAC finding presented on the same day in favor of the Honourable Leader of the New South Wales "Opposition", Mr. John Brogden, who has never dared reply to any of our numerous letters to him posted here, and current polling indicates is trusted by an impressive 13% of naive respondents. Mr. Brogden’s choice of words evinces that he comprehends his accountability as merely a performer in some sort of "game." In his words, "I'm in the game of politics; I gave my opponents a bit of a free kick, a chance to throw mud." In the words of our Treasurer, "Mr Brogden accepted $110,000 from a consultancy notwithstanding that he is paid by the taxpayers to conduct public affairs. He is yet to explain why a private company paid him ... for public affairs advice."  

December 17th: We receive yet another statement from Bill, this time regarding solicitor Mr. Andrew Sochacki, who Bill believes to be one of the partners behind the fraudulent acquisitions of his farm.

We also both received individual letters of thanks from our state Parliamentarian, the Honourable Harry Woods, who looks forward to "slipping quietly into anonymity". Fat chance, Harry. Why don't you answer THIS before you hightail it? Or are you leaving for Terry Flanagan

December 23rd: We've heard from Bill and Lyn again, who remain homeless and on the road in fear of their lives. Not a very merry Christmas for them as our revoltingly hypocritical politicians continue their two-faced public relations exercises and their propaganda barrage about fighting crime. If we hadn't just seen that tripe, our state parliamentary "representative", Harry Woods, never would have been sent this outraged email.

About the time the above statement went up, another arrived which we publish here. We wonder if anybody cares. 

January 6th. 2003. Bill sends yet another piece of correspondence to the NSW Police Headquarters. In spite of the fact that they very clearly state, "If you supplied us with your e-mail address a copy of this information will be sent to you for your records." and our email address is plainly supplied, there was no "copy of this information" ever sent to our email address. This original of this scanned document, which we received from Bill was also mailed to Police Headquarters.


The banner is hotlinked to the CDP website

Please visit our Christian Democratic Party webpage 


(also known as "The Fred Nile Group", recently renamed from "The Call to Australia Party")

January 7th. 2003 Pictured above, the Reverend Fred Nile comes to Grafton to share his "vision" with his faithful flock who are probably not aware that Reverend Nile has also been kept well informed about the pederast ring (being protected by police) we are still trying to put an end to. If you look through the above emails, you'll notice that Reverend Nile is one of the recipients. Bill McDonnell stopped in Grafton again to put this letter under the door of the Baptist Church.

gaiaguys is disgusted that these men of the cloth like the Right Reverend Bishop Huggins and Reverend Fred Nile, who are looked upon by our community as spiritual leaders, seem to have no concern for trying to assist us in our lonely struggle to stop this wicked pederasty, let alone the terrible public sector corruption we've alerted them to. 

January 8th. 2003 Bill McDonnell surfaces again to drop off more correspondence for us to post and publish. He has sent a letter to our Prime Minister trying to alert his office to the corruption he (Bill) is aware of, as an insider, in the NSW sugar industry, with copies sent also to both the state and federal Attorneys General and the NSW Premier. This letter reveals that Causley has given "loans" to National Party supporters and cane farmers, which he later turned into grants.

He has also sent a separate letter to NSW Premier Bob Carr (with a copy to the Police Commissioner) regarding the same topic of January 6th's (thus far ignored) correspondence.

Interestingly this morning's Sydney Morning Herald contains an interesting item shedding some light on just how dysfunctionally corrupt the NSW Police Service actually is at it's highest administrative levels, as exemplified by the material published on this web page. Police misconduct report misses deadline, by Stephen Gibbs "The Police Integrity Commission has broken a written pledge to Parliament to report its findings on allegations of misconduct against some of the state's most senior officers."

January 13th: The Northern Star has run an article which indicates that Ian Causley MP is out and about again, having apparently recovered from his cancer scare. We are pleased that he is fit and well enough to face the music. For some background to his health problems, see his Unofficial Homepage.

January 16th: Tellingly, Lismore's Northern Star ran a large front page article about the aforementioned announcement of funding for Aspect North by the Federal Government. However, not a mention was made in that article, or anywhere else, of local representative Ian Causley. Was he there or wasn't he? Why didn't he get a mention? Where is the region's local Member?

January 17th: Premier Carr sneaked unannounced, like a thief in the night, into town on Wednesday, but we didn't find out about it until he'd moved to on to friendlier territory. You can't hide until March 23rd, Mr. Premier. We also got yet another insulting email from his office referring this scandal about the Police Minister back TO the Police Minister again. Here it is with our reply.

January 23rd. Bill keeps coming up with more correspondence for the authorities which they continue to foolishly ignore, presumably because they think, as the police tell us they do, that responding to anything in writing will provide this website with unwanted credibility. Although this may be a short-term solution, it hardly seems like a viable long term option unless the thick fog of the looming world war is such that all the locals forget all about their corrupt political masters (who we innocently voted in as our representatives). But perhaps the coming chaos will instead work against our elected officials. Only time will tell, but we understand that several more wronged individuals have now taken a leaf from gaiaguys' book and are preparing documentation for the Internet, having recognised that it has - by default - become our best bet for achieving some social justice from the corrupt establishment. Naturally, corruption can only work in the dark of public ignorance, and all we're able to do is try to shed a little light on what's going on right under our noses. The actions undertaken by these wealthy and powerful individuals is, of course, entirely up to them, but whatever course of action they decide upon will now at least not go unseen.

January 25th: Ian Causley runs Parliament. Parliament runs Australia. Fortune has granted the good people of Australia some more time with the Honourable National Party dissident and Federal Parliamentary Deputy Speaker, Ian Raymond Causley. One of gaiaguys' many little helpers delivered to us the January 9th copy of The Northern Rivers Echo, which quotes Honourable Deputy Speaker Causley. "'It's a tough job, but I enjoy doing the job I'm doing. The Deputy Speaker actually runs the Parliament,' he said, relishing the thought of another good battle." He doesn't seem to relish a battle with us. Even the Premier hides in fear.

It is said that God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform, and we welcome the thought of the Honourable Mr. Causley (reported to be a 23rd degree Freemason, Chief of the Tabernacle) someday responding to the outrageous accusations (illegally concealed Commonwealth car write-off, illegal employment of the local police as hired thugs, concealment of a pederast ring, serial rape, etc.) which have now been published here for some time. Mr. Causley, respond. Perhaps he thinks, as we have been told verbally by the police, that responding to us in writing only gives us credibility. 

February 6th 2003 Bill McDonnell writes Area Police Commander Wadsworth. " have covered for  fraudsters, paedophiles, rapists and protected dishonest and standover police and including Freemason involvement which is now known as being part of the police culture....Attached are two (2) copies of correspondence which disprove the statement in your email and verify by their signatures that you have been either misinformed or maybe these have been deleted off your files"

February 10th 2003 Detective Chief inspector Jason Breton Local Area Command writes McDonnell. "I am willing to investigate these allegations [concerning the sugar mill industry] and will interview you at your convenience."

February 10th 2003 The Ulmarra Pacific Highway bypass issue re-emerges, as the State election approaches. This links us back to Causley's interest in the Pine Brush National Estate as a source of gravel. When the illegal Pine Brush quarry development was stopped by the Ombudsman and ICAC intervention, the Ulmarra bypass project was put on hold.

February 12th Ask and you shall receive, as the saying goes. We asked for the Honourable Mr. Causley to respond (above) and indeed he did. Well, he didn't actually respond personally in his capacity as our Member of Parliament to anything we've ever asked of him. He never has - even when we extended some years ago a blanket invitation to him to send us whatever response he wanted to, for us to publish here in full. But he did circuitously respond to us in 2000 by having his solicitor send a fax to our local ISP threatening them with defamation, but all that eventuated was that this website was ultimately forced to pay a foreign country for the privilege of webspace overseas, instead of buying domestically. He also engendered a lot of publicity for our website with his lunatic litigiousness. And it seems that his party's legal advisors are still every bit as sagacious now as they were three years ago. The National Party of Australia takes Dyson & Vivienne's (gaiaguys) website to the Supreme Court!

And we were given NO opportunity at all to comply with their demands because they sent their letters to a non-existent address in the WRONG LOCALITY! The Post Office couldn't even FIND us until it was already TOO LATE, and defamation proceedings had ALREADY BEGUN against us. Sydney solicitors' letters were misaddressed to simply "Upper Cold Stream (sic) Rd, Tucabia 2462" (no such place exists) on February 3rd, and arrived here in the locality of Lower Coldstream (775 Upper Coldstream Road, Tyndale 2460 is our address) on February 11th, after eight days - a full day after the seven day deadline they set for us had already expired. What could we DO? Our hands were tied. It was already too late to delete these webpages, so we decided we might as well leave them up there on the Internet and take it on the chin from the Powers That Be.

We imagine that Vivienne and I will be hearing from the other candidates' parties' solicitors in due course.

We have also been told that these (above) National Party Parliamentarians' and candidiate's unofficial homepages are "factually wrong" as well as being defamatory, and it seems like a blunt instrument to apply - in the first instance - the full might of the Supreme Court, when the ONLY reason that we ever went to the trouble of putting anything on the World Wide Web in the first place is because these men simply REFUSE to respond to our many letters, emails and personal representations. We were forced to do this as a last desperate resort.

On the same day that this legal threat was snailmailed off to us, we emailed an impassioned plea to the National Security Hotline. Five days later, an unmarked black attack helicopter with huge external fuel tanks flew slowly over our house.

It seems that we're also going to have to try to pay the National Party's costs of these Supreme Court proceedings. The two of us live in a one room house with no mains water, indoor toilet or even a refrigerator, on an invalid pension of A$326.05 a week (gross) , (about US$160) which is a result of trying to expose institutionalised dishonesty in the NSW Valuer Generals Department. We drive a rundown 1974 Kombi van. We were told that a Supreme Court Barrister charges about A$2,000.00 an hour, so we can't imagine where all the money will come from to pay all those fees. The Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, the Honourable Ian Causley, Member for Page, is reputed to be worth more than $20 million and his protégé Mr. Luke Hartsuyker, Member for Cowper, is a Holiday Coast businessman/land developer who is said to be worth almost that. National Party state candidate Steve Cansdell is a retired professional boxer and local sign painter.

We'll do our level best, dear readers, as long as we are permitted, to keep you informed of the fate that awaits us at the hands of Blind Justice, as she has our way with us.

February 12th 2003  Bill McDonnell replied to Detective Chief Inspector Breton "The officers involved in matters herein noted and many others were Sgnt Petherbridge, Det Tutt, and A Shepherd (all now resigned) and Con Patterson of Maclean. Just because they have resigned does not discount their own misconduct....every letter for investigation and information given by phone to Commander Wadsworth of Coffs Command on a number of occasions all being gravely serious complaints, not once have I seen any action in my favour to assist...leaves me with no confidence in this command and those under it."

February 12th 2003 McDonnell wrote to the Manager of the Northern Star. "I personally have visited your office a couple of times and the Examiner, Grafton, Yamba a no. of occasions and have never received any support and yet you appear to have elevated the many names of those I have been endeavoring to expose because of their fraudulent actions."

February 12th 2003 McDonnell to Department of Fair Trading, seeking full investigation into NSW sugar industry. " is understood that great financial extortions have taken place..."

February 13th 2003 Sydney Morning Herald published the article Report draws blank on police obstruction A Police Integrity Commission inquiry which took more than a year, heard more than 50 witnesses - many of them senior police - and cost millions of dollars, has recommended that no action be taken against anyone.

February 13th This Grafton Daily Examiner reader's comment seemed timely. (Child) Abusers are like all vermin and cockroaches. They love the dark. How many upstanding and wonderful people have later turned out to have a dark side?"

February 14th 2003 Northern Star Manager responds. to McDonnell "...I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

February 15th Grafton Examiner article reports, "Visiting Grafton during a tour of the region, NSW Police Minister Michael Costa said Clarence Valley people should work with their local police to be alert for possible security threats." Meanwhile National Party candidate, Steve Cansdell complains that Mr Costa should be explaining to our local community why he is letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist. Mr. Costa's visit closely follows Dyson's letter to the National Security Hotline which describes the role of NSW police in local terrorism.

February 20th: Here's a follow-up from the above December 5th entry about the most recent ongoing NSW Police corruption enquiry, from today's Sydney Morning Herald: "A Labor MP called the 'Bronny royal commission' a farce and a circus even before a federal parliamentary committee had heard a word of evidence yesterday. But 4 hours later, when the inquiry chaired by Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop had adjourned, it had heard alarming claims of pedophile protection, death threats to a whistleblower and ongoing corruption within the NSW Police Service."



Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop

who ignored our emails to her informing her of our alarming claims of pedophile protection, death threats to a whistleblower and ongoing corruption within the NSW Police Service.

February 21st, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD "Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are 'whitewashed', according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee. In a wide-ranging attack, the former head of human resources, Edd Chadbourne, also criticised the Police Integrity Commission, saying it had a 'deep-seated reluctance' to tackle either corruption or poor management. The committee also heard from a former NSW police officer that some investigators on the Wood royal commission were corrupt."

February 22nd: Could this "Head-on confrontation" article (below) be an oblique reference by the Hon. Ian Causley to his most recent litigation against us? "You do not get anywhere with a mad dog by turning away; it will bite you. The only way you get anywhere with a mad dog is to confront it head-on." We do like our dog analogies, don't we? Here's ours. Here's one of his.



February 26th: Just last night we received a photocopy of another unanswered letter written by Bill McDonnell's wife, Lynette on February 4th, to the NSW Police Commissioner, Mr. Ken Moroney, just two days before Bill McDonnell wrote Area Police Commander Wadsworth. Lyn's heart wrenching pleas for a hearing and answers to her questions about her husband's and her own trumped up police charges, and why her husband cannot get a formal interview from the police about the crimes of which he is aware apparently continue to fall on the deaf and uncaring ears of Mr. Moroney. In the ongoing Parliamentary inquiry into NSW police corruption, the former head of human resources in the NSW Police, Dr. Edd Chadbourne, described

the Commissioner, Ken Moroney,

as gutless and implied he was duplicitous, and also criticised the Police Integrity Commission, saying it had a "deep-seated reluctance" to tackle either corruption or poor management. The committee also heard allegations that a Wood royal commission investigator acted more corruptly than the subjects of its inquiry, including putting lethal heroin on to Kings Cross streets. Certainly, speaking from firsthand personal experience, we have watched this devoutly Christian couple, Bill and Lyn McDonnell, courageously suffer the attacks of their powerful criminal assailants with a degree is resolute stoicism that is a shining example to the rest of us. Homeless, on the run, and in fear of their lives for half a year after continued and escalating death threats, they have become political refugees in their own country simply because they refuse to be a party to the egregious crimes (rapes, assassinations, a pederast ring protected by police and politicians) which they are doggedly attempting to expose. The Powers That Be in New South Wales have many long tentacles which can reach into and remove and falsify/forge documentation of events right through the public and private sector, and until an honest response starts coming from the government and/or political candidates, the reign of terror sponsored by this criminally unaccountable governance of Australia will persist unabated. You know who you are and so do we.

February 25th: The New South Wales candidates are hard at it. Law and order are important election issues to the government, as indicated by the pretty blonde policewoman and her beefy pink Anglo offsiders getting some swarthy teenaged ne'er-do-well up against the wall where the lot of 'em belong!

And imagine our delight when, after more than two years of silence, we finally heard back from The Honourable Peter Breen, Member of the Legislative Council of NSW and leader of the Reform the Legal System Party, who had written us this letter back in 2001 when we wrote him at the behest of out former ISP. Our ignored replies will be posted asap. There's some mention of Peter in this (below) draft article, (an excerpt I include here) Dyson was asked to write for a certain Australian pulp "conspiracy" magazine, but the editor got cold feet when she read it (her husband is in the Queensland police) and told him that a certain religious group who shall go unnamed "...will bomb us".

"Bill fearlessly pursued this crime and continues to. He made a formal written complaint and refused local police conciliation, instead exercising his right to receive conciliation with the state Ombudsman. But the Ombudsman simply did not respond to this formally enshrined right, and the matter is clearly so grossly illegal that nobody wants to know about it. We assisted in publishing the documentation on a secure overseas website, where it remains to this day. Reliable sources suggest that serial rape and no less than five gangland style murders may be related. So Bill contacted our new police Commissioner Peter Ryan, and the next day two thugs punched Bill's wife to a bloody pulp at 8:30 in the morning in a public park in Maclean, leaving her for dead, but not before telling her to tell her husband to lay off the police, and not go back to the Commissioner. At the cost of his marriage, Bill doggedly continued to pursue this with Shadow Police Minister the Honourable Mr. Andrew Tink, who wrote his government counterpart the Honourable Mr. Paul Whelan. All efforts on our part to have this matter pursued further have failed. Independent Parliamentarian, the Honourable Mr. Peter Breen, president of the NSW Law Reform Society wrote a dismissive letter to us in reply to the documentation we sent to him at the behest of the Manager of our ISP who tried to arrange a meeting. The Honourable Mr. Breen wrote us, "I have perused the attachments to your letter and I note from a letter to the Premier dated 11 January 1999 that Bill is 'at a loss to understand the poor response I have received and the continued passing from one department to the next.' Bill has reached this position after his allegations have been widely ventilated and fully investigated by the authorities." Such a breathtakingly disingenuous response to the documented fact that the Ombudsman in the first instance refused to even acknowledge the formal request for conciliation told us all we had to know. It was suggested to us that in personal interviews, the Honourable Mr. Breen had a mysterious change of heart and became very fearful."

There's also an old reference to Peter Breen here from when we were still trying to expose the Commissioner of the "Independent" Commission "Against" Corruption. And here are a couple of much more recent ones from the Sydney Morning Herald. 

This electorate of Clarence is our state’s most marginal seat, held by the Australian Labor Party by .02% - a mere 143 votes. It would have gone the other way but for Terry Flanagan and Harry Woods binning 150 National Party votes. National Party Candidate, and former professional pugilist Steve Cansdell (currently suing us for defamation) would have made an amusing Parliamentary orator. And speaking of Harry Woods - our very own local state representative in this shining democracy we call Australia - we were delighted to finally get a personal letter hand signed and addressed individually to Dyson in reply to his most recent scathing letter to him.  (See above, December 23rd)

February 27th: After waiting what we consider a reasonable period of time to hear more about the National Party's defamation proceedings against us in the Supreme Court, (see the February 12th, 2003 entry, above) and receiving nothing further, we thought we should at least try to correct the errors of fact on the three websites that the National Party has decided are unjustifiably damaging to their clients' reputations, the Unofficial Homepages of Ian Causley, Luke Hartsuyker and Steve Cansdell. So we wrote a polite letter to Mr. Ross Forsythe, the Sydney solicitor acting of behalf of the National Party, requesting that he kindly set the record straight, so we can take his corrections into account before we have to front up at our Supreme Court hearing. We registered our letter to him just to make sure he got it alright, and when our signed confirmation of receipt is returned from Mr. Forsythe, we'll post that here, along with - of course - his letter of detailed corrections of the three webpages, as soon as it also arrives. It certainly won't be long now.

March 3rd: NSW Police Minister. the Honourable Michael Costa, has implemented a very unsavoury policing policy in which the presumption of innocence has been voided along with unreasonable search, by employing drug-sniffer dogs, who apparently stick their wet noses forcefully into the nether regions of members of the public otherwise going about their business. (Our invisible Greens candidate mentions the practice.) This has led not only to a lot of arrests of individuals carrying small quantities of hemp, but also to a lot of well justified resentment that the drug arrest figures are being padded out with this sort of thing while heroin retailers (some of whom are household names here!), being "managed" by the corrupt police, remain untouched. Not to mention the wholesalers. On more than one occasion the Honourable Minister Costa has been openly questioned about his own enjoyment of illicit recreational drugs. "A spokesman for Mr Costa responded as he had when the matter was first raised, saying the minister would be happy to undergo a drug test if all his parliamentary colleagues did the same." Any comment here would be superfluous.

March 4th: gaiaguys celebratesthe best link we could imagine, and although it will not be recognised as such by most people yet, it most certainly will eventually, and we view it as the historic indication that we've long been looking for that "the good guys" will win this struggle against corruption we're up to our necks in. It's a very warm light at the end of a very long cold tunnel.

March 10th: Bill and Lyn McDonnell surfaced again from heaven-knows-where, still on the run from corrupt NSW police, and the situation seems not to have improved for them. Lyn asked Dyson to respond to Premier Carr’s letter to her, which was written as acknowledgement of her February 4th letter addressed solely to Police Commissioner Moroney. (Please see the February 26th entry, above.) Naturally, she was very upset that she can’t seem to avoid Police Minister Costa’s insatiable document shredder no matter what she does. It's no consolation that she's not alone in that regard

Bill also passed on a couple of photocopies of formal complaints he made last month to the Office of the Legal Services Commission about two of the many crooked solicitors who have ripped him off over the years, Mr. A. Sochacki of 97/99 Stuart St., Mullumbimby, and Mr. P. Finucane of Conroy and Stewart, 30 River St. Maclean. Bill believes that the only way he’s even likely to get acknowledgement of receipt of his formal complaints of criminal misconduct, is if he puts his forms on the Internet. He may be right. 

Some good person anonymously snailmailed Bill (thank you - whoever you are) a 90 thousand dollar, eight page (A4-size) glossy insert from Premier Carr which was in the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine.

This extravagant political presentation became the topic of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s popular television program called "Media Watch", which finds noteworthy things in the (mainstream) media to examine sagaciously. The fact that the Internet is not identified as "the media" is another thing which will have to be addressed some day, but not here. Not yet.



Close-up photo of Premier Carr and quote from the above official-position, $90,000 glossy magazine.

March 12th: Bill and Lyn surfaced again briefly to drop off a photocopy of yet another heart wrenching letter Lyn mailed to the New South Wales Police Commissioner, Mr. Ken Moroney. Are these many hundreds of thousands of people at the grass roots who are now aware if this situation so devoid of common Humanity that this lady and her husband have to continue to endure these criminal acts to all eternity? Can nobody help us cut through this terrible Gordian knot of red tape and official denial? We - the electorate - have chosen people as our personal representatives in our treasured democracy, but they have not assumed the responsibility we pay them to take. That means that the responsibility is back on us to remove and replace them if they are unwilling or unable to do the jobs they were elected by us to do. In a democracy the ultimate responsibility always remains with the individuals.

Bill tells us that personal threats are escalating enormously now. Apparently the Causley camp is very upset now because they can't be seen in public any more without angry victims, emboldened by this website, confronting them in the street with further accusations of criminal activity. Bill responds to his National Party attackers by telling them, "It's all true what's on that website. If it's not true then why don't they get on with suing us?"

We remind you that the authors of this whistleblowers website have indeed been formally advised in writing by National Party legal council that defamation action is being instigated in the Supreme Court for (allegedly) unjustifiably damaging the reputations of the Honourable Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Mr. Causley, and his two party colleagues, Mr. Luke Hartsuyker (our local Federal MP), and Mr. Steve Cansdell (current candidate for the state seat of Clarence).

So the truth should come out in the Supreme Court before very long, we must assume. And we anxiously look forward to our open hearing so that our gravely serious allegations of ongoing criminal corruption can finally be fairly and honestly appraised in our state's highest Court - hopefully not entirely obscured by the fog of the illegal war. 

But we're a little concerned that more than five weeks have now elapsed with nothing further from the litigants. Surely the National Party of Australia would not dare to so openly abuse our legal system, that they not now carry through with their promised legal action. Surely these letters warning us of the initiation of legal proceedings against us could not merely be insincere and deceitful untruths to try to bully us into silence.

Surely not.


March 14th: Premier Carr seems to have the cart before the horse. He's clearly prepared to allow child sacrifice to go on unfettered in the Clarence Valley while assuaging more distant concerns with yet more legislation. Please, Mr. Carr. Just make your Police Minister put an end to it here first. The laws are already sufficient to do that.

From the Sydney Morning Herald: "Mr Carr also announced further details of the country's first specialist court to deal solely with child sexual assault."


March 14th: In an act of breathtaking hypocrisy,

the Leader of the Opposition, John Brogden,

weighs into the newly invigorated abstract pedophile debate, even though he's NEVER replied to any of the MANY MANY emails sent to him about what's doing on up here, unchecked, in the Clarence. Again, from the Sydney Morning Herald, "Brogden takes aim at pedophiles" "Mr Brogden said 90 per cent of cases of child sexual assault were unreported and only 20 per cent of cases brought to trial resulted in a conviction."

Mr. Brogden, do you really blame people for not reporting this evil to the authorities when they've seen how you really deal with it?

Shame on you.


March 16th: Bill has finally received a letter from the NSW Police. It is very strange that it refers to a letter supposedly written by Bill on February 18th to the Police Commissioner, since the most recent letters (see above) were written to Commissioner Moroney on February 4th and March 10th, and not by Bill at all, but by his wife, Lyn. It will be interesting to learn whether this letter represents an initiation of a genuine line of enquiry or just more of the same cover-up, cloaked with a presence of due process.


March 17th: For an organisation that tells us that 28 days is the maximum time that a government office should take to reply to a letter from the public, the Independent Commission Against Corruption seem to be able to take three months. I guess it's "do as I say, not as I do." Our correspondence to them of December 16th, 2002 suddenly precipitated a reply today, telling us that the reason nobody responds to our letters is not corruption, as is naturally assumed, but mere maladministration. So we have been politely directed to various organisations whose responsibility it is to address maladministration. Unfortunately, it is also those organisations who refuse to reply to our correspondence. Perhaps next June the ICAC will tell us how to deal with this problem. If we live that long.

And more details (see March 14th, above) of the groundwork Premier Carr seems to be laying for some distant future. Sydney Morning Herald -Carr to tackle sexual violence "A permanent child protection and sexual crimes squad would also be set up within NSW police, which would include 11 specialist sex crime investigators."


March 18th: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation television program, "Australian Story" did a moving and very timely story on

Grand Master Tony Lauer,

last night, introduced by his very good friend, serving Commissioner Ken Moroney, (see above) in which we discover that The Most Worshipful Brother was pressured to depart his position as New South Wales Police Commissioner not, as was widely believed, because he was corrupt and there was a Royal Commission of Enquiry underway, but because of personal problems at home to do with his adopted daughter. (There was a lot of poignant oboe music.) We have been told that M.W.B.G.M. Lauer left Freemasonry for 20 years during his illustrious career, and only re-entered The Brotherhood upon retirement, and then as Deputy Grand Master, to be elevated to Grand Master last year. It would be interesting to know more about his secret society, as gaiaguys was unaware that serving police officers were required (?) to leave the Temple during their active government employment, and this is certainly at odds with our information. It was also interesting to learn that several years ago The Grand Master was the first police officer to formally report on organised crime in the state of New South Wales. It was revealed that this landed him a swift transfer to the barren outback Western District of the state. He would have learnt his lesson, we assume. We warmly wish Mr. and Mrs. Lauer's daughter well in seeking employment and suggest that, after this revealing national television exposure, her chances of success might improve if she changed her name.

A Policeman's Lot

Monday, 17 March 2003

"A Policeman's Lot" tells the remarkable story of former NSW Police Commissioner Tony Lauer and his family.

Now 65 and 67 respectively, Lauer and his wife Joy have taken on the responsibility of raising a new family of three young children.

They are the children of the Lauers' adopted daughter, Tanya, surrendered by her because of her ongoing heroin addiction problems.

As Australian Story reveals, Tanya's problems first surfaced a decade ago when her father had not long taken over as Police Commissioner. It was an especially turbulent time for the force with ongoing controversy over corruption issues, as well as allegations of racism and bungling of investigations.

Joy Lauer describes her mounting concern as she observed the effects of the negative press coverage on Tanya. She watched as her daughter's behaviour became more bizarre - all the time struggling to keep her suspicions from her husband because of his position and the pressures she felt he was already under.

Ultimately, she says, "I did the dreadful thing of searching her room. That was when I found the methadone bottles and I confronted her." It was then she rang her husband and told him "Tony just get yourself home. It's an emergency."

In 1995, weary from work and family pressures, Tony Lauer took the decision to step down as Commissioner and retire from the job he loved.

But the Lauer's retirement plans were soon upended when Tanya relapsed into addiction. With Zac (five), Alex (twelve) and baby Isabel (18 months) facing foster care without family intervention, the Lauers applied to the courts for legal custody of their grandchildren ...

Story to be introduced by current NSW Commissioner, Ken Maroney

 March 19th: We got a phone call from Bill telling us about the (unrecorded) police interview he attended in the Tweed Heads Area Command (see March 16th, above). Bill reports that it was just more of the same old same old, "We had NO IDEA it was SO SERIOUS!" "Oh Dear, something must be DONE!" etc. etc. etc. etc. .... just the same tired old verbal stuff that's been trotted out for the last several years by the many and varied crooked police and politicians who are unwilling to commit their remarks to print. Bill asked them if they had read this webpage and they said they had. He then asked the perfectly reasonable question - then how come they had no idea it was so serious? They apparently only recognised that it was so serious after meeting Bill in person. (?) When Bill asked what exactly they'd were going to do, he was told that they'd "get together "with Police Commissioner Moroney, and "do something".

Bill's sense of humour helps him survive this endless nightmare. He chuckled that he was greeted at Tweed by Inspector Greg Carey, "and a big old Sergeant who tried to crush my hand when we shook hands." (Dear reader, this is a mistake. Bill is an ex-boxer, about six foot five, weighing in around three-hundred pounds.) "So, I just squeezed his hand right back," Bill continued, "until his eyes started to pop out."

March 22nd: We had a storm with 5cm hailstones, the votes are cast in the state election, (Steve Cansdell wins easily) the war gets underway, and our telephone line went dead for the first time since the line was connected here in 1992. We contacted the telephone company who confirmed the faulty line. The phone came on again upon our return and then immediately went dead again before we could upload. This happened on two further occasions.

March 24th: We've heard briefly from Bill. He telephoned Inspector Carey (see March 16 & 18th above) as previously arranged, to learn what promised police action was to be taken, only to learn that Inspector Carey had gone on leave for an indefinite period and could not be reached. This is exactly what happened the last time formal (verbal) contact was achieved with the police, with Detective Inspector Hodgson. (see August 26th, October 15th and December 12th, above)

March 26th: We received a snailmailed photocopy of yet another letter by Bill McDonnell to Police Commissioner Moroney. Bill writes, "...Inspector Carey advised that I could contact him on his mobile at any time as he gave me his card. I was to find a few days later that this was not possible, having Telstra inform me that the number had been disconnected."


March 27th, 2003: Newly re-elected Premier Bob Carr has just removed the Honourable Michael Costa from his position as News South Wales Police Minister and has replaced him with

 the Honourable John Watkins.

Gaiaguys congratulates left faction Mr. Watkins on his demanding new portfolio and trusts that he will seriously address the grave corruption, as revealed on this website, which was being permitted by his predecessor to continue unchecked.

April 20th: There have been further developments since the lengthy telephone line and computer problems we started experiencing on March 22nd.

We were a little surprised to get any kind of a reply dated April 4th from Premier Carr's office after we wrote to him at the behest of Lyn McDonnell on March 10th, and asked him if he was a Freemason. Naturally, he did not answer THAT knarly one, but we are at least pleased to be told that the first approach about the corruption we reveal here made to the new Police Minister, the Honourable John Watlkins, came from the Cabinet Office, and we didn't have to alert the Minister to his predecessors scandal directly.

Meanwhile, gaiaguys has been sent more photocopies of correspondence from Bill McDonnell, in his endless quixotic quest to get his farm back from the colluding white-collar criminals who stole it. This refers to the matters mentioned in our March 10th entry, above. Here are his most recent letters to the Office of the Legal Services Commission and to the Law Society of New South Wales. These letters are in reply to Commissioner Steve Mark's letter to him dated March 18th. As luck (?) would have it, Dyson met Mr. Mark many years ago when he had been told by the then head of the NSW Anti-discrimination board that he had an appointment to discuss the corruption and bastardisation going on in the Valuer General's Office. Steve told him the appointment was off and they couln't help him. Hmm.

As you might expect, Bill has been in touch. He and Lyn have finally decided to take the advice that the New South Wales Police gave him last year and get out of New South Wales for his own safety. What an appalling situation that honest law-abiding citizens are told by the police that they're not safe from the police! Bill did eventually get in touch again with Tweed Area Command Inspector Greg Carey, who told him he had written a report to Headquarters informing his bosses that this was a "critical" situation and something had to be done immediately. He told Bill that he was very worried that the media might get wind of this scandal. (What media?) But Inspector Craig did undertake to provide Bill with a copy of that report, and unless this is yet another promise-meant-to-be-broken from the authorities, perhaps something IN PRINT might eventually come to light. We'll see.

Bill stopped in to see his local member, Mr. Steve Cansdell, MP - one of the three (failed?) litigants against this website - and tells us that he has rarely seen anybody so upset. We've asked Bill to put the entire episode in print for us here ... preferably in the form of a statutory declaration ... since Steve ended up physically threatening Bill if he didn't remove all the material about him we've been publishing here on this website. Serious stuff. We remind you that when Steve was still the candidate for our seat of Clarence he told Bill, (referring to his crony Ian Causley) "You'll bring ME down if you keep this [whistleblowing] up!"

As soon as Bill arrived in Steve's office a plan seemed to swing into effect. But Steve's plan backfired - not unlike his plan to sue us. We think that the ex-boxer may have taken a few too many blows to the head. Steve's assistant - who refused to reveal her name - immediately produced a small tape recorder and triumphantly announced, "I have a tape recorder! I have a tape recorder!" So Bill continued to make his allegations that Ian Causley is a notorious rapist - particularly in the local Aboriginal community. Then his assistant told Bill that Steve would "call the police", to which Bill replied, "Good. Go ahead and call them. They know all about this, and so does everybody else who's seen it on the Internet." Naturally, no telephone calls were made anywhere.

It was apparently as this stage, after having his bluff called twice in very rapid succession, that our furious Parliamentarian decided that he'd remind Bill that he was dealing with a boxer, which sounds like the sort of desperate strategy that has served Steve well in the past. Of course this sort of thinly veiled threat of violence is lost on Bill - also (as luck would have it) an ex-boxer who would easily be twice Steve's weight.

Bill reminded Steve that he was now a real Parliamentarian and had a duty of care to start to deal with this matter whether he wanted to or not. It will be interesting to see how much longer The Powers That Be are prepared to foist this dung on our electorate, and interesting to see how much longer the mainstream media is prepared to stick its collective monopolised head in the sand along with the electorate at large, and for what passes for a political opposition here in Australia.

So Bill mentioned that he was going to stop in again at Steve's office soon and wanted to know if we could give him anything. We decided that since Steve is now our State Parliamentary representative - even if he has apparently been trying to sue us - it would still be a good idea for us to try to bring him up to speed about the nature of current geopolitical reality ... or at least make an effort so he can't in the future say, "Nobody told me!" So - since he has trouble with the Internet - we we're presenting Steve with a copy of this website as at 19 April 2004 on a CD (here's the "READ ME" file) and copies of "The Secret" CD (about the Majestic 12 documents) plus a video of the May 9th, 2001 Washington media conference by the Disclosure Project, for whom we act as official representatives here in Australia. We do this in the hope that Steve manages to have these data taken away from him and studied by whoever or whatever pulls his political strings. We cannot imagine what Steve himself might make of it all. Having individuals of his intellectual stature as the government's elected representatives in the legislature may be a salient example of our beloved democracy in action, but it's the intellectual equivalent of trying to have a man use his bare hands to lift a semitrailer off the ground.

May 10: Bill has contacted Steve Cansdell who is still furious and still insists that all the material here must be removed. Fat chance, Steve.

Tweed Area Command Police Inspector Greg Carey, who told BIll that he (Bill) would be given the (27 page) report has still not produced it. Why? Why are we waiting? See March 16th entry, above.


May 20th: Bill surfaces again from being on the run to report that the abovementioned Inspector Carey is still unwilling to provide the promised 27 page report, so BIll will be requesting it under Freedom of Information Legislation.

He made telephone contact again with our shy Parlaimentary representative, and failed litigant, Steve "This is hypocracy of the highest order" Cansdell, who angrily told Bill that he didn't want to see him. Bad move, Steve. You can run, but you can't hide.

Interesting also how the experiences of one very famous young woman (worked out who it is yet?) in our neighbouring state of Victoria with Masonic ritual child rape/torture and cannibalism is so similar to what we've discovered here. Seems like NSW might start unravelling from the south. Here's a good link page.


 3rd November 2003  Here's a very timely article about the diminishing effectiveness of New South Wales' oversight bodies as they are consumed by the increasingly ineffective Ombudsman's office, who incidentally never did address our many outstanding serious complaints. This article also gives an insight into the diminishing freedom of the press.








watch this space.





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