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Dr Quetzal, Dr Ptaah, Dr Semjase and Earth living teacher Eduard offer a valuable diversity of useful information in the Contact Reports. [continue reading]

While this page deals with things like physical, common, localised, body, health and lifestyle, habits, medical observations etc. The Spirit Teaching page deals with different aspects such as well-being, consciousness, happiness, sadness, behaviour, attitudes, philosophies for life etc. and the Human Being page deals with broader perspectives.

The page is a collection of excerpts and extracts from the long conversational discussions i.e. Contact Reports, which have been going on all this time and have taken place for decades, as per the premise of the website. What it doesn't mean is it's a doctor for you, nothing on the internet is, if you require a doctor for something you can't help yourself for, you should go to one and seek professional assistance. These are semi-private conversations (until published and made official) that went on a long time ago, you need a current evaluation which is relevant to you. Having said all that, there have been some really interesting conversations.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Good health to you!

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Billys health

Lifestyles and Health in the Contact Reports

Ptaah Contact Report 133

58. It's about the existence and continued existence of an entire planet and its humanity, as well as its evolution.

Billy Contact Report 169

On the contrary, a person who sees errors in others and who speaks of these with third parties is never able to think about the truth and recognize his own errors. Such a person always tries to reshape his fellow man to his own stencil, so he blackmails him, harasses him, argues with him, talks about him behind his back, and all other sorts of evils. But all of this also influences the study of the true teachings, thus the spirit teachings, etc., because a person of this lifestyle is simply incapable of concentrating on a truly spiritual study. In addition, because the forces that he wastes with this are missing to him, he directs his attention towards the errors of his neighbour, by what means any power for and any progress towards his own insight and his own evolution are missing.

Ptaah Contact Report 173

If a person omits this self-education, which is often the rule with the Earth people, unfortunately, then the person, in his entire lifestyle and quality of life, resembles exactly that which is in accordance with the outside education received.

Ptaah Contact Report 213

184. Of course, wine, for example, can have a health-promoting effect, if this is enjoyed with measure and a goal, as this is also the case with other substances, but on our part, we have so aligned our food toward the highest possible health values that we have no longer needed alcoholic drinks for more than 5,600 years, which also eliminated the dangers of evil caused by drunkenness.


And there will also come the time when diseases and sicknesses will be recognized and healed before they are able to manifest. And the human being will learn that he is able to prevent and to heal many of his own diseases and sicknesses.


Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 6, page 156.

390. Laughter does indeed promote happiness, but also happiness and health, where the latter is promoted by stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

391. However, this refers only to spontaneous and real laughter, not to artificial laughter.

392. Also a real internal amusement already has a positive stimulating effect on the immune system.

393. From a genuine spontaneous laughter also a general physical well-being emerges, the also expands as psychological well-being, because thoughts and feelings are also influenced by a spontaneous laughter can be positively influenced and happily stimulated.

Normal health, General useful incites, consumption volume, body requirements


Ptaah Contact Report 619 Block 14. Thursday, April 2, 2015, p. 202.

The metabolism can be stimulated with natural, high-quality, organic, cold pressed coconut oil due to this oil containing triglycerides, which are simply called MCT and which when found in nature are only contained in very few oils.

These fats are not absorbed by the body and therefore do not behave like fats. They also lower cholesterol levels, and they also stimulate the metabolism, they deliver high quality energy to the body and promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium. It is also worth knowing that triglycerides are burned long before the proteins, which is otherwise only the Koh- Lehydrates is reserved. During cooking, coconut oil can be used very well and especially because it does not develop harmful pollutants, because it remains stable even under heat and stimulates the metabolism, while other oils that are treated industrially can not do so.

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Extract due for explanation, original conversation context and translation clarification.

Many health organizations advise against the consumption of coconut oil due to its high levels of saturated fat, including the United States Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, American Dietetic Association, American Heart Association, British National Health Service, British Nutrition Foundation, and Dietitians of Canada.

Many health claims suggest coconut oil consumption is healthy due to an abundance of medium-chain triglycerides; however, medium-chain triglycerides are responsible for only a small portion (4%) of coconut oil's triglyceride content. Coconut oil contains a large proportion of lauric acid, a saturated fat that raises total blood cholesterol levels by increasing both the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Although this may create a more favorable total blood cholesterol profile, this does not exclude the possibility that persistent consumption of coconut oil may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease through other mechanisms, particularly via the marked increase of blood cholesterol induced by lauric acid. Because the majority of saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, coconut oil may be preferred over partially hydrogenated vegetable oil when solid fats are used in the diet.

Due to its high content of saturated fat with corresponding high caloric burden, regular use of coconut oil in food preparation may promote weight gain.

But be aware that Quetzal explains 'high quality', 'organic' and in other contact reports, Plejaren explain that our intensive farming, production, manufacture techniques reduces the quantities of good stuff in these products,[citation needed] try a mature coconut from a remote area perhaps? Be aware that the extract is out of context and doesn't indicate how often it might be consumed, sporadically etc., or if their Erra coconuts are richer than ours in the good stuff etc. With all of these extracts you are expected to carefully check the quality of the translation, check the established facts, the original context with which the extract was taken from their discussion, quality of the official facts, assess many things.

Water Consumption

Quetzal Contact Report 214

112. Excessive drinking is unhealthy because too much salt is removed, so new salt must be supplied to the body, which means that more liquid, respectively water, collects in the body than what is necessary healthwise, which can cause damages through overhydration.

Ptaah Contact Report 447

47. Generally its become the case that Earth males drink too much, because erroneous medical rules, etc. generally argue that a human must consume a lot of liquid.

48. But the truth is that each person has different fluid quantity requirements, therefore no uniform rule can be given.

Billy Contact Report 447

...if a man were to consume 20 litres of drinking water over a short time, inevitably he dies.

Food Consumption

[Citations needed] There is no reference here?

Opinions vary, but what we can agree on is that you won't starve, will you.

If your age is over 40 years, then do not change your diet radically now, it can cause harm apparently according to big studies,[citation needed] just keep it going the way you've become comfortable with if over 40 years of age.

The philosophical disciplined diet

There are all sorts of folks in the world, there is no so-called 'one-size fits all', we all have to individually balance what we eat for ourselves. The philosophical disciplined diet in some places of the world is probably already called a 'fasting' diet or a 'calorie restricted' i.e. without incurring malnutrition or a reduction in essential nutrients. Some cultures already have a good balance, and it is presented here mainly for the already reasonably large meal sizes of the western industrialised nations, in a bid to encourage an overall reduction in food consumption by the individuals choosing.

Some folks recommend a restricted diet of 1 half meal for every 6 hours of work or if the work day is 10 hours or more a full meal, i.e. a western industrialised nation sized meal, with as much water (including some tea) as you need in between, and only ever sleeping if exhausted. This particular dietary recommendation is going to make the person feel like their body is digesting the fats in their belly for a time (until they get used to being thin) which is going to feel uncomfortable at times for a month or more. It might feel like you're starving yourself, when in fact all your doing is adjusting your body to normal regular quantities of food. The folks of this diet say that if it's a meal per day then it's ok then to eat whatever you fancy eating within that meal, but aiming for fresh vegetables in that meal is ideal (obtained from a local market makes it philosophical). It could be e.g. some meat and veg in a dish, fish for example, perhaps baked goods, a curry or rice dish, casserole, quiche, what about sushi one day, and let's not forget there are a variety of salad types which are tasty, leafy salad, potato salad etc., you can even still have the BBQ one day - it could be very many different recipes, try them all if you want... main point is a reduction in the quantity. One normal plate of food tends to be more than enough apparently.

They say if you have only one meal per day (assuming there is 6 hours work at least) that it's ok for a small snack too e.g. a good quality chocolate, nuts and seeds or say a fresh fruit i.e. 1 banana + 1 apple or 1 mango + 1 guava etc., whatever you can get at the local market, vary it. Basically it's up to you what goes into the diet itself, the main principle of it is that it's just eating less, what your body needs rather than what you're being told to eat. Keeping those essential nutrients in and reducing the large portions of other 'stuffs'. If you're working your body toward every meal then you're developing a physical and psychological strength in the way you live; eventually it becomes a diet that is comfortable.

However if a person has been eating great quantities of food before starting this type of reduced quantiy diet then they'll feel uncomfortable with it for several months until their body adjusts. Same for folks who watch and read too many food advertisement campaigns and food journalist articles etc., they'll feel uncomfortable not being told what to do for the first few months and working up the discipline for themselves. Good luck.

* local market represents locally produced fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, assorted salad leaf(s), could be from your own garden too - whatever can be obtained locally, it limits the global use of combustion engine transported goods and supports local farmers. Supporting local farmers is a good idea because it makes your community healthy in an easy way, very easy.
* FIGU recommends[citation needed] avoiding factory prepared ready meals (including fast food), for various reasons e.g. too much salt, not enough nutrition etc. But everything in moderation, it's for you to decide what you want to eat and how you want to eat it, the so-called 'philosophically disciplined' diet leaves it up to you, the main principle is to reduce the quantity, and to think more carefully about what you're putting in, with a more structured discipline to the thoughts about what is being eaten and preparing meals yourself, with only what you individually need etc.

Showering, Bathing, Washing, Submersion

Summary. Ptaah in Contact Report 261 24th February 1998 Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 8, Pages 1-2 Lines 6-7.

The summary is wash regularly however, frequent showering, bathing or washing of the body is harmful if cleaning agents such as salts, detergents, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, foams, alkalines or gels, etc. are used, because such substances damage the skin and pores and also affect the body vibrations, which causes the immune system to become weakened. Therefore, a full-body wash with such cleaning chemical compounds should only be carried out once a week, while washing with water on its own daily or as often as needed is fine. Water on its own is fine. Avoid chemicals or refrain from using them unconditionally as some seem to do. Use clean pure water without chemical additives regularly and any additives much less regularly or when needed, and just use water. Gently exfoliating the skin without being particularly rough and heavy handed with yourself is also usually plenty enough if the dirt comes off easily i.e there's no need for it, to be rough with your skin to clean it.

Removal of hair, any or all of it

[Citations needed] There is no reference here?

Body odours and smells from armpits are caused by bacteria's that live on the hair, difficult to completely remove them entirely from life if the hair is there for them to live on. The bacteria's feed on the sweat and excrete odours as they feed on it. The sweat itself is not the thing that smells, in fact sweat may even smell nice, but certainly not unpleasant, reflective of diet at any rate. Cleaning the armpit by scrubbing heavily or masking the odour with deodorants and sprays, aside being tedious and exhausting, won't solve the issue of the bacteria's living there particularly efficiently, short-term it will solve it certainly, but they'll probably come back over and over again. The most efficient method if an individual suffers from these distinctive armpit odours is to remove the armpit hair clean. Shaving the hair off with a normal razor is sufficient, doesn't take long, but be careful if you've never shaved an area of skin before because it will be particularly sensitive and more easily cut by a razor than an area that has been shaved regularly before. Same shaving principles applies to the pubic region and any other region you've decided to shave, warm water opens the pours making it easy to shave, cold water closes them afterwards, be mindful of the contours of the body and the inability for a razor to fit to the various shapes without extra pressure being applied unevenly which may cut or nip the skin and bleed, if it bleeds then cold water application may go some way to preventing rash and irritation as cold water closes the pours and small wound. Monitor a wound regularly, that its healing well, because pain, rash, irritation, spots, inflammation etc. will probably occur if it gets infected or can't heal for whatever the reason such as a rubbing on clothes, poking it etc, use a plaster if its too big a wound, it may very well be itchy the first few times depending on tight clothing rubbing, sensitivity and not closing the pours with cold water, eventually sensitive areas of skin develops a tolerance and expects to be shaved, don't let the rare risks put you off shaving the body, there are many benefits to shaving hair off entirely.

Thick, tough skin, foot, body

[Citations needed] There is no reference here?

If for whatever your suddenly walking or moving 10 to 20 miles or more per day where before you were only managing say 2 to 3 miles. The feet will probably hurt and there will be various pains, that's normal, depending on the footwear and/or new footwear. If the distance happens every day then skin will become strong, hard and eventually there will be no pain whatsoever as the foot will expect usage. Its the bodies way of calibrating itself so there is no pain, and the body can be incredibly strong if trained gradually. So its advisable to perhaps not remove that strong skin on the foot entirely while washing. There are other biological and physical changes which occur in a strong body that was recently somewhat weak before, with relatively sudden change. Its advisable to keep up a consistent level of activity and consistent fitness and making those changes more gradually over say a few months. The consciousness of the body including spatial awareness's is much stronger if these changes in lifestyle are not sudden but instead evolve gradually over time and into it. The sudden changes may place particular pressures on the body which the body cannot handle particularly well which is why its best to build it up, the tolerances, progressively.

How much fitness and activity is enough

[citations needed] There is no reference here?

In a contact report Ptaah explains that 30 minutes of continuous light walking each day is sufficient. All sorts of other variables on top of that.

Salt, Sodium chloride

Quetzal Contact Report 214

97. In relation to life forms, salt is very important.
98. But if I should speak of humans alone, then the following is to be explained: 99. Salt is an extremely important component of the blood.
100. Normally, between 45 and 50 grams of sodium chloride flow through the veins of the person in a solution as sodium and chlorine ions.
101. This concentration of salt must remain constant.
102. If there is too little of it in the blood, then there arises an excess pressure in the red blood cells, making them burst.
103. But this, then, has the consequence that no more stimuli can be transmitted to the heart muscle; consequently, the heart ceases to function and, thus, stops beating, respectively stops pumping blood through the veins.
104. However, salt not only flows through the veins but through the whole body.
105. Without salt, the human body would be immobilized because no cell could function.
106. Every single somatic cell is surrounded by salt water and swims about freely therein.
107. If the salt of this liquid dwindles, then the pressure ratio alters itself in the cell so dramatically that the cell membrane disappears and the cell receives no more nutrients.
108. Only when the salinity, respectively the concentration of salt, remains constant in the body can the heart, muscles, and nervous system of the person function smoothly.
109. Each day, the human body loses salt, through the urine, through tears and sweat, which is why it is vital to supply the body with salt again, along with the necessary amount of liquid, but this differs depending on the person and his physical constitution, so no uniform or general measure can be mentioned.
110. Thus, one person needs several litres of fluid per day, while another, during the same period, gets by with very little, perhaps only one, two, or three decilitres.
111. In addition to the properties of the body and all its organs and to the loss of fluid, climate conditions and physical strain and motion naturally also play an important role, as well as the drinking discipline and the mental and volitional attitude of the person.
112. Excessive drinking is unhealthy because too much salt is removed, so new salt must be supplied to the body, which means that more liquid, respectively water, collects in the body than what is necessary health-wise, which can cause damages through over-hydration.

Calcium, Bones

Billy and Ptaah in Contact Report 464 speak against consuming coke drinks.


...But another question: Semjase told me once, that certain drinks that are consumed on the Earth, withdraw calcium from the bones, unfortunately, I no longer remember which drinks they were.


Its about the Coca-Cola and other Cola-drink related products.

Obesity, Stress, Anxiety

Ptaah Contact Report 447

43. Brown sugar or sweeteners should be avoided, as these in terms of health are much more serious than white sugar.

44. Brown sugar and sweeteners also have the property that they can trigger a susceptibility to stress, which in turn elicits a shrinkage of the brain, causing then a further consequence result of anxiety states which rapidly turn chronic, where then results damage to the psyche and then even depression are the final consequences.

45. This is now not to imply that white sugar should be especially healthy, because where it is enjoyed permanently in larger amounts it is unhealthy and leads to obesity.

(FOM Note: It's important to understand that weight gain is essentially a function of energy imbalance)

Resisting uncontrollable food and drink unnecessary consumption cravings

Quetzal Contact Report 214

Sexual Health

Pregnancy, conception, intercourse, fertility, orgasm

There is information about this in the Contact Reports but a good couple of paragraphs appeared on the FIGU English forum long ago which sums up.

Very technical: A woman can get pregnant by a man even when he doesn't penetrate her and when his semen-fluid (which contains traces of sperm) is near her vagina or on his fingers (when he uses his fingers to masturbate her, etc.) this is absolutely possible, yet highly unlikely.
An orgasm on the female increases the chances of fertilization considerately, since the cervix of the womb in the woman makes specific contractions allowing sperm to penetrate the womb (uterus) easier. Actually, the cervix is pushed into the sperm, which accumulates there after a man has ejaculated. An orgasm on the male side is very often connected to an ejaculation and when this coincides with the female orgasm gives the highest probability of pregnancy.
A man and a woman can conceive a normal healthy child without love which can be just as healthy as any other child, love is not 'required' for conceiving a child and doesn't result in a 'weaker' human being.
[its the] Bad upbringing, loveless surroundings, mental and physical abuse etc [that] do.[1]

Sexual diseases, Contraception

Contraception - noun: the deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse. The major forms of artificial contraception are: barrier methods, of which the commonest is the condom.


Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 6, page 152.


342. Syphilis, also known as <Harter Schanker>, is a mutation disease that occurs in Europe, mainly in the port cities and the large Andel cities.

343. At first, it was a severe and often fatal skin disease, with whole-body, open, bloody and suppurating rashes.

344. This skin disease was widespread all over the world, and especially the rural population was affected by it. because there was a lack of hygiene at all ends.

345. This lack of hygiene affected all living conditions, the clothing and the body care, the crockery, the food preparation, the living rooms and the sleeping berths. Sexual practices, but also the treatment of clothing fabrics, their dyeing, etc. human and animal urine was used.

346. All factors which promoted diseases, as well as the bad skin disease.

347. In Europe, seafarers, adventurers and commercial travellers carried this skin disease to all ports of Europe. cities and trading towns, where hygiene was much better than in any rural place.

348. Bodies and clothes were kept clean, as were living and sleeping accommodations, and the Dinnerware.

349. Also the sexual practices were maintained in much more hygienic form, and the dyeing of fabrics was not made with urine, but with vegetable and other natural dyes.

350. As a result, the imported bacteria no longer found a breeding ground in the uncleanliness of the humans, hence they could no longer survive on their skin.

351. Thus cleanliness drove the bacteria into other realms, namely into the sex organs, in which they found a suitable habitat for them and mutated - into dangerous and lethal Syphilis, which very quickly can only be treated by direct sexual acts of all kinds from a human being to the could be transferred to others.


Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 6, 154


375. Men circumcised on the foreskin have a much lower risk of AIDS than uncircumcised men.

376. The reason lies in this:

377. In the foreskin there are large quantities of cell types which are very susceptible to the HI virus and can therefore easily be infected.

378. Due to the pruning, the cell types only find a very bad culture medium and thus only a bad habitat, of course always provided that the man has the necessity of daily thorough cleaning.

379. If this is done, the risk of HIV infection is reduced by about five times.

380. This does not mean, however, that unprotected sexual practices can be carried out because HIV-positivity is always associated with a risk of infection and thus the risk of infection.

Various common and uncommon diseases, illnesses, allergies, impairments, deficiencies and cancers

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 6, page 150.

Billy: Then I now have a question regarding the so-called vitamin popes, who do business for millions with vitamins, multivitamins, trace elements and ineral substances and claim that their products prevent or cure cancer. What can we say about that?


320. It is a pure and infamous business and profit-making irresponsible Elements that exploit the stupidity of their believers by deliberately lying and beautifying them to make immense financial profits.

321. The fact is that the products they advertise cannot prevent or cure any form of cancer, because all cancers require different contraceptive and healing conditions.

322. Otherwise, it can be said that in terms of maintaining and strengthening the immune system as well as the good and correct functioning of the body's organs, a separate intake of vitamin, mineral, and and trace element products is authorised.

323. In truth, such claims are deliberately based on lies and fraud and only serve the purpose of profit purpose and image addiction.

324. But these lies and deceits of irresponsible would-be bigwigs also serve this purpose, ruin the drug industry, which is based on very good knowledge of orthodox medicine, and without whom countless people would have to live or die in agony.

Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, Tumours, Central nervous system disease, Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia

In Contact Report 213 Billy asks Quetzal about Breast cancer.

154. As a rule, this suffering is of a gene-contingent nature.
156. What gene it concerns, the terrestrial scientists and researchers have to find out themselves, as our directives prohibit direct explanatory interference in foreign cultures and civilizations, in terms of progress, etc.

Ptaah explains something in Contact Report 267

If pregnant women consume soy products it can lead to heavy and irreparable damages to the foetus’ body, limbs, nerves, cerebrum and muscles as well as to body deformations.

More than a quarter of a milligram of Isoflavones per kilo of body weight should not be given to babies and toddlers under any circumstances.

Said with easy and generally understandable words and concepts, soy products of all kind, because of their toxic ingredients, in larger quantities are even capable of impairing the health of strong adults and to cause serious damage, which can lead to growth of tumours, respectively cancer and to the fostering of brain-, consciousness and behavioural disorders, personality changes and to infertility.

Especially breast cancer in women and men is often caused by soy products, as well as depression and Parkinson’s, namely in particular when a hereditary disposition exists for it.

Also Alzheimer’s and dementia can be results of an excess of the Isoflavones, as well as an impairment of eyesight, the taste buds, the ability to concentrate, the moral balance and various other important life factors.

Billy and Ptaah explain something in Contact Report 544

Trans fats, that is to say, trans fatty acids, also would evoke pathological changes of the arteries, hardening of the arteries, as well as allergies, Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer, as well as also evoke pathological inflammations.

Ptaah explains something in Contact Report 260

Regarding the aluminium particle, it is to be said that aluminium particles taken in by humans are hazardous to them because they release, among other factors, the terrible Alzheimer’s disease. In terms of cancer, it is to be said that in the future, the microwave will increasingly appear as its cause, for microwaves are, unfortunately, becoming more and more heedlessly as well as irresponsibly used for all kinds of purposes. Cooking with microwaves destroys the vitamins...

[show/hide - Community Research]

World-wide known Robin Williams and his death; the article says: "No one knows why Lewy bodies accumulate, but they are also found in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease, and in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s."

Lung Cancer, Oesophagus Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Oral Cancer, Asthma, Coronary heart disease, Atherosclerosis, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Carotid Artery Disease

Billy explains something in Contact Report 517

As a rule, the inhalation of plutonium dust evokes lung cancer, whereby, however, the effect of even a few micrograms can lead to fatal radiation poisoning.

In Contact Report 443 Billy asks Ptaah.

In their dry state, nano-particles separate from the micro-fibers which are breathed in by humans and which burden the respiratory organs, especially the respiratory tract and the lungs, whereby asthma can be caused, as however also cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs.


Misting systems with indoor fountains, and so forth, as well as humidifiers in living spaces, are extremely damaging to the health.

No such apparatuses or devices should be utilized for the accumulation of humidity in living spaces, rather only devices that evaporate water in normal ways.

In Contact Report 154 its explained by Billy and Quetzal.

Therefore, if a human being or some other living organism inhales such air, then he automatically arrives into the deadly "pleasure" of the radioactive radiation, which also has an incredibly strong carcinogenic effect. And how cancer has gained ground with the human beings of the Earth since the first atomic bomb explosion on Earth, this will be clear to each one who actually gets to the bottom of these things. Indeed, it's not that cancer was already on the rise before; rather, it only came about since human beings and all earthly life forms began to eat contaminated food, to live with contaminated substances and hazardous waste, and to breathe in radioactive air.


52. That is of correctness, both your words about the concerns about food, nuclear use, and radioactivity, as well as the fact that criminal machinations are pursued, in order to make smoking pleasure primarily responsible for humanity's scourge of cancer through the use of false propaganda.

53. Smoking pleasure is truly only to blame for this epidemic to a lesser extent, and such has been the case for a long time because the actual damages of smoking are of a different nature, such as in the areas of nerve damage and the asthmatizing of the respiratory organs, etc., as well as the impairment of blood circulation through deposits in the bloodstreams, etc.

54. But all these phenomena of smoking pleasure are even lower, relatively seen, than the damages of the bodies and organs of human beings and their necessary physical developments, etc. by widespread vegetarianism as well as by the criminal pollutions and contaminations of foods and substances of vital importance of all kinds and the air, but also by released radioactivity.

Prostate Cancer

Something is explained in Contact_Report_216 by Quetzal

229. Tomatoes actually contain certain active substances that can prevent certain types of cancer to a large percentage, and indeed, particularly prostate cancer.

230. However, it is important that always enough tomatoes or tomato products are used for food, and especially in a cooked state, because through the cooking process, the active substances are strengthened.

231. But in a positive, preventive form, other types of cancer are also able to be influenced by the tomatoes’ active substances, as this is also the case with other types of vegetables as well as with fruits and all sorts of herbs and other plants.

232. But about this, in accordance with our directives, I may not give any explanations in an official form, for this would offend against the self-development in terms of the research and insight collection of the Earth people.

Bowel Cancer

No specific information.

Malignant Melanoma, Non-melanoma, Skin Cancer, Black Cancer, Blindness, Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, Actinic keratoses, Bowen's disease, Cataract, Migraines

Billy explains in the letter to many nations governments, Warning to all the governments of Europe!, in 1958.

124. And through the fault of humans, chlorofluorocarbons sluice through the atmosphere, the Earth will burn, and melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer will take hold and demand many deaths, and all that because, through human irrationality, the majority of the ozone shield, which protects against the rays of the sun, will be destroyed, whereby the atmosphere will be like a curtain full of holes and the strong and burning light of the sun will burn the skin, and the eyes of many people will be permanently blinded.

And in What is announced comprehensively for the third millennium prophetically and predictively

...the ozone layer around Earth has been seriously damaged and permeated, the sun will in future burn Earth even more and bring great harm to the entire world and all forms of life, including to you human beings who will increasingly suffer from skin cancer and severe eye complaints, etc.

And in Overpopulation Bomb

Above the Northern hemisphere a rapid thinning of the ozone layer is taking place as it, too, becomes dangerously depleted. The hole in the ozone layer is measurably and noticeably expanding and now reaches the temperate zones, resulting in "black cancer", or skin cancer in humans.

Quetzal explains something in Contact Report 216

134. Influences for the occurrence of a migraine are also electromagnetic radiations that emanate from machines and electric cables, as well as from electric motors and from electrical appliances.

135. In addition, a strong Earth radiation can also be decisive for a migraine in certain cases, as well as static electricity that accumulates in certain materials of human achievements and that comes into direct contact with those who are susceptible to migraines.

136. It is also to be said that people who are prone to migraines can also trigger these through medicines that are incompatible for them, herbs, aromas, and odors, and also through drinks that are harmful to them, as well as through personal care products like soap, balm, lotion, shampoo, and cream, etc.

137. Also a variety of oils, greases, and liquids, as well as chemicals can be triggers for migraines, if they come in contact with the skin or with the mucous membranes or the internal organs.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Something is explained in Contact Report 248 by Ptaah

228. All terrestrial means of hair dyeing, on the one hand, tend to produce different types of cancer, with lymphoma being the principle form.

Bladder Cancer, Urostomy, Continent urinary diversion

The following is explained in the article All About Hair.

According to a study from Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California (USC), women who regularly colour their hair with permanent hair dyes – as well as hair stylists who work with such chemicals – are also at greater risk for bladder cancer. The study states that even after adjusting for cigarette smoking (a known risk factor in bladder cancer), women who use permanent dyes at least once a month for one year or longer have twice the risk of bladder cancer than non-users. Monthly or more frequent users of 15 or more years have three times that risk. The increase in bladder cancer risk also was observed in people who are exposed to hair dyes at work, such as barbers and hairdressers.

Kidney Cancer, Kidney Stones, Kidney disease, Nephropathy, Renal disease, Nephritis, Nephrosis

Quetzal in Contact Report 204.

109. Calcium oxalate stones, as kidney stones are called, are caused by several things, such as by foods.

110. These include, among other things, vegetables such as beets, asparagus, rhubarb, nuts, and beetroots (garden beets, red beets), etc.

111. However, other products are also to be mentioned, such as cocoa and cocoa products.

112. Also, poor nutrition, deformities of the kidneys, as well as urinary obstruction and urinary tract infections can be causes for kidney stones.

113. However, foods that contain a lot of oxalate are particularly the ones that form kidney stones.
114. What is also significant in this regard is sugar, which is why sugar-rich foods and beverages, etc. shouldn’t be enjoyed in excess but only in moderation and with a limit.

115. Added to this is the liquid water, which plays a very important role, so that the toxins and, thus, also the excess oxalate are washed from the body.

116. Therefore, it is essential that sufficient liquid is always drunk, but always only within the limits of what a person needs.

117. And since no one is the same as another in this relation, one normally requires 2 to 3 liters of water per day, while another must only drink two or three deciliters, in order to ensure the right balance of fluid for his body.

118. With exertions or heat, this can change, of course, like also, for example, through illness and, thus, also through fever; consequently, a greater need for fluid to be supplied can then develop.

119. For your part, if I still want to come to speak on that, you’re one of those people who need very little fluid, and sometimes, less than a deciliter per day is enough, if your body absolutely requires any liquid at all.
120. This is something that many misinformed people – even doctors – can’t understand or don’t want to understand because it simply goes over their heads.

121. The reason for the low fluid needs of such people, as you are one of these, is to be found in the fact that there is a very high metabolism and, therefore, also a very good digestion and utilization as well as burning and conversion of the nutrients; consequently, very few toxins are incurred, which don’t burden the organism and which only sporadically have to be flushed out of the body again with very little liquid.

122. This is also true, of course, for the food wastes that form in the intestines through the burning of nutrients, which are then excreted – also sporadically – as feces.

123. What is still to be mentioned further with respect to the prevention or lower susceptibility to kidney stones in those who only drink small amounts of liquid is that they also have little food in their diet that is high in oxalates.

Quetzal in Contact Report 204

Treatment: Chloroquine

End Result: Nephropathy (immune complex deposit in the kidney)

Prognosis: relatively favorable, as long as there is no renal involvement; unfavorable in the case of Nephropathy.

Liver Cancer, Gall bladder cancer, Adenocarcinoma

In Anger Harms The Liver.

An excess of anger is injurious to the liver and gall bladder


No specific information.

[show/hide - Community Research]

Possibly too much Coca-Cola branded drinking products, see the other section may apply, not certain

Ovary Cancer, Infertility, eczema and Genital skin problems

Ptaah explains something in Contact Report 248.

18. Females who indulge in the vice of smoking aren’t just endangered in the genital area – as this is how men are affected by it, yet in a more cancerous form, whereby the prostate and vas deferens and testes can be affected.

19. With females, the dangers of inflammations of the fallopian tubes and ovaries and of fallopian tube and ovarian cancer are promoted by smoking.

20. Also, itchiness and eczema in the genital area frequently trace back to smoking, as well as infertility, which can particularly occur in girls and in young women, but from which the men also aren’t excluded, who can likewise succumb to infertility by smoking.

Stomach Cancer

No specific information.

Myeloma, Multiple Myeloma, Bone marrow, Blood cancer

No specific information.

[show/hide - Community Research]

There is a speculative, possible, connection in Contact Report 464 with Billy and Ptaah.


...But another question: Semjase told me once, that certain drinks that are consumed on the Earth, withdraw calcium from the bones, unfortunately, I no longer remember which drinks they were.


Its about the Coca-Cola and other Cola-drink related products.

Cervix Cancer

No specific information.

Thyroid Cancer

Billy explains in FIGU Bulletin 005.

The legacy for the world, and all life on it, is that through the nuclear contamination of vast regions on Earth, these areas will suffer damage for countless years to come; many types of cancer and mutations among human beings as well as in animals and plants will emerge. Furthermore, many regions have become completely useless for human habitation due to this nuclear contamination. Additionally, several billion dollars will be required alone in the USA and the former Soviet Union states to eradicate the damage caused by nuclear testing; of course, this fact is emphatically denied and downplayed by America. The USA claims that it would require only several hundreds of millions of dollars to remedy the situation. In Russia alone more than 50 large regions are radioactively contaminated, a fact also denied to this day even though there is available proof. Today Russia affirms that the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl is the largest nuclear catastrophe. It was caused by a fire spreading out of control in the civilian (vs. military) nuclear reactor. The fact that eight other, far greater nuclear catastrophes occurred in the former Soviet Union and resulted in the loss of numerous human lives since the initiation of nuclear experimentation, is kept secret to this day -- even though fourteen times more radioactivity than Chernobyl was released into those regions due to Super- MCAs (maximum conceivable accident at a nuclear power plant). Billy

Unspecified Cancers

Ptaah Contact Report 450 Strong Magnetic Forces

54. ...its not harmless to exert the human body to magnetic forces, because they can act depending on carrying duration and intensity by triggering pathogenic[5] effects even various forms of cancer.

55. Small magnets abusively attached to the body, can lead to adverse health effects and with strong magnetic radiations incurable consequences even becoming deadly in time.

Eczema, Headaches, Dizziness, Depression, Consciousness disorders, Personality disorders, Concentration, Memory, Infertility, Sterilization, Inherited Genetic Conditions, Psyche damages, Cancers, Magnetic sense of orientation impairment

In Contact Report 224 Quetzal explains something.

58. Not only does the dyeing of hair with natural and chemical agents promote a variety of illnesses and sufferings but also certain waste with its excrement of all kinds, water pollution, contamination of drinking water, and the filling of food with chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics.

59. In addition, the most diverse types of cancer and various forms of allergies appear, just as much as dizziness, headaches, eczema, and depressions, as well as many other sufferings that can assume very severe forms.

60. However, the function of the consciousness can also be impaired and lead to severe consciousness disorders and, thus, personality disorders.

61. Also the ability to concentrate and memory can be affected harmfully, and also male and female infertility as well as health damages to descendants can appear.

62. The dyeing of hair is, thus, just as dangerous as the other health hazardous factors that I mentioned.

63. Also a variety of personal care products are harmful to health, and in particular, odor-inhibiting agents are to be mentioned, as they find use among the Earth people, for example, against the smell of sweat.

64. During their application, such products penetrate into the pores and find entrance into the blood – through which, in turn, the nerves, muscles, and organs are contaminated – and often cause incurable damages that impair the health of those affected to such an extent that they suffer throughout their entire lives.

In Contact Report 249 Ptaah explains something.

All devices dependent upon radio waves which are worn near, or on, the body are extremely harmful to a person's health. Under certain circumstances they can even be destructive to the body or its organs, indeed dangerous to the person's life. Even a radio wristwatch is sufficient to cause this harm, as you yourself have experienced.

Such time pieces, or telephones and cordless radio systems, are not advisable; in fact they are very dangerous if not secured and screened to the point where the radio waves cannot harm the human body. Radio waves are electro-magnetic waves, or rather electro-magnetic oscillations, that are dangerous to all life should they strike it at too high a rate. This danger applies not only to radio waves, but also to high tension wires, electric generators and transformers. The physical harm caused by such waves, or rather oscillations that manifest themselves with Man and animal, can be of a purely physical or conscious nature. Anything, from eczemas and allergies to cancer, destruction of the psyche and total imbecility, is possible.

Furthermore, all species of plants, insects and micro organisms right down to microbes and others are affected by disease and destruction if they are subjected to the aforementioned conditions. Some degree of damage is sustained in every case, although it may not always be immediately recognized. The genuine cause of such health damage, as a rule, is not recognized and, therefore, is attributed to other, unrelated causes. However, prior to any damage becoming apparent, and due to these dangerous electro-magnetic influences, a person's magnetic sense of orientation is upset and possibly even destroyed soon after. This magnetic sense, inherent to human beings, animals and insects, has already been largely destroyed within Man on Earth. For decades now he has been under the steady, greatly enhanced influence of artificial electro-magnetic waves, or rather oscillations, which greatly exceed the normal, planet-related measurements and are generated by Man's own thoughtlessness. As a consequence, he is now, and has been for some time, incapable of applying and relying on his magnetic sense. Hence, he can no longer recognize, grasp and perceive many items and events in nature in the manner that animals are able to, although their magnetic sense is increasingly harmed also through the irresponsibility of mankind on Earth. Birds and animals, for instance, are guided by their magnetic sense during their annual migrations or flights from one region to another when they frequently traverse many thousands of kilometers. The longer they are exposed to this electromagnetism, the more the magnetic sense of orientation of these migratory animals and birds is upset and causes their death for many of them. Whales, for instance, lose their orientation and become stranded somewhere on river banks or in the rivers, where they die a terrible death; a situation that is increasingly becoming more common even for other aquatic wildlife forms. With increasing frequency, herds of many wild animals are losing their sense of orientation because their magnetic sense is upset. This causes them to flee and plunge, panic-stricken, over cliffs and crevasses to their death, etc. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as other great calamities of nature's elements also produce increased magnetic waves or oscillations. Animals and birds sense these increased electro-magnetic oscillations and behave accordingly. They flee or seek sanctuary elsewhere.

The same also applies to Man, and will continue to, for as long as his magnetic sense is unimpaired. Unfortunately, terrestrial Man lost the use of this capability a long time ago. The loss can be traced back to his spinelessness, which began very early in his development and continues to advance even now, for he increasingly withdraws from a coexistence with nature and Creation's laws and directives. As a result, he continues to unlearn many of the things he previously learned.

In Contact Report 260 Ptaah explains.

On certain worlds that are well-known to us, it is common with the humans that women and men can be sterilized by microwaves, in order to counteract an overpopulation of the planets by the humans.

H5N1, Avian Influenza

Ptaah explained in Contact Report 440 & FIGU Special Bulletin 034

The virus is already very old, yet it was restricted to a certain kind of migratory bird which was immune to it.

That was good for a while until this kind of bird inevitably mixed with other migratory birds and also infected them.

The inevitable happened as a result of the fault of the overpopulation of Earth humans, because, through their spreading out, they destroyed the regions of the types of bird, also the region of the type of bird which is infected with the H5N1 virus, which, however, was immune to it, subsequently these sought out other regions for nourishment and inevitably came into contact with diverse other migratory birds which led to the spreading out of the epidemic, which already, years ago, spread to domestic poultry as well as, however, to mammals.

Also a number of humans were contaminated with the H5N1 virus through direct contact with infected domestic poultry, whereby they died, which also will not further be avoidable.


Semjase with Eduard in Contact Report 109 talk comparatively about Terra, Erra and The Great Spacer with regards to horticultural flora.


11. We possess trees, shrubs, and plants of every kind, as they also exist on the Earth.
12. There are even various kinds in our drifting gardens, which have already been extinct on the Earth for a very long time.
13. But we have preserved them and have made them useful to us.
14. Thus, we have all fruits, as they are also known on the Earth with you, and even several more, which you only know through your researchers of antiquity, etc.


That is fantastic. And - how do these fruits taste today with you? Do they still have the same taste, as we know it?


15. You think now of this apple.
16. Sure, the taste has remained the same; it is, perhaps, even somewhat more intense than with your apples of this sort, and certainly much better in its juice.
17. But all the other fruit trees from the Earth also bear fruits with the tastes or flavours known to you; it's just that these, as I've already explained, have become somewhat more intense, since our robots and androids maintaining the trees work on these very attentively and also have great concern for them, as this happens with all plants cultivated by them.

Medical observations in the Contact Reports

Consciousness after cessation of brain activity, decapitation, guillotine

This is more of a medical observation than a health one and deals with information surrounding the removal of a human beings head i.e decapitation. Billy brings up the subject of death by guillotine in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 8, Contact Report 261 page 3-4 lines 8-12. A capital punishment, execution and beheading method apparatus which slices under the force of gravity, popularly associated with the French revolution in 1792 but used before, after and in many countries for hundreds of years hideously enough. Ptaah agrees with Billy’s observations, explanation and the known medical clarifications. If the head was removed completely from the body within a fraction of a second then there was little or no pain suffered. If the guillotine did not slice all the way through or was too slow then there was pain. The brain activity we can detect is too slow to register it when the motion is too fast and switches off a few seconds after the guillotine or decapitation by another means such as an accident, however what we cannot detect is a much less identifiable activity with our current technology, the length of time it takes for the consciousness to switch off after such an event. The Consciousness doesn't switch off with separation after a few seconds in-line with the cessation of identifiable brain activity. In certain circumstances it may take 2-3 minutes and even unto 20 minutes or more for the consciousness; leading to potentially many long and horrible minutes of everything being fully realized before the consciousness actually ends. Where there will be perhaps the realisation that the head is in fact disconnected from the body and in two pieces along with perhaps several other observations and realisations before the actual death occurs. Such an injury is fatal to humans and most animals.

Delusions, complexes and psychosises

Like the other sections of this page, it is intended for private independent study purposes.

The great act of balancing and moderating everything in your life, and it is ‘your’ life at the end of the day, we’re all unique and individual, doing different things at different times on our own path, our own way of weighing it all up.

There are several thousand of them and while it’s not necessary to do everything to evolve, it’s true that a fair portion of them are pivotal along the road of the Consciousness Evolution processes. With all these different psychological conditions and states, they don’t just appear like a rash or bruise etc., they take time to develop and often require great effort actually of the person to bring up and amplify. Additionally it fundamentally deals with the development of the Human Brain and therefore the Psyche, Ratio, Consciousness, and is basically confined to Human Beings as it’s revolving around the Consciousness Evolution energy. There is not a ‘cure’ in the traditional sense, they come into being over some duration of time and pass or phase out again over some duration of unspecified variable time, like a narrative in some sense, where there’s an; inciting incident, conflict, climax or crescendo followed by a resolution and well an ending of some form or another. Some upon being identified fizzle away quickly while others grow, swell and gorge insatiably upon being identified and ‘going public’, it varies and basically it all just comes down to how individuals balance themselves, there’s decision and judgement involved in it.

God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity

See God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity

God delusion deals with a situation where persons are imagining {believing} that there are higher-powers and invisible forces in the air (that don't meet scientific reality) that are controlled by a definable character of some form or another, perhaps even they themselves are being controlled or influenced by this imaginary tin god.

Science has discovered all sorts of things in the air over the centuries, e.g. light, gravity, dark matter, fine-material etc., and the universe itself is rather divine, a scientist would agree. But this is different to the God delusion, because it's not giving a premature conclusion, worshiping the air or an imaginary character, not belief lead. The delusion tends to develop and come about when folks are not revolving and orientating themselves around reality.

This subject arrangement takes on various different forms when approaching items such as the so-called 'Impulses', 'creative-natural laws and recommendations' see The Twelve Recommendations and 'Evolution' etc.

'The God Delusion' is also a 2006 book by English biologist Richard Dawkins.

Fundamental pivot: a possibility of higher-powers in the universes reality

Reality-estranged naivety

see Contact Report 625

The term ‘reality-estranged naivety’ is not known in the teaching of terrestrial medicine. The EU-Dictatorship (European Union) has been referred to in a way that indicates it's suffering from the reality-estranged naivety delusion unfortunately.

Fundamentally, like paranoia, reality-estranged-naivety is characterised by a particular sensitivity regarding rejections.

Reality-estranged naivety has nothing to do with the actual naivety, that is to say, the natural naivety, which is characteristic of many human beings and is innate at birth and is therefore to be called natural. The natural naivety, which is also called blue-eyedness and primal and harmlessly childish, can, in a shortened form which has merged into the general language-usage, be regarded as naturalness, whereby, arising from that, human beings who are not able to appropriately evaluate verbal remarks, circumstances, actions and situations and so forth, are generally called naive, for which reason the naivety in this form is also a synonym for gullible, innocent, easily deceivable or unknowledgeable. However, this natural form of naivety has in no form something to do with the reality-estranged-naivety, which appears in pathologically half-witted, primal and foolish form and is based on pathological delusions as a consequence of wrong assessments, of which the befallen human being is not conscious and which also cannot be recognised by the fellow human beings, and, as a rule, by experts. The delusion is based in reality-estranged-naive wrong estimations, wrong assessments and wrong interpretations in regard to expositions, presentations, things, decisions, clarifications, events, situations, occurrences, speech, facts and matters as well as in lacking knowledge of human nature, and so forth. Furthermore, also connected with that are personal, wrong forms of viewing and considering, delusional believing, guilefulness, egoism, self-deceit, self-enticement, estrangement from reality and lack of recognition of reality. From that there arise wrong viewpoints and forms of understanding, and indeed because the reality of a matter, and so forth, is not comprehended, not recognised and consequently also not appraised in a real-correct form, and therefore can neither be assessed nor realistically evaluated. That leads to the effectively existing facts and actuality being completely wrongly interpreted and, consequently, from that, wrong and dangerous decisions being made and naturally also correspondingly erroneous and confused actions being carried out, through which much terribleness is caused in many kinds of forms. And this is especially the case with reality-estranged-naive human beings, in regard to verbal utterances, presentations, explanations as well as the modes of behaviour and conduct of other human beings who get into the focus of one who is pathologically naive due to estrangement from reality, whereby it plays no role whether the entirety of the matter which gets into the attentiveness of the reality-estranged-naive one relates to something familial, societal, philosophical, political, private, religious, sectarian, or purely worldly. Thereby, concerning this, everything is connected with anxieties about failure and persecution delusion which are suppressed outwardly for the fellow human beings to the point of not being detectable, but which are masked by an especially pathologically ‘hoggish’ commitment to a matter as well as through an extremely shrewd and indeed intelligent, suggestive-dictatorial might-demeanour as well as perfect playacting and a false competence demeanour. The entire thing works in this form on the fellow human beings such that a reality-estranged-naive one who acts in this form is wrongly appraised as being a very considerate, decisive human being who is sure in actions and is competent, and is therefore praised excessively.

Fundamental pivot: a theoretical disparity between a human beings inner-thinking, ideas and reality itself may emerge, grow and become fortified somehow


see Contact Report 372 referencing US President George W. Bush

The megalomania delusion condition is characterised by an obsession to delusional fantasies of wealth, power, omnipotence, grandeur, grandiosity; obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions. It’s sometimes confused with narcissistic personality disorder, i.e. narcissism, but that’s different and deals with excessive love of oneself and perhaps even a sexual desire for one's own body etc., at any rate it’s different.

Megalomania tends to find folks in positions of power and responsibility, but it can also develop before that power and responsibility is awarded, realised, discovered. The position of command tends to exacerbate the state if it’s waiting in the wings. The overinflated self-esteem and aggressively oversized self-importance has also been identified in certain fanatical religiose ideologies and practices for a very long time, so it’s not just politicians, corporal‘s and sergeant’s etc., where this is found. It’s also found even in rarer places like surgeons, doctors, engineers, writers, authors, artists, teachers, councillors, practicably anywhere actually, the condition and delusion itself is just how the individual balances himself / herself, so can be found in all sorts of places.

Fundamental pivot: engaging life for a normal human being does require ‘some level’ of self-esteem or self-importance

Capacity, growth or speed delusions

This is one of the more fatal delusions and it deals with a so-called ‘need for speed’, but also growth and capacity and the opposite binary reactions too; lack of capacity, growthless and insufficient speed. It doesn’t just affect engineers developing safe transportation technologies or computer developers overclocking their machinery either. It can also affect e.g. city planners, team managers, leaders, planners, philosophers, performers, scientists etc. There is a limit to how far a technology can go until it needs to then be reworked and redesigned before it can go further or it breaks. There is a limit to how fast a city can grow before its entire economy collapses in on itself and has to be restarted from the beginning again on top of the new buildings or suburb etc. The so-called ‘world record breakers’ are not breaking it at all but improving on it, but some folks who try do fail by not assessing the risks correctly. Driving too fast on a busy road, narrow alley or pedestrian path can obviously cause a nasty accident. Overclocking a computer proccessor can make it too hot to operate, or developing an engine or machine part that runs faster than can before breaks, melts, explodes etc. Running too fast, faster than your body is comfortable with again it’s a similar example, too much weight for your bones and muscles at a gym, too much G-force on an aeroplane or a rollercoaster etc. There are limits to the creative-natural laws and natural laws, some of which can’t be broken under any circumstances.

There is also a binary opposite reaction which deals with being overly cautious, timid, shy, unconfident, with similar things but greatly under-utilising capability and underwhelming achievements, setting very low goals and discontinuing aspiration etc. Lowering capacity, being overly careful, setting very low growth targets etc. Though this aspect of the delusions spectrum has different labels when it gets transferred over into common labeled buzzwords and catchphrases.

Fundamental pivot: evolution is a key component of all life

Equality delusion

see Contact Report 257 for an example

Equality delusion deals with a situation where persons are treated equally when they aren't and shouldn't be e.g. a criminal, abuser, fraudster etc., and this may lead onto wider problems e.g. thinly veiled Police protection, political correctness criticism etc.

It also shows up in areas such as schools, education e.g. manipulated results etc., as well as in areas such as diplomatic immunity, i.e. the privilege of exemption from certain laws and taxes granted to diplomats by the state in which they are working etc. It can be found in several places.

Equality is real, and good if realised successfully, but just like many of these things, it's when it's broken that there is a problem.

In Contact Report 257 this delusion is briefly identified where it is said that: ‘aliens were judged either as devils or as gods‘. An additional good extract related to equality delusion from this Contact Report 257 has been presented on Are UFOs real?, where the film ‘Independence Day’ is referenced and a comparison is drawn between ourselves and our expectations of extraterrestrials based on ourselves and our own behaviours and historical actions.

Fundamental pivot: equality is a real in reality, but it’s not always unconditional

Beauty delusion

Beauty delusion deals with a situation where persons break beauty somehow because they want to make it more than it can be.

This one is found commonly in things such as art, music, photography, design etc. Also in places like cosmetic surgeries. It can also be found in everyday places in terms of looking in a mirror excessively, or perhaps finding pleasure and 'beauty' in things which normal healthy folks don't find beautiful, e.g. industrial waste spills, derelict abandoned buildings etc., litter, unpleasant appearances etc. It can occur if there is too excessive beauty, also when it's not beautiful at all but is considered so.

Fundamental pivot: perception of beauty is pegged to evolution, higher the evolution the higher the perception, perceptions can be mishandled

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Approximately 50% of all cases of common cold come about exclusively through thoughts, specifically negative expectations as well as angst, worries and negative ideas. Every tenth influenza epidemic leads back to a nocebo effect due to the symptoms being very infectious.[2] [show/hide]
  • Individuals who are anxious and plagued by worries, are susceptible to the nocebo effect.[3]
  • The usual suspected causes of illness, such as age, blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol level, represent a much less significant risk than is generally assumed, because it is much more the thoughts and the individuals feelings which stand in the foreground with regard to physical health difficulties.[4]
  • Breathing exercises have preventive effects; for example, the risk of stroke and the risk of neurological diseases and diabetes, etc. can be reduced by these, but this is the case with all meditative breathing exercises, respectively breathing meditations, when these are carried out in the right manner.[5]
  • Merely the belief, the imagination, the idea and the delusion, about the effects and or side effects from medications and toxic substances, regardless of whether they are preparations specifically designated as placebos or nocebos or not, activate warning areas in the brain which translates into alarm and evokes physical difficulties, as well as downright disquiet in the thoughts and feelings, and thereby also impairments in the psyche.[6]
  • Freedom from genetic determinism and causal predetermination is not always true for every individual, unfortunately, because sometimes the genetic inheritance makes itself independent and decides a babies fate without the will of that individual becoming a factor.
    However this is only true in the rare case of a vile, serious disease of a neuropsychiatric form, which is directly inherited through a single, mutated, hereditary factor and is then triggered during their life, which also means that the hereditary disease can then become further inherited with around a 50% chance.[7]
  • Through long-term medical studies it can be shown that, as an example, human beings who unjustifiably, respectively, without reason, consider themselves to be susceptible to heart attacks, die much more often of heart attacks than others who do not construct such grand thoughts and feelings about it. Worldwide around five percent of cases of heart attack leads back to nocebo effects.[8]
  • Angst, gloomy expectations, negative imaginings and worries are as bad if not worse in regard to physical and psychic health as alcohol, nicotine and various other toxic substances.[9]
  • False thoughts cause physical and psychic health problems such as feeling miserable, weak and ill. Its difficult to diagnose as there are no logical causes from a purely physiological perspective.[10]

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