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Billy Meier is in contact with Black People of extraterrestrial origin. The listing here is general and wide, as all Meier Encyclopedia pages are.

Contact Report 236

"196. The differently coloured ones who subsequently came to the Earth were exclusively very strongly dark-skinned and established themselves on the land that is today regarded as the continent of Africa, from where they then spread further, some to Australia and New Zealand and others to various other locations."


"They came to Earth 389,000 years ago and it is said that the ET Asasel (mentioned in Contact Report 191) fathered the Black race with a terrestrial wife (see OM, page 138, 31st canon, verse 561)."

Contact Report 061

"Menara is really very pretty, just like Semjase. Her skin is very dark; a very deep brown. She is about 10 cm smaller than Semjase and clearly has negride features, just like the Hottentot. Semjase and Menara talk for a long time during which I can get an idea of the girl. Only after about 10 minutes they turn to me."

Menara - black extraterrestrial

"Billy used the term "Dark skinned" for a skin colour you will see when a black-haired European person, like e.g. in Spain or Italy, was exposed to the sun. Billy didn't mean "black", but rather "not white" like the other Plejarans. However, the shape of her body (face, hair, etc.) resembled the race that we call (or were calling) Hottentots here on earth."


"Billy calls her "chocolate angel" because her skin is a chocolate-brown colour."

Contact Report 070

"26. Our early ancestors had mastered space travel for more than 22 million years, carried out expeditions and exploratory flights reaching far into space and came to Earth for the first time."

Prophetien und Voraussagen (Book)

"In coming times this land is hit evilly hard, But also the land where black people are hoping."

Contact Report 317

“30. Thus, on Thursday, the 17th of January 2002, in the east of the Congo in Africa, the volcano near the city of Gomo on Lake Kivu will rise in violent eruptions, which will be associated with many earthquakes.”

Contact Report 076

"I am very happy that you feel joy in yourself, you dark-skinned beauty. You are really very pretty, I have wanted to tell you that for a long time, but unfortunately you did not do notgive me the opportunity."

Contact Report 191

"Through the incidents, as they are described in the Book of Henoch, they brought all evils to the Earth in their beginning, by what means the first two nuclear wars were released on Earth, as Semjasa and Asasel mutually annihilated themselves and their people."

Contact Report 625

"Well, another problem, for palaeontology, seems to be the Sphinx in Egypt, which is again and again reported about, just as it has recently been again, whereby all sorts of guesses are made and impossible things are claimed about the creator of the Sphinx. On that Quetzal told me, as you however also said already in the 1980s, that according to your records Pharaoh Chefren resp. Chephren was the builder resp. originator for the building of the Sphinx. Can you explain a little more about that?"

Contact Report 256

"I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which cannot only be found in Egypt, but around the world. Asket told me during her time, that these were originally created under the direction of extraterrestrials."

Contact Report 213

"But the tsunami found no end in Egypt and rolled back into the sea"

Contact Report 559

“Chronic water shortage threatens to turn more and more areas of once fertile and green land into deserts. There is already corruption and greed for land and property, as is particularly the case in Congo, but also in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, etc. Particularly in the former colonies mentioned above, those in power are stealing more and more land from the people and selling it to foreign states to enrich themselves. This, while the populations are starving, starving, in need and misery, without water and food, sick, miserable, fading and displaced, and dying. The World Bank, together with its subsidiaries International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Foreign Investment Advisory Services (FIAS), is also to blame for all of this. The World Bank, together with its subsidiaries International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Foreign Investment Advisory Services (FIAS), creates attractive and all-round secure investment opportunities for financially strong investors, often with bizarre consequences.”

Contact Report 214

"I have a question in reference to Queen Nofretete, who was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who was also known as Akhenaten and who, to my knowledge, reigned in the 14th Century B.C., from 1364 to 1347. Where was Nofretete actually buried? Her real name, so I think, was Nefertiti, right?"

Contact Report 279

"47. Tutanchamun did not die a natural death because, on the one hand, at the age of 18 years, three months and two days, he suffered a malignantly inflicted severe fracture of his leg, which led to a fatal inflammation called blood poisoning."

Contact Report 272

"The Pharaoh at that time set Joseph as administrator over all Egypt country, because he could interpret the Pharaoh's dreams, which referred to seven fat and seven lean years. This pharaoh gave Joseph a new name and called him Zaphenath-Paneach. Wait a minute, I'll look in the Bible right away. It should be written in the Bible … Here is the Luther Bible. Wait a minute – Moses' first book should be the story. There – no, moment –, moment – no, not either. But here, chapter 41 – Pharaoh's dreams: Joseph's interpretation. Exaltation and care for Egypt … Here, verse 33: "Now look to Pharaoh for an understanding and wise man whom he will put over the land of Egypt" … blablablabla … no, not here either …blabla … no, until the next chapter there is nothing … They simply embezzled the name. But wait, maybe there is something in the Jewish Pentateuch. Wait … I already have the book there. – Chapter 41, chapter 41 … there, yes. Here, verse 33. … Next …, here, yes, verse 45. It says: "And Pharaoh called Joseph Zaphenath-Paneach and gave him Assenath, the daughter of Poti-Pheras, the priest's On, to wife." So there we have what was 'revealed' in the Luther Bible. – Therefore I know the name. But what is interesting is that it is still in your language. To my knowledge the name means something like 'The Saviour' or something. Is that true?"

Contact Report 662

"However, the origins also go back to other times, i.e. to that time and to the time of Jmmanuel in Galilee and Judea, because also in the Indian caste system old forms of racist structures can be found, the beginning of which was created at the latest with the conquest of northern India, when the Aryans did their mischief about 1500 BC Jmmanuel respectively 'Chr. As 'light-skinned conquerors', they subjugated dark-skinned people as slaves and formed a race-caste society similar to the apartheid system that had emerged in South Africa in modern times"

Contact Report 225

"you once said that during the time of slavery in America, the Americans operated real slave-breeding farms because it was much cheaper than the kidnappings in Africa and then the transports of the enslaved black people in ships to America, whereby during these transports, many slaves on the transport ships often died of thirst, starved, or died of disease or were maltreated and beaten to death by the slave hunters and slave drivers. The slaves that were crammed together on the slave-breeding farms were impregnated, according to your words, by rape through “breeding rams,” select white Americans, and so-called “property slaves,” in order to ensure slave-breeding or slave descendants. In addition, now the question: how long, actually, can America still conceal these facts?" -
short interview video clip Edward Baptist, author of "The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism -
short interview video clip documentary segment about slavery breeding farms
In UK: “The compensation of Britain’s 46,000 slave owners was the largest bailout in British history until the bailout of the banks in 2009” also see

Contact Report 450

"It is always said that the undamaged tomb of King Tutankhamun was discovered or excavated in 1922 by a sponsored English archaeologist named Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the sponsor, but I know that it has always been claimed that both Howard Carter and the sponsor had enriched themselves with the gold and jewellery treasure of the grave goods. Do you know anything about whether these suspicions were made up out of thin air and are therefore pure invention?"

Contact Report 341

"If you know the rotten machinations of those irresponsible Americans who are screaming for war, revenge, revenge, death and the devil and secretly strive for world domination with all murderous means, then this is probably the way to justify the second Iraq war or Gulf War. And in justifying itself, America has always been great, for this was already the case when they slaughtered the Indians and kidnapped black people in Africa, who were shamefully enslaved, maltreated and finally often tarred and feathered and cruelly murdered in all possible ways. But nobody in the world – or only a few – think of this; quite the contrary, because very many pro-American people are crawling slimy into the backside of the USA and do not care about the bestial stench that is coming out of it with all those irresponsible people who do not care about any right and any humanity."

Contact Report 313

"And one thinks of the Americans, who proceeded unrestrainedly against the Indians and exterminated them almost as the English did in Tasmania the natives there. And just think of the American Ku Klux Klan, who tortured and murdered black people in a Christian sectarian fanaticism, but also radical republicans. Looting, flogging and femicide were the order of the day. This was done by the first terrorist Ku Klux Klan organization, which was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, USA in 1866 and whose goal was to maintain the colonial way of life in the American southern states. The secret society, however, which consisted of white farmers and had an order-like structure and corresponding rituals and symbols, such as the flame cross and the white robe with pointed hood, only existed in this form until 1869 and 1871 respectively, after which it was continued near Atlanta in 1915."

A relic found buried in Egypt

The Great Pyramid

"Only a very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces. Most of the work was executed by about 200,000 slaves (plus animals) over a time period of many decades. A huge number of the slaves died during this process. (Altogether a very impressive work!)"

Contact Report 568

"The oldest known representation of circumcision is an Egyptian relief in the Mastaba of Anchmahor, vizier of Pharaoh Teti II, in Sakkara (around 2300 BC). Why men were circumcised at that time is unknown. The ancient Egyptians considered the snake to be immortal because it could shed its skin and thus renew itself again and again. Some cultural historians suspect that the circumcision of a man was supposed to symbolically reproduce the skinning of the snake and make the human soul immortal"

Contact Report 238

“174. Cholera, too, is spreading even further across the countries of the world, with Africa being the next event to make a name for itself in this regard, especially the state of Niger in the Sahel.

Contact Report 136

“in South Africa, severe floods will afflict the country”

Contact Report 643

“Since 1979, the USA has attacked, bombed and / or ravaged their governments: Salvador (1980), Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982-1983), Egypt (1983), Granada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984), Libya (1986), Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988) , Panama (1988), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia (1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti (1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo / Gabon (1997), Sierra Leone (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea-Bissau (1998), Kenya / Tanzania (1998 -1999), Afghanistan / Sudan (1998), Liberia (1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leone (2000) , Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to today), Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002), Ivory Coast (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia / Djibouti (2003 ), Haiti (2004), ‘War on Terror’ in Georgia / Djibouti / Kenya / Ethiopia / Yemen / Eritrea (2004), Drone strikes on Pakistan (2004 to today), Somalia (2007), South Ossetia / Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009 and 2015), Haiti (2010), Libya (2011), Syria (2011), Ukraine (2014), Iraq (2015), Libya (2015), Yemen (2015), etc.

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